After suffering a setback at UFC 264, what’s next for Wonderboy Thompson?

This past Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 264, we saw a pivotal matchup in the welterweight division. Two former title challengers battled it out as Gilbert Burns (20-4) took on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-5-1).

For Wonderboy, this was the first time the UFC was giving him an opponent ranked above him since his title fights with Tyron Woodley. Over the last couple of years, Thompson has had to play the gatekeeper role at 170 pounds.

Wonderboy was being looked at as one of the guys who could potentially give Kamaru Usman problems. Thompson’s unique style and movement make him a tough puzzle for anyone in the UFC‘s welterweight division.

The big question going into this fight would be whether or not Burns could take Wonderboy down. In the first round, Burns was able to. However, in the second round, Wonderboy kept it standing and controlled the range.

Heading into the final round, all three judges at UFC 264 had it even. Wonderboy rocked Burns early and was dominating the standup. However, Burns got the fight to the mat and controlled Wonderboy for the entire second half which gave him the decision win.

What’s next after UFC 264?

This was a really tough loss for Wonderboy Thompson. The fight was right there for him if he could have just stayed on his feet in the third round at UFC 264. The fight looked like it was trending in the right direction before the final takedown.

Now, Wonderboy goes back to the drawing board. It is worth noting that I don’t believe Wonderboy really loses a lot of ground after Saturday night. In fact, in the updated UFC rankings, Wonderboy is still ranked fourth in the division.

To me, the 38 year old still has plenty in the tank and I could still see him getting one more crack at the title in the future under the right circumstances. So, where does he go from here. Well, one potential option would be a rematch with Jorge Masvidal (35-15).

Wonderboy defeated Masvidal and Gamebred has long talked about them fighting again. However, I think the UFC has other plans for Masvidal. If I’m going to pick out a guy who I think is the most realistic and a perfect opponent, I’m going to say Neil Magny (25-8).

Magny has won four out of five and he’s currently ranked eight in the division. He needs a top opponent and Wonderboy is going to need a dance partner. Pair the two up and the winner is right in the mix.

After bouncing back at UFC 264, what’s next for Gilbert Burns?

This past Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 264 we saw a crucial matchup in the welterweight division. Former title challengers went head-to-head as Gilbert Burns (20-4) took on Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-5-1).

A big question going into UFC 264 is would Gilbert Burns be able to take down Wonderboy. Wonderboy’s striking and unique style was set to give Burns problems on the feet and I figured if the fight stayed at range, Wonderboy would pick up the win.

When the fight was at range, that’s exactly what happened. Wonderboy got the better of the striking, however, he didn’t win the fight. Gilbert Burns did a fantastic job of using his wrestling in the first and third rounds.

While Wonderboy had his moments, Burns was able to take Wonderboy down and hold him there at UFC 264. Burns became the first man to really control Wonderboy in the manner that he did which was incredibly impressive.

There were a lot of boos at UFC 264 and the fight certainly wasn’t sexy for the fans, but it was a big moment for Burns. Burns bounced back from his failed attempt to capture the title and solved one of the most difficult puzzles in the welterweight division.

What’s next after UFC 264?

After the fight was over, Burns took to the microphone to make a callout. There were three names on the mind of Gilbert Burns after his victory on Saturday night. Those three names were Jorge Masvidal (35-15), Nate Diaz (20-13), and Leon Edwards (19-3, 1 NC).

I think it’s a safe assumption that we can throw out Nate Diaz as an option here. With that, I think we’re looking at the UFC potentially booking Burns against either Masvidal or Leon Edwards.

With Burns coming off of a win, it would make the most sense to have him fight Leon Edwards and perhaps pair Wonderboy with Masvidal. However, what could throw a wrench into everything is if the UFC books Masvidal against Leon Edwards which has been discussed internally.

If the promotion goes in that direction, we would then look at the Michael Chiesa (18-4) – Vicente Luque (20-7-1) fight which takes place next month. Luque and Burns are best friends and training partners. If Chiesa wins next month, perhaps Burns takes on Chiesa in a title eliminator. Many options currently out there for Durinho.

Gilbert Burns uses takedowns to defeat Wonderboy at UFC 264

In the co-main event of UFC 264, we saw a pivotal matchup between top welterweight contenders. Former title challengers Gilbert Burns (19-4) and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-4-1) went head-to-head as both looked to get another crack at the welterweight strap.

UFC 264 was the first time we’ve seen Gilbert Burns since his failed attempt to capture the title back in February. After a good start, Burns faded and he was ultimately stopped by Kamaru Usman in the third round of their title fight.

That was the first time that Burns had lost at 170 pounds. Prior to that, Burns looked like a buzzsaw in the UFC‘s welterweight division. Burns possesses great speed and power on the feet to go along with his world class jiu jitsu.

Since late 2019, Stephen Thompson has played the role of gatekeeper in the UFC‘s welterweight division. First it was Vicente Luque and then he fought Geoff Neal in December.

Both of those guys looked to be the rising contenders, but Thompson dominated them both. The UFC‘s “NMF” was looking to beat Burns tonight to secure his third shot at the welterweight title.

UFC 264 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 264 co-main event started with a touch of the gloves. Burns takes the center as Wonderboy starts with his wide stance from the outside. Low kick from Wonderboy starts the striking in the opening minute.

Burns tries a blitz, but nothing lands. Wonderboy presses back forward and Burns shoots in for a takedown. Burns gets deep on the attempt, but Wonderboy is defending well. Wonderboy using the fence and a wide base to keep the fight standing.

Good knee to the thigh for Gilbert Burns. Nothing much happening here as the crowd is becoming restless. Burns tries for another double, but Wonderboy keeps it up. However, Burns switches to a single and gets Wonderboy down to the ground.

Burns settles into halfguard as Wonderboy tries to work his way back to the fence. Wonderboy posts against the fence as he’s trying to get up, but Burns is holding strong. Great ground defense from Wonderboy who gets to a knee. Big shots from Gilbert Burns and Wonderboy is up against the fence.

Burns holds Wonderboy against the fence as the crowd starts booing again. They separate and Wonderboy seems to rock Burns at the buzzer. Overall not a ton here in the first round, but it’s 1-0 Burns at UFC 264.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 264 and both fighters look fresh. They touch to start the second and Wonderboy opens with a jab and leg kick. Burns tries for a headkick, but he’s way out of range.

Spinning kick from Wonderboy just misses. A blitz from Wonderboy and he follows it with a stiff jab. Nasty body kick lands for Wonderboy. Side kick from Wonderboy and Burns circles on the outside.

Another side kick from Wonderboy who’s opening up here in the second round. Burns tries to press forward, but he’s so out of range that nothing comes close to landing. Good body kick from Wonderboy lands.

Wonderboy presses forward with a headkick. Spinning headkick lands for Wonderboy and Burns immediately tries to get it back. Tons of pressure from Burns who lands a right hand. Wonderboy re-establishes the range and he lands a good leg kick. 1-2 lands for Wonderboy.

Burns tries for a takedown, but Wonderboy shrugs him off. Wonderboy lands off the break and Burns looks a little frustrated. Burns gets a takedown just at the end of the round and lands some good shots. Close round, but I lean Wonderboy which would make it 1-1 at UFC 264.

Round 3

Heading into the final round at UFC 264 and I think the fight is even, but Burns could be up 2-0. They touch gloves to start the final round and Wonderboy takes the center. Burns is changing levels as he evades a headkick from Wonderboy.

Wonderboy steps forward with a 1-2 that just misses. Massive right hand lands for Wonderboy and Wonderboy lands a headkick. Wonderboy stalking Burns here in the third and it appears that he’s feeling the urgency.

Spinning back kick from Wonderboy drops Burns. Burns fires back and tries desperately to take Wonderboy down. Wonderboy gets backed up to the fence as the crowd erupts in boos. Wonderboy defending well here.

Burns is very heavy on the pressure and he slams Wonderboy to the ground. The crowd begins to boo as Burns just controls Wonderboy from side-control. Burns lands a few shots from the side, but nothing massive.

Wonderboy trying desperately to get to his feet, but nothing is happening. Burns is going to ride out this win and get back on track.

Gilbert Burns def. Stephen Thompson by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 264 Preview: Gilbert Burns – Stephen Thompson

Tomorrow night in the co-main event of UFC 264, we will see a pivotal matchup between top welterweight contenders. Former title challengers Gilbert Burns (19-4) and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-4-1) will go head-to-head as both look to get another crack at the welterweight strap.

UFC 264 will be the first time we’ve seen Gilbert Burns since his failed attempt to capture the title back in February. After a good start, Burns faded and he was ultimately stopped by Kamaru Usman in the third round of their title fight.

That was the first time that Burns had lost at 170 pounds. Prior to that, Burns looked like a buzzsaw in the UFC‘s welterweight division. Burns possesses great speed and power on the feet to go along with his world class jiu jitsu.

He’s going to need every tool he has tomorrow night when he takes on Wonderboy. Since late 2019, Stephen Thompson has played the role of gatekeeper in the UFC‘s welterweight division. First it was Vicente Luque and then he fought Geoff Neal in December.

Both of those guys looked to be the rising contenders, but Thompson dominated them both. The UFC‘s “NMF” will look to defeat Gilbert Burns tomorrow as he will try to secure his third shot at the welterweight title.

UFC 264 Prediction

Heading into UFC 264, Gilbert Burns is very familiar with Wonderboy Thompson. Burns was in the corner of his best friend, Vicente Luque, the night that Luque lost to Thompson. This is a fight that Burns definitely wants to get back for his friend and his team.

That said, it’s not going to be easy. Burns is going to have the speed and power advantage tomorrow night. He’s also going to have a massive advantage on the ground if the fight ever ends up there.

However, I’m not sure it will. I don’t know if Burns has the wrestling ability to get Wonderboy down at UFC 264. I’m betting that he likely won’t and for that reason, I think we are going to primarily see a standup fight.

With both men standing, I really like Wonderboy. When it comes to technique and controlling distance, it doesn’t get much better than Wonderboy. In reality, I’m expecting a very similar fight as the Vicente Luque fight.

You’re going to see Wonderboy extremely lose out there and I think he’s going to have a field day with counter straights. Burns will land his shots, but I see Thompson picking up his third consecutive win at UFC 264.

Prediction: Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson by Unanimous Decision

UFC booking Stephen Thompson – Gilbert Burns

The UFC is in the process of finalizing a major matchup in the welterweight division. Dana White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto this evening that Gilbert Burns (19-4) and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-4-1) have verbally agreed to face each other.

Per White, the matchup will take place at UFC 264. Earlier today, we learned that Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor had both signed on to headline the card on July 10th.

Given the magnitude of this welterweight matchup, it will likely serve as the co-main event on July 10th. Wonderboy has been wanting to fight the elites of the division again and he will get his chance at UFC 264.

Stephen Thompson took on arguably the two scariest young contenders at welterweight in his last two fights in Geoff Neal and Vicente Luque. Wonderboy dominated both of them and completely outclassed them on the feet.

After both of those wins, Wonderboy made it clear that he didn’t want to be the UFC‘s gatekeeper at 170 pounds. He’s been calling for a fight with Leon Edwards, but in my opinion, he’s getting one better in getting a shot at Gilbert Burns.

Potential UFC title eliminator?

After Gilbert Burns moved to the UFC’s welterweight division, he looked like a destroyer. Burns had defeated every fighter who stepped in front of him and that earned him a title shot at UFC 258 against Kamaru Usman.

When the fight started, it looked like Burns was going to have his crowning moment. Burns used his speed and power to drop Usman in the first round. However, after that moment, things went downhill.

Usman was able to regain his composure and ended up dominating the fight. The UFC welterweight champion stopped Burns early in the third round. Since that loss, Burns has been itching to get back into the cage.

This is a fantastic matchup at UFC 254. The welterweight division is in a very unique spot, but this could serve as a potential title eliminator. Either way, whoever wins, is going to be squarely in the discussion for the next crack at the championship.

UFC: Gilbert Burns wants Colby Covington or Michael Chiesa next

UFC 258 was the night that Gilbert Burns (19-4) had been waiting for. Burns finally got his chance to become welterweight champion and he got to face off against his former teammate, Kamaru Usman (17-1).

Originally, the two men were supposed to fight at UFC 251. However, a week before the fight, Burns tested positive for COVID and the fight was cancelled. Jorge Masvidal (35-14) ended up getting the shot against Usman.

After Usman won at UFC 251, the fight between him and Burns was tentatively scheduled for December. However, Usman needed additional training time due to some lingering injuries and Burns was asked again to wait.

Finally, last month, Burns got his shot. The fight couldn’t have started any better for Burns. Burns landed a massive shot that briefly put down and hurt the welterweight champion. It looked like it was going to be the crowning moment for Burns.

However, after that big shot, the fight drastically changed. Usman regained his composure and Burns looked uncharacteristically tired. The UFC champion started peppering Burns with power shots and ultimately put him down for good in the third round.

UFC return for Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns laid in the cage and cried after the referee called a stop to the action at UFC 258. All of the waiting just to get off to a fast start before gassing and having Usman put him away in the third round.

It’s no surprise that Gilbert Burns is ready to get back into the octagon. Burns’ manager, Ali Abdelaziz, told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto today that he’s ready to go. The Burns camp has asked the UFC for a fight against either Colby Covington (16-2) or Michael Chiesa (18-4) next.

Covington said this week that he’s wanting a UFC title shot next. However, Abdelaziz (who also reps Kamaru Usman) said that Covington needs to win again before getting a rematch. Of course, this should sit well with Covington considering that Jorge Masvidal is getting an immediate rematch. 

I don’t see Covington being likely for Burns. I do really like the idea of fighting Michael Chiesa. Since moving to the UFC’s welterweight division, Chiesa is 4-0. Chiesa, like Gilbert Burns, used to struggle to make lightweight and has turned his career around at 170 pounds.

Chiesa just defeated Neil Magny back in January and has been nursing some injuries. However, he should be ready to go for his next matchup soon. I think this is likely going to be where the UFC goes. The fight makes perfect sense given where both men currently are.

UFC: Kamaru Usman is not on the same level of Georges St. Pierre yet

Recency bias is a huge thing in the UFC. We see it all the time where a fighter will put on an amazing performance and people are quick to say either it’s the greatest performance of all time or a fighter belongs in the GOAT conversation.

It’s always important to take a deep breath and take a step back after those incredible performances. Last Saturday at UFC 258, Kamaru Usman (18-1) defended his welterweight championship for the third time. He finished Gilbert Burns (19-4) in the second round.

Kamaru Usman looked sensational and he showed off that he’s the total package. He’s got incredible grappling and now his striking has progressed to being some of the best in the division. After the fight was over, there was already talk about where Kamaru Usman ranks against the greats.

Part of the reason for this is the fact that Usman’s win on Saturday was his thirteenth straight victory in the UFC‘s welterweight division. That win broke the previous all time record held by Georges St. Pierre (26-2).

GSP is widely considered to be either the greatest of all time or on the short list. His reign in the UFC was truly something special and it’s even more remarkable considering that he walked away at 32 years old. One year younger than Kamaru Usman is now.

Sure, GSP came back and won the middleweight title at UFC 217. However, his welterweight reign came to a close at just 32 years old when he decided to walk away from the sport. Who knows what GSP could’ve done if he would have kept going back in 2013 and stayed motivated.

Is the UFC champ on the same level as GSP?

After Saturday night, there were some people that have staked the claim that Kamaru Usman is on the same level as the UFC hall of famer, Georges St. Pierre. A big point to that argument, as Daniel Cormier said this week, is the competition level.

The MMA game has evolved so much just in the last ten years. Fighters now are better than ever and some believe that the stiffer competition should give Usman more of a bump. Frankly, I agree with that statement.

However, it’s important to remember that Usman just completed his third title defense. Yes, he’s won 13 in a row in the division, but he’s only defended his title three times. There’s something to the pressure of title fights regardless of competition. At his peak, GSP defended the welterweight title nine times.

Overall, St. Pierre was 13-2 in title fights between welterweight and middleweight. In my opinion, the two greatest fighters in UFC history are Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre. Their body of work cannot be denied and they deserve those spots on the mountain.

Yes, the competition is better than ever now. However, Kamaru Usman has more work to do before he’s on the same level as GSP. Will it take him nine title defenses to get there? I don’t believe so because of the competition level. However, he definitely needs more than three.

UFC’s Colby Covington on potential Leon Edwards fight: ‘This isn’t charity hour’

A week ago, there was a clear plan for the UFC‘s welterweight division. Leon Edwards (18-3) was going to fight Khamzat Chimaev (9-0) in March. The promotion was also working on Colby Covington (16-2) and Jorge Masvidal (35-14).

UFC 258 was headlined by the welterweight title fight between Kamaru Usman (18-1) and Gilbert Burns (19-4). Everything seemed to be setting up for Edwards/Chimaev to fight for the belt next with Covington/Masvidal fighting the winner after they coach The Ultimate Fighter.

However, all changed when Khamzat Chimaev had to pull out of the Edwards fight. After that happened, the UFC starting switching their plans. Dana White came out and said the promotion was looking at booking Leon Edwards – Colby Covington. 

After UFC 258, Usman called for a fight with Jorge Masvidal. That fight and the opportunity to coach The Ultimate Fighter seems to be on the table now. However, Covington isn’t a fan of how this is all shaking out.

According to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the UFC couldn’t get Masvidal to agree to coaching TUF alongside Covington. He’d fight him, but he didn’t want to coach. That’s where that fell apart, and now Covington is being offered Edwards. He told Submission Radio that he’s not a fan of that option.

What will the UFC do?

“Leon Scott (Edwards) hasn’t earned anything boys. I’m in the Colby Covington Incorporated Championship PPV Business. I’m not in the Leon Scott charity business. This isn’t charity hour,” Covington said to submission radio.

In terms of rankings, a fight between Covington and Edwards does make sense for the UFC. However, I can see where Covington is coming from. Covington fought Usman closer than anyone else has in his recent run.

On top of that, Covington is also coming off of a dominant win over for champion Tyron Woodley. In reality, he has a very strong case for being the next man to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title.

However, with the champion wanting to fight Masvidal, it appears that Covington will have to wait. The UFC is likely going to keep pushing for the Edwards fight and we should know soon if that fight is a real option or not.

What’s next for Kamaru Usman after UFC 258?

This past Saturday at UFC 258, Kamaru Usman (18-1) defended his welterweight title against Gilbert Burns (19-4). It was such an intriguing matchup because of the rise of Gilbert Burns and the fact that these two men used to be training partners.

The fight didn’t start well for Usman. Usman was hurt badly in the opening exchanges and Burns went all out trying to get a finish. However, Usman remained composed during the storm of Burns. Once that storm was over, the fight started to flip.

In the second round, Usman started picking Burns apart. Usman’s jab looked incredible and he ended up dropping Burns a couple of times in the second round. The finish was right there for the UFC champion.

In the third round, a power jab sat Burns down for good. Usman followed up with shots and the ref called a stop to the action. A massive win and a massive statement from the UFC‘s welterweight champion.

What’s next after UFC 258?

After the fight was over, there was one name on the mind of the UFC welterweight champion. That name is Jorge Masvidal (35-14). Masvidal and Usman fought back at UFC 251 on short-notice and Usman won by decision.

Usman said in his post-fight interview that he wants Masvidal to get a full camp so he can finish him. The UFC had been trying to book Masvidal and Colby Covington against each other and make them the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter.

However, it now appears that the UFC is going to switch things up. As of now, it appears that the promotion is going to book the rematch with Masvidal and Usman with them serving as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but it appears that the rematch between Masvidal and Usman is next. It’s the biggest fight in terms of dollar signs for Usman so it’s not a huge surprise to see him want to get in there again with Gamebred.

After falling short at UFC 258, what’s next for Gilbert Burns?

This past Saturday at UFC 258, Gilbert Burns (19-4) finally got his shot at Kamaru Usman (18-1). Burns was originally supposed to fight for the title back in July of last year, but a positive COVID test prevented the fight from happening.

Then, the two were supposed to fight at UFC 256 in December. However, Usman needed more time to recover after sustaining injuries in his last fight. The two finally got their chance to see who was better at UFC 258.

The fight couldn’t have started better for Gilbert Burns. Burns’ speed was blistering and he hurt Usman bad in the opening exchanges. However, Burns got overzealous in going for the kill and it seemed to drain him a bit.

After Burns couldn’t put the champion away, he appeared to be fatigued from an adrenaline dump. Usman started to go to work after that point. With a piston-like jab, Usman started beating up the challenger in the second round.

Between the second and third rounds at UFC 258, Burns was dropped three times before the referee called a stop to the action. Burns was extremely emotional in the octagon after the crushing loss. So after falling short on Saturday, what’s next for Gilbert Burns?

What’s next after UFC 258?

Everything in the UFC’s welterweight division has seemingly turned on it’s head. A week ago, the promotion had Khamzat Chimaev – Leon Edwards booked and they were working on Jorge Masvidal – Colby Covington for The Ultimate Fighter.

However, after the Chimaev – Edwards fight fell through, Dana White said that the UFC is looking at booking Covington – Edwards. With that, it appears that Jorge Masvidal (35-14) is going to get the next title shot after Kamaru Usman called him out on Saturday. 

With knowing these new directions, where does that leave Gilbert Burns? Well, if Colby Covington (16-2) and Leon Edwards (18-3) do fight in March, Burns could take on the loser in his next fight. Perhaps even the winner depending on how the title fight timeline shakes up.

A couple of additional options would be a fight with Michael Chiesa (18-4) or Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (16-4-1). Those are the opponents that make the most sense for Burns. Gilbert Burns isn’t going away and he’s perhaps only just a win or two away from getting another title shot.