New York Giants: Drafting Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith only makes Darius Slayton better

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

The New York Giants are pondering who to select with the eleventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. An argument has risen on Giants Twitter based on the team’s reported interest in top prospects. Fans are debating, should the Giants take one of the draft’s top wide receivers or one of the draft’s top cornerbacks?

One of the arguments against drafting a wide receiver with the eleventh overall pick is that the Giants already have a competent receiving corps. New York signed Kenny Golladay as its top receiving option this offseason. Opposite of him will be Darius Slayton in his third season. The dependable Sterling Shepard will move back into the slot.

On paper, that is a solid receiving trio. Behind the top three are a couple of quality depth options in John Ross and Dante Pettis. Fans are arguing that Darius Slayton is a quality secondary outside receiver, which is why the Giants should address a different position of need with their first draft pick. However, I will make a counterargument. Drafting an elite wide receiver talent at eleven overall will serve to maximize Darius Slayton’s talents and give Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense all the tools possible to find success in 2021.

How Darius Slayton benefits from the Giants going receiver at eleven

There are two elite wide receiver talents that the Giants are reportedly interested in at eleven overall. Alabam wideouts Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle. Devonta Smith was this year’s Heisman Trophy winner and is an elite talent that shattered records in 2020 at Alabama. Jaylen Waddle is considered by some to be the best wide receiver in this year’s draft class thanks to his game-breaking speed and rare athletic traits.

Darius Slayton is currently projected to be the Giants’ number two receiving option as their “Z” receiver. If the Giants were to draft Waddle or Smith, they would move into that number two role opposite of Golladay while Shepard continues to hold down the slot. This means Darius Slayton would fall to number four on the Giants’ receiver list.

Some view that as a negative for Big Play Slay. I think that this influx of additional receiver talent would benefit Darius Slayton and the Giants’ offense as a whole. Having four talented, starting-level receivers on the roster would allow the Giants to run more 14-personnel and four or five receiver sets. This would stretch opposing defenses’ secondaries thin, forcing a team’s fourth-string cornerback to be tasked with guarding Darius Slayton, a potential WR2 on some teams.

It is difficult to find depth at the cornerback position, similarly to wide receiver. But the pick of a wide receiver at eleven would give the Giants tremendous depth at the position to roast opposing secondaries lacking cornerback depth. Darius Slayton is likely talented enough to toast most fourth-string cornerbacks in the NFL on a play-by-play basis.

How Daniel Jones benefits, too

Additionally, having so much wide receiver talent on the roster and on the field at the same time makes life a whole lot easier for Daniel Jones. The Giants’ receivers struggled to gain separation and make plays for Jones in 2020. With such an influx in talent in 2021, that problem would dissipate and Daniel Jones would enjoy slinging the rock to a group of playmakers that could outmatch nearly any secondary in the NFL.

New York Giants Draft Rumor: Eagles looking to leap-frog Big Blue for stud wide receiver

New York Giants, Jaylen Waddle

The best thing the New York Giants can do in the 2021 NFL draft is remain patient with the 11th overall pick. Ultimately, there could be as many as five quarterbacks off the board in the top 10 selections, which would allow one of the best non-quarterback prospects in the draft to fall to Big Blue, so sitting pretty and letting the draft unfold in front of them is the most efficient process.

However, while the Giants should sit still, other teams are active, and the latest to be rumored to make a move are the Philadelphia Eagles.

Per Ben Standig of The Athletic:

As for the trade market, the Eagles are exploring a move into the top 10 despite having just dropped from No. 6 to No. 12. Having acquired a first-round pick in 2022 from the Dolphins, the Eagles could move up and still net more assets.

If one of the top receivers falls to the 9-10 range, the Eagles could pounds and steal a desired pick from the Giants. After already trading back from 6 to 12, they gained a first-round draft pick in 2022 and would likely have to give up far less to move up a few spots and get their receiver of choice. They would walk away winners in that scenario, potentially landing Jaylen Waddle out of Alabama, who is considered by some as the top pass catcher in the draft class.

Having to deal with Waddle for the next few years, if not more, would be tough for the Giants, who just signed Adoree Jackson to fill their vacant CB2 position. He is on a three-year, $39 million deal, a lofty contract despite his riddled injury history.

The Giants have a defense capable of mitigating Waddle’s influence on a contest, but keeping him out of Philadelphia would be an ideal scenario. If he did fall to the Giants at 11, he would be an easy selection, with Tyreek Hill speed and incredible potential.

If Philadelphia did, in fact, jump ahead of the Giants, Waddle’s teammate DeVonta Smith might fall instead. He is another receiver who is considered a homerun selection, despite his lack of size. Smith is arguably the best receiver in college history, finishing 2020 with 1856 yards and 24 total touchdowns. Smith is not only a stellar receiver, but he is as clutch as they come, completely dominating Ohio State in the National Championship game this past year.

No matter how you look at this scenario, the Giants walk away winners, it’s just a matter of who they will have to face in the future in the NFC East. There are rumors that Washington could move up and grab a quarterback, so for now, we just have to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

The top prospects that the New York Giants cannot pass on at eleven overall

The New York Giants have set themselves up to have an abundance of options with the eleventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. New York used to have a couple of glaring needs to address with their first-round pick. Before free agency, nearly everyone assumed that the Giants would add an offensive playmaker or possibly an outside cornerback in the first round. After the Giants signed Kenny Golladay and Adoree Jackson, that assumption changed.

Now the Giants can simply select the best player available at eleven overall. Or they could address a different position of need. They are no longer pigeon-holed into selecting a wide receiver. Yet, they still could, if they wanted to, in theory.

There might be some wide receiver prospects that the Giants cannot pass on at eleven overall. But there are prospects at other positions that are also “must-draft” prospects if on the board for the Giants. These “must-draft” prospects are few and far between and also unlikely to fall to eleven. But if one of them does, the Giants know what they need to do.

Must-draft prospects at eleven overall

There are a couple of quarterbacks that no team can pass on. But the Giants are not in a position to draft them, so let’s move on to the realistic “must-draft” options at eleven.

The premiere protector

Penei Sewell is very unlikely to drop to eleven. The Oregon left tackle prospect has been given the “generational prospect” tag by some scouts and seems like a top-five lock. However, he has dropped to eleven in some rare mock drafts. And it is not completely outside of the realm of possibilities that he falls outside the top ten. A team could value Rashawn Slater above Sewell, causing Sewell to drop a few extra spots. Plus, there are a bunch of offensive weapons that will likely go in the top ten. And there are about four quarterbacks expected to be drafted in the top ten. So it is possible that Sewell can be the forgotten man that gets pushed down the board. If Penei Sewell falls in the Giants’ laps at eleven, they sprint to the podium with his name on their draft card.

The offensive weapons

Speaking of those offensive weapons, there are a couple of playmakers that the Giants should not pass up on to draft a position of need. Wide receiver is no longer a pressing need, but if the Giants have the ability to draft the likes of Kyle Pitts, Jaylen Waddle, or Ja’Marr Chase, they have to pull the trigger.

Kyler Pitts has the potential to be a Hall of Fame tight end. Jaylen Waddle is the top wide receiver prospect on The Draft Network’s board, due to his game-breaking speed and ability to separate on routes. Ja’Marr Chase just blew everyone away with his sub 4.38s 40-yard dash time to match his NFL-ready skillset as an outside receiver. For these reasons, these three players are unlikely to be available at eleven. But if they are there, they would be incredible additions that would transform the Giants’ offense.

The dynamic defender

The Giants have a clear need at edge rusher on their roster. However, there are no top-ten locks at the position in this year’s draft class. There is a defender in this class, though, that is an obvious top-ten talent. But he is not a top-ten lock. Micah Parsons is an incredible linebacker prospect that has fallen down draft boards due to some off-the-field rumors and allegations.

Micah Parsons has elite pass-rushing and run-stuffing ability as an off-ball linebacker. He might not be a stud in pass coverage, but given his athletic ability, he has room to grow in that regard with limitless potential. Parsons could be a prospect that turns the Giants’ defense into a top-five unit in the league. He might be a player that gets skipped over due to the off-the-field concerns, but if those boxes are checked off then his talent is too good to pass up at eleven overall.

New York Giants: The Draft Network names wide receiver as number one need

New York Giants, Devonta Smith

Going into the NFL Draft as well as free agency, the New York Giants have more than one need they need to fill before they can take a step forward. They did nearly make it into the playoffs in 2020, but a lot of luck was involved for them to stay in the race and the Giants can’t count on that again this year. However, while their need to add talent is clear, it’s not so clear just where that talent needs to go.

We can, however, get some idea of which areas the Giants might be looking at just from looking at the tape last season. The Draft Network, one of the better outlets breaking down draft prospects every year, did just that and came up with a list of positions the Giants need to address – receiver was at the top of it.

Taking a look at the options

Without a true No. 1 receiver, Jones and the entire New York offense struggled to put together drives all year in 2020. Filling that role in free agency or the draft could boost Jones’ performance and confidence, in turn benefiting the entire Giants offense.

Kenny Golladay is a great fit here in free agency, and after trade deadline rumors linking him with the Giants, it’s likely New York is continuing to look at Golladay as one of their options.

Golladay has been a thousand yard receiver for the past couple years when he’s been healthy, but his availability is in question. It looks like the Giants have the highest chance of picking up a playmaker through the draft, where there’s a number of highly rated receiver prospects such as Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle.

It’s likely that one or two of these players will be off the board by the time the Giants pick at number eleven overall, but considering the depth at the position in this class, they have a chance to get a quality playmaker that will help Daniel Jones regardless. Assuming, of course, the Giants go the orthodox route and take a receiver – under Dave Gettleman, you never quite know if they’ll take the expected path, after all.

New York Giants named a top landing spot for Jaylen Waddle by Pro Football Focus

New York Giants, Jaylen Waddle

The New York Giants are in the market for new playmakers. After the Giants’ offense averaged only 17.5 points per game in 2020, general manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara promised to add playmakers to New York’s offense this offseason. This has led man to assume that the Giants will be drafting a wide receiver with the eleventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

This year’s draft class is loaded with wide receiver talent. At the top are three blue-chip prospects that could all potentially be drafted in the top ten. Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, and Ja’Marr Chase are all elite wide receiver prospects. If one of these players falls to the Giants at eleven, New York should not even hesitate to draft them.

But which wide receiver prospect should be the Giants’ number one target? According to Pro Football Focus, Jaylen Waddle and the Giants are a perfect prospect-team pairing. PFF’s Anthony Treash named the Giants Jaylen Waddle’s best landing spot.

Why Jaylen Waddle and the Giants are a perfect match

The Giants are in need of a dynamic receiving threat to help Daniel Jones have his year-three breakout season. Jaylen Waddle could be that receiver for Big Blue. One of Waddle’s main selling points to the Giants is his elite, game-changing speed. The Giants do not have a guy on their roster that possesses the speed that Waddle does.

PFF Anthony compared Waddle’s speed to that of Henry Ruggs III, a prospect who teams fell in love with after he recorded a 4.27s 40-yard-dash time at last year’s NFL Scouting Combine.

The things that make Waddle such a good prospect match the things that Daniel Jones does well as a quarterback. Waddle’s speed makes him a premiere vertical threat. The Giants’ offense lacked vertical threats in 2020, but they did have a quarterback that threw the ball deep with great efficiency. Daniel Jones earned the third-best passing grade on passes thrown over 20 yards downfield, per PFF.

Jaylen Waddle did not play a full season in 2020 as he suffered a season-ending injury after only 4 games. But in those games he played, Jaylen was incredible and was on pace to have a phenomenal season. Waddle was that deep threat that Jones needs, totaling 329 deep receiving yards over those four contests. He finished the season with 591 yards and 4 touchdowns and established himself as arguably the top receiver in this year’s draft class.

Is we inch closer to the NFL Draft in April, the boards will continue to shift and prospects will see their stocks rise and fall. Waddle is a player unlikely to make it out of the top ten, but if he is on the board for the Giants with the eleventh overall pick, he would be a home-run selection.

New York Giants: Mel Kiper now sees Big Blue taking Jaylen Waddle at 11

New York Giants, Jaylen Waddle

The New York Giants need to add playmakers to the offense. But no one is quite sure yet how they’re going to go about it. They hold the number eleven pick in the draft, but there’s no guarantee the player they want is available. Even if there are high level players available, it’s also unknown if the Giants want to take a receiver or add further depth at tight end with Kyle Pitts.

According to Mel Kiper Jr., however, the Giants going receiver and taking Jaylen Waddle is the safest prediction. Waddle is, of course, the second biggest name coming out of Alabama at the position next to DeVonta Smith. But with Smith being one of the first receivers projected off the board, there’s a higher chance of Waddle being available by pick number eleven.

Can the Giants get Daniel Jones a No. 1 receiver? He has had Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton and tight end Evan Engram as his top targets the past two seasons, and they’ve struggled with inconsistency and staying on the field. Now is the time to get a full evaluation of Jones. If they don’t wade into the free-agent waters, Waddle is the best option at No. 11. He is the top deep threat in this class and is electric with the ball in his hands.

Interestingly, Kiper sees Pitts flying off the draft board to the Jets as one of the highest drafted tight ends ever, and DeVonta Smith and Ja’Marr Chase becoming high end draft picks too. With all of those players off the board, it would make a lot of sense for the Giants to take Waddle.

A player held back by injury

Waddle looks like a better prospect than his raw statistics might indicate. Last season, he played in six games and had 28 receptions for 591 yards and four touchdowns. However, he was supposed to do more than that. He went out with a bad ankle injury and this prevented him from being able to add to his accomplishments in his final college season.

Even if Waddle’s injury pushes him down to number eleven, it’s important to realize the Giants would still be getting one of the top receivers from one of the most talented teams in the country. And if Waddle had been able to play a full season, his performance may very well have boosted him above other prospects to a higher draft value.

If most of the other top playmakers are off the board, it might come down to the Giants either taking Waddle or a defensive prospect like Gregory Rousseau – but with the offense struggling more than the defense last year, it’s hard to imagine the Giants not trying to address that through the draft.

Should the New York Giants double dip at wide receiver in free agency and the draft?

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants are in need of offensive reinforcements. General manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara promised fans that they would fix the offense this offseason. Finding weapons for Daniel Jones is going to be a top priority for the Giants and their front office.

Fortunately, there will be a boat load off offensive talent available this offseason. In free agency there will be numerous top-tier wide receivers that could hit the open market. This year’s NFL Draft class is also loaded with wide receiver and tight end talent. The Gaints have no excuses. They will have every opportunity to find an offensive playmaker this offseason, and they better take advantage.

Many fans and analysts are predicting that the Giants will sign a big-name wide receiver in free agency, like Kenny Golladay. This opens things up for the Giants and their draft strategy. Landing a playmaker in free agency would allow the Giants to focus on different positions, maybe even on defense, in the first round of the NFL Draft.

But what if the Giants did not alter their draft strategy in such a way? What if the Giants went best player available at eleven overall, whether that is an offensive playmaker or not? Well, the best player could potentially be one of the draft’s top wide receiver talents, such as Devonta Smith, JaMarr Chase, or Jaylen Waddle. The Giants could potentially double dip at the wide receiver position in the NFL Draft after signing a wide receiver in free agency.

Who could the Giants sign in free agency?

It seems like a very likely scenario for the Giants to land wide receiver Kenny Golladay in free agency. The only thing that could potentially stop Golladay from hitting the open market is if the Lions use their franchise tag on him. Golladay has already declined a lucrative contract offer from Detroit.

If Kenny Golladay hits the free agent market, the Giants should make signing him a top priority. The Giants had interest in trading for Kenny Golladay back in October. They inquired but no deal was made. Now, the impending free agency could be the Giants’ top target in free agency, and many analysts believe he will be. Many analysts are predicting that the Giants will, in fact, sign Kenny Golladay.

But even if New York does not land Kenny Golladay, there are other great wide receivers they could pursue. Names like Cory Davis and Curtis Samuel stand out as slightly cheaper options with different playing styles. Still, these players could be huge additions in the Giants’ pitiful, 17.5 points per game offense.

Double dipping in the draft

Assuming the Giants accomplish their mission and land a wide receiver in free agency, the likely next step would be to address a different position in the draft. But New York could go a different route and completely overhaul their offense. The Giants could double dip at the wide receiver position in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, depending on how the board shapes out.

If a player like Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith were on the board at eleven, those would be premiere offensive talents, extremely difficult to pass up on. Regardless of who the Giants sign in free agency, they should strongly consider drafting one of these top wide receiver talents if they have the chance to.

A wide receiver corpse featuring Kenny Golladay, Jaylen Waddle, and Sterling Shepard would be dominant. The more playmakers the better for Daniel Jones entering his third season.

Kenny Golladay is an elite wide receiver that could go for one thousand receiving yards and make plays at every level of the field. Jaylen Waddle has a ceiling so high no one can see it and could be a game-changing playmaker to stretch the field for the Giants’ offense. Sterling Shepard, now a savvy veteran, would be that underneath option to get open and make scrappy plays. The Giants cannot forget about Darius Slayton as well, who, in this scenario, would be an incredible fourth receiving option.

Throw this group of playmakers in alongside Saquon Barkley and the Giants’ offense could go from worst to first in a year. Sure, drafting a stud cornerback or edge rusher would be beneficial for the Giants’ defense in round one, especially if they sign a wide receiver in free agency. But if the Giants are going “best player available,” they cannot pass up on one of the top three wide receiver talents in this year’s draft. The Giants’ offense could receive a massive overhaul and turn things around in one short offseason.

New York Giants: 2 offseason additions to overhaul the offense

New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants need to allocate resources toward the offense this off-season, one way or another. Whether they look to free agency to acquire a wide receiver or the 2021 NFL draft, co-owner John Mara has already indicated they will be making moves.

Considering the offense ranked 31st in the NFL last season in points per game, at 17.5, we can assume the majority of their capital will go toward bolstering the unit. Second-year quarterback Daniel Jones had very little to work with, and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett did him very little favors.

While Sterling Shepard represents a solid WR2, they desperately need a receiver who commands more attention and the return of Saquon Barkley should only help. This off-season presents a fantastic opportunity to add significant pieces, and with the expectation that the Giants will have a top 10 defense in 2021, as long as their offense is average, they should be a playoff-caliber team.

Free agency holds multiple options they can consider, as well as the draft. Let’s take a look at one combination that would completely overhaul their offense this off-season.

Two offseason additions to overhaul the New York Giants’ offense:

1.) Kenny Golladay

It is no secret the New York Giants need a big body on the outside that Daniel Jones can rely on. Detroit Lions receiver Kenny Golladay could fit that role perfectly, as he stands at 6-foot-4 and 214 pounds. At just 27 years old, Golladay is coming off a tough season where he played just five games. However, he posted 338 yards and two scores during that small timeframe. In 2019, he earned a Pro Bowl appearance, remaining healthy the entire year and earning 1,190 yards and 11 scores.

With the cap expected to drop this off-season considerably, teams are going to have to cut bait. The Lions have fully committed to a long-term rebuild, so retaining Golladay might not be the most cost-efficient option. With that being said, if he hits free agency, he might be looking for a one-year, prove-it deal; that way, he can cash in, in 2022, when the salary rises again post COVID-19.

His ability to haul in balls in man-coverage and represent an elite deep threat for Jones makes him a perfect fit for the Giants‘ scheme under Jason Garrett. With Allen Robinson expected to land $18+ million per season as the top receiver on the market, Golladay will likely be a bit cheaper and represent ample value, given he remains healthy.

2.) Jaylen Waddle

The Giants have the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, so there’s a fantastic chance one of the top three receivers drops to them. If that receiver happens to be Jaylen Waddle out of Alabama, the Giants shouldn’t think twice. Waddle is an elite play-maker with electrifying abilities in the open fields, and he would complement Golladay perfectly from a Z/slot position.

Waddle is best utilized with pre-snap motion, shifting him and giving him the momentum to beat man coverage and avoid press. Unfortunately, a significant ankle injury disrupted his 2020 season, but he is a stellar prospect with Henry Ruggs speed and even better route running abilities. He is a player you design your offense around, and adding Golladay plus the return of Saquon Barkley would make the Giants’ offense intimidating. It would truly be an overhaul compared to the disgrace they put on the field in 2020.

New York Giants: How would drafting Jaylen Waddle transform the offense?

New York Giants, Jaylen Waddle

It is no secret that the New York Giants have one of the weakest offenses in the NFL, based on their 17.5 points per game during the 2020 season. Losing star running back Saquon Barkley in weaken 2 against the Chicago Bears significantly hurt their chances at even mediocrity. Coordinator Jason Garrett struggled to get things going with a lack of talent. While he did manage to spur a decent run game, which averaged 110.5 points per game behind a suspect offensive line, the passing game ranked 29th in the NFL in yards per game at 189.1.

Second-year quarterback Daniel Jones threw just 11 touchdowns, one year after throwing 24 in his rookie campaign. While Garrett didn’t do himself any favors regarding his passing attack, the running game earned him another season, most likely.

However, this off-season represents a great opportunity for the Giants to upgrade the receiving corps, whether it be in free agency or in the NFL draft. There are a bevy of FA options, including elite targets like Allen Robinson and second-level options such as Corey Davis and Kenny Golladay.

Three premium level receivers could fall to New York when it comes to the draft, but it is unlikely that Ja’Marr Chase and DeVonta Smith make it to the 11th overall pick. The Giants, though, could watch Alabama standout Jaylen Waddle fall right into their laps, given he dealt with an ankle injury during the 2020 season, which significantly affected his statistical output.

How Waddle could transform the New York Giants offense:

Waddle is an intriguing prospect, composed of elite athleticism and defense-destroying speed. At 5-foot-10 and 182 pounds, he’s not an imposing receiver by means of his frame and size, but he is slightly faster than Henry Ruggs and is capable of running an offense that is designed to get him open. If you are unfamiliar with Ruggs, he ran a 4.27 40-yard dash in 2020, blowing the top off of defenses regularly during his rookie campaign.

Believe it or not, Waddle is an even more exciting prospect, based on his route running capabilities and versatile attributes. With consistent hands and fantastic body control, utilizing him in the slot or Z receiver alignment is how a team like the Giants can maximize his potential.

Before suffering an ankle injury this past season, he posted 591 yards and four scores over just six games. He was averaging 21.1 yards per reception, indicating his ability to pick up yards after the catch and make tacklers miss in the open field. Essentially, from the Z stance, he’s lined up a few feet from the line of scrimmage, making it incredibly hard for corners to press him. By using his speed, he can avoid contact and blow by them, creating significant separation, something the Giants have lacked.

He is a player that benefits from schemes that utilize pre-snap motion and bunch wide receiver sets. Waddle plays extremely similarly to Tyreek Hill in the sense that he moves around the backfield pre-snap regularly and creates separation instantaneously. Offering Daniel Jones a weapon like Jaylen would not really help his ability in the short/intermediate zones but also push the field up the seams and spray-fade routes, a route that Garrett loves to utilize from the slot/Z alignment.

The attention a player like Waddle will command also opens up the running game, and having a back like Saquon is a perfect combo. Athleticism and natural traits are not something you can teach, and Waddle has so much more than that. He would be a fantastic selection if he drops to the 11th pick, and he would like the revolutionize the Giants’ offense.


The Alabama product is also a phenomenal return man, especially on punts. While the Giants do have several options in that category, take a look at this clip for a nice surprise!

New York Giants could find desired receiving threat in second round of 2021 NFL Draft

new york giants, terrace marshall

The New York Giants will be in the market for a wide receiver this offseason. Both general manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara promised to add playmakers to the offense this “roster-building” season. New York will certainly be targeting a receiving threat in free agency or the draft if they are not able to sign a top-tier playmaker.

Many Giants fans are in consensus agreement that their team needs to spend their eleventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on a wide receiver. While the position is certainly a great need for New York, they should not feel like it is first round or nothing at wide receiver. There are a few enticing receiving options for the Giants to consider in the second round.

Second-round wide receiver targets

There are a few talented wide receivers that the New York Giants could target in the second round of the draft. The 2021 is a class loaded with premium wide receiver talent. This gives the Giants more opportunities to find their playmaker.

There are three wide receivers who are seemingly locked in as top-fifteen draft picks; Devonta Smith, Jaylen Waddle, and Ja’Marr Chase. But outside of this big three, there are other exciting receiver prospects that could be available down the line.

Terrace Marshall Jr.

The LSU wide receiver getting all the buzz leading up to the draft is Ja’Marr Chase. Chase was dominant in 2019, totaling an insane  1,780 receiving yards with 20 receiving touchdowns. But Chase was also playing alongside another playmaker in the LSU receiving corpse.

Terrace Marshall Jr. played that complimentary, WR2 role in LSU’s offense in 2019. As the secondary receiver, Terrace recorded 671 yards and 13 touchdowns. Moving into a more expanded role in 2020, Marshall was legit, racking up 731 yards and 10 touchdowns in only 7 games.

Marshall averaged more than 100 receiving yards per game as the primary target in LSU’s 2020 offensive attack. Terrace has something that the receivers on the Giants’ roster do not have: size. New York’s tallest starting receiver is Darius Slayton at 6 feet 1 inch, 190 pounds. Terrace Marshall is 6 feet 3 inches, 200 pounds. Marshall could be a solid big-body outside wide receiver option for the Giants, something they are currently lacking in their offensive scheme.

According to Joe Marino of The Draft Network, Terrace Marshall Jr. “offers terrific size, physicality, hands, ball skills, run after catch ability, route-running skills, and overall technical-refinement.” Terrace would be a perfect fit for the Giants if they go wide receiver in round two.

Rondale Moore

The Giants could go a totally different route, though, at wide receiver in the second round. Rondale Moore is another excellent talent, but with a totally different playing style. Rather than being a big-bodied, physical wide receiver like Terrace Marshall Jr., Rondale Moore is an explosive, speedy option in round two.

Playing at Purdue for the last three years, Rondale is listed at only 5 feet 9 inches and has drawn comparisons to elite Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Moore has reportedly ran a 4.33s forty-yard dash at Minnesota, giving him elite speed downfield.

Moore is a tough sell in round one, though, for good reason. Rondale is explosive and has elite athletic traits. But he has not been able to stay healthy throughout his collegiate career. Moore has dealt with lingering lower-body injuries since 2018 and missed the majority of the 2019 season. In 2020, Rondale opted out, then back into the season, but played in only three games. There has not been a lot of clarification as to the reason why he missed so much time in 2020. Moore could be injured, or could be healthy. He is likely injured, but there has been no confirmation.

Rondale Moore is interesting because he has an extremely high, atrium ceiling. But he also has a terrifyingly low, Mariana Trench floor. Will Rondale Moore ever be able to stay healthy and reach his potential? That is the crucial question. He has all of the elite athletic traits that creative playcallers dream about. But Moore’s inability to stay on the field might keep teams from taking a chance on him early on in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Drafting Rondale Moore would add another element currently foreign to the Giants’ offense. The Giants do not have a guy with game-breaking speed like Moore possesses. He is truly electric and could change the way New York’s offense attacks if they decide to take a chance on this risky round two prospect.