Why the New York Giants took a big risk on Wan’Dale Robinson in the 2nd round

Wan'Dale Robinson, giants

When the New York Giants drafted Wan’Dale Robinson out of Kentucky, they knew they were getting an explosive playmaker with electrifying capabilities. Robinson led Kentucky with 1,334 receiving yards, more than double the second option on the team, Josh Ali.

Despite being 5’8″ and 179 pounds, Robinson plays with more strength than his frame indicates. He’s extremely quick with the football in his hands, reminiscent of Kadarius Toney. Clearly, the Giants are looking for players who can make things happen in the open field via missed tackles. Luckily for them, Robinson ranked 6th in the entire country, with 22 missed tackles forced in 2021.

After the Giants drafted him, general manager Joe Schoen justified a move that seemed premature by most analysts and fans. Nobody had Robinson on their board in the 2nd round, but Big Blue saw a playmaker that could change the game in the blink of an eye, which is always valuable.

“Good football player we’ve had our eye on, generator with the ball in his hands, very good run after the catch, very good route runner, can separate,” general manager Joe Schoen said.

When looking at Robinson’s skill set, he comes off as an elite route runner at the apex. He’s capable of changing direction on a dime and keeping defenders off-balance. In addition, he’s extremely lethal on jet-sweeps, screen passes and even ranked 6th in college football with 16 deep catches.

He fits exactly what the Giants are trying to do on offense, likely increasing pre-snap motion tremendously from 7.5% last year under Jason Garrett’s leadership.

“And for what we are going to do offensively, we thought he would be a very good fit for us.”

Looking at some of his routes, you can see that Wan’Dale likes to run delayed releases in a stacked formation. He did this routinely against Georgia last season. Georgia is playing Cover-2 man with two deep safeties but manning up across the line of scrimmage.

Robinson delays his route to see which corner will be guarding him, putting up a lethal jab-step that moved the corner enough to expose his inside. That slight advantage allowed Robinson to win inside, and if not for a slip after the catch, he would’ve gone to the house.

In the next clip, Robinson gives me flashes of Kadarius Toney, who’s capable of disappearing when a defender is about to make a play. While the play here doesn’t go for many yards, his jab-step to the left completely turns around the defender, who otherwise is taken out of the play instantaneously.

If the Giants really want to modernize their offense, which seems obvious given their personal decisions, Robinson fits the bill perfectly. Throughout every game, Kentucky utilizes him often in pre-stop motion, getting him the ball whenever possible. If teams play off-ball coverage, Kentucky would swing the ball out on screen passes and let him work in open space.

Featuring Robinson and Toney on the field at the same time will be extremely lethal if schemed correctly. With Kenny Golladay demanding attention from opposing teams’ top corners, Toney and Robinson can take advantage of lesser matchups. They are extremely hard to stop in man coverage, especially in the earlier portions of the field, but they are also more than capable of getting downfield for big plays.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Robinson and Toney lining up in bunch-formations, confusing defenses on screen plays, but also more complex route concepts. Ultimately, Robinson will offer Daniel Jones an excellent security blanket underneath, boosting his numbers without having to do much. These players make quarterbacks look better since you can give them the ball and let them do all the work.

Another huge benefit is that Robinson has a positive health history. If Toney suffers any injuries, they won’t skip a beat on offense.

Report: Giants entertaining trade offers for another wide receiver

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

With drama circulating over the weekend regarding New York Giants receiver Kadarius Toney, another wide-out could be on the trade market as we quickly approach the NFL draft on Thursday.

According to Dan Duggan of The Athletic, the Giants have also been taking calls on Darius Slayton:

• Toney isn’t the only Giants receiver on the trading block. The team has also been shopping fourth-year receiver Darius Slayton, according to a source.

Trading Slayton is a lot more probable than parting ways with Toney, who would likely only return a mid-round selection after being drafted 20th overall in 2021. With red flags emerging regarding Toney’s work ethic, the expectation is that he will remain in East Rutherford for the foreseeable future, but Slayton’s time could be coming to an end if a team offers anything of value.

The more likely scenario is that Slayton is thrown in as part of a package deal, potentially with James Bradberry, who would save the Giants $11.7 million in salary space. General manager Joe Schoen has been working diligently to find a potential trade partner for Bradberry, despite speaking highly of him as a player and person during his most recent press conference.

Slayton, on the other hand, is coming off a down season with the Giants and entering his fourth year in the NFL. With his rookie contract preparing to end, Slayton tallied 339 yards last season after recording 751 in 2020. He posted just two touchdowns, earning five starts, down from 15 the year prior.

The biggest concern regarding Slayton is his drop rate, which hovered at 18.8% last year. His hands have progressively gotten worse over time, which is likely why the Giants view him as a liability rather than an asset at this point.

Considering Slayton was a fifth-round pick back in 2019, he may only garner a sixth-round selection for the Giants, but that’s one more swing of the bat for Schoen and Co.

Giants view Kadarius Toney as a ‘valuable asset,’ changing trade narrative

new york giants, kadarius toney

Over the weekend, rumors emerged that the New York Giants could potentially trade former first-round pick receiver Kadarius Toney. Toney has displayed a few red flags over the past year, but skipping out on voluntary practices under new leadership has been the most recent concern.

There’s an argument to be made that all players should be available and present for voluntary practices, as veteran receiver Kenny Golladay indicated.

However, Toney decided that the voluntary practices weren’t worth attending for whatever reason. General manager Joe Schoen indicated that players miss these practices for arbitrary reasons and that nobody asked about the other players on the roster that missed practice.

With that being said, rumors began to swirl regarding Toney’s availability on the open market, but the expected value for him was a mid-round draft selection.

Many on social media justified trading him for such a measly price tag, which would be malpractice considering the Giants spent the 20th overall pick on him just a year ago.

ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan tweeted on Monday that sources around the league confirmed that Toney is considered a “valuable asset” to the Giants, and they would want a significant return for him.

That is the right mentality to have for Schoen since giving up on an extremely talented player after just one year under poor management could be viewed as a step in the wrong direction. It is fair to allow head coach Brian Daboll and the new staff to rein in Toney and create a positive relationship with him, getting him back on track and focused on football.

The Giants will have plenty of time to evaluate Kadarius over the next few months, especially when mandatory practices roll around.

What’s a realistic return if the New York Giants are serious about trading Kadarius Toney?

kadarius toney, giants

With reports emerging the New York Giants could trade 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney this off-season, a major question presents itself: How much is he even worth?

When looking at Toney’s skill set, he has the capability to be elite, showcasing unparalleled quick-twitch movements and insane athletic ability. There aren’t many players, let alone humans, on this planet, that can move like Kadarius, but many are concerned over his character and commitment to football.

Toney has skipped out on all voluntary workouts up to this point, and some of his teammates are a bit concerned. Kenny Golladay stated this week that everybody should be at practice with a new head coach and management in place. Considering how important relationship building is to HC Brian Daboll, Toney may be doing himself a disservice, but his contract doesn’t require he attend these practices.

There’s no reason to believe management would simply move on from a player for missing voluntary workouts, considering they’ve already indicated they’re in contact with Toney and expect him to be there once mandatory workouts arrive.

Schoen even stated last month that they consider Toney an untradeable piece:

“I don’t think Kadarius is a tradable piece.”

“He’s a good, young player who our coaches really like.”

However, in the case the New York Giants are serious about trading Toney, what exactly can they get in return for him? Well, after spending the 20th overall pick last year on his services, some believe the most the Giants would be able to extract is a mid-round selection.

If GM Joe Schoen is willing to give up a player of his caliber for a third-round pick, there may be some serious issues bubbling behind the scenes.

Giving up on a talent like Toney without giving your coaching staff a chance to build a strong relationship is malpractice. Some have suggested that Toney had red flags during the pre-draft process last year, but he showed fight against the Dallas Cowboys and Saints, playing through a tremendous amount of pain after sustaining an ankle injury earlier on in the season.

That would indicate a strong desire to play and showcase his talents at the highest level, and giving up on that for a major loss is unadvisable. Unless a team is willing to give them good value in return, the Giants should stick by their guns and try to get the best out of their young receiver.

Report: Giants looking to trade 2021 1st round WR Kadarius Toney

kadarius toney, giants

Amid significant tension between the New York Giants and former 2021 first round receiver Kadarius Toney, a report has emerged that the team is looking to trade the second year pass catcher.

According to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, the Giants are taking calls regarding the availability of Toney, potentially looking to move him after the budding receiver skipped out on voluntary camp.

General manager Joe Schoen made it apparent that missing out on voluntary camp wasn’t a big deal during a press conference this week, but behind the scenes, they could be disappointed about his work ethic considering the change in coaching staff.

Last year, Toney represented one of the only bright spots on the Giants roster, tallying 420 yards and a 189-yard performance against the Dallas Cowboys in Weel 5.

Toney has had his fair share of red flags emerge, ranging from a fight at the end of the game against Dallas to significant injury problems. There are a few reasons the Giants might look to move on, but he showed flashes of star talent with Jason Garrett calling offensive plays, which should justify keeping them around for at least another season.

If the Giants are, in fact, looking to move on from Toney, it is most definitely because of his character at this point in time. However, this is a developing story and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Giants’ WR Kenny Golladay speaks out against players skipping voluntary workouts, but Joe Schoen doesn’t mind

new york giants, kenny golladay

The New York Giants hosted voluntary workouts this week under new management, with the majority of veteran players attending. However, the absence of second-year receiver Kadarius Toney has sparked a major debate on social media regarding his maturity.

Last off-season, Toney missed a few practices due to personal reasons, and it seems a similar situation is unfolding this year. The strange part is that Toney hasn’t made contact with the other receivers on the roster, as veteran wideout Kenny Golladay indicated on Wednesday afternoon.

Golladay stated that “everyone should be here” when it comes to voluntary practice, and he’s trying to take on a leadership role after signing up big four-year, $72 million contract with the Giants last off-season.

Golladay mentioned that he hadn’t spoken to Toney in a while, which is odd considering they play in the same position group and will likely be on the Giants for the next two years at least. Kenny still has three years left on his contract, but there’s always a possibility the Giants release him earlier on to save a bit of salary space.

Despite Golladay’s comments, general manager Joe Schoen hosted a press conference on Wednesday and was asked about the absence of Toney.

Schoen stated that the practices were voluntary and that things pop up in a person’s life that might stop them from attending such events. He also commented that nobody asked about the other players that were absent, just about Toney, given fans have raised a few red flags regarding his personality and actions.

Nonetheless, the more interesting scenario will be when mandatory minicamp begins and if Toney arrives healthy and ready to practice. If Toney fails to learn the playbook in time and struggles during the preseason, that will be a bigger cause for concern.

Giants News, 4/20: Kadarius Toney brewing concern over missed practice, Charles Cross rumors

kadarius toney, giants

When the New York Giants originally drafted Kadarius Toney with the 28th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, they viewed him as an electrifying playmaker with elite stop-and-go abilities.

Toney showed off those attributes throughout the 2021 season, enjoying a phenomenal performance against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5. He recorded 189 receiving yards with 18.9 yards per reception. While he failed to convert any of his receptions for a touchdown, he put multiple defensive stars on blast with his ankle-breaking shiftiness and agility.

However, Toney showed a bit of immaturity, throwing a punch at a Dallas defender late in the game, with the Giants losing by a few scores. That small red flag has sparked a debate regarding Toney’s immaturity, and the fact he hasn’t shown up to voluntary workouts this off-season is another sign that the Giants may have their work cut out for them.

It is fair to mention that voluntary training is just that, voluntary. Nothing in Toney’s contract stipulates he shows up to these practices, but it is a sign of goodwill for new head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen.

Many will likely be concerned about his absence, but who’s to say that Daboll isn’t communicating with Toney via video chat or text? It is possible that Toney is dealing with something serious regarding a family member or a problem in his personal life. Since we don’t know the full story, it is fair to keep assumptions to a minimum until proven otherwise.

Reports have indicated the New York Giants are intrigued by Mississippi State tackle Charles Cross:

According to Matt Miller of ESPN, the Giants are in “love” with Cross, who is considered the best pass protector in the entire draft class. The stand-out tackle earned an 86.7 overall grade, per PFF. Featured in 919 snaps last season, including 719 pass-blocking snaps and 200 run-blocking snaps. Cross is known for his pass protection but could be a liability as a run-blocking right tackle early in his career.

Last season, Cross gave up two sacks and 14 hurries but didn’t allow a quarterback hit, showcasing his quality. There is cause for concern, given he doesn’t have any experience at right tackle, but Giants OL Coach Bobby Johnson worked him out at RT during his Pro Day and came away impressed.

Realistically, the Giants would be happy to walk away with any of the top three offensive tackles in the 2022 draft class, but if they want to go with a pure pass protector who can upgrade that category immodestly at RT, Cross is undoubtedly a great prospect to target.

Giants’ HC Brian Daboll gushes over Kadarius Toney: ‘Fun guy to watch’

kadarius toney, giants

The New York Giants are preparing to do anything possible to improve their salary cap situation this off-season, which could include trading several impact players away. Options like Saquon Barkley and cornerback James Bradberry make the most sense in terms of gaining more draft capital and clearing money to spend this off-season, but some have even considered the idea of finding a partner for Kadarius Toney.

Giants’ new GM Joe Schoen indicated during the NFL Combine on Tuesday that the team would stick with Toney and had no plans of trading him, and head coach Brian Daboll mimicked that sentiment.

Daboll had previously scouted Toney during his time with the Buffalo Bills, hitting on his explosive playmaking capabilities.

“Fun guy to watch,’’ Daboll said, via the NY Post. “Quickness, speed, play-making ability, he was a guy we looked at when I was at Buffalo coming out of Florida, he made some really wild plays.’’

This past season, Toney struggled with injuries, specifically ankle. He played in just 10 games, totaling 420 yards, including one electrifying performance against the Dallas Cowboys, where he accrued 189 all-purpose yards, which accounted for almost half his total on the season.

There is no question that Toney possesses the lateral agility and elite athleticism to become a phenomenal receiver in the NFL, but it all depends on his health.

Daboll isn’t worried about Toney’s extracurricular activities regarding his music, even stating that Toney sends him songs from time to time as they begin to grow a relationship through text and FaceTime. Ignoring his musical endeavors, Daboll is giving every player on the team a fresh opportunity to prove they can be contributing factors moving forward because if not, the team will clearly not tolerate any more distractions.

“When you take over a new job and I hope that would be the case for any of us, you get a clean slate,’’ Daboll said. “Everybody’s new, we’re all starting from scratch here. And we’re gonna do this thing together. There will be certain expectations for the people in our building, one being a pro. You can give me 1,000 different definitions of what it means to be a pro. Being on time, working hard, all the things that we talk about. All these players and all the new coaches, including myself, it’s a clean slate.’’

Developing a scheme centered around player strengths, Daboll and new offensive coordinator Mike Kafka have already begun asking the important questions. The Buffalo Bills threw the ball about 70% of the time last season, and the Chiefs also feature a phenomenal passing game, so we should expect the Giants to utilize Toney in creative ways to maximize his electrifying skill set.

New York Giants: Kadarius Toney gets Tyreek Hill comparison from Victor Cruz

kadarius toney, giants

Headed into next season, it’s not clear which direction the New York Giants offense will take. The offense is no longer held back by Jason Garrett calling plays, and a new staff will mean a new direction. Of all the organizations worth imitating, the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most notable because of their recent success over the last years. The Chiefs offense has practically been the opposite of the Giants’ one in recent seasons, finishing near the top of the league while the Giants have consistently been near the bottom.

But according to former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, the team already has one receiver that fits the mold of a major Kansas City star.

Victor Cruz compares Kadarius Toney to Tyreek Hill

“I think if we can take some, some bits and pieces of that offense—and we have a guy like, you know like Tyreek Hill in Kadarius Toney that can work the middle of the field, that is quick and fast and can make some things happen–I would love to see a Kansas City Chiefs style offense come to the Giants,” Cruz told Sports Illustrated’s Patricia Traina on Thursday.

The Giants certainly do have a number of weapons to facilitate a Chiefs style offense after last offseason’s acquisition of both Toney and Kenny Golladay. But this season showed how those players can only do so much without an offensive line to protect the quarterback, and how relying on injury prone players can backfire.

It’s almost certain that the offensive playcalling will look very different after the season demonstrated almost exactly what not to do. But whether or not it moves to a more up-tempo and dynamic style depends not just on the new staff, but also whether the offensive line receives more talent.

What Toney needs to improve to live up to the comparison

Based on his play style and highlights, it’s not hard to see why Kadarius Toney has been compared to Tyreek Hill since entering the league. Both players are agile and don’t fit into the mold of one position easily, but obviously, Hill has had far more success in the league. It’s not an easy comparison to live up to, but Toney showed flashes of potential in his rookie year. Most notably, against the Cowboys when he put up year-high numbers and bailed out the offense more than once.

With that being said, one of the biggest differences between Hill and Toney doesn’t have to do with on the field play. Toney’s largest problem during his rookie season was injuries, as he only played in 10 games and was playing at less than 100% in some of them. Hill, on the other hand, appeared in every game for the Chiefs during the regular season.

It’s unclear whether this season was just filled with bad luck for Toney or whether these injuries are part of a larger trend, but it’s clear that staying on the field and getting more time in actual games is necessary for Toney to reach the high expectations that were placed on him when Dave Gettleman made the decision to draft a receiver in the first round.

How the New York Giants could turn Kadarius Toney into Deebo Samuel

kadarius toney, giants

The New York Giants finally cleaned house. General Manager Dave Gettleman retired and Head Coach Joe Judge was fired. Now the Giants are searching for a new GM to run the front office. John Mara also wants to entrust the general manager with finding the head coach. One of the most intriguing head coach and general manager duos is Adam Peters and Mike McDaniel. This combination could maximize the talents of the Giants’ personnel, particularly wide receiver Kadarius Toney.

Over in San Fransisco, the 49ers possess a talented player with a skill set similar to Kadarius Toney. That player is wide receiver, Deebo Samuel. Samuel has had a dominant season for the 49ers playing as a wide receiver/running back hybrid in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

Turning Kadarius Toney into Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel was a big-play threat this year, leading the NFL in yards per reception (18.2). Samuel totaled 77 receptions for 1405 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns this season. But the shifty receiver also took 59 carries for 365 yards and 8 rushing touchdowns in 2021.

This hyrbrid concept is something that the Giants toyed with this season. Occasionally, the Giants would line Kadarius Toney up in the backfield as a running back. Toney ran the ball only three times, though, as he struggled to even stay healthy and on the field. But the idea of playing multiple positions is not new to Kadarius. In college, Toney took 66 total carries in his four years with the Florida Gators, rushing for 580 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Kadarius Toney’s rushing ability is an aspect of his game that the Giants underutilized this season when their first-round pick took the field. The Giants could hire the San Fransisco 49ers-made GM and head coach duo of Adam Peters and Mike McDaniel this offseason. In that case, the Giants could plan on turning Kadarius Toney into a dynamic offensive weapon like Deebo Samuel.

The New York Giants are continuing to interview various general manager candidates in their search to replace Dave Gettleman. Adam Peters has gained a lot of popularity amongst the fanbase, as has head coach candidate Mike McDaniel. The idea of pairing those two together in New York is exciting, and could be just what the Giants need to revatilize their offense.

Kadarius Toney is an extremely talented, young player in the Giants’ offense. There is no coach more qualified to extract all of the talent out of Toney than the one involved with the emergence of Deebo Samuel: Mike McDaniel. This would be a bold direction for the Giants to take the team, but it is a direction that could pay off with a high-flying and explosive offense.