New York Giants: What Golden Tate will bring to the table in 2020

New York Giants, Golden Tate

The New York Giants’ offense has a lot of weapons in 2020. There is no bigger threat than Golden Tate. Year in and year out, Golden Tate puts up consistent numbers and makes big-time plays. Especially in 2019, Tate made several circus catches that resulted in touchdowns or ended up on a highlight reel.

2019 stats

As shown above, Tate is a reliable and consistent receiver. In 2019, Tate played in 11 games, only missing due to a concussion and suspension. To add on, Tate was targeted 85 times and caught 49 passes for 676 yards. Also, he snagged 6 touchdown passes and averaged 13.8 yards per reception. In reality, if he can average over 10 yards per reception in 2020, he’s in for a big year. His longest touchdown of the year was a 64-yard bomb from Daniel Jones. Tate averaged 61.5 receiving yards per game last season. Overall, Tate is a great option for second-year quarterback Daniel Jones.

How Jason Garrett can use Golden Tate

With the addition of Jason Garrett, the Giants’ offensive playbook will be drastically different. With that being said, Tate will thrive. To emphasize, Jason Garrett focuses on ground and pound and play-action passes. For example, play-action is a great way to get Tate in space. He is quick and shifty and isn’t afraid of going up for jump balls. In 2019, he did it multiple times, and when he did he made ESPN’S top-ten plays.

What to expect

Overall, the Giants can be a very good football team. It all depends on the development of the offensive line and Daniel Jones. For example, if the Giants’ offensive line can hold their own, you can expect to see Tates’ reception number increase. Also, if Daniel Jones lights it up, Tate will be his number one option or number two. Especially in the RedZone, Tate loves making big plays and loves to show off his dance moves. Finally, the Giants’ are lucky to have Tate. A lot of people sleep on his production, he’s going to be a monster in 2020.

New York Yankees: Let’s Talk About Giancarlo Stanton

New York Yankees, Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

The man, the myth, the legend. A one-time MVP, two-time Silver Slugger, and four-time All-Star. Former Miami Marlin, who demolished 59 bombs to the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy in the 2017 season. A man who’s constantly criticized for being “made of glass” and “striking out too much.” His name is Giancarlo Stanton.

In his career, Stanton has slashed .269/.358/.548/.906 with a .382 wOBA, 142 wRC+, and a 39.4 fWAR in 4900 plate appearance. Stanton is overlooked as an individual who has no business “playing defense.” The fact is, however, Stanton has saved 49 runs and accumulated a 37.8 ultimate zone rating in 9003 innings played. Stanton possesses a cannon of an arm and prospers in the outfield with plenty of range.

So, where does that lead us? Why are some individuals so reluctant and against Stanton playing the field? Why do some individuals only criticize Stanton for striking out, but greatly ignore a huge chunk of production? Why do some individuals ignore that Stanton played 158 games in 2018 and only started encountering issues with his health as of recently?

I can’t necessarily solve global peace and convince these types of folks otherwise, but I can predict one scenario: Stanton will be a force to be reckoned with in 2020.

According to Steamer from Fangraphs, Stanton is predicted to slash .268/.355/.591/.946 with a .385 wOBA and a 143 wRC+. Depth Charts and ZiPS, which are additional prediction tools utilized by Fangraphs, also expect Stanton to produce around the .370-.378 range in terms of wOBA and the 133-138 range in terms of wRC+. These types of numbers would indicate that Stanton is expected to hit at an above-average level.

While his defense isn’t expected to be anything less than below average, his offensive firepower is expected to be equivalent to past seasons where he produced at an above-average level. Also, nobody outside of the New York Yankees organization is entirely sure if Stanton will play the field or if his main role will be as a designated hitter.

Flashback to his past defensive metrics, Stanton deserves a chance to play the field. At the bare minimum, if Stanton stays healthy and focuses on hitting during the 2020 season, the Yankees will be in good hands with a reliable power bat.

Here’s another reason why Stanton will be a force: Stanton has been swinging the bat effectively since summer camp and was a prime factor in the New York Yankees’ first win of the 2020 season.

During the opening day game against the Washington Nationals, Stanton recorded a 2-run bomb that traveled well beyond the speed of light and drove in an additional RBI. Altogether, Stanton recorded 2 hits against an elite Max Scherzer. By a wide margin, that’s nothing to complain about.

Since these stats won’t remain for obvious reasons, as of this moment, Stanton is slashing .667/.667/1.667/2.333 with a 1.011 wOBA and a 391 wRC+. Now, tell me why you wouldn’t want that caliber of efficiency your lineup? Exactly.

Why Are the New York Yankees So Obsessed With Brett Gardner?

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

I don’t care if it’s one or two games, there is literally no statistic that would tell you Brett Gardner is the 3rd or 4th best outfielder on the New York Yankees. I know that Brett Gardner is a lifelong Yankee and trust me I love me some Gardy Parties, but Gardy’s Parties aren’t the most productive parties.

When you break down the Yankees’ outfield depth chart, you find that starting Brett Gardner doesn’t do anything but hurt a lineup that is a huge part of this team’s identity.

Statistically Inferior To Mike Tauchman

There is quite literally nothing other than the speed that Mike Tauchman doesn’t do better than Brett Gardner. They are both left-handed outfielders who can play any position in the outfield. Let’s look at their stats and see what the numbers tell us about the two:

Mike Tauchman in 2019:
.361 OBP .504 SLG .322 xwOBA 9 OAA 128 wRC+

Brett Gardner in 2019:
.325 OBP .503 SLG .299 xwOBA 2 OAA 115 wRC+

The main stat I would like to highlight is xwOBA (Expected Weighted On Base Average). This stat (when compared to wOBA) can show the sustainability of success, and while both Gardy and Tauchman over-performed their xwOBA, Tauchman’s regression to the mean will be less harsh than Gardner’s. Assuming Tauchman’s slugging gets worst (as shown by a .410 xSLG) I would assume he’d be around .430 for his SLG but still have a .360-.370 OBP, which would make him still a better hitter than Brett Gardner.

There’s also still defense, which is an outfield with Hicks and Judge can make extra-base hits hard to come by for opposing offenses.

Regression To The Mean is Due

Gardner’s regression from 2017 to 2018 was due to him just losing his power stroke and struggling to get extra-base hits. He did get better in 2019 but his expected stats didn’t see an improvement, which leads me to believe he’s going to get worse. When you have an aging player who’s regression is due, wouldn’t you think someone in the analytical department would say something?.

As much as we may like the traditional game, advanced metrics are what the Yankees use for everything related to team building. The New York Yankees see, to be obsessed with Gardner, an obsession they don’t have with any other player on the Yankees at ALL. This is what frustrates me and probably frustrates a lot of Yankee fans who love Gardner but also recognize that the Yankees have better in-house options to start.

Jay Scrubb Raising Internal Interest Within The New York Knicks

The New York Knicks recently hired Coach Tom Thibodeau. They still have draft homework to do. Leon Rose has made some important front office hires. The Knicks have interviewed some talented draft prospects as of late, however, rumor is that a junior college star by the name of Jay Scrubb has drawn internal interest within the New York Knicks organization.

Jay Scrubb is a 6’6″ 200-pound smooth lefty shooting guard who possesses a 6’9″ wingspan. The former JUCO star is a Louisville commit who played at the junior college level for the John A. Logan Volunteers for two years. Scrubb was named NABC NJCAA Division I Player of the Year as a sophomore. Scrubb who originally committed to Louisville decided to declare for the 2020 NBA Draft.

The Knicks recently had Jay Scrubb on for a virtual interview and there are now rumors circulating about the Knicks interest level in the intriguing shooting guard from the west end of Louisville, Kentucky. Jay Scrubb’s shooting ability is important to scouts because of past prospects showing the ability to translate their shooting strengths to the next level of their careers.

The 19-year old prospect shows that he has a chip on his shoulder due to his attacking offensive style and his words. He sends a message to scouts around the world about not overlooking talent at lower levels of competition. Jay Scrubb mentions the following to Fresh Focus Sports.

“There’s talent everywhere. JUCO level, high school level, NAIA, DIII, anywhere, and I don’t want people to sleep on JUCO talent just because it’s JUCO. I feel like I can dominate wherever.”

Jay Scrubb would fit alongside RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, and whoever the Knicks take in the first round. With Tom Thibodeau being the current coach of the Knicks, having players with chips on their shoulders could turn out amazing as the young Knicks learn and grow both mentally and physically. Jay Scrubb would be a complimentary selection in the second round for the Knicks.

New York Yankees’ Aaron Boone praises Mike Ford’s offensive ability

New York Yankees, Mike Ford

New York Yankees’ Mike Ford pinch-hit for the Yankees in the 9th inning of yesterday’s exhibition game against the Phillies and smashed a 458-foot game-tying home run. He’s always been known for his ability to hit the ball and seems like a lock to make the 30-man roster.

After yesterday’s game, New York Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone praised the young slugger. When asked if he sees Ford playing a role this year he responded “I see a role,” and “I think some people miss how good of an offensive player he is.” “He controls the zone as well as you can and has power,” Boone said. He also gave us hints on how the Yankees might use him, saying “He’s a middle of the order major-league hitter, that’s how I view him. He’s that good.” All in all, Boone seems like he’s made up his mind on whether or not to make room for Ford on the roster. 

Mike Ford was another one of those players that shined after being called up because of injuries. Heck, he even saw time on the mound. He, along with many others, made a name for himself. Because the Yankees are so right-hand heavy on the offensive side, Ford might get to see his name in a decent amount of lineups. Now obviously in a shortened season, he won’t see as much time as he saw last year but still a good amount. That’s assuming that everyone stays healthy. 

What else can he do?

Ford can also serve as a great pinch-hitter. He proved that today. With his left-handed bat, you might see Boone put him in the DH spot just for the matchup. He is very versatile offensively and provides great depth behind Luke Voit. I thought he was a no brainer on the roster and it’s good to know that Boone agrees with me. Ford in many ways, might change how the Yankees handle things.

Here are Ford’s stats from last season: 50 G, 143 AB, 30 R, 37 H, 7 2B, 12 HR, 25 RBI, 17 BB, .259 BA, .350 OBP, .559 SLG, .909 OPS, 1.1 WAR. A .909 OPS in his first 50 major league games in crazy good. 

Mike Ford is going to end up taking roster spots away from people that made the roster last year. That’s how good Aaron Boone and the Yankees think the second-year player is going to be. Look out for Ford’s name on a lot of lineup cards this season.

New York Yankees: Can Thairo Estrada make the 25-man roster?

New York Yankees, Thairo Estrada

New York Yankees’ Thairo Estrada has been an interesting story in Summer Camp so far. He has shocked fans and coaches by outhitting everyone in Summer Camp. Estrada made his MLB debut with the Yankees last year. Is it time for him to embrace a permanent role in New York?

Before Summer Camp, it seemed almost impossible for Estrada to get a roster spot to start the season. New York has a lot of depth in the infield and it seemed like they already knew who they were taking before Summer Camp even started. However, Estrada’s recent performance in intrasquad and exhibition games have fans wondering if New York might make room for the 24-year old. He’s a great all-around player and might shine in a bench player role. Estrada is a great fielder and hitter, has excellent speed, and is a great base runner. However, it doesn’t seem like the odds are in his favor. Despite him being such a great all-around player, the depth that Yankees have decreases his chances of making the roster tremendously. Especially now that DJ LeMahieu has been cleared and is ready to go. 

The competition right now is between Estrada and Wade. Even though Estrada has hit better than Wade, the Yankees seem to trust Wade more. He is another player that is great all-around and also has a lot more experience in pinstripes compared to Thairo. Plus, the new man on second base rule in extra innings will fit Tyler Wade perfectly. He is no doubt the fastest player on the team and this new rule gives him an even bigger role in helping the Yankees win.  

But, is it possible the Yankees take him?

Although LeMahieu is back, he might not be game ready with less than a week to get ready. With that being said, Tyler Wade will likely start at second on Opening Day. Meaning, Thairo Estrada could serve a bench role for the Yankees until LeMahieu gets back on his feet. However, it doesn’t seem likely that Wade starts more than 2-3 games so even if Estrada makes the roster, it won’t be for that long. 

It is very hard to see an opportunity for Estrada to be on the roster for an extended period of time. But, his name will definitely be on the top of the list if someone gets injured. It’s another situation in which a great player is held back by a great team. Estrada would have no struggle starting for most teams in the MLB. It doesn’t look like the Yankees have any plans to trade him and seem to have loads of trust in the young infielder. Look to see how Thairo Estrada plays a role in the New York Yankees’ success this season.

What’s Next for UFC Legend Jose Aldo?

UFC legend Jose Aldo has been fighting for what seems like an eternity. Aldo was undoubtedly the best Featherweight for the span of 6 years, where he would win 15 straight fights. In the latter half of his career; Aldo would lose to the higher ranking fighters that he used to beat. McGregor knocked Aldo out in 13 seconds, Aldo lost to Max Holloway twice, Aldo lost to current UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, as well as losing to current UFC Bantamweight champion Petr Yan, and Marlon Moraes. Aldo, who turns 34 in September, has some big decisions to make. But, what decision will the matchmakers make for him?

Dominick Cruz has been fighting for around the same amount of time that Aldo has. The matchmakers need to make Aldo vs Cruz. It’s the two greatest of all times in their divisions, respectfully. But, now these legends are in the same divisions. Cruz and Aldo are both coming off losses and looking for a quick rebound back to the top. Cruz’s amazing footwork and technical striking against Aldo’s heavy-hitting hands, legs, knees, and elbows would make for an instant classic. I can guarantee that this fight alone would get at least 1.5 million pay-per-view buys. This is a once in a lifetime matchup that needs to be made.

Aldo can also take on the retired Conor McGregor in a rematch that everyone wants. McGregor even said after the first fight that “we need to run it back”. 13 seconds was not enough to settle the almost 2-year hype between the two. Everything Aldo ever worked for, all 15 fights he won in a row, all the respect he gained throughout the years, were taken from him in 13 seconds. This fight has very little chance to happen, though. McGregor, as previously stated, is retired (for the 4th time). Also, when McGregor cut down to 145 pounds, he looked absolutely disgusting. If you look at the weigh-in, you can almost count all of his bones. McGregor would probably only want to fight a champion as well (ahem… Khabib).

The 3rd option for legend Jose Aldo would be to fight the retired Henry Cejudo. Cejudo has never fought anyone has brutal as Aldo. Cejudo also believes he’s the goat of the Bantamweight division, there’s no better way to prove you’re the best than to beat the best. Cejudo vs Aldo is a fight UFC fans have been longing for a very long time. This is a big money fight as well, wouldn’t be a bad way to retire either. Win or Lose the fans will still love Aldo.

What’s next for the ageless legend Jose Aldo? The fans are hoping to see him in the ring as quickly as possible. Despite being 33 years old, Aldo still has the cardio of an 18-year-old. Aldo can stand and brawl with the best of them, and despite the loss to Petr Yan, Aldo is still a top competitor in the UFC as a whole. When Aldo does decide to hang the gloves up, there will be a plack with his name on it in the UFC hall of fame.

RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson Can Make Knicks Basketball Fun Again

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett

It seems like the New York Knicks are quite bleak, doesn’t it? Kind of like they are a franchise that with every year since the 2012-2013 season, has lost more and more hope. It’s been a while since this team had that spark and hope that could galvanize the city. Good thing the Knicks have two players who are going to make the 2020-2021 fun for the Knicks and give New York hope for this storied franchise.

Give Them Shooters and See Them Grow

I’ve been talking and writing and preaching about the Knicks needing shooters for RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson for months. I’m not just saying it for the practicality of the Knicks’ lineup, BUT because of how it would help these two. If they have shooters, RJ can kick it out to a shooter OR that shooter is double-teamed so RJ can dish it to Mitchell Robinson who will most likely beat his man in the paint.

When you give these two options to mask their weaknesses from beyond the arc, you make them even MORE deadly.

Building Off the Other

Out of all the Knicks’ duos (Minimum 600 Minutes Played), the Robinson Barrett combo has the best PACE, which is a stat that determines possessions used, which shows that these two create fast-paced high tempo basketball. They also have the best 2nd True Shooting Percentage, and 4th best Offensive Rating, despite the fact that they are rarely surrounded by ANY shooting.

This duo gets it done pretty well, but what do they both need to work on?

Room for Improvement

Mitchell Robinson needs to be able to hit an open three and be a slightly more consistent defender while playing a starting role. He already is a polished rim protector with a high amount of blocks and a solid scorer in the paint.

For RJ, he needs to work on his shooting, as if he can be average as a 3 point shooter, he could be VERY special offensively. He also needs to work on his defense, but more so than Robinson, as Robinson is already a good defender but Barrett hasn’t become that yet. If he can defend well in the perimeter and mid-range and be a more efficient scorer, he will be a great leader for this squad.

I project Robinson to play 32 minutes a game and averaged 15 PPG with 10 RPG and 2.8 BLKs while having a .580 FG%. I see RJ Barrett having 18 PPG with 5 RPG and 5.5 AST in 36 Minutes with a 47% FG% and a 35% 3P% but on 4 attempts a game.

This duo is due to flourishing next season, and with the right help, maybe we see some Knicks basketball in Spring 2021.

New York Giants are building Julian Love into a utility player

New York Giants, Julian Love

The New York Giants’ defense needs a playmaker who they can trust at multiple positions. There is news on the DeAndre Bakers case and it does not look too good. In my mind, Baker will be kicked off the team in the next few weeks. This leaves a gaping hole on defense that needs to be filled. For this reason, Julian Love can be that guy for the Giant’s defense, he has experience at multiple positions.

What the Giants can do with Love

Although Julian Love played strong safety last season, the Giants officially switched him over to cornerback. At strong safety, Love had 30 solo tackles, five tackles for a loss, and one interception. As a utility player, Giants’ fans can expect to see Love playing multiple positions on defense. For example, slot cornerback, free safety, are positions I can see Love playing in 2020 with Patrick Graham’s new system. In general, Love is going to be all over the place this season and gaining experience and knowledge. This will be huge for his growth because who knows what will happen with the Giants defense. Also, if a miracle happens and Baker is still on the team, Love will still have experience at other positions, this will be tremendous for the Giants.

Julian Love breakdowns offseason

Due to the pandemic, the Giants’ offseason has been changed drastically. In other words, Love discussed how he’s made the best of it and what lies ahead.

“Honestly, I’m very fortunate because the situation with everything going online kind of helped me out,” Love said. “I was able to be locked in. Obviously, I was in class for a certain amount of the day and then I was in football for a certain amount of the day. All of my professors were accommodating. It sounds messed up, but my first priority was football. And they knew that. So they knew classes and finishing up the semester was second on my mind. I was really just trying to get everything down, really trying to get to know everyone. That’s important over this virtual setting.”

Overall, Julian Love will be used everywhere on defense, especially with Bakers’ situation. I have a lot of hope for Love, I see him playing a lot of outside corner and slot corner as well. If Jabrill Peppers or Xavier Mckinney get hurt, Love will be comfortable filling in at either safety role.

New York Giants: Saquon Barkley’s madden rating is a complete joke

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley’s Madden 21 rating is a complete joke! I’m upset, Saquon Barkley is my favorite player and deserves more respect! At first, EA Sports had Barkley ranked as an 89 overall, 89! Are you kidding me! Also, this ranks Barkley as the seventh-highest rated running back in Madden, trust me, he’s better than all of them.

The New York Giants’ star running back didn’t have the best 2019 season but, he still put up 1,000 rushing yards while missing three games. Surprisingly, Aaron Jones is ranked higher than Saquon, Jones played all 16 games and only had 80 more rushing yards than Saquon! Also, both Green Bay and Minestioa have much better offensive lines than the Giants do. Saquon creates more opportunities than any other back in the league, his offensive line has been a dumpster fire in his first two seasons.

Barkley’s skill set is unmatched

There are a lot of great running backs in the NFL but, Saquon’s game is just different. He can jump over you, juke around you, put you in a spin cycle, and lower the shoulder on defenders. Again, name a man who is 235 pounds and runs a 4.41 40-yard dash, I’ll wait. After all, Saquon is in great company with one of the best running backs of all time, Barry Sanders.

Updated rating

Finally, Saquon Barkley is getting more respect. It did not take long for EA Sports to fix the star running backs rating, a lot of Giants’ fans were furious, I was one of them. After all, Barkley’s Madden rating went up to a 91 overall, this is what I like to see. However, I think Saquon should be a 96-97 overall, he’s just that good and does it with a weak offensive line. Furthermore, if the Giants’ offensive line improves watch out, Saquon will be joining the 99 club soon.

First Take breakdown

Overall, Saquon is going to earn his respect, he doesn’t need a video game overall to prove himself. I see a big season coming for Saquon, all the haters will be silenced in 2020. Lastly, Saquon is a freak of nature, he will have a big season and he will be getting a Madden upgrade halfway through the 2020 season, trust me.