UFC 299 Recap: Jack Della Maddalena pulls off last minute finish against Gilbert Burns

Jun 12, 2022; Singapore, SIN; Jack Della Maddalena (red gloves) reacts after fight against Ramazan Emeev (blue gloves) during UFC 275 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Miller-USA TODAY Sports

On the main card of UFC 299, we saw a big time matchup in the welterweight division. Former title challenger Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (22-6) returned to the octagon to take on Jack Della Maddalena (16-2) who is unbeaten inside the octagon.

This is the first fight for Gilbert Burns since last May when he lost a five-round decision to Belal Muhammad. In that fight, Burns suffered several injuries which really hindered his performance. Tonight, he was looking to return to winning form and show the world that he’s still one of the best at 170.

Jack Della Maddalena lost his first two professional MMA bouts. Since then, he’s been perfect winning 16 straight. Now, his last two UFC appearances were both split decision wins so he was looking to make a little more of a statement with tonight’s fight against Burns.

UFC 299 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 299 welterweight contest kicks off with a touch of the gloves. Della Maddalena holds the center and Burns opens things with a leg kick. Big body kick and another leg kick lands for Burns. Stiff jab lands for Della Maddalena. Another nasty body kick for Burns and Burns chains it into a takedown attempt.

Nice takedown from Burns and they scramble. Burns briefly gets the back of Della Maddalena but JDM defends well. Another scramble and they are back to the feet but Burns has Della Maddalena against the fence. Three minutes left in the round and Burns is doing a good job of controlling the cage here.

Knee from Della Maddalena lands and they break. Halfway through the first round and they are back to striking. Lead left from Burns and now a right straight from Della Maddalena. Body kick from Burns and now a right straight. Right hand lands for Della Maddalena. Big combinations landing for Della Maddalena now.

Momentum starting to swing here as more big combinations land for Della Maddalena. Burns is looking a little frustrated here. Both men trade big shots in the center. Big takedown from Burns at the end of the round and that should seal the round for Durinho at UFC 299.

Round 2

Entering the second and both men had success in the first round but it seemed like a pretty clear round for Burns. Della Maddalena pushing forward behind his jab in the first 30 seconds of the round. Big kick lands for Della Maddalena and now a left. Right over the top now from Della Maddalena and Burns lands a body kick.

Single leg takedown here from Burns but he doesn’t have Della Maddalena all the way down. Della Maddalena works his way back to the fence and back to his feet. Huge lead elbow lands for Burns and Della Maddalena lands a left. Double jab from Della Maddalena and he’s pushing on the gas now.

Burns lands a couple of nice shots. Halfway through the second and this is still anyone’s round. Big right over the top lands for Burns. Combination now from Della Maddalena. Big combination again from Della Maddalena and Burns is fading a bit here. Huge shot to the body from Della Maddalena.

Huge right over the top lands for Burns now and he lands a big takedown. Della Maddalena gets back to his but Burns gets him right back down. Burns gets his back and he gets the body triangle. The round ends and that should give him the second at UFC 299.

Round 3

Entering the final round at UFC 299 and I think Della Maddalena needs a finish. Long jab from Della Maddalena starts the striking. Jab from Della Maddalena and a big right hand. Lots of pressure from JDM who is definitely fighting with urgency here. Head kick attempt from Burns and Della Maddalena counters.

Huge combinations from Della Maddalena and he’s all over Durinho. Durinho tries answering back but Della Maddalena is all over him. Burns goes for a takedown and JDM is defending well. JDM doing everything he can to stay on the feet but Burns is on him. Takedown lands for Burns and we have half the round to go.

Della Maddalena needs to get back up or he’s in deep trouble. Burns gets the back of Della Maddalena but JDM works his way back to his feet. Della Maddalena goes for a trip but Burns gets back on top and on his back. Less than two minutes left in the round and Burns is dominating the grappling right now.

Della Maddalena scrambles and they get back to the feet. Knee from Della Maddalena and Burns is hurt badly. He falls back and Della Maddalena pours it on. The fight is over and JDM pulls it out at UFC 299.

Jack Della Maddalena def. Gilbert Burns by TKO – Round 3

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