New York Yankees to make deal for starting pitcher before the trade deadline

Are the New York Yankees interested in trading for Blue Jays pitcher, Marcus Stroman?

It’s only a matter of time before the New York Yankees strike a deal to bring a starting pitcher to the Bronx, it’s just a matter of who. Rumors of options like Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler, Marcus Stroman and more have plastered headlines the past few weeks.

July 31st marks the trade deadline which is three weeks away and at some point, the Bombers should bring in another pitcher to add to a rotation that seems to be constantly affected by injuries.

What are the New York Yankees going to do?

General manager Brian Cashman commented on the current state of the rotation and if snagging a pitcher would be beneficial, according to his interview on MLB Network:

“Our interest is improving our pitching,” Cashman said. “Certainly the target would be to continue to reinforce the rotation because obviously that’s where the majority of your innings are going to have to come from, and we have a long way to go. Those innings are vitally important. We’re going to target starting pitching, and if not, we’re going to continue to reinforce the bullpen. Bottom line is just trying to add quality to what we already have.”


The Yankees have been supplementing the loss of pitching with mid-inning relief pitchers. Nestor Cortes Jr., Luis Cessa, Adam Ottavino, and Tommy Kahnle have been leaned on heavily to pick up the slack.

Still surviving without Luis Severino, who went down with shoulder inflammation during spring training, has succumbed to multiple setbacks. The Yanks rushed him back and it ultimately backfired setting his timetable for return back several months.

However, he could begin throwing again this weekend, which would begin a long road to a return. Late August seems to be a possible time frame.

CC Sabathia, James Paxton, and Domingo German are all currently dealing with individual injuries. Finding another starter to help fill the gaps has become a necessity.

New York Yankees: Kendrys Morales To The IL

The New York Yankees have traded for Kendrys Morales.

The New York Yankees announced that Kendrys Morales was placed on the IL with a calf strain. Additionally, Mike Tauchman and Nestor Cortes Jr. were called up to fill empty roster spots.


We aren’t really sure why Morales is on the IL, but we can guess that he injured it sometime during game one of the doubleheader with the Mets.

Morales has been awful for the Yankees. He has the lowest average on the team at .194, and has played terrible defense. All of that adds up to a -0.8 WAR.

Let’s Tauch About It! (Look, Another Crummy Mike Tauchman Joke)

Mike Tauchman is back in the bigs after some time in AAA, and is reappearing in his hometown of Chicago. Tauchman has a .211 average in 95 major league at-bats, and is batting .296 with AAA Scranton.

The Yankees also recalled Nestor Cortes Jr, but he’s been a frequent rider on the Scranton Shuttle of late.

While Morales is down, the Yankees will be rolling with an extra outfielder. Doing so gives more playing time to their all-star infield, while hopefully taking Clint Frazier out of the field more to work on his defense.

Now is probably a good place to state that Gary Sanchez, Luke Voit, Gleyber Torres, DJ LeMahieu, and Gio Urshela will all be all-stars if they continue to get votes at the rate they are now. If voting ended today, Sanchez and Voit would be starters, too. (Vote here)

But, the injury of Kendrys Morales has no negative impact for the Yankees. If anything, it just helps the Yankees, getting him and his sub .200 average out of the lineup.

Poor Bullpen Management Finally Bites New York Yankees Against Tampa

New York Yankees, Zack BRitton

On Saturday, the New York Yankees fell to the Tampa Bay Rays by a score of 7-2.

However, the score was close for most of the game. A few decisions regarding the bullpen over the last few days may of been the reason for the lopsided loss.

A fresh-ish Kahnle

A lot of people were left asking why Tommy Kahnle didn’t pitch on Saturday. His ERA has been one of the best in baseball, sitting at 1.13.

Kahnle was used on Thursday and Friday, but got it done so efficiently that he threw just 18 total pitches over an inning each outing. He would of likely been fine to pitch a third day in a row.

Green was available

The Yankees also mentioned before the Tampa series began that reliever Chad Green was about ready to rejoin the team from Scranton during the weekend. The plan is that Green would not appear in anymore AAA games, and his next outing would be an MLB outing.

If the Yankees needed a fresh arm, I don’t understand why you don’t just call him up. He could potentially give you two innings with his revamped stuff.

Why inning-by-inning doesn’t always work.

With guys pitching an inning a night, it allows them to pitch multiple nights in a row. If a pitcher throws multiple innings in an outing, they likely become unavailable the next night.

Well, the Yankees threw all of their big guys on Thursday and Friday, those being Tommy Kahnle, Zack Britton, Adam Ottavino, and Aroldis Chapman.

You know that if you have several close games in a row, you will want to have you best pitchers throw, right?

In the Yankees mindset, if there would be three close games in a row, it would be on the low-leverage guys to get the job done.

Instead of throwing all four big guys for two nights in a row, plan so you have say Kahnle and Chapman throw one night, and have throw Britton and Ottavino the next, each pitcher throwing two innings. So each pitcher would throw two innings, then get a night off. Then, stick a low-leverage guy in there if you get a short start or are forced to do so in a long game. But, extra innings games often see all of your high leverage pitchers anyway.

Since the Yankees had none of their good arms ready on Saturday, Jonathan Holder and Nestor Cortes Jr. came in and combined to give up five runs over three innings.

Maybe if Aaron Boone had better bullpen management, the Yankees would be able to win a few more games. The management of his bullpen is one of the two things holding the team back, the other obviously being injuries.