Knicks: Derrick Rose wants to own an NBA team someday

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Perhaps being with Tom Thibodeau for most of his career has dissuaded New York Knicks veteran guard Derrick Rose from entering the coaching world when he hangs up his sneakers.

The 34-year-old Rose bared in a tell-all interview with The Athletic’s Shams Charania that he’s more inclined to owing a stake in an NBA team than patrolling the sidelines in his post-playing career.

“I don’t know. I feel coaching is a real huge responsibility. And with my family right now, I can say is my biggest responsibility. Making sure that I’m there, giving them my time, giving them my life. Trying to figure life out with them, purchasing land, by building a crib, organizing myself as a man. I’m provided a family so that this generational wealth can be passed down.

Derrick Rose via The Athletic

One of those responsibilities was telling a former MVP that he’s no longer part of the rotation.

Thibodeau and Rose had one of the most enduring player-coach relationships not only in the NBA but in all of basketball. They have been together in every Thibodeau coaching stop — from Chicago to Minnesota and now New York. So, the conversation between him and Thibodeau about benching him in favor of second-year player Miles McBride was not as tough as it would have been with other players of his stature.

“It was a regular convo. He just said that he was going with Deuce (McBride), and I told him that I understood. I’m cool with Deuce — like super cool with Deuce. I spent Thanksgiving with him last year, all of that. I got close to his family. And for him to be in my position, there’s no way I hate or hate on the minutes that he’s getting, especially when he’s playing the way he’s been playing and he’s producing. I just got to play my role with cheering him on, being a pro, leading by example. Just be a pro about it.”

Derrick Rose via The Athletic

Now reduced to a cheerleader and part-time coach to the young Knicks players, Rose still believes he has more left in his tank. And whether his next opportunity still comes in New York this season or somewhere else will be reckoned before the February 9 trade deadline.

But when his playing days are over, he would still want to be part of basketball which has given him so much fortune.

“I’m into ownership. I feel like I saved up enough. It’s not like I need a loan, I’m good. So I’m waiting. I’m waiting for my time.”

Derrick Rose via The Athletic

Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $90 million, per, which tracks down athlete’s and celebrities’ net worths and aims to help motivate and inspire others to improve their own lives and live life on their terms.

The no. 1 overall pick in 2008, Rose has made over $150 million during his playing career, including his current three-year deal with the Knicks that pays him $14.5 million this year. Aside from his NBA salary, Rose has had substantial endorsement deals throughout his career, which include Adidas, Adidas, Powerade, Skull Candy, Wilson, and NBA2K. After becoming the league’s youngest MVP in the league in 2011, Rose inked a 14-year deal with Adidas worth $185 million.

It takes billions to buy an NBA franchise, not just hundreds of millions. The Phoenix Suns are about to be sold in the neighborhood of $4 billion. But Rose could still do it by partnering with an ownership group or buying a minority stake.

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