Knicks injury update: Grimes to be re-evaluated in 2 weeks, Rose may return in 1-2 weeks

New York Knicks dodged a bullet as rookie Quentin Grimes avoided surgery after a scary knee injury Friday night against Miami Heat.

Grimes will only need rest and undergo physical therapy to heal the subluxation of his right patella, according to multiple reports, and was first reported by Sports Illustrated’s Ashley Nicole Moss.

Shortly, the Knicks announced that the 3-and-D rookie would be re-evaluated in two weeks.

It could have been worse.

Grimes suffered the injury with 2:30 remaining in the first quarter. Video replayed showed Grimes was trying to fight off a PJ Tucker screen on the baseline moments after he checked in. He immediately grabbed his knee and was visibly in pain.

Grimes had been one of the few bright spots in what is quickly turning out to be a lost season for the Knicks. He’s averaging 6.3 points on 39.8 percent shooting behind the arc while providing the toughness on defense that earned him a rotation spot under Tom Thibodeau.

Meanwhile, there is optimism that Derrick Rose can return in one to two weeks, according to top ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Rose underwent a minor procedure on his right ankle Friday to address a skin infection in the area of his December surgery. The motivation to bring back Rose immediately might not be as strong as it was earlier, as the Knicks are quickly fading from contention.

They lost for the 14th time in their last 17 games and are now 10 games under .500 despite RJ Barrett’s career-high 46-point effort against the Heat. The Knicks are 3.5 games behind Atlanta Hawks for the final play-in spot with 22 games left, most of them against teams over .500.

Only three other players scored in double figures aside from Barrett. Center Mitchell Robinson was held scoreless and only attempted once in a one-sided matchup against Heat center Bam Adebayo, who had 16 points and 16 rebounds. It was Robinson’s first game since his father, Mitchell Robinson, Jr., was found safe in Missouri Tuesday morning after being reported missing since Feb. 11.

Following his first zero-point effort in the season, Robinson posted a video on his Instagram story, which appears to be a veiled shot at Knicks coaching staff. The video shows Charlotte Hornets center, Miles Plumlee, attacking the paint off the dribble, and Robinson put a cryptic caption: “I love it…. green light.”

Robinson was exclusively scoring off putbacks and lobs since he was drafted in the second round of the 2018 NBA Draft. He showed flashes of brilliance against weaker competition but frequently got overmatched against the elite big men in the league.

The 23-year old Robinson is eligible to sign a contract extension up to four years, $55.6 million before the end of the season. But the Knicks appear reluctant to pay him that much. He is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer but could be signed and traded to a new team.

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Thorn and Bloom: How Derrick Rose’s return can impact Knicks future

derrick rose, knicks

Editor’s note: One minute after this story was published, the New York Knicks announced, “Derrick Rose will undergo a minor procedure on his right ankle today. A timeline for his return has not been set.”

Derrick Rose bloomed in the Garden during the New York Knicks‘ playoff push last season. He has a chance to replicate that.

The Knicks are expected to welcome Rose back from an ankle injury either Friday against the Miami Heat or Sunday against the Philadelphia 76ers. There’s a sense of urgency for the struggling Knicks, losers of 13 of their last 16 games, to come out from the All-Star break with their guns blazing like a desperate commando.

They did that over the last two weeks heading into the break. They built large leads against the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Brooklyn Nets. But each time, they ran out of ammunition to fall three games back from the final spot of the play-in tournament, currently occupied by their last season’s playoffs tormentor, Atlanta Hawks.

Thibodeau hopes that Rose will come in to calm them as the pressure mounts.

“It’s the veteran leadership,” Thibodeau told reporters after Thursday’s practice when asked what Rose brings to the table. “I think when you have leads like that, it’s controlling and managing the game. That’s a big part.”

“Your point guard has a big responsibility. Obviously, it’s disappointing we didn’t close those games out, but we did a lot of good things to build those leads. And then we got to finish the game.”

The Knicks posted a 24-11 record when Rose played last season. His impact stalled this season as the Knicks went 11-15 with him before he went down with the ankle injury and missed the last 30 games.

Despite Kemba Walker being shut down for the remainder of the season, Rose will likely stay in the second unit. Thibodeau values Rose’s chemistry with sophomores Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin.

“I think pushing the ball. He gets the ball up the floor quickly, and that also takes advantage of the way Obi can run,” Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau is pinning his hopes to salvage whatever’s left of a disappointing sequel to their playoff run last year on his longest-tenured and most trusted point guard. While it’s hard to fault Thibodeau, who values winning over everything and with his job reportedly at stake, for doing that, it’s also fair to wonder if the front office can impose their will and shut down Rose for his best interest and the Knicks’ future.

Asking an injury-prone, 33-year old point guard to push the pace on a surgically-repaired ankle could be a suicide. Rushing him back sounds like a dangerous play, given his extensive injury history.

There’s no harm in trying to get back until someone gets hurt again. Like RJ Barrett did in the final seconds of a lost cause in Denver.

At this point, they have better odds of landing next draft’s top overall pick (3 percent, per Tankathon) than the playoffs (1 percent chance, per Five Thirty Eight).

They could use the final 23 games — the fourth toughest remaining schedule in the league — to evaluate and boost the stocks of their young players and insert Miles McBride and Cam Reddish into their rotation.

There’s still a slim chance Rose can bloom again and buoy the Knicks into the play-in. It will be a miracle of epic proportions to sneak into the playoffs. They say every rose has a thorn. And this could be Rose’s thorn that could inflict wound to the Knicks’ future.

Can the thrill of the play-in chase outweigh a wasted opportunity to evaluate what they have?

There’s no shame in letting go of the rope, especially when there’s more harm clinging into false hope.

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Knicks still have logjam despite Kemba Walker shutdown

knicks, tom thibodeau

Around 24 minutes of playing time have opened up following Kemba Walker’s decision to sit out the final 23 games of the regular season. But that is still not enough to solve New York Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau’s quandary. Especially with Derrick Rose scheduled to return.

“Obviously, getting Derrick (Rose) and RJ (Barrett) back is significant for us. But we probably still have a logjam, so we got to figure that out,” Thibodeau told reporters after Wednesday practice.

Rose did contact drills for the first time on Wednesday, and Thibodeau said they would see how the veteran point guard feels Thursday, one day before they return to action against the Eastern Conference leader Miami Heat. Rose is expected to gobble up Walker’s minutes with the second unit as Alec Burks is penciled to be the starter.

“I think just looking, digging into the numbers and stuff, Alec (Burks) has been our best option so far,” Thibodeau explained.

With Walker as the starting point guard in the fourth-most used lineup in the league alongside Evan Fournier, RJ Barrett, Julius Randle, and Mitchell Robinson, the Knicks have been outscored by 13.8 points per 100 possessions, according to NBA’s tracking data. Take out Walker and put Burks in that lineup, and the Knicks are a much better team, outscoring their opponents by 7.4 points per 100 possessions, per Cleaning the Glass.

Thibodeau, who yanked Walker out of the rotation earlier in the season, shied away from the decision to shut down the former four-time All-Star point guard for the remainder of the season. He deferred to team president Leon Rose and Walker’s agent Jeff Schwartz, who handled the situation.

“We knew there was risk involved, and we thought it was worth it,” Thibodeau said about Walker’s signing this summer. “There were some good moments. If he’s healthy, he’s good. So, that’s about it.”

After his nine-game banishment, Walker returned with aplomb and became the high point of what appears to be his lone season with his hometown team. In December, the Bronx native had a four-game stretch where he exploded for 29, 21, and 44 points before capping it off with a triple-double on Christmas Day. But the low points exacerbated by his lingering knee issues outnumbered that one solid stretch.

Walker will go into the summer as a trade chip with an expiring contract. But even Walker’s decision to sit out, the Knicks rotation logjam still persists.

The starting five is set with Burks, Fournier, Barrett, Randle, and Robinson. Thibodeau hopes to replicate last season’s late push with Rose and Immanuel Quickley at the backcourt and their chemistry with Obi Toppin. Rookie Quentin Grimes is likely to stay in rotation. Nerlens Noel seems to be finally healthy as he participated fully in Wednesday practice. So that leaves youngsters Cam Reddish and Miles McBride, who is getting plenty of run in the G League, still on the outside, looking in.

Thibodeau defended himself from the criticisms of not buying into the player development of their young guys. Their values aren’t viewed around the league as high as other teams’ young players like the Memphis Grizzlies and Cleveland Cavaliers — two teams that built through the draft and are now on the rise.

“What people lose sight of is that they forget how young Mitchell is, how young RJ is — RJ had the best month of his career. They forget how young Obi is. Quentin Grimes is starting as a rookie. Julius is young. So the priority is everyone’s development,” Thibodeau said.

“It’s not just one particular guy. It’s easy to lock into this guy. You can’t keep adding guys to a rotation without taking guys out. Where are the minutes come from? There are a finite amount of minutes in a game.”

The Knicks tried to move some of their veterans at the trade deadline, but their disappointing first half and circumstances worked against them. Now they are stuck with a mediocre team — a mixed bag of young players who need more time to develop and veterans underperforming their contracts.

Their outlook is dire. They are 3.5 games out of the final play-in spot, with their remaining schedule the fourth toughest in the league.

Next summer couldn’t come soon enough to undo some of their miscalculations.

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Report: Knicks looking to free up minutes for Cam Reddish

The New York Knicks appear to have turned into sellers instead of buyers.

With barely a week before the Feb. 10 trade deadline, the earlier report of the Knicks making their veterans available is getting louder. Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer doubled down on this when he reported that the Knicks are looking for ways to free up the logjam in their suddenly deep rotation.

“New York is looking to free playing time for Cam Reddish in Tom Thibodeau’s rotation after acquiring the Duke product from Atlanta for a first-round pick. Each of Nerlens Noel, Evan Fournier, Alec Burks and Kemba Walker are all considered available,” Fischer wrote.

But it is unclear what the market is for their veterans who are either miscast, struggling to fit, or dealing with injuries.

Noel has only played 22 games this season due to several injuries. Walker was able to bounce back from nine DNPs and had a nice stretch, including a 44-point game and Christmas triple-double, before his knee flared up again. He had been a shell of himself since returning from his nagging knee injury. Alec Burks has gone in and out of the starting lineup, forced to play point guard while Walker and Derrick Rose were out. Evan Fournier has found his rhythm of late, but the emergence of Quentin Grimes, who offers more defensive upside, and the acquisition of Reddish, is hanging over his head.

If the reports are accurate, it is safe to assume that the Knicks are trying to consolidate some of their contracts in a 2 or 3- for-1 deal or in exchange for future assets and matching salaries.

Walker has an expiring $9.1 million salary next season, while Noel (owed $9.2 million next season) and Burks (owed $10 million next season) are basically expiring deals next season with their third year as a team option. Only Fournier is signed beyond next season. Fournier is owed $18 million next season and $18.8 million in 2023-24 with a $19 million team option in the 2024-25 season when he would still be relatively young at 31.

Contending teams could take a flier on the Knicks veterans to shore up their bench or fill up vacuums left by injured players. But among the four, only Burks and Fournier have proven to be durable and more reliable this season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the market for another ball-handler, with Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio lost for the season. The Dallas Mavericks have lost some shooting with Tim Hardaway, Jr.’s season-ending foot injury. But the Mavericks have not made Knicks target Jalen Brunson available. The Utah Jazz just lost Joe Ingles, a key piece off the bench, to an ACL injury.

They are just some of the teams that this shrewd Knicks front office could take advantage of.

But if all else fails, the Knicks might be better riding with them for the rest of the season and wait for the summer to make significant moves.

Based on Tom Thibodeau’s past teams, he rarely had a blockbuster in-season acquisition. Only the Derrick Rose trade last year could count as a significant move by a Thibodeau team. But the familiarity was already there. Unless a superstar to their liking becomes available, it’s safe to assume again that the Knicks will just work on the margins. Expect no fireworks come Feb. 10.

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Knicks’ Derrick Rose provides positive injury update after ankle surgery

knicks, derrick rose

Without the presence of veteran point guard Derrick Rose, the New York Knicks have struggled considerably to manage their offensive strategy. Rose signed a three-year, $43.5 million deal this past off-season to feature as the team’s primary PG off the bench. Rose submitted the starting job to Kemba Walker earlier in the off-season, but the team desperately misses his floor general mentality and calmness running the court.

Rose has been out since December 16 when he played just 12 minutes against the Houston Rockets, leaving the game early and undergoing ankle surgery shortly after. On the season, he was averaging 12 points, 4.0 assists, and shooting 40.2% from three-point range.

In the meantime, the Knicks have relied on Alec Burks, Immanuel Quickley, and a variety of different guards to help supplement his loss. However, the Knicks are expecting to get Rose back at some point this season, but it is undecided if they will make a move at the deadline to improve their talent at PG.

Via Marc Berman of the New York Post, Rose is targetting a return after the All-Star break:

“A little bit after All-Star. Taking my time still. It sucks right now. I had to get my mind right for this grind. I’ve been here numerous times. I’ll figure it out.”

Rose indicated that his rehabilitation process is slow, but he’s making strides in getting his full range of motion back.

“It’s a slow progress,” Rose said. “I still have scar tissue. Whenever you reach that progression like that, within the next few weeks, I’m able to jump now. I’m out of my boot. I’m looking at that as exciting for me. Not having to sleep in a boot. It sucks but at the same time I was prepping myself for this grind. After I found out, I had to change my mindset to get right for it. It is my fifth, sixth rehab. I can’t complain, can’t bitch about it. I just have to get it done.”

The team has been connected to Jalen Brunson of the Dallas Mavericks in a prospective deal, according to Berman, but there’s no guarantee they will be willing to give up on young talent to acquire an established player at this point in the season.

Can the Knicks wait out Derrick Rose’s injury? | Trade deadline offers a solution

derrick rose, knicks

Nearly four weeks have passed since New York Knicks veteran point guard Derrick Rose underwent surgery on his right ankle, ruling him out for a minimum of eight weeks. Rose is expected to make a return in just over a month, barring any setbacks with his rehabilitation.

With the trade deadline coming up on February 10, the Knicks have a big decision to make, waiting on Rose to make a heroic return or acquiring a point guard to help smoothen the load for the remainder of the season.

Rose remains in good spirits, spending time around the team and working through the process to heal his ankle. In his absence, though, the Knicks have lacked a true floor general and leader on the court.

Just a week ago, reserve center Taj Gibson spoke of Rose’s mentality, per The Post.

“I think his mindset is great,” Gibson said. “He was smiling, he was happy. He understands that it’s a process as far as getting mentally right, but making sure you can perform at 110 percent. And knowing where we’re at in the standings (11th place in the Eastern Conference entering Tuesday) and we’re just right there and knowing he’s coming back, so we’ve still got some time to make up some ground. I think he’s on a positive note.”

Prior to Derrick’s injury, he was averaging 12 points, 4.0 assists, and shooting 40% from three point range this season. At 33 years old, he was tallying 24.5 minutes on average per game, so the Knicks have had to supplement him with Alec Burks, Immanuel Quickley, and even Miles McBride at times.

Unfortunately, at this point in Kemba Walker’s career, he’s not able to lessen the impact of Rose’s absence, mainly because of a difference in play style. Walker is a purebred scorer but lacks the vision and facilitation that Rose brings to the table.

That is why the Knicks have been connected to a variety of players, including Jalen Brunson from the Dallas Mavericks.

Brunson is an exciting young player who is looking for a big contract extension after the current season. Brunson has several ties to the Knicks, having grown up in New Jersey and his father playing for the Knicks and coaching under Tom Thibodeau in Chicago.

This season, Brunson is averaging 16 points, 5.7 assists, and shooting 50% from the field over 31 minutes per game. This is the most action Brunson has received in his career, but with reports indicating he’s looking for a four-year, $80 million contract extension, the Knicks might be hesitant to bite. However, if they bring him in and he performs at a high-level, they might’ve found their young point guard of the future.

“Brunson faces a similar market, but the guard is believed by many to be seeking near a four-year, $80 million contract,” wrote Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report. “That is a large number, especially for a player that several competing executives think is too big of a target defensively in the playoffs.”

There are plenty of impacting factors for Tom Thibodeau and his team, but the main question is, can they outlast Derrick Rose’s injury and be in a good spot to contend for a postseason spot once he returns?

Currently, the Knicks sit one game below .500 and have fallen out of play-in contention with the Boston Celtics manning the 10th seed.

Knicks officially sign Ryan Arcidiacono but debut delayed by injury

After a few days’ delay, Ryan Arcidiacono officially became a member of the New York Knicks on Thursday.

But after signing a standard 10-day contract, the Knicks have listed the newly-acquired point guard in the official NBA injury report as out with sprained left ankle.

It is unclear if Arcidiacono sustained the injury at practice or before signing. New York coach Tom Thibodeau is expected to update the severity of Arcidiacono’s injury before Thursday’s game against the Boston Celtics.

Arcidiacono will receive $102,831 from the Knicks that would account against their salary cap. He temporarily fills the Knicks’ 15th roster spot.

Arcidiacono can sign another 10-day contract after his first one expires on January 16 before the Knicks have to decide on retaining him for the rest of the season or waiving him.

The former Villanova star earlier signed a 10-day hardship contract, but the NBA rescinded it after several Knicks players cleared the health and safety protocols earlier than expected.

Arcidiacono has built a reputation as a high-energy and smart backup point guard in the NBA. He is viewed as insurance after the Knicks lost Derrick Rose (ankle surgery) and Kemba Walker (knee soreness).

Rose won’t return until late February while Walker is day-to-day. Walker will miss his fourth straight game Thursday against his former team, Boston Celtics.

Arcidiacono spent training camp with the Celtics but got cut. He played for the Celtics’ G League affiliate, Maine, as a starter in six games. He averaged 12.7 points, 8.0 assists, 5.7 rebounds, and 1.3 steals over 32.2 minutes.

Arcidiacono spent his first four seasons in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. He averaged 4.8 points, 2.2 assists, and 2.0 rebounds in 17.6 minutes over 206 games, including 37 starts.

Arcidiacono played four seasons at Villanova, capping his stint with the Most Outstanding Player award in the Wildcats’ 2016 NCAA title run. He was also named First-Team All-Big East and Big East Co-Player of the Year as a junior in 2015. But despite his accolades, he went undrafted in the 2016 class headlined by Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram.

Meanwhile, Nerlens Noel remains questionable as he continues to ramp up his build-up for competition after spending more than 10 days in the health and safety protocols.

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Knicks’ rookie point guard ready to step in and smooth over Kemba Walker injury

knicks, miles mcbride

When the New York Knicks inked Derrick Rose to a three-year extension and signed Kemba Walker to a two-year deal in free agency, the front office was preparing to mitigate fatigue and injury throughout the entire season.

However, while they thought one would be able to supplement the other, the injury bug has hit the point guard position for the Knicks at an inopportune time.

Luckily, they spent one of their draft elections on West Virginia stand-out PG Miles McBride, this past class. The young guard has shown flashes of quality in just four appearances with 20 minutes or more on the floor.

After Kemba Walker returned from exile to post vintage numbers, he suffered a left knee injury during pregame warm-ups on Friday that could keep them out for several days. Head coach Tom Thibodeau was unsure of the severity after the game, but the Knicks will run more tests to determine how long he will miss.

“I don’t know, because he started his warm-up, and then he stopped. And then [trainer] Anthony [Goenaga] was looking at him and just felt, let’s get him examined, and then we’ll go from there.,” Thibs said regarding the severity.

McBride, though, is more than capable of filling the void in the meantime. In fact, the essential experience McBride will enjoy could help take his game to the next level.

The Knicks know what Miles McBride can do:

The defensive maestro has shown flashes in nearly every category, scoring 15 points against the Houston Rockets on December 16, paired with nine assists, showcasing his facilitation. He also recorded four steals in that game, presenting a difference-maker off the bench.

Against the Detroit Pistons on December 29, he posted a +39 +/- despite scoring zero points. His defensive efficiency was incredible, making him extremely valuable to the next double-digit comeback in the fourth quarter.

It is possible that Thibodeau relies on Alec Burks as the primary starting PG while Walker recovers, and even Immanuel Quickley can earn some minutes, but McBride offers solid defense on an every-night basis, which is something he prefers.

Giving McBride an opportunity to start and showcase his qualities as he shakes off the jitters could end up being fruitful. He was forced into the starting slot against the Oklahoma City Thunder, which he wasn’t prepared for. He finished with seven points and one assist over 24 minutes.

The Knicks are preparing to take on the Toronto Raptors on Sunday night, and McBride will undoubtedly have a major role in helping his team back into the win column.

Knicks turn cold for second straight New Year’s eve

The New York Knicks struggled to make shots sans their top three playmakers.

Without Julius Randle (health and safety protocols), Kemba Walker (sore left knee), and Derrick Rose (ankle surgery), RJ Barrett led the Knicks attack. Still, he didn’t muster enough support as they fell to the hot-shooting Oklahoma City Thunder, 90-85, Friday night at Paycom Center.

For the second straight New Year’s eve, the Knicks turned cold from the outside.

Last year in Tampa, the Knicks shot 3 for 36 from downtown and missed 20 three-pointers in a row at one ugly stretch. They lost that game, 100-83, to the Toronto Raptors, who notched their first win at their expense. The Knicks’ starters bricked all their 23 three-point attempts becoming the first starting five with the most misses without a make all-time, per ESPN Stats & Info.

There was an uncanny resemblance of that cold shooting night in Oklahoma City. Against the Thunder, they were 8 for 41 from deep, with the starters going 3 for 20.

As cold as the Knicks were, the Thunder were the exact opposite.

The home team hit a season-high-tying 18 3s on a sizzling 41.9 percent clip.

Barrett barrelled his way to 26 points on 10 of 20 shooting in a showdown with fellow Canadian Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who had 23. But the difference is Gilgeous-Alexander got plenty of support.

Aaron Wiggins, who worked out with the Knicks last summer, continued his solid run with 13 points on 5 of 8 shots. It was his fourth straight double-digit scoring game.

The Knicks’ second unit, a position of strength all season, got outscored 43-30. Aleksej Pokusevski’s 11 points led Oklahoma City’s bench mob.

Obi Toppin, who started for Randle, produced only five points — all in the first half — and added seven rebounds and one assist against one turnover in 27 minutes.

Rookie Miles McBride started for Walker, a last-minute scratch because of a sore left knee.

“I don’t know [how serious the injury is], because he started his warm-up, and then he stopped. And then Anthony [Goenaga] was looking at him and just felt it, you know, let’s get [knee] examined, and then we’ll go from there,” Thibodeau said after the New Year eve’s loss.

McBride was one of the many Knicks players who struggled offensively.

The Knicks had great looks, but the shots didn’t fall. They reportedly didn’t have a shootaround as a precaution due to the ravaging COVID-19.

McBride missed five of six three-point tries. Barrett went 1 of 8 from downtown. Evan Fournier couldn’t shake off the sore ankle that held him against Washington. The French gunner struggled in his return, sinking only one of his five three-point attempts.

The Knicks cut the Thunder’s lead to three, 74-71, early in the fourth quarter. But Pokusevski hit a three-pointer that triggered a 10-0 Thunder run to pull away.

The loss snapped the Knicks’ three-game win streak and fell to 17-19. They will cap their three-game road trip in Toronto on Sunday.

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Knicks lose Derrick Rose for at least 8 weeks after ankle surgery

derrick rose, knicks

The New York Knicks had already lost several players due to COVID-19 health protocols over the past two weeks, but veteran point guard DerrickRose was dealing with something very different.

Rose has missed the past few games with a sore right ankle, which previously wasn’t thought to be anything significant. However, after trying to fight through the pain over the past few weeks, Rose underwent surgery on his right ankle Wednesday afternoon at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Rose will be out for at least eight weeks before being re-evaluated. He could miss upward of 2–3 months after having to rehabilitate and work his way back into playing form. The loss of Rose will undoubtedly put the Knicks in a tough spot, likely utilizing Kemba Walker more frequently after being exiled to the bench on November 26 by head coach Tom Thibodeau for his lackluster defense.

Rose was proving to be a valuable asset off the bench this season, averaging 12 points, 4.0 assists, shooting 44.5% from the field, and 40.2% from three-point range. At 33 years old, Rose signed a three-year, $43.5 million deal with an out after the second season.

Moving forward, we can expect to see plenty more of Immanuel Quickley, Alec Burks, and especially Miles McBride featuring at the point guard position. After McBride posted two consecutive stellar performances with Covid ravaging the guard position, this will likely inject him into a more prominent role once he returns from Covid protocols. He scored 15 points in his most recent outing against the Houston Rockets, not to mention nine assists.

In Rose’s case, he will target March as a return date, just in time for a hopeful postseason run by the Knicks. However, New York has plenty of work left to do to get back into favor for a postseason spot, as they currently rank 12th in the Eastern Conference, two spots out of a play-in slot.