The New York Jets Shouldn’t Fire Gase Because the Titans are in the AFC Championship Game

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell

Things did not go the way Adam Gase expected them to his first season with the New York Jets. Some of the problems he faced were out of his control (Sam Darnold’s mono), and some he could control (why won’t he give Bell the ball?). But to argue Gase should be fired because Ryan Tannehill “leading” the Titans to the AFC Championship game is lunacy in the highest order.

Ryan Tannehill Barely Played for Gase in Miami

Ryan Tannehill was so hurt as a Dolphin when Gase was his coach, he played in exactly 24 games for the Dolphins. That’s right, he played in 24 out of 48 games for the Dolphins, missing the entire 2017 season. So you can’t fault Gase for “hindering Tannehill’s development”, as some Jets fans are arguing because Tannehill couldn’t get on the field half the time.

Tannehill Was the Titans Backup for About Half the Season

The other reason why we can’t fault Gase by using Tannehill is the Titans didn’t start Tannehill until they went 2-4. So with about half the season over, they make the switch and had to have EVERYTHING fall their way to get into the Wild Card game against the Patriots. Do you know who else was in the same boat as the Titans? The Oakland Raiders. They ALMOST were the Titans this year. And if they were, we’d more than likely be staring Baltimore v KC in the mouth for Sunday’s game.

The TITANS Aren’t Trusting Tannehill That Much on This Playoff Push

Look at the Titans offense these last two games. Against the Pats, he went 8-15, for 72 yards, a TD, and a pick. Saturday, in Baltimore, he went 7-14, with 88 yards, and 2 TD. Derrick Henry has been the reason the Titans have won these games. So how can you cite what “Gase did to Tannehill, and look at the Titans now,” as proof why Gase needs to be fired? It’s just sheer lunacy!

Sam Darnold is the Savior to the New York Jets Season

Week 17 for the New York Jets is here. Let’s face it, the Jets had a season most want to see in the rearview mirror. From dysfunction, to a horrendous start, to the dubious distinction of being the first win to two winless teams (the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals), there’s a lot the Jets need to work on this offseason.

But there’s one thing everyone is pinning the season on. The season is only a success if the young quarterback, Sam Darnold, showed progress.

A Really Dubious Start

No one can fault Sam contracting mono at the start of the season. One game, then mono. Jets fans should count themselves lucky Sam missed as few games as he did, which should be a testament to Sam’s immune system, and his/the Jets attending physicians. But for Sam to come back to see the Jets fall to 1-7… woof. That’s rough.

Let’s all remember “I’m seeing ghosts”.

So Did He Improve?

Statistically, there are signs to suggest he improved. His completion percentage is above 60% going into the game against the Bills, up 4 full points from his 57.7% last season. In his rookie season, his TD-INT was 17-15. Again, Sunday’s game against the Bills can skew this, but after week 16, he’s at 18 TD’s to only 12 INT. You’d love to see the interception’s cut in half, but this is after getting sacked 31 times, which is higher than last season. So, it’s not stellar, but it’s showing that he’s trending in the right direction with very little support from his offensive line. In fact, in Sam were to get 175 yards passing against the Bills, he’ll have 3,000 yards for the season.

How About we Forget the Numbers?

Much of what has been his biggest faults this season can be chalked up to inexperience and a new offensive system. The “I’m seeing ghosts” comment from the Patriot’s Monday night shellacking looked and sounded bad, but a 2nd year QB going up against one of the best defenses in football is going to look pretty foolish, especially with how bad the offensive line is.

If they had ANY help for the bulk of the season on the O-lilne, it’s difficult to postulate if the Jets would finish at .500 or better. They certainly made an effort to get there, which should be commended.

Final Thoughts

Sam Darnold lead the Jets back from 1-7 to (at this moment) a 6-9 record. With his mono setback, and the obvious holes that the Jets need to fill in the coming offseason, this is a positive sign of improvement. Yes, it takes more to win a game than just the QB, but the offense is lead by him. The fact that he’s throwing fewer picks, and more touchdowns, it’s showing he is learning and improving. It’s safe to say that Darnold had a better season this year than Baker Mayfield in many regards. But, as I said earlier in the season, the Jets should invest in a viable backup. My choice is a late draft pick QB from one of the smaller divisions than free agency.

So, here’s to your final game of 2019 boys! You made the best of it, and we thank you.