Kadarius Toney details how Giants offense will provide playmakers more freedom

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The New York Giants are rebuilding their offense. After a couple of years of ineptitude, new head coach Brian Daboll is determined to fix the Giants’ offense. He and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka were hired by the Giants after coaching two of the best offenses in the NFL, the Bills (Daboll) and the Chiefs (Kafka). Recently, wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Kadarius Toney discussed the exciting changes the team is implementing on offense.

Kadarius Toney is one of the most promising young players on the New York Giants. The 2021 first-round pick was explosive in his rookie season, though he struggled to stay on the field due to injuries. When on the field, though, Toney was an electric playmaker. He recently spoke about the changes he is seeing in the scheme, describing an offense with more freedom.

Toney describes “leeway” in new Giants offense

A chief complaint among Giants fans last season surrounded the predictability of the team’s offense. Frequently, the Giants would line up in 11-personnel and have all three of the wide receivers run curl routes. This was a head-scratching pattern that Giants fans voiced frustration about.

The days of curl-flats could finally be coming to an end. Kadarius Toney recently detailed how the Giants’ offense

“[The offense is] kind of like Florida in the way you have leeway in route-running and stuff like that,” second-year wideout Kadarius Toney said. “You’re able to just win. You don’t have to run the pen-and-paper version of your route every time. A lot of offensive coaches have the pen-and-paper mentality like you have to run it exactly like that every time. But Dabes gives us a lot of freedom, a lot of leeway to win. That’s the object of playing football — to win. He just gives that option.” – Kadarius Toney via NFL.com

After mandatory minicamp, it has been made clear: the New York Giants will be running a far more creative offense in 2022. Saquon Barkley has reportedly been used more as a receiver and in motion during practices. Now, Toney and Shepard have detailed an offense that will generate more explosive plays and give playmakers leeway while running routes. Kadarius Toney is primed for a breakout sophomore season under the toolage of Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka.

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