New York Jets: Gregg Williams says Adams “might get bored” in Seattle

Jamal Adams

New York Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams believes Jamal Adams “might get bored” playing for the Seahawks. He said this in a press conference today, as shown on SNY and SNY’s Jets Twitter account:

Adams played a massive role in the Jets defense. He was a hard-hitter, good tackler and, arguably, their best pass-rusher. Across three seasons and 46 games played in New York, he totaled 266 tackles, 12 sacks, 25 passes defended and 2 interceptions. Aside from that, he brought a new life and energy to the defense. Now, in Seattle, he isn’t the alpha. Bobby Wagner still has exclusive rights to that title.

The Seahawks have had their fair share of star safeties in past years, such as Earl Thomas III and Kam Chancellor. They were star safeties without a doubt, but they weren’t used the same way Adams is used to. He’s used to being the best pass rusher and best player on defense. If he expects to be the number one guy making plays, he’ll probably be in store for another story.

If Jamal Adams expects to be used the same was he was in green and white, then yes, he might get bored. However, if he is there strictly for wins, then he won’t be. One thing is for sure, it’ll be interesting to see how he adjusts to being a Seahawk.


Photo edit credit: McManus Designs 


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