New York Giants: How Saquon Barkley will elevate his game in 2019

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

Starting off a career with 2,000 all-purpose yards and offensive rookie of the year accolades is impressive, a statistical production that most veterans are seeking, yet New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley earned it in one season.

Elevating his level of play spells trouble for any defense in his path, and that’s exactly what we should be expecting in the year ahead, but why?

The sophomore slump is certainly a thing, but Barkley has the ability to skip right over the dreaded season and enjoy another successful year. The reason he will — the improvement of the offensive line.

The New York Giants invested heavily in rebuilding the O-line:

A line consisting of Nate Solder in a new system and injured, rookie Will Hernandez, backup Spencer Pulley, a joke in Patrick Omameh, and a turnstile in Ereck Flowers isn’t something to write home about. In fact, it’s more of an embarrassment, or rather the start of a transition to a line worth talking about.

Now, it is built on a solid duo on the left side including Solder and Hernandez, a capable Jon Halapio returning from injury, a top-5 guard in Kevin Zeitler, and a much improved right tackle in Mike Remmers over Flowers and Chad Wheeler.

This line will open up holes big enough for Barkley to swim through, something he surely didn’t experience in 2018. However, Barkley led all 47 running backs with 100-carries in breakaway percentage at 54%, according to PFF. His production was reliant on his ability to break into the secondary and pick up big chunks of yardage, and that’s not a bad thing. Making up for two short runs with a long touchdown carry is acceptable at the professional level.

He gained 54% of his total 1,307 rushing yards on 20 carries he took for 15-plus yards in his rookie year. Adding better offensive lineman will only increase that statistic and allow him to work with more space on the line of scrimmage. I imagine two-yard runs will become four and his breakout potential will remain the same.

The offensive line is the catalyst for a dynamite 2019 for Barkley, and we will be able to witness his greatness.


New York Giants: How The Upgraded Offensive Line Will Help Daniel Jones

The New York Giants‘ offense has been rebuilt over the past two seasons. Dave Gettleman came in last year and vowed to rebuild the offensive line. That is exactly what he has done.

The Giants offensive line was one of the league’s worst for years. But now, in 2019, things are starting to take shape. New York signed left tackle Nate Solder to a record-breaking contract last offseason, then drafted guard Will Hernandez. In 2019, the Giants traded for Kevin Zeilter, one of the best pass-protectors in the NFL, and upgraded the right tackle position.

What is a great offensive line without some offensive playmakers? The Giants went ahead and made big splashes on offense in the 1st-round of the 2018 and the 2019 NFL Drafts. They drafted Saquon Barkley with the 2nd overall pick in 2018. Barkley went on to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Saquon will benefit greatly from the Giants’ upgraded offensive line in 2019, but he is not the only one.

The Giants’ 1st-round splash in the 2019 NFL Draft was quarterback Daniel Jones. Big Blue took the controversial quarterback prospect with the 6th overall pick. The Giants have exhibited how quarterbacks struggle behind weak offensive lines for years now, which is why Daniel Jones will benefit greatly from the upgraded offensive line.

How Rookie Quarterbacks Play Behind Poor Offensive Lines:

Daniel Jones dodged a bullet in the 2019 NFL Draft. He could have ended up in Washington with Ereck Flowers as his starting left tackle. He is also lucky to be joining Big Blue in 2019 and not 2018. Dodge the Flowers bullet twice.

The Giants cut Ereck Flowers in 2018 after years of poor play. Daniel Jones is lucky he does not have to play behind a poor offensive line as a rookie. Here is how other young quarterbacks have fared behind poor offensive lines:

In 2018, the Arizona Cardinals had the worst offensive line in the league. Unfortunately, they also had a new 1st-round quarterback starting with Josh Rosen.

The once-promising prospect never found a groove behind the league’s worst line. Josh Rosen threw only 11 touchdown passes with 14 interceptions in 14 games, and was then traded the following offseason.

Jared Goff is a perfect example of how an offensive line can affect a young quarterback’s confidence and performance. Goff played in 7 games in his 2016 rookie campaign and only threw 5 touchdowns with 7 interceptions.

The following season, the Rams signed All-Pro tackle Andrew Whitworth, rebuilt their offensive line and coaching staff, and saw Jared Goff blossom.

In 2017, Jared Goff became one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. His touchdown total soared up to 28 touchdown passes, and his interception number stayed stagnant at 7 despite playing in 15 games.

Jared Goff and Josh Rosen serve as perfect examples of how an offensive line affects a young quarterback’s play. Daniel Jones will step into an offense that features the NFL’s best pass-blocking guard in Kevin Zeitler, which will help him tremendously.

Daniel Jones will benefit from Nate Solder’s reliability on his blindside. The veteran leadership provided by Solder, Zeitler, and Remmers will also keep the line consistent for Jones. Up-and-coming left guard Will Hernandez will also play a big part in keeping Daniel’s confidence high.

The New York Giants have perfectly reconstructed their offensive line to better themselves for the future. The future franchise quarterback was drafted with perfect timing. Daniel Jones will step into an offense full of exciting playmakers (such as Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram) and a solid offensive line.

New York Giants: Nate Solder and Will Hernandez can be elite duo

New York Giants, Will Hernandez, Nate Solder

The New York Giants and general manager Dave Gettleman made it a priority to bolster the offensive line to provide Eli Manning with more time in the pocket. In just two offseasons, the unit is completely different, no longer featuring players like Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart.

Now, the group includes talented left tackle Nate Solder, a tough young guard in Will Hernandez, gritty centers in Jon Halapio and Spencer Pulley, a top five right guard in Kevin Zeitler, and a proven tackle in Mike Remmers.

The New York Giants are in good hands on the left side of the line:

The two players I want to focus on are Solder and Hernandez, though, as they have the potential to be an elite duo on the left side of the line. With a year of experience together under their belt, I anticipate them taking a big jump in year two. Hernandez had some rocky games last season but proved to be a consistent option with massive upside.

Solder needed time to adjust to Manning’s drop back after years of protecting Tom Brady. His former passer would take much shorter dropbacks, allowing Solder to push incoming pass-rushers behind Brady forcing him to step up in the pocket. Manning takes farther dropbacks as a result of consistent pressure over the past few seasons. Solder would push pass-rusher directly into him due to his muscle memory.

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After he corrected that issue, he ended up being one of the best left tackles in the league for the second half of the season. That’s a primary reason and justification for the statement I made above — Solder and Hernandez can be a quality duo, even elite.

“Me and Nate, once we clicked, we clicked,’’ Hernandez told The Post this week. “There’s no unclicking. There’s no going back. We clicked. We understand each other very well, we’re able to at times even read each other’s minds on some plays. Sometimes we can’t spit the word out but we both end up doing what we need to do. It’s like ‘You got that? Yup. Good.’ Me and him came a long way and we’re building off that even more.’’

With Solder signing a four-year, $62 million contracts last season, it’s imperative that both players develop into steady lineman for the Giants. So far, so good for the duo.

The New York Giants’ Most Underrated Player Is Nate Solder

New York Giants, Nate Solder

The New York Giants have made it a major point of emphasis to improve the offensive line over these past two years. General manager Dave Gettleman has made multiple significant moves in order to rebuild the offensive line.

Last offseason, Gettleman’s biggest move was the signing of former Patriots offensive tackle Nate Solder. Solder was signed to a record-breaking contract. He received a 4-year, $62 million deal with the Giants that made him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

This acquisition was met with a lot of praise, but also a lot of criticism. Many fans feel Solder was not worthy of this contract and that he would not meet expectations.

How Nate Solder Met Those Expectations

Nate Solder proved the naysayers wrong in 2018, despite popular belief. Most of the fans who think Solder disappointed in 2018 are basing their opinion on only the first half of the season.

In the first half of the 2018 season, Nate Solder was met with two extreme challenges. Firstly, Solder dealt with a bulging disc in his neck that greatly affected his performance. Nate was not able to play at 100% until midway through the season.

Secondly, Nate Solder had spent the first 7 years of his career protecting Tom Brady in New England. Switching teams was a big adjustment for him as he tried to get acclimated to the Giants’ offense. The reason this change was so difficult is due to the change in quarterbacks.

Tom Brady’s drop back was significantly shorter than Eli Manning’s, which allowed Solder to push the pass-rusher behind Brady as he stepped up into the pocket. The left tackle had to adjust to Eli’s deeper drop back, as he caught himself pushing edge rusher directly into Manning early on in the season.

Once Nate Solder fixed this, he was the solid, franchise left tackle that he was in New England. Solder was the 5th highest-graded player on the Giants in 2018 by Pro Football Focus. According to PFF, Solder even had the highest single-game grade out of any offensive lineman in 2018.

In his first season outside of New England, Solder managed an overall Pro Football Focus grade of 74.1 which ranked 16th out of 35 qualifying left tackles. This level of play from the left tackle position is something the Giants have been missing for years (thanks to the ultimate bust, Ereck Flowers).

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Solder’s first half of the 2018 season left a lot to be desired for. But once he adjusted to Manning’s longer drop back and once his injury healed, Solder performed at a much higher level.

Nate Solder allowed six sacks and 20 total pressures through the first eight games. However, he rebounded in a big way over the second half of the year, allowing only one sack and 13 total pressures.

Unfortunately, Nate Solder has suffered another injury and will miss the 2019 OTAs. Solder will be ready to go for training camp and should have no problem being at 100% for the start of the 2019 season. A fully healthy season will be key for Nate Solder as he attempts to live up to his humungous contract. But now that he is acclimated to the Giants’ offense, all Nate has to do is stay healthy and he will prove that he was worth every penny.

The New York Giants’ Offensive Line Rebuild Is Complete

New York Giants, Mike Remmers, Minnesota Vikings

The New York Giants have had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL for years. Former Giants general manager Jerry Reese did not have an eye for offensive line talent.

A prime example of this is the Giants 10th overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft, Ereck Flowers. Flowers let up 180 pressures from 2015 to 2018 before being cut midseason by the new general manager, Dave Gettleman.

Dave Gettleman came to the Giants in 2018 and his mission was to rebuild the offensive line. In his second year with the Giants, the offensive line rebuild seems to be complete.

The New Offensive Line:

Left Tackle: Nate Solder

The Giants had issues with Ereck Flowers at left tackle from 2015 to 2017. Finally, during the last offseason, the Giants made a change at the offensive line’s most important position. Dave Gettleman signed Nate Solder to be the highest paid offensive tackle in the NFL in 2018, Gettleman’s first season as general manager of the Giants.

Nate Solder struggled mightily in the first half of the 2018 NFL season. Fortunately, Solder turned it around in the second half of the season. Over the second half of the year, Solder allowed only one sack and 13 total pressures. Solder is the captain on the offensive line. The 31-year-old veteran will need to contribute a few more seasons of the level of play he demonstrated in the second half of 2018 in order to live up to that historic contract.

Left Guard: Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez is one of the most promising young players on the Giants’ roster. The Giants drafted Big Will in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. He already looks like a steal of a draft pick who should’ve been selected in the first round.

He made the Pro Football Focus All-Rookie Team for his dependable play. Hernandez earned the league’s second-highest grade for a rookie interior offensive linemen and was only penalized two times across 1,027 snaps.

Center: Jon Halapio

In week two of the 2018 NFL season, the Giants, unfortunately, lost center Jon Halapio to a season-ending leg injury. Halapio was playing solid football at the time he went down. Dave Gettleman himself said that Halapio was playing the best out of anyone on the offensive line before he got injured.

In week one, Jon Halapio had Pro Football Focus’s third-best pass blocking grade (85.2) among centers with at least 50 offensive snaps.

Jon Halapio will likely be the starter in 2019 unless Spencer Pulley is able to outperform him in camp. If Halapio can show that his first week and a half of the 2018 season was not a fluke, he will win the starting job.

Right Guard: Kevin Zeitler

The Giants acquired guard Kevin Zeitler via trade with the Cleveland Browns in the 2019 NFL offseason. The Giants traded their best pass-rusher Olivier Vernon in order to acquire Zeitler. It is never easy to trade away your best pass-rusher, but the Giants got arguably the best offensive lineman on their team in exchange for Vernon.

Kevin Zeitler is one of the best guards in the NFL. He is a highly efficient pass-blocker, allowing only 11 total pressures in 2018. The Giants’ starting right guards in 2018, Patrick Omameh and Jamon Brown, combined for 39 total pressures. Zeitler will be a huge improvement for the Giants in 2019.

Right Tackle: Mike Remmers

After much speculation, the Giants finally signed Mike Remmers on Saturday. Remmers agreed to a one-year deal with the New York Giants worth $2.5 million, with $1 million fully guaranteed and a max value of $4 million through play-time incentives, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per a source.

Remmers has a strong connection with the Giants’ front office. He used to play for the Panthers when Dave Gettleman was their general manager and he used to play for head coach Pat Shurmur when he was the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings went to the NFC Championship game in 2017 with Mike Remmers at right tackle. He was switched to guard in 2018, suffered an injury and struggled, but returning to his natural position of right tackle with the Giants should lead to better performance.

New York Giants: How Does The New Offense Compare To The Rest Of The Division

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants have come in dead last in their division in each of the last two seasons. They have become the least threatening team in the NFC East and have not won the division since 2011.

The rest of the teams in the NFC East have been accumulating young talent for years. The Cowboys have made the playoffs and won the division in two of the last three seasons. Their young core of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot make them an annual playoff contender.

The Eagles have also been far more successful than the Giants recently. It is painful to say or think about this, but the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017 and made the playoffs again in 2018.

The Redskins have placed 3rd in the division for three straight years. But even they have won the division more recently than in 2011. They have won it twice since then (2012 and 2015).

Our beloved New York Giants have fallen behind in recent years and it is time for them to get back on track. The Giants made moves to improve their offense in 2019. Let’s see how their new offense compares to the rest of the division:

Offensive Lines:

The Giants’ offensive line has been bad for years. The Giants finally got rid of Ereck Flowers in 2018, but the unit still struggled as a whole, despite bringing in veteran left tackle Nate Solder.

The other three teams in the division all have above-average or excellent offensive lines (when completely healthy). The Dallas Cowboys had two Pro Bowlers on their offensive line in 2018 with left tackle Tyron Smith and right guard Zack Martin. Left tackle Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins also made the Pro Bowl in 2018. The Eagles also had a Pro Bowler in right guard Brandon Brooks. The Giants are the only team in the division to not have a Pro Bowler on their offensive line.

The Giants are trying to buck that trend. In 2018, they drafted left guard Will Hernandez in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Hernandez showed lots of promise in his rookie year and looks like he can be a Pro Bowl-caliber player in the future.

In the 2019 offseason, the Giants acquired a talented offensive guard via trade with the Cleveland Browns. Kevin Zeitler is one of the NFL’s best pass-blocking guards, allowing only 11 total pressures in 2018.

The Giants’ offensive line is the worst in the division. However, it has the potential to improve mightily in 2019 with the addition of Zeitler, Hernandez progressing in his second year, and center Jon Halapio returning from injury.

Running Backs:

Fortunately, the Giants still have the best running back in the division, though it is a close race. Saquon Barkley racked up more total yards from scrimmage in 2018 (2,028 yards) than any other running back. But Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot was not far behind with 2,001 yards and he also lead the NFL in rushing yards with 1,434 yards.

The Eagles also have a solid group in the backfield. They traded for former Bears running back Jordan Howard this offseason and also drafted Miles Sanders out of Penn State. Howard has racked up 3,370 rushing yards and 24 rushing touchdowns over the past 3 seasons. In 2018, Sanders ran for 1,274 yards and 9 touchdowns at Penn State.

Technically, the Washington Redskins have the “best” running back on their roster, but that is if you are going off of total careers. Barkley, Elliot, and Howard are all young, promising players. But Washington Redskskins running back Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs of all time.

Peterson is 33 years old now and is well past his prime. However, he was still solid for the Redskins in 2018 with 1,042 rushing yards and 7 rushing touchdowns. The Redskins also have a young, unproven back named Derrius Guice. Guice was electric in college at LSU with 2,638 rushing yards and 26 rushing touchdowns in his final two collegiate seasons. Guice tore his ACL in the 2018 preseason but will look to prove himself as a quality NFL running back in 2019.

The Giants have the best running back in the division and even in the NFL. Saquon Barkley will only get better in 2019. However, the team would be wise to add some more talent behind Saquon to keep him from wearing and tearing.

Receivers And Tight Ends:

The Giants easily had the best receiver in the division over the last 5 years. That changed in the 2019 offseason when the Giants traded away Odell Beckham Jr.

Now the Giants are left with pass-catchers like Sterling Shepard, the newly acquired Golden Tate, and Evan Engram. Still a solid group despite losing their best player.

No one on the Giants’ roster was a 1,000-yard receiver in 2018. Shepard, Tate, and Engram all have the potential to be 1,000-yard receivers in 2019, but there is also a good chance none of them eclipse 1,000 yards, too.

The Eagles have one of the best tight ends in the NFL with Zach Ertz. Ertz had the third most receiving yards out of all tight ends last season with 1,113. He is their best skill player on offense and will remain a consistent player for Philadelphia in 2019.

The Dallas Cowboys struggled to find a receiving threat, post-Dez Bryant until they traded for former Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper in 2019. In only 9 games with the Cowboys, Cooper totaled 725 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. The Cowboys could use some help at tight end, but Cooper is the best receiver in the division now that Odell is in the AFC North.

The Washington Redskins seriously lack playmakers on the outside. Their leading receiver in 2018 was tight end Jordan Reed with only 558 receiving yards. The Redskins did draft a couple of receivers in 2019 with Kelvin Harmon and Terry McLaurin, but it is hard to imagine these two players will make such a vast improvement to the Redskins’ receiving corps in 2019.

The Giants might not have the best receiver or tight end in the division, but they could have arguably the best group of these positions in the division. If Engram, Shepard, and Tate all reach their full potential in 2019, the Giants’ offense could be electric.


Every team in the division has a young, franchise of future franchise quarterback on the roster. The Giants and Redskins were the last teams to acquire theirs but finally did so in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Cowboys and Eagles have their franchise quarterback starting and winning games for them, but the Redskins and Giants have not seen their young signal-callers in action yet. It is too soon to tell who has the best young quarterback in the division, but right now Carson Wentz is the best quarterback in the division.

Carson Wentz had an MVP-caliber season prior to injuring his knee in 2017. In the 13 games he played in 2017, Wentz threw for 3,296 and 33 touchdowns. This lead the Eagles to an 11-2 record. Carson made the Pro Bowl in 2017 but suffered another injury in 2018. If he can stay healthy, he is the best quarterback in the division.

The other young quarterback in action is the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott. Prescott has lead Dallas to the playoffs twice in three years and has thrown for 3,000 yards and 22 or 23 touchdown passes in all three of his seasons in the NFL. He has been to the Pro Bowl twice and is set to receive a big contract extension from Dallas soon.

The Redskins had a problem at the quarterback position but found their answer in the Draft. Their quarterback, Alex Smith, suffered a gruesome leg injury in 2018 that will probably keep him sidelined for all of 2019. So the Redskins drafted Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins in 2019. Haskins threw 4,831 passing yards and 50 touchdown passes in 2018 at Ohio State. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain a high production level in the NFL.

While the rest of the division will all be starting quarterbacks age 27 or younger in 2019, the Giants will be kicking off the season with 38-year-old Eli Manning at the helm. Manning has been underperforming for the past two seasons, failing to top 21 touchdown passes. Regardless, the Giants are committed to him as their starter in 2019. However, if Eli struggles, it could mean the Giants will move on from him as soon as possible.

The Redskins were not the only team to address the quarterback position in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants made the controversial decision to draft Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the draft. It can be debated whether or not Jones was worthy of that high selection, never topping 22 touchdown passes in 3 years as a collegiate starter. The Giants will be hoping that Jones proves any doubters wrong when he gets his chance.

The Giants’ quarterback position is probably the worst in the division. Their young soon-to-be franchise guy is far from a can’t-miss-prospect, and their current starter is a legend well past his prime. Giants fans need to hope and pray that Daniel Jones shocks the world and proves all his doubters wrong in the future.

Should The New York Giants Make A Change At Offensive Line Coach?

On January 15, the Indianapolis Colts made a position coach change. The Colts fired their offensive line coach, Dave DeGugliemo. This move by the Colts prompted plenty of Giants fans to wonder if their team will make a change on their own coaching staff and pursue DeGugliemo.

Dave DeGugliemo’s Resumé And Connections With The New York Giants:

Dave DeGugliemo actually used to be part of the New York Giants’ coaching staff. He was a part of the 2008 Super Bowl victory in which the Giants had one of the league’s best offensive lines. DeGugliemo served as the Giants’ assistant offensive line & quality control coach from 2004 to 2008.

In 2018, the Indianapolis Colts had arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. They showed massive improvement from 2017 to 2018. In 2017, the Colts had the 25th ranked offensive line according to Pro Football Focus. DeGugliemo helped turn that around in 2018, as they were the 6th ranked offensive line per PFF.

Part of this change came from having DeGugliemo as the offensive line coach. He was brought to Indianapolis in 2018 by head coach candidate Josh McDaniels, who was later replaced by Frank Reich. Dave was the only assistant coach that Reich did not hire himself, so after one season he has decided that he wants to make his own hire.

Dave DeGugliemo has been part of some of the best offensive lines in the NFL over the past 15 years. Aside from working with the Giants, DeGugliemo also worked as an offensive line coach for the Dolphins in 2009-2011. The Dolphins 2009 offensive line unit was ranked second in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus. They also ranked 8th in 2010.

The Dolphins’ offensive line struggled in 2011, and DeGugliemo moved on to become the offensive line coach of the Jets in 2012. The Jets’ offensive line ranked 3rd in the NFL in 2012. He only spent one season with the Jets and did not coach in 2013. In 2014, Dave went to the New England Patriots and coached the Giants’ current starting left tackle, Nate Solder.

Dave DeGugliemo has an extremely impressive track record. The New York Giants offensive line has been struggling for years and did not show much improvement when new offensive line coach Hal Hunter took over in 2018. The Giants could look to bring DeGugliemo back to New York in order to fix their offensive line issues in 2019.

New York Giants: Top Three Positions Of Need in the 2019 Offseason

The New York Giants have won eight of their last twenty-six games. They’re not a good team and have a lot of holes to fill out on the roster. While specific skill positions are filled with quality players – running back and wide receiver – others are in need of support.

Here are three priorities for the New York Giants in 2019:

Right Tackle:

The Giants struck gold last offseason in the NFL draft with their second round selection. Left guard Will Hernandez has already shown he is a great player that will be a building block on the Giants’ offensive line for years to come. The Giants also signed left tackle Nate Solder to a record-breaking contract. These players improved the Giants’ offensive line tremendously. However, the Giants still need help on the right side of the line.

Right guard Jamon Brown was a solid pickup half way through the 2018 season. But his teammate to the right of him struggled all year. Right tackle Chad Wheeler has shown nothing that would indicate he is the Giants’ right tackle of the future. Chad Wheeler had a 47.1 Pro Football Focus grade in 2018, making him the 82nd ranked tackle. In order for the Giants offense to be better next season, they need to make an upgrade at right tackle.


The New York Giants’ secondary was a major disappointment in 2018.  Janoris Jenkins was not the shutdown cornerback that he used to be, allowing 12.6 yards per reception, 96.6 passer rating, and 6 touchdowns in coverage this season. Second corner B.W. Webb was not much better. He was average, according to Pro Football Focus, earning a grade of 62.6.

Janoris Jenkins has had trade rumors surrounding him for about two years now, and it would not be surprising if general manager Dave Gettleman moved him this offseason. Gettleman likes to give younger players opportunities.

Undrafted rookie Grant Haley showed flashes this season. He could potentially be the Giants’ top corner in 2019 if he continues to develop. He earned an above average PFF grade of 69.3. Another young corner who will be part of the Giant’ future is supplemental draft pick Sam Beal. Beal tore his shoulder this season and did not play a game, but expect to see him play significant snaps next season.


The Giants have quarterback Eli Manning on the roster, but it is uncertain how much longer he will remain in New York. Manning has not committed to playing next season, and Gettleman has not committed to bringing him back.

Eli Manning is in his fifteenth season. Fans and reporters alike agree that his performance has declined in recent years. Eli was only able to throw for 21 touchdowns this season, despite having fantastic playmakers surrounding him. Pro Football Focus gave Eli a grade of 64.3 and ranked him as the 31st quarterback in the NFL in 2018. Despite this, Eli did throw for 4,299 yards and a 66% completion percentage.

Eli is still a good quarterback, but it is time for the Giants to start looking towards the future. With the quarterback having turned 38 earlier this week, it is evident his time in the NFL is almost up. The Giants need a plan at the position for when Manning is no longer there, and this offseason is a good time to put that plan into place.


Nate Solder Reacts To New York Giants Preseason Loss To Browns

New York Giants, Nate Solder

While the New York Giants had several positive things to take away from week one of the preseason, left tackle Nate Solder was more than harsh on his own performance, and believed that as a whole, the team could have played at a higher level.

Coming from the New England Patriots and an infamous Bill Belichick system, Solder expects only quality from himself and those around him. Rookie running back Saquon Barkley was the only player that really stood out against the Browns, but lesser names like Will Hernandez also had a solid outing.

How did Nate Solder and the offensive line look for the New York Giants?

The offensive line seemed to hold up against a top-tier defensive front from Cleveland. The right side was the Giants’ biggest worry going into the game, and they subsequently helped orchestrate the 39 yard run on Barkley’s first run of the day. Despite the limited success, Solder was not pleased with the way he progressed throughout the game:

“You always have to have the mindset of needing to improve, I wasn’t happy with the way I kind of slowly oozed into that game. I thought that you have to come out firing, ready to go first snap,” Solder told reporters several days after the game. “I wasn’t happy with my preparation. I think I need to do better preparing for the game coming up. I think that with every year, you have to get yourself in the mindset of playing four quarters. Your condition, your footwork, your fundamentals, all those things need to continue to ratchet up as the [season] comes closer.”

The Giants didn’t enter last Thursday’s game with a game-plan, but rather with the priority of seeing who would step up and rise to the occasion. It was more about assessing natural, instinctive ability rather than following a blue-print. Against the Detroit Lions head coach Pat Shurmur stated he will formulate a legitimate plan, allowing for his team to follow his orders and establish themselves in a different manner.

Ben McAdoo Takes Massive Shot At Giants’ LT Nate Solder

It’s one thing to say a player needs to work on his craft, but it’s another to say they’re plain bad. Former New York Giants head coach, Ben McAdoo, made the expected mistake of taking a shot at a new player.

Left tackle Nate Solder, a player who has fought through cancer and didn’t let up a sack after week two in 2017, was put down by McAdoo, the coach who was fired for making every wrong decision possible.

According to the NY Post:

“Getting a left tackle in there will help them in a lot of ways,” said McAdoo. “I don’t think (Solder’s) a very good player, but I think it will help them in a lot of ways where they needed help in that room in the past and they haven’t had anyone to do that.”

Wait a second… Solder isn’t a very good player but he’s going to help them in ways that nobody else could? That sounds about right coming from good ole McAdoo.

Ben didn’t stop there, as he continued on to Ereck Flowers, who struggled at left tackle for the Giants during the former coach’s reign. He proceeded to break down why Flowers is so porous at tackle and why switching to the right won’t make a difference.

“(Flowers) can’t bend, you got to be able to bend,” said McAdoo. “You can run around him on (the right side) just like you can on the other side, Eli just gets to see it, which may help Eli. It’s not the blind side, it’s in his vision, so if he’s comfortable with what’s going on over on the left side, it can help him move in the pocket a little bit better.”