New York Mets: Shell Shocked in 10-7 Loss

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

Wednesday night’s game against the Chicago Cubs had the makings the Mets ending their four game losing streak…until the game actually started. They had one of their aces on the mound against Kyle Hendricks, who has been notoriously bad on the road this season. The game even started with a Noah Syndergaard strikeout, but after that it all went down hill for Thor and the Mets.

Syndergaard’s Demise

After the strikeout, things started to break in the Cubs direction. Nicholas Castellanos was drilled in the hand and Kris Bryant followed with a single. Javy Baez weakly hit a broken bat ground ball to Amed Rosario and he tried to make a quick throw to Joe Panik at second, but threw the ball into right field to give the Cubs a 1-0 lead. Instead of simply trying to get the force at second Rosario tried to rush a double play, which would not have been completed due to the speed of Baez.

From there the flood gates opened for the Cubs as they put up a six spot against Syndergaard in the first inning. It ended his streak of eight straight quality starts. The Mets answered back with a run in the bottom of the first, but they seemed lifeless through first three innings of the game. Two-run home runs from Kyle Schwarber in the second and Castellanos in the third gave the Cubs a commanding 10-1 lead.

The Bullpen/Bats Attempt at a Comeback

Paul Seward and Brad Brach gave the Mets four shutout innings out of the bullpen to keep the Mets small hopes of coming back alive. The Mets put up five in the fifth to knock out Hendricks and make it a 10-6 game. After Brach pitched a one, two, three top of the sixth inning it felt like the Mets were going to complete their comeback in the bottom half.

Todd Frazier and Jeff McNeil both hit singles to start the bottom of the sixth and put the tying run on deck for J.D. Davis. Davis had a favorable matchup against a lefty and homered earlier in the game. He grounded into a double play which seemed to suck all the energy out of the building. Davis smoked the ball but Baez did not have to move to complete the double play. Michael Conforto had a chance to boost the energy with two outs but grounded out to strand Frazier at third base.

The Mets narrowed the deficit to 10-7 heading into the ninth and set the stage for a comeback against Craig Kimbrel. Wilson Ramos ambushed Kimbrel with a leadoff single and Rajai Davis brought the tying run to the plate with a walk. Rosario was due up, but for some reason it felt like the comeback was not really going to happen throughout. Almost as if it was fake energy resonating from the fans and the players who were drained from even getting this close to tying the game. Kimbrel settled down to retired Rosario, Lagares and Frazier in order to push the Mets four games out of the second wild card spot.

Where are the Positives?

First, the Mets bullpen did a terrific job of giving their offense a fighting chance. The threw six shutout innings and Edwin Diaz looked like the closer who had 57 games last year. He struck out the side in the eighth inning and showed there were no ill effects to his trap injury. Everything with Diaz needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but the outing was thee best he looked since April.

In almost any other situation the headline would read, “Cubs put the nail in the Met coffin,” but there is only one reason to think they Mets still have a chance to comeback. This reason goes by the name of Jacob deGrom. He has been their steady ace for the last two season and they will depend on him to stop their losing streak. Should the Mets lose you can close the chapter on the unfinished comeback this year. If they win, they will be three games out with 29 games out of the second wild card spot, which is very capable of coming back from. The Mets have shown their ability to dig out of holes the entire second half and need one last push to get themselves back on track.

New York Mets: The Resurgence of Noah Syndergaard and Jeurys Familia

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

Earlier this season Noah Syndergaard and Jeurys Familia headlined a group of underachieving Mets which led to their horrible first half of the year. During the Mets huge turn around, they have been at the forefront of their new found success.

Before the rain caused an early ending, Syndergaard was dealing Thursday night. He retired the first 16 batters against him before Tyler Naquin blooped a single out of the reach of Juan Lagares. In total Syndergaard went six innings, allowed two hits and struck out five on just 73 pitches. He has a 1.82 ERA with 55 strikeouts in 54.1 innings pitched during the second half. Syndergaard’s ERA on May 7 was 5.14 and has lowered it down to 3.71.

Familia Time?

Prior to 2019, Jeurys Familia was one of the most consistent relievers in all of baseball. It earned him the three year deal in the offseason and he was counted on to set up Edwin Diaz along with Seth Lugo. Familia was dreadful in the first half of the season, he had a 7.50 ERA and 22 walks in 30 innings. The Mets even avoided using him in any important situation through the end of the first half.

Familia has returned to his All-Star form with a 1.64 ERA in the second half and is quickly becoming a dependable option in the Mets bullpen. Mets fans tend to think of home runs from Alex Gordon and Conor Gillaspie when it come to Familia which forces them to forget about how dominant he was. Without Familia, their magical 2015 run does not happen and now it does not seem like this year’s run will be possible without him.

The way Mickey Callaway is using his bullpen now, it seems like he is trying to avoid using Edwin Diaz. He would prefer to have Familia throw the eighth and Lugo throw the ninth. Friday night’s game again the Braves will be a huge test for the bullpen, assuming deGrom goes deep into the game. Familia likely will not pitch three days in a row which could force Callaway’s hand to throw Diaz in the ninth if the Mets have a lead. If the Mets can get Diaz right, they can finally have a legitimate trio in their bullpen.

Did the New York Yankees make a mistake not trading Deivi Garcia?

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

After a 6-1 loss for the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders against the Rochester Red Wings, the New York Yankees might have stepped on their foot by not trading youth pitcher Deivi Garcia.

Garcia allowed six runs on eight hits over five innings after escaping the trade deadline and staying put in an impressive Yankees farm system. He’s the youngest player to reach the top level in the minors for the Bombers this year, but he’s struggled as of late due to the different grips on the ball and increased talent.

At just 20-years-old, Garcia has plenty of time to refine his skillset and adapt to the quality of players in Triple-A ball. There’s no rush to call him up to the big leagues just yet unless injuries being to mount and manager Aaron Boone has no choice.

However, he could have been used as a trade piece ahead of the deadline, and several teams were calling for him in a potential deal. The issue was — the Yankees had no leverage and were being asked for far too much in return for a quality pitcher.

They missed out on Zack Greinke, Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard and more, but staying put might have been the best move considering the asking price for most of the options available.

Was it a smart move for the New York Yankees to keep Garcia?

At such a young age, Deivi has a ton of potential that’s yet to be understood and unlocked. He can turn into an ace-caliber player with a bit more development and experience, but trading him for a proven option is justifiable. There’s no guarantee he will emerge as a starting pitcher in the Big Leagues, and the Bombers needed to add reinforcements to a rotation that has been awful recently.

Not a single starter has an ERA lower than 4.00 and injures piling up with CC Sabathia being moved to the IL. General manager Brian Cashman seems to have more confidence in his pitchers than most, considering the quality they displayed in 2018. They have taken a significant step back, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take two major ones forward to return to glory.

Maybe it’s Larry Rothschild at fault, or perhaps it’s a confidence issue. Something realistically needed to be done, and now we will have to bear the burden of staying put with the current rotation.



New York Mets: Will Noah Syndergaard Survive the Trade Deadline?

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

Over the last few days, rumors have swirled that the New York Mets are trying to move Noah Syndergaard before the July 31 trade deadline. The Mets are expecting a heavy load of top tier prospects in return for their innings leader this season.

Why Trade Syndergaard?

Syndergaard has not pitched as well as he did last season but has still been very solid. In 126.2 innings this year he has a 4.33 ERA and 126 strikeouts. Much like Jacob deGrom, he had a subpar April and has seen his ERA decrease in each month this season.

Zack Wheeler was originally the most likely pitcher to be traded, but his shoulder injury sidetracked any ideas. Syndergaard still has two more years of control and is also two years younger than Wheeler. All of those factors would allow the Mets to rebuild their farm system after losing key players in the Robinson Cano/Edwin Diaz trade.

Should the Mets move Syndergaard?

The Mets must believe they are going to receive a strong enough package to replace Syndergaard in the rotation if they deal him. It certainly would not fall in line with Brodie Van Waganen’s “Win now and win in the future” mentality.

Many teams around baseball are searching for starting pitching and the Mets are unique because they do not have the same problem. The problem is their bullpen and below-average defense. If the Mets want to contend in 2020 they will keep Syndergaard, until the offseason at worst. Let Syndergaard lower his ERA and raise his stock so if the Mets want to trade him they receive even more in return. If they decide to keep him they will comeback with a strong rotation in 2020.

New York Yankees could trade Deivi Garcia for Noah Syndergaard

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

The New York Yankees are being forced into trading for a starter, but who will it be?

The New York Yankees are in dire need of starting pitching support, after allowing the Boston Red Sox to rack up 19 runs in one game and seven in the first inning on Thursday night.

If that wasn’t an indication of the help they need, I don’t know what could convince BM Brian Cashman to make a move. However, he’s known for his deadline deals, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a pitcher like Noah Syndergaard took his talents across the Queensboro Bridge and over to the Bronx on July 31.

Trading for “Thor” wouldn’t be cheap, though, as he still has two years of team control on his contract and is one of the better pitchers in baseball when confident. This season, he’s been a bit inconsistent, earning an ERA of 4.33, the highest in his five-year career. This could just be an outlier or the fact that the Mets continue to lose games, which ultimately hurts the confidence of the players on the team.

ESPN was told from a source that the Mets are willing to trade the hard-throwing righty:

“It’s beyond listening,” said one. “They want to move him.”

The Yankees would have to be willing to part with a special talent if they want Noah, somebody like their #4 ranked prospect Deivi Garcia would be in the discussion. While I wouldn’t be willing to part ways with such a talented up-and-coming pitcher, the Yankees ‘need’ the support if they truly want to keep their World Series hopes alive.

Garcia has been a menace on the mound this season, reaching the top team in the farm system, the youngest to do so for the Yankees this year. He currently has a 3.17 ERA across the A-ball teams. Allowing just three homers over 73.6 innings pitched.

It’s a difficult decision to make if you’re the Yankees, simply because of his potential, but also the fact that a quality starter is 100% needed at this point in the season. I believe Clint Frazier will be the active trade bait over Garcia, who’s less valuable at this point considering the depth the Yanks have in the outfield with Mike Tauchman emerging.

While the Yankees have been cautious with bringing him up too early, their hand may be forced later on in the year. For now, they have to find a way to lock in a starter without having to trade him away.

New York Yankees: 3 Pitchers That Can Come in and Make an Impact

Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

It is no question the New York Yankees need starting pitching. Every arm in the rotation currently holds an ERA above 4.00 and each starter has not gone past 4.0 innings in their last game started. None of them are going the distance which hurts the bullpen.

The staff has combined a total of 35 earned runs in their last respective starts. With ace Luis Severino still on the injured list, the Yankees need a consistent arm – maybe more than one.

Marcus Stroman

His record might not show it, but Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays is one of the league’s premier pitchers. He holds a 2.96 ERA this season in over 21 games pitches. The “Stro-Show” also consistently goes the distance – exactly what the Yankees need.

Stroman is not a swing-and-miss pitcher. He knows how to pitch and pitches to contact. He holds a 56% groundball rate. Throwing a fastball at around 93-94, Stroman also flashes a cutter, slider, sinker, changeup, and curveball. This arsenal of pitches keep hitters guessing and off-balance. Another thing to note, Stroman throws strikes. Take a look at this chart from FanGraphs, it shows how consistent he is within the zone.

I believe Marcus Stroman wants to come to New York. His intensity and fire will be loved in Yankee Stadium. Stroman even said this to New York reporters: “I love the bright lights. I was built for this.”

Madison Bumgarner

One of the best in postseason, the Yankees could use a guy like Madison Bumgarner. Last season in the playoffs it was evident that the Yankees struggled with their starters. Everyone remembers the embarrassing 16-1 loss to the Red Sox in the ALDS at Yankee Stadium last year…

Bumgarner holds a 8-3 record with a 2.11 ERA in the postseason. He is known for his dominance in the playoffs. The lanky left-hander played a big part in the Giants’ 2014 World Series championship. The guy knows how to handle big games and is someone who could fill in the missing pieces for the Yankees.

Noah Syndergaard

Many believe the New York Mets won’t trade away their prized Thor. However, many evaluators think differently. Noah Sydergaard will be eligible for free agency after the 2021 season, and that promises many teams two more years if he’s traded. Not only that, but the guy is one of the league’s best pitchers. His record doesn’t show, but triple digit fastball will play. In 126.2 innings pitched, he has fanned 126 while walking 36.

This trade fits perfectly for the Yankees. Syndergaard is a guy who can go the distance and sometimes flash a complete game. Behind the Yankee’s offense, Thor could be unstoppable in the Bronx.

New York Yankees ‘guaranteed’ a top pitcher before July 31 trade deadline

The New York Yankees are looking into Cleveland Indians pitcher, Trevor Bauer.

The New York Yankees are by no means a team starving for wins, as they currently hold the best record in baseball at 64-34. However, that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use the pitching support as their starting rotation struggles to maintain its shape due to injuries and the like.

Luis Severino is still working his way back, James Paxton is clearly ailing after being shelled against the Rockies over the weekend, and there’s no doubt more knacks will arise as the season continues.

Jim Bowden reported for The Athletic that the Yankees are ‘guaranteed’ to trade for one of the following prior to the July 31 trade deadline: Trevor Bauer, Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Stroman, Mike Minor, Matthew Boyd or Madison Bumgarner.

Stroman has been a frequent flyer on the rumor mill for the Yanks, and his performance this year has made him a solid target if GM Brian Cashman is willing to deal. It’s expected that the Toronto Blue Jays will want a decent haul for their best pitcher currently.

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“The two starters who are most likely to be traded at this point appear to be the Toronto Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman and Rangers southpaw Mike Minor,” Bowden wrote (paywall).

“The Yankees, Twins, Astros, Phillies, Athletics and Brewers have all at least inquired on both of them. Matthew Boyd of the Tigers is also available, but the asking price is astronomical – though of course, that could change in the next nine days.”

With two essential starters either on the injured list or struggling, it’s imperative the Bombers bring in another capable starter to supplement their deficiencies.

Here’s how each New York Yankees target has performed so far in 2019:

Marcus Stroman – Toronto Blue Jays (28 years old)
20 G, W-L: 6-10, 3.06 ERA, 117.2 IP, 93 K/34 BB, 1.249 WHIP, 0.8 HR/9

Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians (28 years old)
22 G, W-L: 9-7, 3.67 ERA, 144.2 IP, 170 K/56 BB, 1.182 WHIP, 1.4 HR/9

Madison Bumgarner – San Francisco Giants (29 years old)
21 G, W-L: 5-7, 3.65 ERA, 125.2 IP, 127 K/26 BB, 1.178 WHIP, 1.2 HR/9

Mike Minor – Texas Rangers (31 years old)
20 G, W-L: 8-5, 2.86 ERA, 129.0 IP, 131 K/45 BB, 1.163 WHIP, 1.2 HR/9

Noah Syndergaard – New York Mets (26 years old)
19 G, W-L: 7-4, 4.36 ERA, 119.2 IP, 118 K/31 BB, 1.228 WHIP, 1.1 HR/9

Matthew Boyd – Detroit Tigers (28 years old)
20 G, W-L: 6-8, 4.13 ERA, 120.0 IP, 160 K/24 BB, 1.133 WHIP, 1.6 HR/9

No matter who the Yankees elect to trade for, all of these options are solid and can immediately leave their mark on the season. They will help exponentially once playoff time rolls around.


Is New York Yankees rising pitcher Deivi Garcia available for trade?

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

With the New York Yankees in need of starting pitchers, it’s possible they dive into their minor league prospects to give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities. Or at the very least, feature them in a bullpen role.

One option is Deivi Garcia, a quality pitcher that has been rising through the farm-system at an extremely fast rate. Just this season Garcia has climbed from A+ to AAA ball. He featured in his first game with Scranton just a few days ago, finishing the night with a 5.40 ERA over five innings. He allowed three runs and six hits, picking up the win.

However, he did record six strikeouts and seemed to be on a good pace to make his way to the big leagues if absolutely needed. The Yankees, I feel, will certainly not be looking to promote him if it’s not necessary. Giving him the proper time to develop and adapt to the higher-levels should be a priority, but in the case another injury occurs, they might be forced into elevating him.

Could and should the New York Yankees trade him?

Rumors have brewed that the Yanks might be open to trading him if the right offer comes across their table. The 20-year-old is the youngest player at the minors’ highest level, which makes him an incredibly attractive prospect — one, that might not be worth dealing.

With Double-A Trenton, he posted a 3.00 ERA/2.18 FIP with 14.49 K/9 against 4.41 BB/9 in 10 starts and 51 innings. He currently lands at the 29th spot in ESPN’s midseason top 50 list via Keith Law.

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Just last week, general manager for the Yankees, Brian Cashman, stated that Garcia could play a role down the stretch, but he wouldn’t be off-limits in a deal. Cashman said Garcia is “pushing himself into the mix” with his recent performances. While the youngster isn’t off the table in a potential deal, it would take a lot for a team to pry him away from the Bombers.

Any deal including a short-term rental with minimal team-control would not include Deivi, which is fair for obvious reasons. A player like Noah Syndergaard, though, who has multiple years left on his deal and is a proven pitcher in the MLB, could be in play. I can’t imagine the Yankees making that type of deal given his injury issues, but anything is possible.

Could the New York Mets trade for Yankees Young Pitcher Deivi Garcia

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

2019 has been a major disappointment for the New York Mets, but potentially making a big trade before July 31 could brighten the Mets future.

The Mets sent their top talent evaluator, Omar Minaya, to scout Yankees’ top pitching prospect Deivi Garcia.

Garcia recently played in the future’s game and is the #4 prospect in the Yankees organization, according to MLB Pipeline.

He started the year in High-A and he made four starts and posted a 3.06 ERA. Garcia had the same success in Double-A, with a 3.00 ERA in 51 innings with 81 strikeouts. He has become known for his strikeout ability even though he is only 5-feet 9 inches.

Garcia made his Triple-A debut last night and was solid in his first start. He pitched five innings and allowed three runs while striking out six. Garcia certainly could be a big piece of a trade involving Noah Syndergaard or Zack Wheeler.

There still is a lot of time for Garcia to reach his potential. He is only 20 years old and became the youngest player currently in Triple-A. Before he becomes the centerpiece of the deal, an important part of his growth needs on getting deep into ball games.

Over his first four seasons in professional baseball he has only pitched into the seven innings twice. In a trade for a one-year rental, like Zack Wheeler, Garcia is certainly acceptable as a piece in return. Given his level of talent right now, he still is at least another full season away from getting an opportunity to make an impact on a good team.

In a trade for Noah Syndergaard, Garcia has to be packaged with other big league ready prospects. This includes guys like Clint Frazier or Estevan Florial. Even though the Mets seem out of it, they are only 5.5 out of the second Wild Card spot and the Mets still have control of Syndergaard after this season.

Garcia has a lot of promise and has flown up the ranks of the Yankees system very quickly. If the Mets do not take the risk on trading for him, there are certainly many teams lining up for his services.

New York Yankees: Noah Syndergaard is a very realistic trade option

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard

The New York Yankees aren’t necessarily in a position of need when it comes to the starting pitching rotation. They have the run-support and talent to compensate for struggling pitchers or injuries, but it’s not out of the question that they could look to find a trade partner in a potential deal.

Who could the New York Yankees target for a trade?

The Mets could be a solid partner, as hard-throwing righty Noah Syndergaard is being reported as available. The Yanks wouldn’t have to give up too much due to Noah’s lack of control in his contract. He would theoretically be a rental for 2019 with the potential of an extension moving forward.

He currently has the worst ERA of his career at 4.68, failing to be effective on the mound. This is a primary reason why he’s being shopped, and the Bombers could steal him and turn his season around for minimal cost.

Andy Martino of SNY reported that Noah Syndergaard “isn’t a lock to stay” with the Mets.

However, while Syndergaard’s ERA has been atrocious, his 3.98 FIP indicates that he might not be performing as bad as one might think. In addition, the Mets have registered the most blown saves this year with 21. A lack of confidence in his team could be a primary cause for Noah’s down year, but moving to a great organization with a World Series-caliber roster could be the ultimate fix.

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It’s becoming more likely that the Yanks will certainly add a pitcher before the trade deadline on July 31st, and they would be ill-advised not to take a long, hard look at the 26-year-old. Having the best record in baseball is impressive for the Bombers when considering the adversity they’ve faced — injuries and such.

Not having ace Luis Severino or quality relief option Dellin Betances has hurt them significantly at times, but they’ve managed to compensate well. Adding Syndergaard to the rotation would help preserve the team’s success when fatigue sets in, and it’s bound to.