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Yankees could lose key prospect:

The New York Yankees made several moves to protect key prospects from the Rule 5 draft, but the bottom line is that they couldn’t protect all the players they might have wanted to, one of them is up and coming catcher Josh Breaux.

Losing a pivotal prospect to the Rule 5 draft can be serious, even devastating when they lose one to a division rival. Last season in the draft, they lost Garrett Whitlock, and that came back to haunt them in the season and Wild Card, that the Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox. He became Boston’s best bullpen piece in 2021, posting a stellar 1.96 ERA in 46 regular-season appearances. Whitlock’s dominance continued in the playoffs, with a 2.16 ERA in five appearances.

The 24-year-old Breaux was a second-round pick of the Yankees in the 2018 draft by the Yankees. Since then, he has been making a name for himself. Here is MLB Pipeline’s scouting report:

Breaux has a lofty ceiling but is a long ways from reaching it. His well-above-average bat speed and strength coupled with an extremely aggressive approach give him the raw pop to deliver 35 or more homers per season.

Breaux is enticing because he has well above-average raw power and an arm that was once clocked up to 100 mph when he took the mound. Other than that, he is very similar to catcher Gary Sanchez, both in build as well defensive and hitting skills. Due to his progression through the minors, the Yankees won’t want to lose Breaux.

Who will be non-tendered?

The Yankees have three players that may be considered to be non-tendered. Miguel Andujar, Luke Voit, and Gary Sanchez. The Yankees already have rid themselves of three other players that they believe have little returning value going forward. Clint Frazier, Tyler Wade, and Rougned Odor have already been shown the door through assignment.

Of the three, Miguel Andujar is the most likely to be non-tendered, as the Yankees really don’t have a place for him to play. After losing his job at third to Gio Urshela, the Yankees have tried him in the outfield and even at first base. Unfortunately for Andujar, he underperformed.

CBA draws closer, an actual agreement doesn’t

The Baseball Collective Bargaining Agreement deadline is this coming Wednesday, and the sides are still far apart. Commissioner Rob Manfred stated last week that a lockout is not out of the picture. It’s all about the money, how much the players get and how much the owners get to keep.

One of the most significant sticking points seems to revolve around young players being paid more and earlier than the previous agreement allowed. The owners have pretty much had their own way with the players in the last several agreements, and the players are determined to get the upper hand this time.

Yankees just watching, Mets taking action

If you browse social media, Yankee fans are getting very frustrated with Brian Cashman seemingly sitting on his hands as other clubs are making moves to improve their teams, some of them big splashes.

What is most concerning to fans is that the cross-town New York Mets went on a Black Friday spending spree. The Mets’ new GM, Billy Eppler, picked up infielder and switch hitter Eduardo Escobar to a two-year deal reportedly worth $20 million, according to MLB Network. They signed first baseman and outfielder Mark Canha to a two-year deal worth $26.5 million, according to the New York Post. And late Friday night, they agreed to a four-year deal with outfielder Starling Marte knocking him out as a Yankee target at center.

Centerfield is still a question, Taylor or Buxton?

With Brett Gardner gone, at least for the moment, and the question looming, can Aaron Hicks remain healthy? Centerfield remains an area to be addressed.

Hicks, with the Yankees for six years, has only played in 100 or more games in two of those years. Last season was dreadful, with him only playing a few months due to a wrist injury and surgery, demonstrating the need for some solid backup in center.

The Yankees have reserves, but with the loss of Gardner,  Greg Allen, and Tim Locastro, it only leaves Joey Gallo and Aaron Judge to back up Hicks. Both of them are much better performers at the corners. Chris Taylor has often been mentioned, but in the trade market, the Yankees could go after Byron Buxton of the Twins. Possibly not a priority, but the Yankees clearly need help.

Buxton is an intriguing fit at center. His defense is not in question. This season, the dynamic, two-way center fielder hit .306/.358/.647 with 19 home runs, 50 runs, 32 RBI, and nine steals in just 254 plate appearances. Add to that his contact hitting from both sides of the plate, and the Yankees have the perfect fit if they want to trade for a quality centerfielder.

In other news of interest

After the 2021 season, the Yankees fired third base coach Phil Nevin. In one of the few moves the Yankees have made, they replaced him with ex-Mets manager Luis Rojas. The Los Angeles Angels have since hired Nevin as their new third-base coach replacing Brian Butterfield.

MLB Network’s Jon Heyman has reported that the Yankees are interested in the Baltimore Orioles center fielder Cedric Mullins, It is also reported that the O’s will listen to offers. If the Yankees are interested, they won’t be alone. The Phillies, Rangers, Astros, and Giants are also interested in the O’s star.

If the New York Yankees are still interested in superstar Carlos Correa, they will have to fight for him, as the Detroit Tigers seem to have the edge on procuring his services.  It would also match up Correa with his old cheating scandal manager A.J. Hinch.

New York Yankees: All the Yankees news in one place

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The New York Yankees lost the wild card game to the rival Boston Red Sox and are sitting back watching other teams reach for their dreams, while they are still licking the wounds of another failed season, not advancing in the postseason. But baseball goes on for four teams. The Atlanta Braves lead the Lost Angeles Dodgers two games to none as they travel back to Los Angeles to play the next three games if necessary. The Houston Astros travel to Fenway Park where they are 1-1 in their seven-game contest with the Red Sox.

Even with all this on-field action still going on, don’t think for a minute that the Yankee front office is dormant, it’s not. Although many of the players are back home watching games from their couches the front office is full steam ahead planning improvements for the upcoming 2022 season.

The Yankees make coaching changes

The New York Yankees, even before the end of the World Series have already made some major changes to the staff. Hitting coach Marcus Thames will not be returning in 2022. Also highly thought off third base coach Phil Nevin, will also not have his contract renewed, after a very bad mistake ushering Aaron Judge home and being called out by at least twelve feet. ESPN has also reported that Assitant Hitting Coach P. J. Pilittere’s contract will not have his contract renewed either.

It’s no secret that the Yankee players hitting was darn right awful this year, except for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Everyone wondered what was going on with one of the most powerful lineups in baseball, that went through long periods of lackluster hitting. At the end of the season, fans wondered who would be held responsible, Cashman, Boone, or Thames; it appears the hitting department is paying the price.

The Yankees may trade some major players

Since the end of the Yankee season, several names have come up as being possibly traded including Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Luke Voit, and Joey Gallo, mostly due to not performing as expected. The Torres and Sanchez situation has gone on for more than one season. Neither has grown as a Yankee and their performance is still suspect. Voit is a different situation, he can’t stay healthy, and now with the addition of Anthony Rizzo is more of a loose end than anything else. Joey Gallo is still a different scenario. He has batted under the interstate and many fans want to see him go.

Will the Yankees re-sign Anthony Rizzo?

When the Yankees acquired Anthony Rizzo at the trade deadline, they did so knowing that he was a free agent at the end of the season. Now the question is, did he play well enough for the Yankees to be re-signed. Two things are evident, Rizzo wants to play for the Yankees, but the question is; if the Yankees want to pay him enough to stay around.

Few players play for one historic franchise to play for yet another. Rizzo thought he would play out his career in Chicago, after all, he played for the Cubs for a decade and won a World Series ring with them, as he blossomed into one of the best players to play the game. But, then he came to the Yankees. Upon his arrival, he played better than anyone would have guessed, but as the season wore on he wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, he is an elite first baseman with some pop that the Yankees haven’t seen since Mark Teixeira. Now the Yankees have to decide if they want that defense and production that they have been missing for years.

To keep Rizzo on the team, it will probably cost the Yankees in the neighborhood of $12-20 million a year, according to the length of the contract. Rizzo is 32 years old. He has made it clear in interviews that he would like to end his career in the Bronx.

Yankee minor leaguers to get major upgrade

Anyone that follows baseball knows that there have been some big changes in the minor leagues. A complete re-aligning of the teams themselves, drastically reducing the number of affiliates, and upgrades to remaining locations. Minor leaguers also got a pay raise from $290 a week to $500 a week for the most junior players. This is far from a living wage causing six or more players to rent one apartment with many of them sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and sharing expenses. For some that run out of money they find themselves sleeping in their cars while they juggle second jobs just to get by.

Living in situations like this causes both physical and mental problems that could also cause problems with their on-field performance. Luckily, this problem will mostly go away for the 2022 season. MLB, with the agreement of all 30 major league owners will now provide either lodging or stipends to cover housing expenses for most minor leaguers. The Houston Astros on their own rewarded their minor league players during the 2021 season. Over the years obtaining affordable housing has been the major problem facing these young players while they pursue their dreams of playing in the majors.

Some abritation eligible players will make big money in 2022

The New York Yankees have a boatload of players that are now abritation eligible, some are going to bring in the big bucks. According to; 19 Yankees are eligible for raises after this season. They have also provided the project amounts of those new raises. Here are some of the most notible:

  • Aaron Judge: $17.1 million
  • Joey Gallo $10.2 million
  • Gary Sanchez $7.9 million
  • Gio Urshela $6.2 million
  • Gleyber Torres $5.9 million
  • Luke Voit $5.4 million
  • Jordan Montgomery $4.8 millon
  • Chad Green $4.7 million
  • The other 11 are less, all the way down to Tyler Wade @ $700K.

New York Yankees: Hitting coach Marcus Thames and 3rd base coach Phil Nevin are gone

The New York Yankees according to @lindseyadler have informed hitting coach Marcus Thames and third base coach Phil Nevin that their contracts will not be renewed. On October 10th I wrote:

Yankees need to rid themselves of Marcus Thames

It’s time for the Yankees to part ways with hitting coach Marcus Thames and assistant hitting coach P.J. Pelilttere. After losing in the postseason again, it’s effortless to start the blame game this time of year, but these two guys who coach the hitters have to go. They have not done their job. If one or two hitters weren’t hitting, you could blame those hitters, but when the problem is team-wide, you have to look to the coaching staff.

If there was one glaring deficiency with this team all season long, the Yankees did not consistently hit the ball, going through prolonged droughts that resulted in far too many games that the Yankees only scored three runs or less. At the end of the season, that stat stretched to 67 games with many when the Yankees only scored one or two runs. But, again, we are not talking about a low talent team; these are quality players that are not performing.

I can’t speak to the details of what’s wrong in the hitting department because I am not privy to what goes on in the coach’s room, but there is certainly something wrong. It could be that the coaches can’t motivate the players, or it could be the hit for the fence’s mentality. You can indeed win games with home runs, but you will win many more if there are men on base.

These coaches can’t seem to get hitters to hit for contact; the home runs would follow if they could do that. Again, if it was one or two players, you can blame the players, but you can’t blame all the players and not hold the coaches responsible. Even hitting stars Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton had doughts in their hitting between long balls. DJ LeMahieu, who led all of baseball in 2020, dropped 100 batting points this season, and the coaching staff in 162 games couldn’t resolve that problem. Gleyber Torres, who hit 38 homers in 2019, could only muster up 12 long balls in two years. The coaching staff has not been able to solve his lack of power.

All season long, Yankee fans kept saying what’s wrong that this powerful lineup can’t hit the ball. Even manager Aaron Boone couldn’t come up with any answers, constantly saying we have to get better. You also have to consider that neither of these coaches have particularly distinguished hitting careers in their own right. This writer doesn’t have the answers, but a shakeup of the coaching staff seems in order.

Yankees’ third base coach explains controversial decision to send Aaron Judge home

New York Yankees, Phil Nevins

The New York Yankees were eliminated in Tuesday’s Wild Card game at the hands of their biggest rivals, the Boston Red Sox. They lost 6-2 at Fenway Park, in a game in which the Yankees’ offense went missing yet again. Gerrit Cole couldn’t complete three innings, and besides Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo, the bats couldn’t get much going.

There was a pivotal play in the sixth inning, though. With one out, Rizzo belted a solo home run that brought the score closer, 3-1. Aaron Judge got on base via infield single, and that’s when Red Sox manager Alex Cora took out Nate Eovaldi, his starter, who had been dealing.

Stanton came to the plate and hit one off the Green Monster. With Judge’s sprint speed only slightly above-average, Boston outfielders’ knowledge of their home park and how the ball bounces off the Monster, and the 114.9-mph blast, it made sense to hold Judge at third.

Yankees’ third base coach Phil Nevin waited a long time, perhaps too much, and sent him home when he was almost at third base. He was called out on a beautiful defensive play by the Red Sox that included quickness and precision from Kike Hernandez and Xander Bogaerts.

A costly mistake by the Yankees’ coach

Had Nevin held Judge, the Yankees would have had men on the corners and one out, down two runs. The outlook could have been different.

Former Yankees’ star Alex Rodriguez said on ESPN: “You don’t have to overthink that one. I’m surprised of the magnitude of that mistake [by Nevin] in this situation.”

Nevin talked to the New York Post and fought back: “The guy has never been in that situation, but thinks he has a good idea of what baseball is in that spot and he’s wrong. He’s never been in that position.”

Nevin then explained his thought process: “I know what it looks like. I know what the situation is. I know what kind of third-base coach I am. I made a play to win the game. It didn’t work out. It was a great baseball play on their side. In a big moment, it didn’t go our way. … I was in the right position, made the right read [and] had conviction in my send. But I get it. I get why people are upset and people are mad.”

Joey Gallo popped out to end the threat and the Yankees could only score again in the ninth on a Stanton’s solo homer. That was it.

Yankees’ third base coach takes the blame for sending Urshela home in key play: ‘There is no excuse’

New York Yankees, Phil Nevins

With the New York Yankees down one run in last night’s game against the Boston Red Sox, third baseman Gio Urshela had hit a long double, which was followed by a Miguel Andujar’s hard groundball single that quickly made its way to right field.

Had Urshela stayed at third, the Yankees would have runners in the corners with nobody out. A rally was not out of the question. However, Gio didn’t stay. Yankees’ third base coach Phil Nevin sent him home even though he hadn’t even touched third base when Hunter Renfroe, the Red Sox’s right fielder, was already taking the ball and preparing a throw.

Renfroe, if you didn’t know, leads MLB in outfield assists with 10. Well, he now has 11, because he threw Urshela out at home plate by a mile with a cannon of a throw.

“We talked about it before the game,” Nevin told NJ Advance Media. “He’s got one of the best arms in baseball.”

Urshela is slow, and he had been dealing with a shin injury. His chances weren’t great against one of the best arms in baseball, but Nevin sent him home anyway. That was a mistake, and he owns up to it.

“I saw a groundball to right field and saw Gio had a good jump,” Nevin said. “Renfroe was kind of moving to his right and the way he was attacking the ball — I’ve seen the way he attacks balls — I honestly didn’t even think he was going to make a throw on that play, but there’s no excuse with nobody out. You can’t get a guy thrown out there.”

The Yankees could have had a productive inning

The throw was a straight, no-bounce bullet that catcher Christian Vazquez caught, with time to spare to tag Urshela.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora was asked about why teams keep challenging Renfroe’s arm. “You’ve got to ask them,” he said. “(Renfroe) does a good job charging the ball and in that situation he had a presence of mind. He didn’t need to keep that throw down. He knew that he had a chance to get (Urshela) at the plate.”

“Even if you think you see something, you have to err on the side of caution with nobody out and I certainly didn’t there,” Nevin said. “Gio getting thrown out at home, obviously I know he’s been out for a couple of days with a leg (injury), so a lot of things compound in that one.”

“We’ve probably got to hold (Urshela) up there, but Phil is as good as it gets over there at third base,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “Probably in that spot it was a little bit too aggressive on the send, but there’s no one I want over there coaching third than Phil.”

Would the Yankees have eventually tied the game had Nevin held Urshela at third? What do you think?

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees lose four straight to the Red Sox

New York Yankees, Domingo German

Tonight the New York Yankees renewed their rivalry with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston. Martin Perez of the Sox faced Domingo German of the Yankees. It was a beautiful night in bean town with a game-time temperature of about 68, and the game was played under sunny skies. Before the game, the Sox celebrated the career of iconic second basemen, Dustin Pedroia. The Yankees lost the game 5-3.

DJ LeMahieu led off for the Yankee and ground out on the first pitch. Aaron Judge hooked one down to the Pesky pole for the second out. Gary Sanchez stuck out for a fast inning for Perez. At the bottom, Michael Chavis faced Domingo German and singled to right. Alex Verdugo singled down the middle. JD Martinez flew out to Judge in center holding the runners. Chavis stole third. Xander Bogaerts doubled, driving in Chavis and Verdugo for the early two-run lead for the Red Sox. Rafael Devers went down on strikes. Hunter Renfroe hit one off the green monster, and that drove in Bogaerts for the three-run lead. Kike Herandez struck out, but the Red Sox did the damage with 3 runs scored. Red Sox 3 Yankees 0.

Giancarlo Stanton led off the second inning by walking. Luke Voit singled up the middle as Stanton moved to second. Gleyber Torres went down on strikes. Gio Urshela singled to load the bases. Miguel Andujar went down looking. Clint Frazier walked in a run. LeMahieu had a two-run single to right, and two Yankee runs scored to tie up the game at 3. Judge ground ou to third, but the Yankees matched the Sox and tied the game. At the bottom, Christian Vazquez singled. Marwin Gonzalez went down swinging. Chavis flew out to Frazier in right. Verdugo grounded out to end the inning. New York Yankees 3 Red Sox 3.

Gary Sanchez led off the third inning by grounding out to third. Stanton singled to left. Luke Voit singled, moving Stanton to second. Torres’s struggles continued as he hit into a double play ending the half. JD Martinez led off the bottom by walking. Martinez went to second on a passed ball. Bogaerts flew out to Andujar. Devers hit back to the mound, but German bobbled the ball, and Devers reaches, and Martinez went to third. Renfroe flew out to Judge by the sac fly, scored Martinez. Hernandez ground out to third. Red Sox 4 Yankees 3.

At the top of the fourth, Gio Urshela hit one off the green monster for a double. Andujar singled, and Urshela took off for home but was out at the plate. Frazier flew out to center. LeMahieu faced the new pitcher Hiro Sawamura and hit into the force to end the half. Vazquez led off the bottom, and he flew out to Frazier. Gonzalez hit back to German, who fielded it. Chavis flew out to Andujar at the green monster to end the inning. Red Sox 4 Yankees 3.

Aaron Judge led off the fifth by hitting one deep but for an out. Sanchez walked. Stanton struck out swinging for the second out. Then, Luke Voit went down on strikes. At the bottom, Verdugo faced Lucas Luetge, and he ground out second. Martinez popped out to LeMahieu. Bogaerts flew out to Judge in front of the left-field wall to end the inning. Red Sox 4 Yankees 3.

At the sixth, Gleyber Torres led off and ground out to short. Urshela was out swinging. Andujar singled to right. Frazier struck out swinging as he continued his slide. Devers led off the bottom and struck out swinging. Renfroe walked. Hernandez swung and missed. Vazquez walked, and that did it for Luetge. Gonzalez faced the new Yankee pitcher Jonathan Loaisiga and flew out to Judge in center to end the inning. Red Sox 4 New York Yankees 3.

It was the top of the lineup for the Yankees in the seventh inning. DJ LeMahieu led off by grounding out to Devers at short. Judge also grounded out to Devers. Sanchez ground out for a quick half for Whitlock. The bottom of the inning saw Chavis at the plate; he reached on a wild pitch. Verdugo went down on strikes. Martinez went down on strikes. Bogaerts struck out for a four-strike-out inning, only the third time it has been done in Yankee history. Red Sox 4 New York Yankees 3.

At the top of the eighth, Stanton faced ex-Yankee Adam Ottavino and struck out. Voit stuck out against his former teammate. Torres lined out to center to end the half. The bottom was led off by Devers facing the new Yankee pitcher Zack Britton, and he popped out to LeMahieu in shallow center. Renfroe at the plate he left the mound with an injury had he hobbled back to the dugout. Renfroe faced the new Yankee pitcher Luis Cessa and walked; it was charged to Britton. Hernandez ground out to Urshela, with Hernandez moving to second. Vazquez got a base hit to center, driving in Hernandez for the 2 run Sox lead. Gonzalez singled to left, moving Vazquez to second. Chavis struck out, but the Red Sox got an insurance run. Red Sox 5 New York Yankees 3.

With last licks on the line for the Yankees, Matt Barnes, the Sox closer, faced Gio Urshela, who got an infield single. Miguel Andujar singled to left, moving Urshela to second. Tyler Wade was pinch-running for Andujar. Frazier struck out on a good at-bat. Urshela left the game and was pinch-run by Brett Gardner. Lemahieu hit into a 6-4-3 double play to end the game and give the win to the Boston Red Sox. The winning pitcher was Garrett Whitlock, the loser was Domingo German and the save went to Matt Barnes.

Yankees’ coach finally returns after intense battle with COVID-19

New York Yankees, Phil Nevins

Near mid-May, the New York Yankees had a mini COVID-19 outbreak that affected Gleyber Torres among players, and other members of the staff. One of them was third base coach Phil Nevin, who learned about his positive diagnosis ahead of the May 11-13 series against the Tampa Bay Rays in Tropicana Field.

Since that day, Nevin has had a rough time with both COVID-19 and a staph infection, one that significantly weakened him. Now, after almost a month, Nevin is back with the Yankees, doing his job.

“I feel good, comparatively, to where I’ve been,” Nevin told “I’m just getting my strength back, my energy. I’m still going through some treatments that will keep me off the field. … I lost 22 pounds in the process, but it’s really good to be back and around the guys.”

Aaron Boone, the Yankees’ manager, and players were all looking forward to seeing Nevin on the field and his return is very meaningful to them.

“I think he’s one of the best third-base coaches in the game and he does a lot with our running game, defensively, giving signs,” Boone said. “He brings a ton to the table as well as having a real presence in our room. He’s ‘The Viking.’ We’re looking forward to getting him hopefully all the way back to being ‘The Viking.'”

The Yankees coach had a rough time

Nevin didn’t have the luck of those who are asymptomatic positives. He had increasing fevers, and he had to visit the emergency room around a week after starting experiencing them. At one point, he took a walk with Yankees’ pitching coach Matt Blake, but was noticeably fatigued.

Blake told Tim Lentych, the Yankees’ assistant athletic trainer: “Hey, I’ve only known him for a short time, but there’s something else wrong. It doesn’t seem right that this would take him down like this.”

The morning after, blood tests confirmed another issue: a bacterial staph infection. Since they knew early, doctors were able to treat it.

“That phone call probably saved us,” Nevin said. “A lot of things could have been a lot worse.”

Because of his health, Nevin wasn’t able to see his son’s Tyler debut in the big leagues with the Baltimore Orioles.

“I had a great seat. I was on the couch,” an emotional Nevin said. “Not to be able to see him right after the game, that gets you a little bit, because we’ve been talking about it for so long. To not be there for that, that’s something you’ll never get back, but I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

New York Yankees: How many will be allowed to board the plane tonight?

The New York Yankees potentially have big problems ahead. They already have seven staff members, and potentially Glyber Torres infected with Covid 19. And tonight, they all have to board a plane for Baltimore, where there will be no social distancing. It would seem obvious that some staff will have to remain in Tampa.

The New York Yankee players took a vote as to whether they should play or not on Tuesday night. They voted to play, and the Yankees won the game 3-1. Last night there was no vote; they played and shut out the Rays. Tonight with this situation getting worse, it could be a different story. Much depends on whether the questionable results from shortstop Glebyer Torres and if they come back as positive.

Regardless of the results or if they play the game tonight, it has to be concerning that they will have to be in close quarters on the Delta charter to Baltimore tonight. They will be held up in the plane’s cabin for a little over two hours.

What is most concerning is what we don’t know. What’s really going on, and what is causing these infections to spread so quickly among staff that has all been vaccinated, that should be approximately 94% protected from the virus.

The concern among the team is at various levels. In preparation for him taking the mound tonight, Jameson Taillon choose not to use the training room to do his workouts. Instead, he did his workouts far out in the right field while being masked.

Although this is unclear, this became a problem late Sunday and Monday. If anyone tested positive up to that point, it is unknown, but apparently, everyone was allowed to board the plane for the three-plus hour flight to Tampa, Florida. Tuesday morning, 3rd base coach Phil Nevins’s positive test became known. Within hours there were more positive tests, and as of this morning, that has increased to seven, including 1st base coach Reggie Willits, 3rd base coach Phil Nevin, and pitching coach Matt Blake and 4 other unnamed support staff.

If Gleyber Torres comes back positive, he would be the first player to contract the virus while in Tampa, which opens up a whole can of worms on whether the Yankees play tonight or not and how they will go forward. MLB may have something to say about that as well.

Stay with as this story develops.


New York Yankees: Seven Yankee staff test positive for Covid 19

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

Just when everyone was reassured that Covid 19 would be less of an issue, seven New York Yankee staff members have tested positive for the virus. What makes this more remarkable is that all are “breakthrough” cases, meaning that they have become infected after being fully vaccinated.

What concerns this writer is that with all of these guys being fully vaccinated, why has the virus spread so quickly through the group. Little has been revealed as to what vaccine they received and when they received it.

Although the New York Yankees say no players have tested positive, there is a mystery going on with Gleyber Torres, the Yankee’s shortstop who was left off the lineup last night in “an abundance of caution.” Apparently, all of the Yankee staff have been tested at least 3 times since arriving in Tampa. It seems as though Torre’s test was inconclusive. The Yankees are waiting for all the tests to be returned as of last night’s game.

Manager Aaron Boone has not commented on exactly what is going on with Torres, only saying, “We do expect that final ruling or whatever, potentially by tonight.” As of the end of the game last night, there was no further information available. If Torres is indeed infected, it could potentially cause big problems for the team going forward.

The New York Yankees were the first team in baseball to reach the 85% vaccination rate suggested by MLB to reduce some of the protocols. You have seen fewer players and staff wearing their masks in recent games and paying attention to the social distancing suggestions. That was not the case last night; all management and several players were masked when not on the field.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the player development coach was filling in as the first base coach. Boone’s bench coach Carlos Mendoza was on the field taking Phil Nevin’s place as third-base coach. Also notable absent last night was pitching coach Matt Blake. Blake is the third Yankee coach to be confirmed case of the Covid 19 virus. Boone said he is asymptomatic, as are six of the seven other virus cases.

Filling in for Blake was bullpen coach Mike Harkey who also manned the bullpen and has been seen talking to pitchers in the dugout, particularly Jordan Montgomery on Tuesday night. Blake, although not on the field, is still working with pitchers through text and Facetime.

“He’s been FaceTiming a little bit. I’ve been texting with him about (Thursday) for my start, but for the most part, like not to say we don’t need him, we obviously do. He’s great to have around and he’s great at his job. But we have a lot of guys that kind of coach each other‚” Jameson Taillon said. “Like tomorrow, I’m sure Gerrit (Cole) will be right there with me every step of the way. We’ve got Harkey, we got (director of pitching) Sam Briend here today and our pitching staff talks amongst each other.”

No one knows how this will out pan out, but the writers and management of hope all the Yankees recover quickly and that it doesn’t affect the team or any other team this baseball season.





Breaking New York Yankees: Phil Nevin tests positive for Covid 19, four other coaches suspect

New York Yankees, Phil Nevins

As the New York Yankees were focused on starting a series with the Tampa Bay Rays, news has come out the Yankees 3rd base coach Phil Nevin, who has been fully vaccinated, has tested positive for Covid 19 virus. There is also news that other coaches may be involved as well. The Yankees released this statement:

“We have a breakthrough positive involving 3B Coach Phil Nevin, who is fully vaccinated. He is currently under quarantine protocol in Tampa. Under Major League Baseball’s guidance and advice, and with its assistance, additional testing and contact tracing are ongoing.”


Manager Aaron Boone indicated that tonight’s game in Tampa would be played. Baseball development coordinator Mario Garza will coach first base and bench coach Carlos Mendoza will coach at third base in place of Nevin. will be updating this story as more information becomes available.