After knockout loss in boxing debut, Tito Ortiz wants Logan Paul

This past Saturday at Triller’s boxing event, Tito Ortiz (21-12-1 MMA) made his debut in the squared circle. The former UFC light heavyweight champion was taking on former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC).

The matchup was Silva’s second boxing match of 2021 while Ortiz had never been in the boxing ring before. Ortiz had been vocal about his frustrations with Silva regarding the weight of the bout.

Silva forced Ortiz to make 195 pounds which Ortiz had never done in his professional career. Ultimately, Ortiz was unable to make the weight and came in at 200 pounds which is still lighter than he had been for the majority of his MMA career.

There were not a ton of expectations for Ortiz in the boxing match as he’s never been known for his striking. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy made a career out of taking his opponents to the ground and using his elbows.

While his boxing was never considered bad, it wasn’t considered great either. Ortiz opened the bout with immediate pressure and you could tell his strategy was to try and bully Silva. However, it didn’t work as Silva ducked/dodges all Ortiz’s shots and knocked him out with a right hand in the first round.

Ortiz wants another boxing match

Tito Ortiz didn’t look good at all in his boxing debut. His punches looked incredibly slow and he literally ate the canvas after a huge right hand from Anderson Silva. After Ortiz talked about hurting Silva, he was truly embarrassed by The Spider.

That said, Ortiz isn’t done with the boxing world. In fact, he made a callout on Twitter following his loss. Ortiz said that he wants Triller to setup a boxing match between himself and Logan Paul.

Have to admire Tito for wanting to stay in the news, but there’s little incentive here for Logan Paul. First and foremost, I’m not sure I could bet on Tito Ortiz to beat Logan Paul based on what I saw on Saturday night.

I’m sure the boxing match could do some decent numbers, and maybe that would be enough to entice Logan Paul. On one hand, it could make sense for Paul who could take on a former UFC champion and likely be the favorite against.

On the other hand, is Tito Ortiz even relevant enough nowadays for Logan Paul to have interest. Time will tell on this one, but one thing is for sure, we haven’t seen the last of Tito Ortiz.

What’s next for Anderson Silva in boxing?

UFC, Anderson Silva

This past Saturday at Triller’s Boxing event, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 NC) made his second appearance in the ring in 2021. Silva took on former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz (21-12-1) in boxing.

While this was Ortiz’s first boxing matchup, it was Silva’s second of the year. Just months ago, Silva took on former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in a matchup in Mexico.

Despite Silva’s credentials as a striker, not many were giving him a chance against Chavez. However, Silva shocked everyone and put on a clinic over their eight round matchup on his way to winning a decision.

Given Silva’s experience in striking, nobody was giving Tito Ortiz a shot on Saturday night. It was apparent from the opening seconds that there was not going to be a surprise in this matchup.

Ortiz was incredibly aggressive out of the gate and backed Silva against the ropes. Silva easily dodged Ortiz’s attacks and Ortiz’s punches were coming slow. Silva then exploded with a huge right hand and follow up shot that put Ortiz out cold and gave Silva his second boxing win of 2021.

What’s next for Silva in boxing?

It’s worth noting that all of the Triller fights were ruled as exhibitions so Silva’s win won’t count on his professional boxing record. Had it counted, Silva would have advanced to a 3-1 record with two knockouts.

His lone loss in boxing came back in 1998  when he made his boxing debut. Silva has looked sensational through two fights and it has many people wondering who would be next for The Spider.

Well, there’s two opponents that are perfect for Silva. Those two opponents would be either Logan Paul (0-1) or Jake Paul (4-0). Both Paul brothers are around 190 pounds which puts them right around the same size as Silva.

There was actually some talk about a boxing match between Logan Paul and Silva following Paul’s exhibition with Floyd Mayweather, however, that fell through. Jake Paul just defeated former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley a couple of weeks ago.

To me, Silva – Jake Paul is the fight to make. Paul is now a perfect 4-0 with a win over a former UFC champion. Silva would be a massive step up for him in competition, but I’m not sure if he’d take the fight. Instead, Paul seems to be focused on Tommy Fury and Jorge Masvidal.

Anderson Silva and Logan Paul in talks for boxing match

In the year 2021, we’ve seen a lot of interesting things in the world of boxing. We have seen Jake Paul knock out former MMA champion Ben Askren. We’ve seen Logan Paul go the distance in an exhibition with Floyd Mayweather. 

We have also seen former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva defeat former boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the boxing ring. Next month, Jake Paul is going to be in the ring against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Now, we have learned that there is another boxing match in the works that will pit a former UFC champion against a Paul brother. ESPN was the first to report this evening that Anderson Silva and Logan Paul are in talks for a boxing match for the end of this year.

Paul’s management confirmed the talks and indicated that a deal is getting close to being finalized.

Paul – Silva in Boxing

If the deal does get done, this will be a big step up in competition for Logan Paul. Now, you might want to bring up the fact that he was in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is considered to be one of the greatest of all time.

While that’s true, it’s important to remember that Logan Paul was literally twice the size of Floyd Mayweather. Paul will have no such advantage with the former UFC champion. Anderson Silva proved last month that he can handle his own in the boxing ring.

It’s worth noting that while Silva is 46 years old, he still moves very well and showed off tremendous skill against Chavez Jr last month. This will be a real test to me to see how good Logan Paul actually is in boxing.

Yes, Logan and Jake still have not taken a fight against a legit professional boxer. However, I will give them credit for stepping in there with guys who can actually throw punches. We will learn a lot about the Paul brothers in their boxing matches with Woodley and Silva.

Former UFC champion wants a boxing match with Logan Paul

It’s crazy to think that the hottest boxing fight that anyone can get is a fight with either Logan Paul or Jake Paul. Outside of the major stars in boxing like Canelo and Tyson Fury, the Paul Brothers are the biggest thing that the sport has going for it.

Honestly, that probably says more about the state of the sport of boxing than it does the Paul brothers. Love them or hate them, both Logan and Jake have done a great job of building their online presence and have transitioned well into generating interest in their boxing careers.

Logan just boxed Floyd Mayweather a few weeks ago and Jake Paul is lined up to box former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in August. It is indeed a very unique time in the world of combat sports.

We are seeing a lot of former UFC fighters and even champions moving over for special boxing matches. Anderson Silva just took on former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Most MMA guys hadn’t had a ton of success, but Silva put on a boxing clinic. 

After the fight, Silva said he’d be interested in potential boxing matches with the Paul brothers. Yesterday, we learned that another former UFC champion is coming out of retirement and he has his eyes set on Logan Paul.

UFC vs Boxing

Yesterday, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans (19-8-1) told ESPN that he’s coming out of retirement. Evans hasn’t competed since June of 2018 when he was knocked out by Anthony Smith. That loss was Evans fifth consecutive loss.

However, after a few years away, the 41 year old is ready to jump back in there. Evans is interested in both boxing and MMA. If his next venture is in the squared circle, he’s interested in either Roy Jones Jr or Logan Paul.

Logan Paul now finds himself in a very interesting position. He just boxed Mayweather and now he potentially has the choice of two former UFC champions. If Logan Paul wants a legit opponent next, he has options.

Given what we just saw from Anderson Silva, I would advise Logan to take a fight with Evans before Silva. However, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Would you be interested in a boxing matchup between Logan Paul and Rashad Evans?

Could we see Logan Paul in the UFC? Dana White doesn’t dismiss the idea

Logan Paul to the UFC. That sentence sounds completely insane when you read it out loud and it feels insane just typing it out. However, if we’ve learned anything over the last year it’s that we shouldn’t dismiss anything in combat sports.

I mean who would’ve thought that Logan Paul would end up in a boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather? If I told you 12 months ago that Logan Paul would box Money Mayweather, you’d probably have laughed yourself into a coma.

Yet, on Sunday night, we saw Logan Paul get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. We’ve seen Logan’s brother Jake knock out Ben Askren in a professional boxing match. The Paul brothers have become the talk of combat sports whether fight fans like it or not.

While Jake Paul is focusing on boxing, Logan Paul seems incredibly interested in MMA. Could we see Logan Paul in the UFC? Well, after his boxing exhibition with Mayweather, Paul said he would definitely fight in MMA if the right opportunity presented itself.

Today, TMZ Sports asked UFC president Dana White about Logan Paul and his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. When asked about the possibility of Logan Paul competing inside the octagon, White definitely didn’t dismiss it.

Logan Paul in the UFC?

The UFC president said, “There’s no doubt when you look at both of those kids (The Paul Brothers) that they take it seriously. I don’t know man (On giving Logan Paul a fight). Here’s the thing man, not to say I haven’t taken a guy in that’s 0-0 into the UFC and done those type of fights before. I don’t know, I can’t answer that.”

White closed his statements with a smile. Obviously, the guy White was referencing was former WWE superstar CM Punk. The UFC gave CM Punk two fights and he was demolished in both. Punk had no combat sports experience prior to signing on with the promotion.

The only other athlete on that level of fame that was brought in by the UFC was Brock Lesnar. Of course, Lesnar had competed once in MMA and was a division one national champion in wrestling. Not too mention, he was a freak athlete and that aided him in becoming UFC heavyweight champion.

Logan Paul has now competed in the boxing ring a few times and was a standout wrestler in the state of Ohio. I’ll tell you this, Logan Paul would beat CM Punk in an MMA fight if they were the same weight class.

Will we see Logan Paul fight in the UFC? I would lean towards no at the moment, however, I wouldn’t put it past Dana White. Love him or hate him, Dana White is a great businessman and if the right opportunity presents itself for both sides, we will see Logan Paul make the walk in the UFC.

Floyd Mayweather officially retires from boxing after exhibition with Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Last night we saw the boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather (50-0) and Logan Paul (0-1). The two men stepped foot in the squared circle and went eight rounds with each other. There were a lot of big shots thrown, but no knockdowns occurred during the boxing matchup.

Logan Paul held his own, but Floyd Mayweather landed more punches throughout the exhibition. Since the fight was not officially sanctioned, there was no winner declared after the eight rounds was over. However, if there would’ve been one, Floyd Mayweather would’ve gotten the nod.

However, it was a huge moral victory for Logan Paul to have gone eight full rounds with the boxing legend. Mayweather hit Paul with some big shots throughout the night, but Logan Paul was game and never backed down.

Throughout the last week, Mayweather left the door open for more boxing matches. He even mentioned that he would be interested in another boxing matchup against former UFC champion Conor McGregor. However, Mayweather changed his tune after last night’s matchup.

Mayweather retires from Boxing

When asked about a future return to boxing, Mayweather said, “Absolutely not, I’m retired from the sport of boxing. I said this before, it’s not easy. I mean even for this fight. Train a day, take a couple of days, train a day, take a couple of days off because of the age and the wear and tear.”

With those comments, it’s safe to say that the 44 year old won’t even entertain a boxing exhibition in the future. Mayweather cashed out with a cool $100 million for his matchup with Logan Paul last night.

Last night was far from a bad night for Mayweather. He was only hit clean once or twice, but you could tell he wasn’t the same guy. The speed really wasn’t there and things were not as crisp. However, that’s to be expected when you’re 44 years old.

If a prime Floyd Mayweather was boxing last night, Logan Paul would’ve likely been finished. However, that’s not what we saw. We saw one of the greats go out there and compete in boxing, but it was clear that he’s not the same guy he used to be.

Boxing Recap: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul go the distance

Tonight we saw the boxing match that has had the world buzzing. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather (50-0), returned for an exhibition matchup against internet celebrity Logan Paul (0-1).

Floyd Mayweather hadn’t been in a boxing ring since he defeated Conor McGregor back in 2017. Mayweather retired after that matchup, but when the opportunity came up to make potentially nine figures to box Logan Paul, Mayweather couldn’t say no.

This matchup was not sanctioned and there were no judges scoring the fight. The obvious reason why this boxing matchup was not being sanctioned was due to the massive size difference.

Floyd Mayweather is 5’8 and weighed in at 155 pounds. Logan Paul is 6’2 and he weighed in at 189 pounds for this matchup. Obviously, Mayweather’s boxing pedigree speaks for itself, but the same couldn’t be said about Logan Paul entering tonight.

Paul is athletic, strong, and he’s young. However, he’s only boxed twice with only one bout being official. In that one official fight, he lost to another celebrity, KSI. The only reason why there was a maybe in the result of this boxing matchup is the size difference.

Boxing Recap

Round 1

The boxing exhibition opened with a touch of the gloves. Paul moved forward with immediate pressure. A jab to the body starts the action from Logan Paul. Mayweather had his guard high as he started to download the movement of Logan Paul.

Paul kept throwing the jab as he held the center of the ring. Mayweather was against the ropes and Paul threw a nice hook to the body. Logan Paul swings with a massive right and Mayweather easily evades. Mayweather lands a nice right hand over the top as he circles.

Good check left hook from Mayweather and he’s getting his timing down. More pressure from Logan Paul and he leaps forward with a left hook. The two come together and Logan Paul starts swinging wild power hooks. More and more shots from Logan Paul and the round comes to a close. Likely 1-0 Logan Paul after one here in the boxing exhibition.

Round 2

Paul used a ton of energy at the end of the first round of this boxing matchup. More pressure from Logan Paul to start the second as he works the jab to the body of Mayweather. Mayweather comes forward with a jab up top.

Nice jabs land for Logan Paul and Mayweather smiles. A couple of jabs to the body land for Mayweather. Logan Paul throws a couple of power shots, but all he hits is air. A little pressure from Mayweather as he works his way inside. Mayweather smiles as Paul whiffs on another power shot.

Jab and right hand lands for Logan Paul. Mayweather comes forward with a jab, but he’s a bit out of reach. Paul comes forward with a left hook, but misses again. Not a ton of action here in the second and Logan Paul threw more, but missed a lot here in the second of this boxing exhibition.

Round 3

The two touch gloves to start the third round of this boxing matchup. Logan Paul is drenched in sweat and he’s breathing a little heavy to start in the third. Giant whiff on big uppercut from Logan Paul. Mayweather pushing forward here .

A lot of clinching here in the third with little throwing. Mayweather works his way in and Paul misses on several more big shots. Not a lot of action going on here in the third round as Mayweather continues to push forward.

A big smile on the face of Mayweather as he lands a right hand. Massive shots to the body lands for Mayweather and Paul is looking tired. Huge counter right lands for Mayweather and a clean uppercut lands. Money is coming on strong here in the third and Logan Paul is fading. All Mayweather here in the third round of this boxing matchup.

Round 4

Entering the fourth and Mayweather moves forward. Logan Paul is looking exhausted and boxing’s best is looking extremely confident. Mayweather is just touching Paul as Logan Paul is breathing heavy.

A couple of nice body shots land for Floyd Mayweather. Nice jab and right hook lands for Logan Paul. Mayweather looks annoyed by the shot and he starts plotting forward. Huge counter right lands for Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather with a massive left hook that snaps Logan Paul’s head back. Logan Paul is looking exhausted and Mayweather is taking over here. The fourth round comes to a close and it’s likely 2-2 here at the boxing exhibition.

Round 5

The second half of the fight starts and it’s all Mayweather right now. Logan Paul starts throwing his jab to start the striking here. Pressure from Mayweather and the two clinch. A 1-2 from Logan Paul hits nothing but glove. Huge left hook lands for Floyd Mayweather and Paul is against the ropes.

Two rips to the body land for Mayweather. Mayweather is pushing forward and Paul is recovering against the ropes. Mayweather takes the center and he lands a big counter right as Paul moves forward. Massive uppercut lands for Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather pushes forward and the two clinch. Uppercut lands for Mayweather. Right hand lands for Mayweather and Logan Paul looks exhausted. Lead left hook for Mayweather then more body shots. The boxing exhibition’s fifth round closes and Paul is on the ropes.

Round 6

The sixth round starts with more pressure from Money Mayweather. Paul throws a sloppy jab that misses. Left hook and right hand lands for Mayweather. Mayweather moves forward and Paul hugs him.

The two separate and Mayweather goes right back to the pressure. Logan Paul is doing nothing but clinching here in the sixth round. Mayweather is feinting, but not throwing as Logan Paul clinches him again.

Good body shot lands for Mayweather and Mayweather is working the body here. The two clinch again and there is very little action here. Good lead left hook lands for Mayweather. Pressure from Mayweather as the sixth round goes the distance.

Round 7

Entering the seventh round of this boxing exhibition and time is running out for a knockout. Logan Paul throws two jabs to start the striking here. More clinching to start the seventh round from Logan Paul.

I will say, Paul is throwing more here in the seventh as Mayweather is just defending and moving forward. Two minutes left in the round the two clinch once again without any shots landing. No shots being thrown by Mayweather in the seventh.

The two clinch again the crowd is becoming a little frustrated. A jab lands for Logan Paul and there’s 30 seconds left in the round. Mayweather moves forward, but again, he’s not throwing. The round comes to the end and it was probably the most underwhelming of the boxing exhibition.

Round 8

The crowd was booing entering the eighth round of this boxing exhibition. Mayweather plots forward and Logan Paul counters with a jab to the body. More jabs from Logan Paul in the first thirty seconds.

Mayweather pushes Paul against the ropes, but he eats a counter left hook. Good short left hook lands for Mayweather. Lots of booing from the crowd here and fans are starting to leave. The two men clinch again with less than two minutes to go.

Logan Paul blitzes and the two clinch again. The two clinch again before any punches land. One minute to go and nothing is happening, but clinching. No punches land before another clinch and more boos from the crowd. Good left hook lands for Mayweather with ten seconds left. The fight ends and there will be no winner in this one. Nothing but boos from the crowd here.

Boxing Preview: Floyd Mayweather – Logan Paul

Tomorrow night, the world will see the boxing match that has everyone buzzing. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather (50-0), is returning for an exhibition matchup against internet celebrity Logan Paul (0-1).

We are in such a weird time in combat sports and this boxing matchup might be the weirdest thing that’s occurring. Nevertheless, the exhibition is going down tomorrow night and there’s a ton of heat with this matchup.

Floyd Mayweather hasn’t been in a boxing ring since he defeated Conor McGregor back in 2017. Mayweather retired after that matchup, but when the opportunity came up to make potentially nine figures to box Logan Paul, Mayweather couldn’t say no.

This matchup is not being sanctioned and there are no judges scoring the fight. With that in mind, there will be no official winner crowned in this matchup. The obvious reason why this boxing matchup is not being sanctioned is due to the massive size difference.

Floyd Mayweather is 5’8 and will weigh around 150 pounds. Logan Paul is 6’2 and will weigh around 200 pounds when these two meet in the squared circle. Obviously, Mayweather’s boxing pedigree speaks for itself, but the same can’t be said for Logan Paul.

Paul is athletic, strong, and he’s young. However, he’s only boxed twice with only one bout being official. In that one official fight, he lost to another celebrity, KSI. The only reason why there is a maybe in the result of this boxing matchup is the size difference.

Boxing Match Prediction

When it comes to the boxing match tomorrow night, I don’t know how anyone could bet on Logan Paul. That said, he doesn’t have the smallest of chances to pick up the win tomorrow. He’s going to be slower and he’s going to have far-worse technique.

That said, he will have a massive size and strength advantage in there. If Mayweather is caught slipping at all, Paul could land a haymaker that could do some serious damage. Mayweather is 44 years old and I guarantee you that Logan Paul is physically stronger than anyone he’s ever boxed.

That said, even at 44 years old, I don’t see Floyd Mayweather slipping. Mayweather is an extremely proud person and I think he’s going to have Paul throwing at air all night. I see Mayweather doing a ton of damage to Logan Paul’s body in this one.

With the size disadvantage, I’m expecting Mayweather to get in and out while working the body. He will land up top, but the body work will add up. Come the later rounds, I think Logan Paul will be tired with a beat up body and I expect Mayweather to finish the job and win the boxing match.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather by TKO – Round 6

SuperBid Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Ticket Giveaway and More

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For those unfamiliar with SuperBid, they are a digital platform connecting fans with thousands of influencer-led auctions for items, experiences and much more. As a new ambassador for the app, Logan will be wearing branded clothing during the match to send viewers to head over to SuperBid.

It is very easy to enter for these great rewards. Head to and follow the process to get yourself an opportunity to join Paul as a potential winner. Also make sure to follow Superbid’s social media accounts and interact with them before, during, and after Sunday’s history making fight!





Celebrity Boxing Roundup: Jose Canseco Loses To Barstool Intern

This week featured a large amount of action in the celebrity boxing realm. Arguably the greatest boxer of all time dropped a hit list featuring several high profile names. The week also featured a bout between former MLB Star Jose Canseco and a Barstool Sports Intern that left Canseco on the mat in seconds. This led some to believe the 56-year-old Canseco took a dive in order to collect a check. So with all the action, here is your celebrity boxing roundup.

Mayweather Wants The Pauls & 50 Cent

Floyd Mayweather (50-0) was slated to face Youtuber and Podcaster Logan Paul (0-1) in a bout on February 20th. However, due to what both sides are claiming as “COVID and Business Issues,” the fight has been postponed. Mayweather originally planned to fight Paul before heading to Japan to continue his exhibition slate there. Now, according to his Instagram, he has two other fights he wants following the Paul bout before he heads to Japan.

Mayweather addressed the postponement of the bout with Paul before going on to call out to other celebrities. The first challenge was thrown out to Jake Paul (2-0). Jake, the younger Paul brother, has taken the boxing world by storm to this point with, most notably, his knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson on the Tyson v Jones undercard. Jake is slated to fight former MMA Star Askren on April 17th in what will be Askren’s boxing debut. Following that, though, it looks like Mayweather wants to take both Pauls out as he stated, “and if Jake can get past his next opponent Ben Asken, I will have an exhibition with him as well.” Mayweather went on in another post to take shots at the younger Paul and the way he treats African Americans.

Aside from the Pauls, Mayweather also issued a challenge to popular rapper Curtis Jackson better known as 50 Cent, who has had disagreements with Mayweather in the past. With the two taking verbal jabs at one another about reading capabilities and size. 50 Cent has no known professional boxing experience, but he trains with boxing often and boxed when he was a kid.

Mayweather is evidently looking to capitalize on the lure of celebrity boxing in order to make significant money, as recent payperview trends have proven that it is a viable alternative to other less lucrative bouts he could take. All three of his intended bouts shouldn’t give Mayweather too much of a challenge if he ultimately decides to fight each.

Jose Canseco’s Money Grab

On this past Friday night, at Barstool Sports boxing event, Rough N Rowdy, the headline bout was former MLB star Jose Canseco against Barstool Intern William Cotter, better known as Billy Football. The intern is a former college football player who has spent a bulk of his time in college working for Pardon My Take, a Barstool podcast. In the bout, Billy ambushed Canseco knocking him out in the first ten seconds. This led to many speculating Canseco took a dive and threw the bout, given he said he has had a shoulder tear for 3-4 months. Canseco has been a part of speculation about throwing bouts for money in the past, and this has furthered that even more.