Who should Nick Diaz fight in his UFC return?

This past week, we heard even more confirmation surrounding the potential UFC return of Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC). Diaz has been training hard and recently completed a mock training camp to see how he felt.

His manager said last week on his podcast that the likelihood that Diaz competes next year in the UFC is, “99.99%.” So by that measurement, the odds are pretty good that we are going to see Diaz return to the octagon next year.

Right now, the current plan for Diaz is to compete at welterweight. Diaz last competed in the UFC at middleweight when he fought Anderson Silva back in 2015. However, Diaz has spent the majority of his career at 170 pounds.

He became a world champion in Strikeforce in the welterweight division and fought for the UFC welterweight title twice. Before Nate Diaz’s fights with Conor McGregor, Nick Diaz was known as the needle mover in the family.

However, that has since changed with Nate becoming a star. Yet, there’s still a huge following for Nick Diaz and MMA fans are getting excited about his potential UFC return. So, who should Nick Diaz fight when he gets back into the cage?

Who should the UFC pair Nick Diaz with?

Diaz’s managers said that they were hoping to have an opponent nailed down by the first of the year. However, nothing is close to being finalized at the moment. It’s an interesting time for the UFC and their roster.

Last night, Dana White announced that the promotion would be making some serious cuts to their roster. He said some big names could go which could impact who the promotion would offer Nick Diaz upon his return.

For now, we will look at the current UFC roster and forget about the potential cuts. One matchup I really like is the rematch with Robbie Lawler. Lawler was supposed to fight Mike Perry recently, but had to pull out due to injury.

The plan is for Lawler to fight at the beginning of the year. I think a potential matchup between the two men makes a ton of sense. If you want to jump into the top ten, I think another option could be a Demian Maia.

Imagining those two grappling is a lot of fun. However, Maia would be a very good option if the UFC wants to get Diaz a win against a serious opponent right away. Maia isn’t a pushover, but if he can’t land takedowns, Diaz would light him up on the feet.

A win over Lawler or Maia would immediately re-establish Diaz in the welterweight division. I still would love to see the matchup between Diaz and Jorge Masvidal long-term, but I don’t see the UFC doing that without Diaz getting a win first.

UFC: Is Carlos Condit – Nick Diaz 2 the fight to make?

Carlos Condit

This past weekend at UFC Fight Island 4, former interim champion, Carlos Condit (31-13), got back in the win column after a five fight losing streak. The former champion hadn’t won since 2015, and his back was against the wall.

However, Condit came out with a dominant performance over former Ultimate Fighter winning, Court McGee (19-10). Condit dropped McGee in the first round and cruised to a decision. A massive UFC victory for the Natural Born Killer.

Earlier in the week, Condit expressed interest in fighting Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) if he were to win on Saturday night. The two men have some history that dates back to UFC 143 which was almost nine years ago.

That night, Diaz and Condit fought to a decision for the UFC interim welterweight title. The decision was razor close, and a lot of people felt that Diaz won the fight. In the end, Condit walked away with the decision and the interim title.

Diaz recently announced that he was training and getting ready for a UFC comeback. There has not been any progressive talks between him and the UFC on who he would face upon his return in 2021. However, Condit is ready to throw his name into the mix.

Should the UFC book it?

When Diaz’s team announced that he would be returning, they said he had his eyes on some of the top fights in the division. One of those fights did not include what happened Saturday night between Condit and Court McGee.

Diaz looked to be more interested in the guys at the top of the division. However, a fight with Condit could be a good way for the UFC to reintroduce Diaz to competition. It’s a winnable fight for Diaz, and there is some name recognition there.

Not too mention the fact that Diaz could get his revenge in that matchup. We already know that Condit is down for the rematch. I’m not sure that Diaz would sign up for this, but if I’m the UFC, it’s worth offering out to both parties.

If Condit doesn’t get the fight against Diaz, I think the next reasonable fight to look at is the Robbie Lawler – Mike Perry fight taking place in November. Condit had a Fight of the Year with Lawler so that would make for an excellent rematch. A fight against Matt Brown could also be a possibility.

Could Colby Covington welcome Nick Diaz back to the UFC?

UFC, Colby Covington

Last Saturday night at UFC Vegas 11, Colby Covington (16-2) put on a clinic. He completely dominated Tyron Woodley for four rounds before an injury TKO called a stop to the action in the fifth and final round.

After the fight was over, Covington called out Jorge Masvidal and the UFC‘s welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. Both of those guys have history with Covington. However, Covington did mention another name he’d be interested in on Saturday night.

Covington said that he would be interested in fighting Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) in his next fight. There have been plenty of guys who have called out Nick Diaz since it was announced that he was planning his return to the UFC.

At first the callout caught me off guard, however, after thinking about it, the fight could make sense. Kamaru Usman is fighting Gilbert Burns. Jorge Masvidal is supposedly close to finalizing a fight with Nate Diaz. What other options are there in the UFC for Covington?

An interesting route for the UFC

“I would love to fight Nick,” Covington said in the post-fight press conference. “He’s a high-pressure fighter. I’d love to fight him and it would be an easy fight. I’d definitely retire him just like I retired Tyron Woodley. Nick Diaz would never fight again, I promise you, after I got done with him.”

Fans would have to admit that it’s a very intriguing matchup. When Diaz does return to the UFC, we have no idea what Nick Diaz we will see. The man hasn’t fought in the UFC since 2015. In his last fight, he lost a decision to Anderson Silva. The fight was overturned to a no contest after Silva tested positive.

When he was in his prime, Diaz was one of the best welterweights in the UFC. He would break opponents with his incredible pace and pressure. In a lot of ways, he fights like Covington but with a different base.

Covington tries to suffocate opponents with pressure, but he leans heavy on his wrestling. However, Diaz would pressure his opponents and just keep touching them with light punches before he’d rip them with heavy shots as his opponents would start to fade.

With the lack of options, this could definitely be a fight the UFC could make. Leon Edwards is sitting there, but I don’t think Covington or Diaz have interest in fighting him. Edwards might be best suited to fight Wonderboy Thompson.

We don’t know if the UFC will actually entertain this idea, but it’s definitely something to watch. I know that I’d tune it for it.

UFC: How about Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz?

Conor McGregor, UFC

The UFC world has been buzzing since the news broke that Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) would be making his return. There have already been several fighters who have volunteered to welcome Diaz back including Leon Edwards.

Diaz is said to have just completed a test camp to get his body back to the welterweight limit. He looked good and felt really good after the camp. Now, he’s preparing for a UFC return in early 2021. So who should he fight?

Outside of the all the hands that have gone up, there is one name that nobody has mentioned yet that could be very interesting. The biggest star in the UFC and rival to Diaz’s younger brother Nate. How about Nick Diaz taking on The Notorious Conor McGregor (22-4)?

A new UFC rivalry?

As you can see from the above tweet, McGregor seemingly called Diaz out. However, this is not something new from the UFC‘s former two division champion. He often calls out many people on Twitter with no real intention on fighting them.

However, maybe this one with Nick Diaz could be different. Both men are in a very interesting spot in their career. Back in January at UFC 246, McGregor starched Donald Cerrone in the first round, but due to the pandemic, he hasn’t fought since.

After the win, McGregor really wanted a UFC title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, after Justin Gaethje became interim lightweight champion, Gaethje was given the shot. Despite retiring, McGregor has continued to tease that he’s wanted to fight.

We haven’t seen Nick Diaz inside the UFC in almost six years. The bad boy from Stockton has teased a comeback for many years, but nothing ever materialized with the UFC. He’s looking for a big fight in his return, and it doesn’t get much bigger.

The storyline is already there given McGregor’s rivalry with the Diaz camp. It would be an interesting matchup given the skillsets and there would be a ton of question marks around the way Diaz would look. I for one would be interested in tuning into that fight.

UFC: Nate Diaz fires back at Leon Edwards

Poor Leon Edwards is just trying to get himself a fight in the UFC. The top welterweight contender has been out for a while and seemingly can’t find himself a dance partner. He’s even called out Nick Diaz in hopes that he can land that fight in Diaz’s return to the UFC.

The one fighter Edwards has the most heat with is Jorge Masvidal. Of course, this stems from the altercation that the two men had after UFC Fight Night 147. Edwards has been calling out Masvidal to have a fight inside the octagon.

Of course, those calls have fallen on deaf ears. It was announced recently that Masvidal would be rematching Nate Diaz in January.

This has not sat well with Edwards who recently said, “You can’t go out there and fight a guy (Diaz) who you just f–ckin’ battered for three rounds and say you’re the BMF. That’s not how it works.” This didn’t sit well with Nate Diaz.

The UFC’s Options

Nate Diaz saying what he does actually plays right into the idea of Edwards getting a UFC fight with Nick Diaz. Nate pointed out that Edwards got punked by Masvidal by trying to act tough during Masvidal’s post fight interview after he knocked out Darren Till.

Leon Edwards desperately needs to find himself a fight that is sexy to the fans. The problem for Edwards is that the fans really don’t seem to care, and when the fans don’t care, the UFC feels no urge to make a big fight.

Everyone wants to see Nick Diaz return to the UFC. Nate Diaz just poured a little gas on the fire with Leon Edwards. If I was Edwards, I would really start going in on both Diaz brothers.

Keep trying to poke the brothers in hopes that he can land that fight. Who knows, maybe Leon Edwards and Nick Diaz can be on the same card as the BMF rematch.

Leon Edwards wants to welcome Nick Diaz back to the UFC

Leon Edwards

You had to imagine that as soon as Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC) announced that he was coming back to the UFC, the callouts would start. Today has already seen a couple of high level fighters call out the Stockton native. The first callout came from Darren Till.

After the callout from Till, one of the best welterweights in the world called out Diaz. Leon “Rocky” Edwards (18-3) is struggling to find himself an opponent in the UFC‘s welterweight division. He sees Diaz as the perfect opponent.

Would the UFC make it happen?

Edwards is currently ranked third in the welterweight division, and he’s on an eight fight winning streak. Despite his credentials, the UFC is having a difficult time getting Leon Edwards a fight. With all the top contenders booked, he’s been left on the sidelines.

A fight with Diaz could make sense for both parties. For Edwards, it would be a massive fight that could gain in more popularity in the UFC. Edwards desperately needs a sexy fight that would get the fans more invested in him. A fight with Nick Diaz should do the trick.

For Nick Diaz, a fight with Edwards would be a great way to get right back into the mix. If Diaz could come in and defeat Leon Edwards in his first UFC fight back, it would tell everyone that Nick Diaz is ready to battle for the title. However, I’m not sure the UFC will make this fight right away.

It will all come down to what the UFC wants to do with Diaz. If they want to slowly work him back in, I would expect a lower ranked opponent. However, if they want to fast-track him, a fight with Edwards would make perfect sense.



Nick Diaz planning UFC return

One of the more popular MMA fighters over the last fifteen years is planning on making a comeback. The older brother of Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz (26-9, 2 NC), is planning on making his UFC return in early 2021. The story was first reported by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani.

Diaz hasn’t competed inside the UFC since 2015. The elder Diaz returned at UFC 183 to fight Anderson Silva. Diaz had moments in that fight, but was outpointed by The Spider. Per his manager, Diaz has just completed a test weight cut in preparations for a 2021 return.

UFC Matchups for Diaz

2021 could be a very busy couple of months inside the UFC for the Diaz brothers. It was reported last week that Nate Diaz would be rematching with Jorge Masvidal. The elder Diaz had expressed interest in fighting Masvidal himself.

If/when Nick Diaz returns to the UFC, I expect the promotion to give him a ranked opponent. Sure, Diaz wouldn’t have fought in six years when he returns, but he’s not going to fight some nobody. I think a perfect comeback fight could be Robbie Lawler.

Lawler is in a weird stage in his career. He’s nearing the end with no path towards a title shot. Still, he’s a top 15 fighter, and he has history with Diaz. Diaz knocked out Lawler when they first fought at UFC 47.

A fight between the two could serve as a good barometer on where Diaz is at. No matter who the UFC pairs him up with, expect there to be great interest. Both Diaz brothers know how to draw a crowd no matter who they’re fighting.