New York Giants Co-Owner Steve Tisch: “Everything’s Up In The Air” On Eli Manning

New York Giants, Eli Manning

Going into 2020, there’s no indication yet of whether or not Eli Manning will come back to the New York Giants as either a player or a part of the coaching staff. Manning looks done as the starter after being replaced a couple weeks into the season by Daniel Jones and only appearing again once Jones was injured late in the year, but there’s been no official retirement yet, leaving the door open for Manning to either continue with the Giants or possibly find another team.

Either of those options, or Manning simply announcing his retirement, are all options which could reasonably happen. And the team ownership doesn’t necessarily have the answers at this moment either.

Co-owner Steve Tisch spoke briefly to TMZ, and one of the questions was about the Manning situation. His reply shows that anything can happen at this point. “Everything’s up in the air,” Tisch told reporters.

He didn’t have much more insight to share on the current status of the team in other areas, either, such as the draft. “Not up to me… I totally trust our new head coach,” Tisch said when asked about his thoughts on Isaiah Simmons, who is one of the primary prospects linked to the Giants right now for their first round draft pick.

It’s perhaps a good sign. While some would like to hear more information from the owners, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have proved over the years that it’s often times better for an organization to trust its coaching staff rather than having the owners make executive decisions on important matters and expect the staff to go along with the outcome.

And the Giants owners, right now, show that they’re trusting in their staff – time will tell whether that trust has been well placed or not.

New York Giants: Head coach candidates update – who are the favorites?

New York Giants considering Matt Rhule for head coach.

The New York Giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur on Monday morning, hitting the restart button after two seasons of porous play. During Shurmur’s tenure, Big Blue managed only nine wins, most of which came towards the end of the season against sub-.500 teams.

The latest two victories against the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins put the team in the right direction. Still, owner John Mara stated that he and Steve Tisch had been mulling the head coaching position over for weeks.

The two co-owners were reported as being divided on the state of the Giants, with Tisch in favor of a full-restructuring of the front-office. However, Mara advocated for their similar approach:

“Our relationship, contrary to what I read the other day, has never been better. We communicate on any issues regarding the team all the time. This has been a conversation we’ve been having for at least the last few weeks, anyway.”

With the head coach search underway, we can assume that the process will go quickly, considering how fast the Washington Redskins locked up Ron Rivera. Reports of Baylor stud HC Matt Rhule being a suitable option have bubbled to the surface.

Rhule, who completely revitalized the Baylor Football Program in three years, taking them from a 1-11 record to an 11-1 record this season, is considered to be a top candidate with the Giants. He has past connections with GM Dave Gettleman and would hold the vacant head coaching position with the Giants in high regard. Some have said that Rhule would consider it his “dream job.”

Just last season, the New York Jets took a stab at Rhule, who turned them down to remain with Baylor. However, reports have indicated that Baylor players wouldn’t be surprised if he walked in favor of the NFL, and he even told them as much. Having grown up in New York, the connection with Big Blue makes perfect sense, and his progressive eye would give the Giants an advantage moving forward.

Mara mentioned the increase in analytical depth this season, and Gettleman has been at the forefront, even after his “nerd” comment upon his inception in East Rutherford. Nonetheless, the beginning of a new age might be upon us, but it all starts with Gettleman, who, according to the two owners, needs to improve in free agency, especially with approximately $80 million available this offseason.

The New York Giants’ biggest problem lies within ownership

New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman

Earlier in December, New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch expressed his displeasure with the current state of the team and the process of which GM Dave Gettleman was activating, stating:

“It’s a multi-step process,” Tisch told SNY in early December. “After the season, John Mara and I are going to sit down and have a number of conversations. We’re going to look at every situation, every opportunity, every option and we’re really going to approach it from 35,000 feet and see really what needs improvement, what we need to do, where we think there are other options.

“The direction we take the team hopefully in 2020 will result in a much better season next year.”

While Tisch has been the more vocal owner between himself and John Mara, he hasn’t said anything that the masses aren’t already clamoring about. Big Blue needs to make some changes, and it starts with ownership. Tisch’s concern was well-received from the fan-base, as it seemed the backseat owner was trying to implement more of a progressive strategy. However, reports are now indicating that he will once again lie in the shadows while Mara drives the team into the ground.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY has heard from sources that Tisch was just “venting.”

That’s what some around the NFL seem to believe. In fact, multiple NFL sources have told SNY that they believe Steve Tisch, the co-owner of the Giants, is “very frustrated” with the current direction of his organization and will push for sweeping changes when he meets with co-owner John Mara after the season finale on Sunday. However, others believe Tisch has just been “venting” privately in the wake of a third straight miserable season and will defer to Mara in the end.

The New York Giants need to make several big decisions:

The reality is simple for the Giants — they need to take a significant step forward with the current trends of the NFL, investing more in pass-rushers and progressive coaching. The old-school mentality of Gettleman doesn’t seem to be working at an accelerated rate anymore, which has set the team back to a degree. Also, head coach Pat Shurmur doesn’t have the capacity to manage the entire team in-game and help rookie passer Daniel Jones develop.

Jones has looked solid in his first campaign in the NFL, but Shurmur doesn’t seem to be developing at the same pace, which justifies “sweeping changes.”

New York Giants: Mara, Not Tisch, May Hold Final Decision On Monday

New York Giants, John Mara

It’s not a secret that a lot of the fans of the New York Giants want a change – the team’s performances haven’t been getting better from year to year and if it wasn’t for some wins against very bad teams, the worst teams in the league more often than not in fact, the Giants would be on pace to have their worst season ever… Pat Shurmur isn’t a very popular coach within the fanbase right now for obvious reasons and General Manager Dave Gettleman is hardly better off in the popularity race.

But the fans, unfortunately, don’t have much power over the team’s destiny. They can apply pressure and make their voices heard, but at the end of the day the decisions will fall to the team ownership.

The problem, in this case, is that the Giants have two owners. And on this specific matter, they may not have the same ideas.

According to SNY, Steve Tisch may only be venting when expressing his frustrations with the team, rather than seriously planning to challenge the more patient approach of co-owner John Mara, who owns the other half of the team but tends to be the head figure when it comes to making decisions.

In fact, multiple NFL sources have told SNY that they believe Steve Tisch, the co-owner of the Giants, is “very frustrated” with the current direction of his organization and will push for sweeping changes when he meets with co-owner John Mara after the season finale on Sunday. However, others believe Tisch has just been “venting” privately in the wake of a third straight miserable season and will defer to Mara in the end.

Mara, of course, seems more likely to stick with Dave Gettleman for another year – and if the coach can pick up another win on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles this time, which would knock the Eagles out of the playoffs, Pat Shurmur may find himself keeping his job too if Mara’s opinion is the only one that matters in this.

It’s a dangerous way of thinking, of course. It’s easy to forget about losses during a stretch of winning, but three straight wins, two of them against some of the league’s worst teams, doesn’t change a history of losing over the past couple of years under a head coach that has directly blown games for the Giants with his coaching skill or lack thereof.

Of course, that assumes that Mara will go with a more usual patient approach – by most factors, this is one of the worst seasons in recent memory for the Giants, if not in franchise history. The Giants have a reputation as a patient team, but could that change because of the current circumstances? We may just find out the answer on Monday, when the firings will likely begin league wide for the personnel who just didn’t make the cut this season.

Giants’ Co-owner Steve Tisch asks fans to be patient

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The owner of the New York Giants finally spoke to the media today but it wasn’t the owner you’re thinking of. John Mara has yet to opine on his team’s horrific season and no one is sure when he or his general manager, Dave Gettleman, will come out of hiding and face the masses.

Today, co-owner Steve Tisch spoke with WNBC Ch 4’s Bruce Beck at the March of Dimes event and shed a little light on the current state of Big Blue.

“It’s been a very frustrating season,” Tisch said as per Beck’s Twitter feed. “At the end of the season John Mara and I are gonna get together and discuss the future. As partners we have to be very honest with each other about where we see this team going into the 2020 season.”

Tisch had a message for Giant fans, who are at the end of their collective rope.

“I’m asking for patience. I’m being patient which you know at times is challenging. Please be understanding and patient. I want Giants fan to feel that their voice is being heard.”

Beck asked Tisch is he still believed in Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur, who are off to a 7-21 start with the Giants.

“Those decisions & conversation are not going to be made this morning,” said Tisch. “It’s really at the end of the season that John and I are going to sit down and talk about these issues.”

This is all generic information. Tisch is not heavily into the football end of the business but does hold some weight in the decision-making process. Right now, fan confidence is low and the results have been embarrassing for one of the league’s most storied franchises.

The average price of a ticket to a Giants game is $115, which is eighth-highest in the NFL. Every seat in the stadium also has a personal seat license which can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.

New York Giants: Ownership Confirms Noncommittal Stance On Quarterbacks

Will the New York Giants draft a quarterback? Will they decide to have enough faith in Eli Manning to not even start thinking about his future successor? Or will the team try to make a run at a player like Russell Wilson in free agency next year and find their future starter that way? No one but perhaps the team ownership and front office knows the answer to that right now, and it looks like things are going to stay that way through the entire offseason.

General Manager Dave Gettleman has been noncommittal when it comes to the subject but general managers and team owners don’t always agree. That, however, doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to Gettleman and the Giants ownership. Co-owner Steve Tisch talked to the team website this week and said that the team is looking at all of the options.

One specific option, though, doesn’t seem to be jumping out ahead of the others just yet.

“If it’s possible [to land a franchise quarterback], that would be a pretty good situation. But that’s not going to be forced; it’s not going to be Gettleman’s marching orders,” said Tisch. “There’s no mandate. But we’re going to look at a lot of options, certainly in the draft going forward with potential trades.”

Trading for a quarterback, though, seems hard when the Giants have limited assets right now. The team already traded away star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., and several big name defensive players that were on the roster at the beginning of last season, such as Landon Collins, Damon Harrison, and Olivier Vernon are already on other teams either because of trade or free agency.

Many sources rate the Giants as one of the bottom teams in the league, so it’s hard to see who the Giants could send away for a decent quarterback. It looks like the draft and free agency are the main two options, and the team holds both the 6th and the 17th picks this year.

But while Tisch stated that the team won’t necessarily draft a quarterback, he did say something interesting. Specifically, that Eli Manning would eventually take on a mentor role.

“And I think when he does take on the role of mentor, he will be very, very effective.”

If Manning is acting as a mentor, it likely means that the quarterback playing behind him is newer and less experienced. Could it be a sign that the Giants to intend to have a younger, non-veteran quarterback on the roster, perhaps one that’s been recently drafted?

Time will tell, but it’s clear that the team is in a tough spot with a limited amount of time to figure out their future and limited options to do so.