Boxing Recap: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul go the distance

Tonight we saw the boxing match that has had the world buzzing. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather (50-0), returned for an exhibition matchup against internet celebrity Logan Paul (0-1).

Floyd Mayweather hadn’t been in a boxing ring since he defeated Conor McGregor back in 2017. Mayweather retired after that matchup, but when the opportunity came up to make potentially nine figures to box Logan Paul, Mayweather couldn’t say no.

This matchup was not sanctioned and there were no judges scoring the fight. The obvious reason why this boxing matchup was not being sanctioned was due to the massive size difference.

Floyd Mayweather is 5’8 and weighed in at 155 pounds. Logan Paul is 6’2 and he weighed in at 189 pounds for this matchup. Obviously, Mayweather’s boxing pedigree speaks for itself, but the same couldn’t be said about Logan Paul entering tonight.

Paul is athletic, strong, and he’s young. However, he’s only boxed twice with only one bout being official. In that one official fight, he lost to another celebrity, KSI. The only reason why there was a maybe in the result of this boxing matchup is the size difference.

Boxing Recap

Round 1

The boxing exhibition opened with a touch of the gloves. Paul moved forward with immediate pressure. A jab to the body starts the action from Logan Paul. Mayweather had his guard high as he started to download the movement of Logan Paul.

Paul kept throwing the jab as he held the center of the ring. Mayweather was against the ropes and Paul threw a nice hook to the body. Logan Paul swings with a massive right and Mayweather easily evades. Mayweather lands a nice right hand over the top as he circles.

Good check left hook from Mayweather and he’s getting his timing down. More pressure from Logan Paul and he leaps forward with a left hook. The two come together and Logan Paul starts swinging wild power hooks. More and more shots from Logan Paul and the round comes to a close. Likely 1-0 Logan Paul after one here in the boxing exhibition.

Round 2

Paul used a ton of energy at the end of the first round of this boxing matchup. More pressure from Logan Paul to start the second as he works the jab to the body of Mayweather. Mayweather comes forward with a jab up top.

Nice jabs land for Logan Paul and Mayweather smiles. A couple of jabs to the body land for Mayweather. Logan Paul throws a couple of power shots, but all he hits is air. A little pressure from Mayweather as he works his way inside. Mayweather smiles as Paul whiffs on another power shot.

Jab and right hand lands for Logan Paul. Mayweather comes forward with a jab, but he’s a bit out of reach. Paul comes forward with a left hook, but misses again. Not a ton of action here in the second and Logan Paul threw more, but missed a lot here in the second of this boxing exhibition.

Round 3

The two touch gloves to start the third round of this boxing matchup. Logan Paul is drenched in sweat and he’s breathing a little heavy to start in the third. Giant whiff on big uppercut from Logan Paul. Mayweather pushing forward here .

A lot of clinching here in the third with little throwing. Mayweather works his way in and Paul misses on several more big shots. Not a lot of action going on here in the third round as Mayweather continues to push forward.

A big smile on the face of Mayweather as he lands a right hand. Massive shots to the body lands for Mayweather and Paul is looking tired. Huge counter right lands for Mayweather and a clean uppercut lands. Money is coming on strong here in the third and Logan Paul is fading. All Mayweather here in the third round of this boxing matchup.

Round 4

Entering the fourth and Mayweather moves forward. Logan Paul is looking exhausted and boxing’s best is looking extremely confident. Mayweather is just touching Paul as Logan Paul is breathing heavy.

A couple of nice body shots land for Floyd Mayweather. Nice jab and right hook lands for Logan Paul. Mayweather looks annoyed by the shot and he starts plotting forward. Huge counter right lands for Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather with a massive left hook that snaps Logan Paul’s head back. Logan Paul is looking exhausted and Mayweather is taking over here. The fourth round comes to a close and it’s likely 2-2 here at the boxing exhibition.

Round 5

The second half of the fight starts and it’s all Mayweather right now. Logan Paul starts throwing his jab to start the striking here. Pressure from Mayweather and the two clinch. A 1-2 from Logan Paul hits nothing but glove. Huge left hook lands for Floyd Mayweather and Paul is against the ropes.

Two rips to the body land for Mayweather. Mayweather is pushing forward and Paul is recovering against the ropes. Mayweather takes the center and he lands a big counter right as Paul moves forward. Massive uppercut lands for Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather pushes forward and the two clinch. Uppercut lands for Mayweather. Right hand lands for Mayweather and Logan Paul looks exhausted. Lead left hook for Mayweather then more body shots. The boxing exhibition’s fifth round closes and Paul is on the ropes.

Round 6

The sixth round starts with more pressure from Money Mayweather. Paul throws a sloppy jab that misses. Left hook and right hand lands for Mayweather. Mayweather moves forward and Paul hugs him.

The two separate and Mayweather goes right back to the pressure. Logan Paul is doing nothing but clinching here in the sixth round. Mayweather is feinting, but not throwing as Logan Paul clinches him again.

Good body shot lands for Mayweather and Mayweather is working the body here. The two clinch again and there is very little action here. Good lead left hook lands for Mayweather. Pressure from Mayweather as the sixth round goes the distance.

Round 7

Entering the seventh round of this boxing exhibition and time is running out for a knockout. Logan Paul throws two jabs to start the striking here. More clinching to start the seventh round from Logan Paul.

I will say, Paul is throwing more here in the seventh as Mayweather is just defending and moving forward. Two minutes left in the round the two clinch once again without any shots landing. No shots being thrown by Mayweather in the seventh.

The two clinch again the crowd is becoming a little frustrated. A jab lands for Logan Paul and there’s 30 seconds left in the round. Mayweather moves forward, but again, he’s not throwing. The round comes to the end and it was probably the most underwhelming of the boxing exhibition.

Round 8

The crowd was booing entering the eighth round of this boxing exhibition. Mayweather plots forward and Logan Paul counters with a jab to the body. More jabs from Logan Paul in the first thirty seconds.

Mayweather pushes Paul against the ropes, but he eats a counter left hook. Good short left hook lands for Mayweather. Lots of booing from the crowd here and fans are starting to leave. The two men clinch again with less than two minutes to go.

Logan Paul blitzes and the two clinch again. The two clinch again before any punches land. One minute to go and nothing is happening, but clinching. No punches land before another clinch and more boos from the crowd. Good left hook lands for Mayweather with ten seconds left. The fight ends and there will be no winner in this one. Nothing but boos from the crowd here.

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