New York Giants: Who is the ideal offensive lineman to select at 4th overall?

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas, Mekhi Becton

The New York Giants are heading toward the 2020 NFL Draft with heads of steam after addressing the defense significantly this offseason. Signing James Bradberry and Blake Martinez represent upgrades at the cornerback and linebacker positions, but the offensive tackle position is still lacking talent on both sides.

The Giants, however, could spend the 4th overall pick on a tackle if they elect to forgo the opportunity to land Isaiah Simmons to plug in a playmaker at the second linebacker spot. It will be incredibly difficult to pass on a player like Simmons, who represents one of the best players in the draft and a defensive staple for years to come.

An offensive tackle makes the most sense for the Giants, as they let Mike Remmers walk in free agency and re-signed Cameron Fleming to provide competition at right tackle along with Nick Gates.

Who’s the ideal tackle at 4th overall for the New York Giants?

Reports during the NFL Combine suggested that GM Dave Gettleman highly regarded Tristan Wirfs, and he posted incredible numbers, including a 40-yard dash of 4.85.

His elite body type with incredible athleticism makes him one of the best prospects in the draft. His ability to stand his ground and utilize core strength has been apparent during his time in Iowa, but make no mistake, he’s as smooth of a mover as they come. He won’t be the explosive blocker you see in players like Quenton Nelson, but he will use finesse to get the job done. There’s room for development, but he has the skill-set to be a long-term tackle for the Giants.

Jedrick Wills represents another fantastic option for the Giants early on in the first round. Wills is a bit below the ideal size for a tackle (6-4, 312lbs), but he’s quick and fundamentally sound. His athleticism has allowed him to compensate for lack of size, contributing great agility and body control in the trenches.’s Lance Zierlein believes he’s ready for the next level: “His game is tailor-made for the NFL, and his range of success is good starter to All-Pro.”

Watching Wills in his pass protection sets, he is by far the most refined in that category. His vision and ability to handle stunts are far beyond the skills of Wirfs, who takes poor angle sets at times with questionable footwork.

One great video to learn about the two:

I believe these are the two best options for the Giants if they spend the 4th overall pick on a tackle. Of course, Mekhi Becton and Andrew Thomas remain reliable options, but Wirfs and Wills represent the most upside of the four.

Extra review:

Becton is incredibly quick for a player of his size (6-7, 364lbs). He fits perfectly into running schemes with his size and power — would benefit Saquon Barkley when running outside the tackles. Pass pro is where he will struggle in the NFL, as he can lack balance at times, but his set-up is better in pass pro than expected for a man of his size. Zierlein believes his size usually would hinder a player, but all of his issues are fixable with better coaching.

Andrew Thomas is the final player, who’s very much in the conversation for the Giants. The former five-star prospect was stellar for the Georgia Bulldogs when he initially joined the offensive front in his rookie season. Since moving to left tackle, he has earned plenty of accolades to promote his quality. Aside from displaying consistency in the healing department, he had a great 2019 season, earning first-team Associated Press All-American and first-team all-health awards.

Thomas is a player who you can count on week in and week out, making him another great player to consider with the Giants’ pick. Personally, I’m going with Jedrick Wills if I’m Dave Gettleman, as he offers the most NFL-ready abilities out of all four. His size is a tad concerning but his fundamentals are sharp.

New York Giants: Offensive Tackle Still the Right Move in Round 1

New York Giants, Nate Solder, Jon Halapio, Mike Remmers

For the third year in a row, the New York Giants are in an incredibly polarizing position for April’s Draft.  In 2018, it was the great debate of taking a possible franchise quarterback or a generational talent at running back.  Last year they passed on defensive talent for a quarterback we labeled a bust before he even took a snap.

For years, Giants fans have been clamoring for an adequate offensive line and for a linebacker that can finally replace the void left by Antonio Pierce.  These two areas of the roster seem to have been neglected for years.  In 2020, the New York Giants are in a great position to finally address one, if not both, areas of need.  The question that remains is which way should they go in the first round?

Isaiah Simmons

We knew to head into the NFL Combine that Clemson “unicorn” Isaiah Simmons was an athletic freak.  In Indianapolis, he garnered otherworldly comparisons.  After his performance was complete, his measurements compared him to wide receiver Julio Jones.  A linebacker or safety being compared to one of the best wide receivers the league has ever seen is explanation enough.  The man is truly out of this world at his position.

It is without question that the Giants would primarily play him at linebacker.  He can do just about everything.  We have seen him run toe to toe with his Clemson teammate, running back Travis Etienne. So, covering running backs, tight ends and even receivers shouldn’t be an issue.  We know he can tackle and has elite range to cover the field.

If there is one aspect of the “do it all” label I feel any semblance of concern about, it is as a consistent pass rusher.  The majority of his sacks and pressures came on pure speed, his arm length and being schemed to pressure.  That is extreme nitpicking, folks.  If he is drafted by the Giants, he won’t be asked to be a true edge rusher.

Offensive Tackle

Take your pick.  This is labeled a deep offensive tackle class, and for good reason.  There are roughly four names that consistently get ranked in the top 20 to 30 prospects.  Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, Louisville’s Mekhi Becton and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas all have garnered attention for the Giants in the first round.  There is then another tier of tackles that could be had later in the 1st round, or the top of the 2nd round.  Houston’s Josh Jones, TCU’s Lucas Niang, and USC’s Austin Jackson.

All of these players have their unique skillset.  Jedrick Wills is primarily a right tackle and some believe he’d be better suited to move to guard. Mekhi Becton has incredible mobility for a big man.  Andrew Thomas is a power run game’s dream.  So for the Giants, it is a matter of picking the best scheme fit for the offense.

Most pundits will tell you that the Giants can find a franchise offensive tackle in the 2nd round.  They very well could. However, with how valuable the offensive tackle position is and how difficult it is to find in the NFL, is the risk worth it?


I will be the first to tell you that this is a very difficult decision.  Trading back is ideal.  Isaiah Simmons is ideal.  The offensive line is ideal.  There is a way the Giants can do all three, however very unlikely.  Isaiah Simmons combine may have secured him as a top 5 selection.  He could even go top 3 and make the decision easy for Big Blue.  Yet, as badly as I covet a game-changing linebacker, offensive tackle is still the biggest need.

Daniel Jones is the future of this franchise.  Protecting your franchise quarterback is important enough.  Protecting your franchise quarterback that has an issue fumbling the football is amplified.  Two years ago, they drafted Saquon Barkley, “a running back”, with the 2nd overall pick.  This was in a draft class that was labeled as one of the best quarterback classes to date.  For Saquon, finding a running room has been the biggest challenge of his young career.

Again reflecting on that 2018 NFL Draft, many wanted the Giants to do the “smart” thing and draft a quarterback over an athletic freak.  This year, the majority have the complete opposite outlook.  Take the athletic freak at linebacker, over the more important offensive tackle position.  Of course, running back is not on the same level as linebacker or quarterback.  I get that.  However, the debate isn’t all that different.  Albeit a bit more complex.  A linebacker can help this defense win football games.

Yes, the Giants could get an offensive tackle at the top of the 2nd round or by trading up.  Is that the smart play?  With so many holes, do we want to give up more assets to trade up?  Likewise, do we want to sit at the 36th overall and pick from what is left at offensive tackle?  The position is so incredibly important, that there will be a run on offensive line talent in the first round.  Do the Giants pick whoever they want?  Or do they settle with whoever is left?

Looking at September 2020 and beyond, where do the Giants go?  Can they make a deep playoff run? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not.  Am I throwing in the towel in 2020? Not.  Let’s be realistic, though.  An offensive tackle can help the long term goals of this team while protecting your franchise quarterback from injury.  A linebacker will help as well, but you still play with fire with your quarterback.  Is this a reach argument? Yep.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, what happens between now and the draft in free agency will determine a lot.  If the New York Giants do draft Isaiah Simmons, I will be one of the first in line for a new Giants jersey.  However, if the Giants’ offensive line woes continue and the fan base screams for Gettleman’s head for not addressing the offensive line the same way they did to Jerry Reese… well, I hope I don’t have to say “I told you so”.

New York Giants: Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs blow away competition at NFL Combine

New York Giants, Mekhi Becton, Tristan Wirfs

Two of the most sought after offensive tackles in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft had the opportunity of showing off their athleticism during the Combine this week. Both Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs, two of the New York Giants‘ top OT prospects, blew the competition away, portraying elite speed for a 364-pound lineman, and incredible hops, setting a Combine record at the position.

The Giants currently sit with the 4th overall pick in the draft, meaning they have a bevy of different avenues they can elect to take. Either they can draft an offensive tackle, trade back, or select an elite defender like Isaiah Simmons. The possibilities are endless, but with such a deep class at offensive tackle, it’s possible they can trade back to accumulate more capital and still land a player of their choice.

However, both Becton and Wirfs were incredible on Friday. Becton, who featured for Louisville in 2019, ran the 40-yard dash in 5.11 seconds — an astonishing time for a man of his size.

Wirfs posted a 36.5-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot, 1-inch broad jump, both Combine records for an offensive lineman. The Giants have the opportunity to land either one of these incredible prospects, and while Becton has the worst film of the top four tackles, he also has the most room for growth based on his size and athleticism.

Now, GM Dave Gettleman is reportedly considering trading back a few slots to offer the 4th pick to a quarterback-needy team. In this scenario, the Giants have two great opportunities in front of them. Either, they land one of the top defensive options in the draft — Simmons, Derrick Brown, Jeff Okudah, or they tackle an offensive tackle. Alternatively, they can select a defensive playmaker and package two first-round picks (one acquired in the trade back) and move back up into the first round to land a prospect. Options like Houston’s Josh Jones and others should be available in the mid-20s if the Giants can get to that spot.

New York Giants: Top Prospects To Watch At The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine

The 2020 NFL Draft is right around the corner. The Draft will begin on April 23 this year. In preparation for the NFL Draft, the NFL Scouting Combine will begin this week.

The Combine is a crucial part of the draft process. Teams finally have the chance to meet and interview this year’s prospects. The New York Giants are picking fourth overall in this year’s draft and will have their pick at some of the top prospects in the class. With the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine about to kick off, let’s take a look at three of the top prospects to keep an eye on for the Giants in 2020.

Isaiah Simmons

One of the draft’s most hyped prospects is Clemson’s do-it-all linebacker, Isaiah Simmons. Simmons played nearly every position on Clemson’s defense and is an exceptional athlete. 

Dane Brugler of The Athletic said, “They might rename the combine after Isaiah Simmons after he is done with it.” According to Albert Breer of MMQB, one college scouting director forecast to Breer that Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons will run in the low 4.4s, and his “jumps are gonna be nuts.”

Isaiah Simmons is going to test extremely well in the Combine drills this week. He has the speed, size, and athleticism to drop jaws. Simmons has been linked to the Giants on many occasions, so expect them to keep an eye on the draft’s top linebacker.

Tristan Wirfs

According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, the New York Giants are “in love” with Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs. Wirfs is already expected to be one of the Giants’ top targets in the 2020 NFL Draft. But with a strong performance at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, Tristan could make himself a must-draft target for the Giants who have a severe need at offensive tackle.

Tristan Wirfs is expected to dominate the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. He is a mammoth of a human being, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 322 pounds. Despite this, Tristan can move at a somewhat rapid pace. He is expected to run a sub-4.9s 40-yard dash. He would be only the fifth offensive tackle ever to accomplish this feat and the only offensive tackle to run a sub 4.9s while weighing 322 pounds.

Tristan Wirfs has been described as a “300-pound man that moves like a dancer.” But he also moves weights like ragdolls. Tristan broke Iowa’s hang clean record with four reps of 450 pounds last year. Wirfs is sure to impress during the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine and could make his way surging up teams’ draft boards.

Mekhi Becton

The Giants are in the market for an offensive tackle. Tristan Wirfs is undoubtedly one of the top options for the Giants in the 2020 NFL Draft, but there are others. Another offensive tackle to keep an eye on at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is Mekhi Becton.

Mekhi Becton is a massive human being. He is maybe the definition of the term “hog molly” that general manager Dave Gettleman is known to use. The Lousiville offensive tackle towers over the competition at 6 feet 7 inches. He also weighs in at a humungous 369 pounds.

Becton’s size is rare. But, what makes him so unique is the athletic ability he has combined with his otherworldly stature. Lance Zierlein of described Becton as an offensive tackle with an “enormous frame complemented by surprisingly nimble feet and functional athleticism to handle either tackle spot.” The Giants could draft Mekhi Becton to play left tackle or right tackle depending on how much they do or do not trust Nate Solder.

The Giants will be able to find a franchise building block in the 2020 NFL Draft. But that all starts with the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. This is a crucial step in the draft process, and these three players will need to live up to expectations and impress New York if they want to get selected fourth overall.

New York Giants “in love” with top offensive tackle prospect

New York Giants, Tristan Wirfs

The New York Giants have plenty of options with the 4th overall pick, and whether they address the offensive line or defense is yet to be seen. Arguments can be made for both, as the Giants are in desperate need of a defensive playmaker like Isaiah Simmons, but also need an offensive tackle to lock down the right side for years to come.

With Jack Conklin offering his services in the free agency, GM Dave Gettleman is reportedly intrigued. However, his price-tag could be a deterrent, especially since Nate Solder will count $19.5 million against the cap in 2020.

This could lead Gettleman to address the position through the draft, where he can consume a far cheaper investment but still have the talent to work with.

One thing is for sure, the Giants plan to have a smash-mouth football team moving forward, and blocking for Saquon Barkley in the run and Daniel Jones in the passing game is essential.

One prospect the New York Giants are “in love” with:

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that Big Blue enamored by Iowa offensive tackle, Tristan Wirfs.

In fact, the Giants already “love” Iowa tackle Tristan Wirfs, according to an NFL source familiar with the Giants thinking, and they have expressed similar interest in Alabama’s Jedrick Wills. Both of them are widely considered among the top four offensive line prospects in this year’s class, and they will get a good look from the entire league at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis next week.

It is far too early to know whether either of them would interest the Giants enough to draft them with the fourth overall pick. Right now, the NFL consensus seems to have Wirfs and Wills in a four-man group at the top of the offensive line charts, with Georgia’s Andrew Thomas and Louisville’s Mekhi Becton. Which order they will eventually land in depends, for now, on who is asked.

With so much talent at the tackle position in this year’s draft, it opens up a bevy of possibilities for the Giants. However, trading back and accumulating picks seems to be the idealistic move at this point in time.

New York Giants: The dream draft scenario in the first round

There are many avenues the New York Giants can explore in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, but there’s one scenario that would set the team up with a top offensive tackle and a star linebacker.

First and foremost, this scenario depends on a few different factors:

  1. The Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions remain steady with the No. 2-3 picks
  2. The Lions don’t select a quarterback
  3. The Miami Dolphins/Chargers are willing to trade up for a quarterback (for the right price)

There’s evidence to suggest Washington will select Chase Young with the 2nd overall pick, and the Lions land Jeff Okudah at No. 3. The Giants now have all the leverage to trade away the 4th overall pick and put themselves in a position to add draft-capital to their arsenal of resources.

Ideally, Miami is willing to trade up to No. 4 and give up at least a second-round pick in the process, which would not only guarantee the Giants a shot at Clemons linebacker, Isaiah Simmons, but also an opportunity to orchestrate a trade up into the first round.

The New York Giants aren’t this crafty:

Dave Gettleman has never traded back in his entire career as a general manager in the NFL, but there’s never been an opportunity as golden as this for the Giants. They have two QB-needy teams waiting in the wings and need to take full advantage of that reality. Both Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert will be on the board for the taking, and selling the idea that the Chargers are attempting to swap picks should be enough to convince Miami that they need to make a move…fast. It’s all about creating leverage in a high-pressure situation, so please, Gettleman, pick up the phone this time.

In the scenario that this all works out and the Giants add a second-rounder to their draft pick allocation, they will now have the ability to find a tackle in the first round. Pairing those second-rounders will give them enough ammo to move up and have a shot at prospects like Tristan Wirfs, Mekhi Becton, or Josh Jones.

This finely choreographed move would plug a quality rookie into one of the more expensive positions in football, and it would guarantee they find their defensive playmaker in Simmons. We can dream, right?

The Real Question for the New York Giants at 4

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants have a very real dilemma if they do not trade back in the 2020 NFL Draft this April.  Of course, any Giant fan will hold on to the dream of Chase Young falling to New York, but the roads to get there are nearly impassable.  

It would take a team willing to outbid the Miami Dolphins, who hold five picks in the first two rounds this year, for Washington’s pick.  Which would also mean the Redskins would be willing to move outside the Top 5.

Possible? Sure. So is me winning a lottery jackpot upwards of one billion dollars?

What options do the Giants realistically have at 4?

Fans of the New York Giants should stick to three options assuming they stay at number 4.  Those options are offensive tackle, a versatile defensive unicorn, and another young cornerback.

Offensive Tackle

Fortunately for the Giants, the offensive tackle class has some very good talent.  There are four options right now that the Giants could consider at the 4th overall. Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, and Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.  

Jedrick Wills seems to be separating himself a bit from the rest, but Mekhi Becton has been gaining quite a bit of steam heading into the pre-draft process.  I wrote in my most recent mock draft that I believe Andrew Thomas would be the best fit for the Giants run game, but Becton Wills and Wirfs all have their arguments as well.  Admittedly, I’m beginning to lean more towards Wills, while not being able to deny the lateral movement of Becton. Regardless, if Dave Gettleman wants to add a hog molly with the 4th pick, there are plenty of options.

The Unicorn

All I really need to say here is the name “Isaiah Simmons” and end this paragraph.  Everyone knows his name and what he can do. He’s versatile, he’s talented and he has very few, if any, weaknesses to his game.  Simmons can play a variety of positions, which is what makes him attractive for the Giants here. He wouldn’t fix all of the defenses issues, but wherever he plays best would be an upgrade for New York.

His best fit for the Giants would likely be linebacker.  Either as an interior LB or as the WILL in a 4-3 front. Regardless, he can cover running backs, tight ends and even wide receivers, as well as be an impact blitzer.  If you’ve been a fan of the Giants for awhile, you likely desire a talented sideline-to-sideline linebacker that can defend the pass against running backs and tightends as much as I have.  Simmons is that answer.


Albeit the least likely of the three options, one can not rule out the Giants potential attraction to Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah.  Okudah’s man coverage skills and athletic ability may result in him evolving into one of, if not the best cornerback in the NFL during his time.  He is physical and can stay on a receivers hip through any route. Okudah’s ball skills are tremendous. He may need to work on his zone presence a little, but the value he adds in the pass game outweighs that.

The Dilemma

To me, the real debate for the Giants if they choose to stay at four is simple.  Linebacker or offensive tackle. Of course, Simmons can play more than just linebacker, but he is best suited for the middle of the defense.  He’s not a true EDGE rusher and putting him at safety takes him away from being a consistent impact on every rep. If the Giants draft Simmons, it is to play him at linebacker.  

As much as I covet a game-changing linebacker for this team, is a linebacker more valuable and more of a dire need for the New York Giants?  It certainly is something they need to address, but let’s not ignore the issues at offensive line.

The problems along the offensive line have been rampant for the Giants for years.  Nate Solder was given a big contract but has not lived up to it. The right tackle has been a carousel of players with no clear answer.  Misfortune and durability have crippled the starting center role. Trying to patch the line up can no longer be an answer.  

OL Nick Gates showed promise last season.  He stepped in when Mike Remmers was injured and looked good.  Whether or not he can be a consistent starter quality talent for New York is still a question.  Free-agent Jack Conklin has been a name linked to the Giants for some time now, but his signing with Big Blue is no certainty either.  Even with the addition of Conklin, do either him or Gates have what it takes to play left tackle? Can Nate Solder drastically improve?  

Finding a talented offensive line is not just a problem that plagues the Giants.  Every team in the NFL values talent on their line every off-season. There are plenty of teams with good lines, but having depth is another thing.  Jack Conklin could command big money in free agency, which the Giants have, but are they willing and able to outbid other suitors? Time will tell. 

The 2020 offensive tackle class this year is pretty talented.  As noted earlier, there are four options for the Giants with the 4th pick.  Usually, if a position of need is deep, I am all for waiting to select a player.  However, is this really something worth risking to wait until taking with the 2nd pick?  Would players like Josh Jones, Lucas Niang and Austin Jackson have the same impact and longevity? They might, but why let another team dictate who you can pick if you have the fortune of being able to choose whoever you want?

Isaiah Simmons is a fantastic athlete and I will not be disappointed to hear his name called to the Giants in April.  I will be the first in line to buy his jersey.  However, when it comes down to it, offensive tackle is a much more important need than a linebacker. The Giants have taken risks in the last two drafts.  A running back with the 2nd overall pick, and then a controversial QB selection in 2019. It is imperative for the success of the team to give both of those players help.  Even if that means sacrificing a unicorn in the process.

Debate: Should the New York Giants take a WR at 4?

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

As the NFL season comes to a close, fans of the New York Giants have already begun speculating moves that their beloved team should do this offseason.  Something that has become all too familiar over the last few seasons.

One position of intrigue and debate is wide receiver.  After trading away Odell Beckham Jr. and being thin at the position, many wonders if the Giants will take an elite receiver at the top of this April’s NFL Draft.  Others, on the other hand, believe this would be a mistake. Which side are you on?

Making the case for a WR in Round 1

With the 4th overall pick in hand and considering the needs of Washington and Detroit in front of them, the New York Giants very likely could miss out on a premier defensive talent yet again.  Chase Young seems bound for Washington. Isaiah Simmons’ performance has made him a strong candidate to go 3rd overall. So, what does that mean for the Giants?

Popular options include trading back to a quarterback hungry team, taking a young offensive tackle or grabbing another cornerback.  However, many others think the New York Giants should be taking a wide receiver. 

Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb have been considered by some to be ideal selections for the Giants.  Jeudy has been compared to the Cowboys’ Amari Cooper and can be the outside receiver New York covets. His speed and agility make him a threat at all levels.  

Then there is CeeDee Lamb.  Lamb has incredible ball skills and control of his 6’2” frame.  Many compare Lamb to Houston’s Deandre Hopkins or even 6-time Pro Bowler, Reggie Wayne.  How could the New York Giants pass on that?

Even if the Giants were to trade down, the talent in this draft class at the receiver is very deep.  Clemon’s Tee Higgins, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III, LSU’s Justin Jefferson, and Colorado’s Laviska Shenault Jr. are just some of the names that could be called in the 1st round.

Making the case against a WR in Round 1

The depth of this receiving class may be the strongest case against taking a receiver in the first round.  It is no secret that the New York Giants have needed all over, especially on the defense and offensive line.  Is taking a receiver in the Top 5 really the best use of draft capital?

Without trading out, the Giants are sitting in a great position to address many needs with premier talent.  Isaiah Simmons is an ideal fit, but may not be available. Ohio State CB Jeffrey Okudah is another top prospect that will be available with the 4th pick.  The tackle position is very top-heavy, with Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, Alabama’s Jedrick Wills and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas all being considered as the best tackle prospect in the class. 

The Giants have a talented group of receivers already, but they are thin at the position.  With the injuries they suffered last season, having depth is critical. Taking a wide receiver later in the draft may be their best option.  Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk, Southern Cal’s Michael Pittman Jr. and Ohio State’s K.J.Hill are just some of the names the Giants could call at any point in the later rounds.  Temple wide receiver Isaiah Wright has been impressing scouts this week at the Shrine Bowl and could very well be a breakout player in the NFL.

What about the free-agent market?

The New York Giants are going to have a ton of money available for free agency.  If they prioritize the offensive line and defense in the NFL Draft, they have some options in free agency in order to build out the depth at wide receiver.

New York can definitely bring back guys that WR Coach Tyke Tolbert is familiar with.  Cody Latimer, Cody Core, and even Da’Mari Scott would all be unsurprising returns to the Giants.  If the G-Men dip elsewhere in free agency, they do have options. They could look to add a veteran with a one year deal, much like Randall Cobb, Demaryius Thomas or Danny Amendola.  The veteran option giving them depth, talent, and experience as a stop-gap for the season.

What about a younger option that could be signed for a longer deal?  WR Amari Cooper hasn’t be resigned by Dallas… yet. The Jets Robby Anderson looks to be headed to the open market and will be sought after.  There are also options like Rashard Higgins, who showed flashes with his time in Cleveland before the Browns brought in Landry and Odell.

Whatever the case may be, the New York Giants will have to address the lack of depth at wide receiver.  The talent is there, especially with the emergence of Darius Slayton, but there is a longevity concern that will need to be taken into consideration.  

Why The New York Giants Should Try To Trade Down With The Raiders In The 2020 NFL Draft

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants are undergoing major changes this offseason. After going 9-23 over the past two seasons, the Giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur. His replacement, Joe Judge, has vowed to establish a winning culture and get the Giants back on track.

The Giants have one of the NFL’s least talented rosters. Not a single player on the Giants’ roster was selected to participate in the 2020 Pro Bowl. There is plenty of young talent on the roster that the Giants will need to continue to develop.

Rebuilding teams often feature a lot of youth since the way to correctly rebuild a team is through the draft. The Giants had an excellent 2019 NFL Draft class, securing their franchise quarterback in Daniel Jones and picking up a few solid starters in the later rounds. The Giants need to knock the 2020 NFL Draft out of the park to get this roster back on track. In order to do this, the Giants should trade back with the Oakland Raiders.

The Mock Trade

The Giants hold the 4th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Las Vegas Raiders currently hold two first-round draft picks. Vegas owns the 12th pick and the 19th pick. According to the NFL Draft Trade Chart by Pro Football Reference, the Giants’ pick is worth 1,800 points. The Raiders’ 12th pick is worth 1,200 points and their 19th pick is worth 875 points.

The Raiders’ two draft picks combine for 2,075 points, more than enough to move up to the 4th overall pick. In fact, the Giants would probably have to swap a couple of late-round picks with Vegas. But let’s take a look at the first round and examine the clear and obvious benefits of trading down with the Raiders.

The 12th Overall Pick

Rumors were swirling around the last offseason that head coach of the Raiders Jon Gruden was interested in trading up in the draft to select Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. Some seem to believe that the Raiders are ready to move on from Derek Carr. If this is true, the 4th pick is a perfect spot to trade up to in order to draft one of the class’s top signal-callers, such as Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

Trading back to the 12th overall pick will still allow for the Giants to secure a building block player. Many recent mock drafts currently have players such as Jerry Jeudy, Isaiah Simmons, and Tristan Wirfs being drafted on or near the 12th pick. Anyone of these players would solidify that position for the Giants as one of the strongest on the roster.

Isaiah Simmons would be the perfect player to build around on defense. He is a versatile linebacker that can line up anywhere on the defense and make plays in coverage, run defense, and even as a pass-rusher. Jerry Jeudy is an explosive receiver with elite route-running and dependable hands. Tristan Wirfs would be a massive upgrade at either one of the Giants’ offensive tackle positions.

Now, there is a chance that these three prospects are all off the board by the 12th overall pick. However, there are plenty of talented prospects that will be available with this pick. And the true benefit of trading down with the Raiders is that the Giants would be able to land, not one, but two first-round talents.

The 19th Overall Pick

If the Giants were to make this trade, they would be securing two starters in the first round of the draft. These two building-block players they could select would be the first step in creating a more complete and competitive roster.

Many mock drafts have players like Kristian Fulton, C.J. Henderson, and K’Lavon Chaisson. Kristian Fulton is a speedy cornerback who is excellent in man coverage out of LSU, a school known for producing elite defensive backs. C.J. Henderson is also a cornerback, though he has a bit of a different style. Henderson, out of the University of Florida, is a “long, gangly, and lanky” cornerback that has the physicality to make his presence known in run-defense, too. K’Lavon Chaisson is also a defensive prospect out of LSU. Chaisson is an uber-athletic edge rusher that showed flashes of excellent pass-rushing potential.

Regardless of who the Giants would opt to select with the 19th overall pick, the point is clear and obvious: New York has the opportunity to land two talented starters on rookie contracts if they trade down with the Raiders. With positions of need all over the field, this scenario allows the Giants to plug two holes at once and make strides in rebuilding their team.