New York Giants: Top Three Positions Of Need in the 2019 Offseason

The New York Giants have won eight of their last twenty-six games. They’re not a good team and have a lot of holes to fill out on the roster. While specific skill positions are filled with quality players – running back and wide receiver – others are in need of support.

Here are three priorities for the New York Giants in 2019:

Right Tackle:

The Giants struck gold last offseason in the NFL draft with their second round selection. Left guard Will Hernandez has already shown he is a great player that will be a building block on the Giants’ offensive line for years to come. The Giants also signed left tackle Nate Solder to a record-breaking contract. These players improved the Giants’ offensive line tremendously. However, the Giants still need help on the right side of the line.

Right guard Jamon Brown was a solid pickup half way through the 2018 season. But his teammate to the right of him struggled all year. Right tackle Chad Wheeler has shown nothing that would indicate he is the Giants’ right tackle of the future. Chad Wheeler had a 47.1 Pro Football Focus grade in 2018, making him the 82nd ranked tackle. In order for the Giants offense to be better next season, they need to make an upgrade at right tackle.


The New York Giants’ secondary was a major disappointment in 2018.  Janoris Jenkins was not the shutdown cornerback that he used to be, allowing 12.6 yards per reception, 96.6 passer rating, and 6 touchdowns in coverage this season. Second corner B.W. Webb was not much better. He was average, according to Pro Football Focus, earning a grade of 62.6.

Janoris Jenkins has had trade rumors surrounding him for about two years now, and it would not be surprising if general manager Dave Gettleman moved him this offseason. Gettleman likes to give younger players opportunities.

Undrafted rookie Grant Haley showed flashes this season. He could potentially be the Giants’ top corner in 2019 if he continues to develop. He earned an above average PFF grade of 69.3. Another young corner who will be part of the Giant’ future is supplemental draft pick Sam Beal. Beal tore his shoulder this season and did not play a game, but expect to see him play significant snaps next season.


The Giants have quarterback Eli Manning on the roster, but it is uncertain how much longer he will remain in New York. Manning has not committed to playing next season, and Gettleman has not committed to bringing him back.

Eli Manning is in his fifteenth season. Fans and reporters alike agree that his performance has declined in recent years. Eli was only able to throw for 21 touchdowns this season, despite having fantastic playmakers surrounding him. Pro Football Focus gave Eli a grade of 64.3 and ranked him as the 31st quarterback in the NFL in 2018. Despite this, Eli did throw for 4,299 yards and a 66% completion percentage.

Eli is still a good quarterback, but it is time for the Giants to start looking towards the future. With the quarterback having turned 38 earlier this week, it is evident his time in the NFL is almost up. The Giants need a plan at the position for when Manning is no longer there, and this offseason is a good time to put that plan into place.


Nate Solder Reacts To New York Giants Preseason Loss To Browns

New York Giants, Nate Solder

While the New York Giants had several positive things to take away from week one of the preseason, left tackle Nate Solder was more than harsh on his own performance, and believed that as a whole, the team could have played at a higher level.

Coming from the New England Patriots and an infamous Bill Belichick system, Solder expects only quality from himself and those around him. Rookie running back Saquon Barkley was the only player that really stood out against the Browns, but lesser names like Will Hernandez also had a solid outing.

How did Nate Solder and the offensive line look for the New York Giants?

The offensive line seemed to hold up against a top-tier defensive front from Cleveland. The right side was the Giants’ biggest worry going into the game, and they subsequently helped orchestrate the 39 yard run on Barkley’s first run of the day. Despite the limited success, Solder was not pleased with the way he progressed throughout the game:

“You always have to have the mindset of needing to improve, I wasn’t happy with the way I kind of slowly oozed into that game. I thought that you have to come out firing, ready to go first snap,” Solder told reporters several days after the game. “I wasn’t happy with my preparation. I think I need to do better preparing for the game coming up. I think that with every year, you have to get yourself in the mindset of playing four quarters. Your condition, your footwork, your fundamentals, all those things need to continue to ratchet up as the [season] comes closer.”

The Giants didn’t enter last Thursday’s game with a game-plan, but rather with the priority of seeing who would step up and rise to the occasion. It was more about assessing natural, instinctive ability rather than following a blue-print. Against the Detroit Lions head coach Pat Shurmur stated he will formulate a legitimate plan, allowing for his team to follow his orders and establish themselves in a different manner.

Ben McAdoo Takes Massive Shot At Giants’ LT Nate Solder

It’s one thing to say a player needs to work on his craft, but it’s another to say they’re plain bad. Former New York Giants head coach, Ben McAdoo, made the expected mistake of taking a shot at a new player.

Left tackle Nate Solder, a player who has fought through cancer and didn’t let up a sack after week two in 2017, was put down by McAdoo, the coach who was fired for making every wrong decision possible.

According to the NY Post:

“Getting a left tackle in there will help them in a lot of ways,” said McAdoo. “I don’t think (Solder’s) a very good player, but I think it will help them in a lot of ways where they needed help in that room in the past and they haven’t had anyone to do that.”

Wait a second… Solder isn’t a very good player but he’s going to help them in ways that nobody else could? That sounds about right coming from good ole McAdoo.

Ben didn’t stop there, as he continued on to Ereck Flowers, who struggled at left tackle for the Giants during the former coach’s reign. He proceeded to break down why Flowers is so porous at tackle and why switching to the right won’t make a difference.

“(Flowers) can’t bend, you got to be able to bend,” said McAdoo. “You can run around him on (the right side) just like you can on the other side, Eli just gets to see it, which may help Eli. It’s not the blind side, it’s in his vision, so if he’s comfortable with what’s going on over on the left side, it can help him move in the pocket a little bit better.”

Giants Make Two Big Free Agency Signings On Opening day

The New York Giants surely weren’t demoralized after losing out on All-Pro left guard Andrew Norwell to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To kick-off the first legal day to sign players, the Giants and general manager Dave Gettleman went straight after positions of need.

Gettleman has earned the signings of former Arizona Cardinal’s LB Kareem Martin, and left tackle for the Patriots Nate Solder.

The Martin Signing:

The financial details aren’t yet available, but Martin’s signing gives the Giants a boost of familiarity in the middle of the field, as he’s a James Bettcher product.

Bringing in a guy that knows the new system is a good look for Gettleman, as he’s approaching this free agency with a steady mindset. Signing players because they’re good on a specific team doesn’t mean they will work well in any given system.

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His addressing of the linebacker corps with physical players is a good start, and Martin will play a key role on the special teams as well.

The Solder Signing:

Solder is coming to New York! But for a hefty price-tag…

Grabbing the left tackle will surely solidify the line for Eli Manning and co. but is it worth $15 million per-season? We will find out.

Solder played in every game last season, suring up a line that was oft-injured in 2017. He brings experience, grit and intelligence to a line that is made up of predominantly youth going forward.

But holy crap… $15 million per-season is absurd.

The bad news:

The Giants have about zero dollars left to play with. Cuts WILL be made.