Knicks expected to interview 76ers assistant Ime Udoka

New York Knicks, Ime Udoka

Add a new name to the New York Knicks‘ head coaching search: Ime Udoka.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Knicks plan to interview Udoka to be their new head coach. Udoka is currently an assistant coach under Brett Brown with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Prior to the 2019-20 season, Udoka spent eight seasons as an assistant coach under Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs.

Udoka is the fifth coach the Knicks have expressed interest in. They’re expected to interview interim Mike Miller, former Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau, former Brooklyn Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson and Mike Woodson, who was head coach of the Knicks from 2012-14.

Udoka played eight seasons in the NBA. He spent those seasons with the Knicks, Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers. Udoka appeared in eight games for the Knicks in the 2005-06 season.

The New York Knicks aren’t the only ones in on Udoka:

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reported last week that Udoka is the “frontrunner” to take over for Jim Boylen as head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

The Knicks fired head coach David Fizdale and lead assistant Keith Smart 22 games into the regular season. Miller was promoted to interim head coach, and the Knicks went 17-27 under his command.

They finished the truncated 2019-20 season 21-45. Prior to their season’s conclusion, the Knicks fired president Steve Mills. He was replaced with former agent Leon Rose, who retained general manager Scott Perry. The Knicks have since hired Walt Perrin, formerly of the Utah Jazz, as their assistant general manager.

Hiring a head coach is New York’s first order of business this offseason. Simultaneously, they have three selections in the 2020 NBA Draft: their own first and second-round pick and the Los Angeles Clippers’ first-round pick, acquired in a midseason trade that sent forward Marcus Morris to the West Coast. The Knicks are also projected to have upwards of $30 million in cap space.

Pros & cons of retaining Scott Perry as New York Knicks GM

New York Knicks

Leon Rose has his first GM as team president of the New York Knicks. Rose is retaining Scott Perry on a one-year deal for the 2020-21 season, per SNYs Ian Begley.

We spoke a few days ago about how it might not be the best idea to have Perry still around.  Why would you have someone making decisions for the team if there’s no plan of having that person there in the future.  There was speculation that Perry might not return with the Knicks since the Rose hire but that’s no more.

Bringing Perry back as the Knicks GM, on a one-year deal, has its pros and cons.


It’s a low risk, high reward.  A one-year deal is much better than a long-term deal.  A one-year ‘prove it’ deal may be just what Perry needs to succeed.

Perry will now be able to do more in the GM role now that Steve Mills is no longer with the team.  He has got the team future building blocks in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson.  You can even put Ignas Brazdeikis in that category since he’s been playing very well in Westchester.  It’s player development that has been the issue.

Perry’s tenure with the Knicks has a bad spin on it, thus far, because of Mills.  Mills was the problem, not Perry.  Perry will be lumped in with the negativity of the Mills’ time with the Knicks.


If Knicks were truly ‘cleaning house’, Perry should’ve went too.  Sometimes that’s the best solution.  Rose shouldn’t have brought back any person in the front office that was there during the Mills era.  Let Rose pick his GM and start from there.  This could also mean that big changes aren’t coming as quickly as fans think.

However you look at it, Rose made a smart decision on bringing back Perry for one-year.  There also could’ve been no one else he trusted with the GM role at this point.  Perry will have one season to show that he’s capable of helping turn around the New York Knicks.

New York Knicks will retain Scott Perry for another season

The New York Knicks will retain general manager Scott Perry for at least one more season. The team’s new president Leon Rose has decided to pick up Perry’s option for 2020-21, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.

With new boss Leon Rose in charge, Perry’s future was uncertain. Perry hasn’t had the greatest tenure so far. The Knicks do have two promising young players in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, the latter of whom was selected in the second round. Perry has also been able to find talent outside of the draft in Kenny Wooten and Allonzo Trier.

The problem is, the Knicks haven’t seen results. Under Perry, the Knicks have constructed a team that cannot shoot or space the floor effectively. While Perry has drafted some promising players, many of them have been buried on the bench or in the G League. Player development and team chemistry have been major issues for the team.

Many people expect some big changes on the Knicks roster heading into next season, and Scott Perry will remain heavily involved in the decisions. Hopefully, under new president Leon Rose, the Knicks can begin to construct a clearer path to success.

New York Knicks should let Scott Perry go before the draft

The New York Knicks aren’t in the market for a new GM just yet.  Current GM Scott Perry will remain in that position for the upcoming NBA draft.

Knicks new team president Leon Rose will do his “due diligence” later on.

Perry hasn’t been the problem.  He put together a decent looking roster.  The Knicks are one of the youngest teams in the league so that’s a start.  However, if Perry isn’t going to be in the Knicks future, why keep him around for the draft.

Perry shouldn’t be making decisions for the organization if he isn’t going to see them through.  They should just cut ties with him now.  Let the new regime begin the long quest to turn the franchise around.

Perry, unfortunately, should’ve gotten the axe when Steve Mills was relieved of his duties.  The Knicks needed to totally clean house.  They’re shouldn’t be any person in the front office that was been there the past few years, maybe even decade.  They need a clean slate.

What the Knicks have been trying to do hasn’t been working.  Yes, they did get younger and have a few good building blocks for the future.  That’s in partial part of Perry drafting well and being a decent elevator of talent, not Mills.

And while the New York Knicks have greatly under-performed, it’s not totally Perry’s fault.  However, Perry still shouldn’t be making decisions for the Knicks if Rose doesn’t want to keep him around.

A wild roller-coaster of a trade deadline for the New York Knicks

New York Knicks, Marcus Morris

The New York Knicks had one roller-coaster of a trade deadline.  Rumors were swirling of all kinds of trades but the organization only had one.

The Knicks traded Marcus Morris to the Los Angeles Clippers for Moe Harkless, 2020 first-rounder and a second-rounder.

Scott Perry was the one orchestrating the trades as the news broke of the Knicks adding a new team president.  Perry did an ‘ok’ job in this trade deadline but more could have been done.

Getting a first-round pick back was a victory in itself but the Knicks were trying to get some young prospects out of the deal as well.  Other players that were speculated to be on the move were Bobby Portis, Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, Elfrid Payton and Allonzo Trier all stayed put.

The bigger victory, however, still remains the Knicks parting ways with Steve Mills.  The franchise is now looking to add Leon Rose as the next team president.  A deal was being finalized but there’s been no official report.  The Knicks owner also made it clear he would not be selling the team, Ian Begley reports.

After the roller-coaster of a day, the Knicks still had a game to play.  They came back to defeat the Orlando Magic 105-103. The team had a good team first half.  They played together and had more pep in their step.

However, the Knicks had to scratch and crawl their way back at the end for a thrilling victory.  The comeback victory wouldn’t have happened if it was for team defense and another great all-around game by Elfrid Payton.  Also, the return of RJ Barrett gave the team something extra.

The New York Knicks are now on a 3-game win steak and are looking to give the younger players more time, or we hope.

New York Knicks may have found their new team president in Leon Rose

The New York Knicks are finalizing a deal that will make CAA agent Leon Rose the next team president.  This comes as a quick shock for Knicks fans with the trade deadline looming at 3pm today.

Besides this seeming like it was rushed to find the new president, Rose is ‘low-key’ one of the most powerful people in sports.  He represents a lot of superstar players in the association.  For example, Karl Anthony-Towns and Devin Booker.   Some fans already have the thoughts that Rose could lead him to the Knicks.

Rose also is suppose to have a close relationship with D’Angelo Russell’s agent.  Which gets us thinking that the Knicks still could deal for Russell by the deadline.

Along with Rose will come William “World Wide Wes” Wesley.  He, along with Rose, will be in charge of basketball operations looking to turn around the Knicks.

As for now, Scott Perry will still be looking to make some decisions before the deadline.  However, this seems so rushed that Rose could ready to make moves for the Knicks today.

But, this is could be smart move for the New York Knicks.  It was mentioned that Anthony-Towns, Booker and Russell want to team up one day in the league.  Could this president move bring a young big 3 to New York?  Only time will tell.

New York Knicks have parted ways with Steve Mills

New York Knicks, Scott Perry, Steve Mills

The New York Knicks have, finally, parted ways with team president Steve Mills.  The news comes two days before the trade deadline. Scott Perry will take over as interim team president in the mean time.

The Knicks have begun interviewing for the vacant president position, according to Shams Charania.

According to Marc Stein, the New York Knick will target and believe they have an actual shot at Raptors President Masai Ujiri.

Ujiri told people in the past that he’s attracted by the Knicks job, according to an Begley.  But, the Knicks will do continue pursue as he is apparently Dolan’s ‘dream choice’.  However, picks will most likely have to be involved since Ujiri is under contract until next season.

The news of Mills being relieved has Knicks has brought so much excitement to fans.  This has been a long time coming with the performance of this team under Mills’ direction.  Him and Perry weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the future of the team, according to Marc Berman.

Perry is now in the driver’s seat for this trade deadline.  This will be his shot to either make a playoff push or gain more young assets to build for the future. The Knicks still have to be active this trade deadline if they want to continue to turn around the franchise.

Now, the New York Knicks rebuild has officially begun.  Today is a good day to be a Knicks fan.

Is Scott Perry the Only Glimmer of Hope Within New York Knicks Front Office?

The New York Knicks are having a season of disaster. Uncharted territories with a roster mixed with incompatible pieces is upon the New York Knicks. Thoughts of where the Knicks could pick during the next draft lottery are upon Knick fans already. The real question right now is whether or not Knicks General Manager, Scott Perry, is really the only glimmer of hope within the New York Knicks front office. Or is his future so murky, there’s no reason even discussing any possibility of Perry being a general manager past 2020.

The New York Knicks front office seems to be misunderstood for good reason most times. If Scott Perry doesn’t have the green light from Steve Mills in the decision making, then the Knicks may be at risk of another setback. However, if Mills and Perry are actually on the same page, Scott Perry will relish the opportunity to murder the 2020 NBA Draft in a good way just like he did during the 2018 draft.

If Perry makes a solid trade or two before the deadline and the Knicks begin playing their younger players, then there’ll actually be a direction the franchise is moving toward. The veteran movement is leading toward a dead-end direction and fans are extremely unhappy and unenthusiastic about it. By the way, what good is a Scott Perry’s draft selection if only the veterans play significant minutes? Knicks have never been known to develop from within, however, with the lack of free-agent interest and the plethora of super young players the Knicks possess, player development is crucial. Player development must become a strong suit for the Knicks and its younger players in order for the franchise to catapult its journey into a positive direction.

The New York Knicks can be patient with young players only

The New York Knicks are completely dysfunctional.  The only positive thing that they have going for them is their young players.  The Knicks have a lot of pieces that could put them in the correct spot for the future.

A franchise can’t be good unless they are patient with their players.  The Knicks have been patient with players in recent memory.  For instance, Frank Ntilikina, Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox.  And when they had him, Kristaps Porzingis.

Young players need time to develop.  In time, those players show some competence then a team can have a chance at free agents.  The Knicks were unable to do that last off-season but were able to keep their young assets.

Fans were upset over the Kristaps Porzingis and Frank Ntilikina selections at the time.  Porzingis blossomed into a superstar and Ntilikina is finally becoming a vital role player for the Knicks, after 3 years.  Recently, the Knicks drafted RJ Barrett.  He’s only 19-years-old and already showing signs that he could be a star for the Knicks down-the-line.

Despite all the turmoil with the front office and coaching, the Knicks are trying to build something.  Robinson, Barrett and Ntilikina continue to grow, on their way to being above-average players.  Kevin Knox continues to need more time but displayed glimpses of his progression over his rookie year, especially in shooting.

The New York Knicks will most likely have another top-5 draft pick next summer.  They’ll have another top pick to develop along with their other projects.  The Knicks will have a lot of young players that could be good, in time.  Patience with player development is needed now.

Also, the Knicks have a lot of veteran players that could be on the trading block.  Marcus Morris, Taj Gibson even Julius Randle.  Trade those players for younger assets and/or picks.  Randle most likely won’t be on the block but if they could get something positive for him, it should be discussed.

After some of the veteran guys are gone, the Knicks must only play the young players.  Then, they’ll have more then enough time to time to develop and get the experience to become something.  This season is rough and most likely next year will be too.  But, it’s something they Knicks have to do.

The future of the Knicks should consist of Barrett, Robinson, Ntilikina, Knox and the upcoming top-5 selection.

New York Knicks have dismissed David Fizdale of his coaching duties

The New York Knicks have relieved David Fizdale of his head coaching role. ESPNs Adrian Wojnarowski reports this afternoon.

Not only was Fizdale ousted, assistant coach Keith Smart was also let go.

This comes as now surprise to any Knicks fans.  The Knicks are 4-18 and have the second worst record in the NBA.  Their have been rumblings of firing Fizdale since November.

It all began when Steve Mills and Scott Perry said that ‘the framework has been laid out’ for the firing of coach Fizdale.  In his tenure with the New York Knicks, Fizdale went 21-83 in not even a season and a half.  That is a .201 winning percentage which is the worst in Knick history.

The Knicks were embarrassed in their last two games, losing by a combined 81 points.  At one point last night, the Knicks were down 43 points to the Denver Nuggets.  Boos rained down from the Garden and there were even some ‘Fire Fizdale’ chants.

The team has greatly under-performed and seem to be unmotivated to play for Fizdale despite players saying they back their coach.

Marcus Morris even declined to answer a question regarding the coaching after last night’s home court blowout.

The Knicks will now look to find someone who can motivate this team.  They have more talent than last season but can’t find how to properly execute the correct way on both ends of the floor.  Maybe, the next coach can get it out of these young and veteran players.