3 teams interested in New York Knicks guard Daymean Dotson

Another decision the New York Knicks and Leon Rose will have to make is what to do with Daymean Dotson.  His future with the team is question mark at the moment.  He’ll be a restricted free agent and is gaining interest from other teams.  Here’s the 3 teams that may want to acquire Dotson.

Golden State Warriors

The Knicks could trade Dotson to the Warriors when his contract’s up.  However, the acquisition of Andrew Wiggins could be the only thing stopping them from pulling the trigger.  When Steph Curry and Klay Thompson return Wiggins minutes will decrease.  Golden State is a team that can properly use Dotson.  He can excel on a team with better shooters because more attention will be given elsewhere.

Milwaukee Bucks and Utah Jazz

Similar to the Warriors, these two playoff teams will know how to get the best out of Dotsons ability.  He’s the perfect player for a contending team in either conference.  He can provide valuable production on offense and defense.  The Knicks have done that from time-to-time but are never consistent.  He hasn’t gotten a real fair chance with the Knicks, injures don’t help either.  Maybe if either of these two teams are interested, Dotson can blossom into the player that all Knicks fans hoped for.

Dotson could be one of those players like excel when they’re not the Knicks. That’s just the luck of this franchise.  It’s happened several times before.  Players leave New York and they produce.  It’s not to say that Dotson hasn’t but he’s got less minutes.  Other teams will find value in Dotson services.  He’s shown he’s capable of being a good two-way player for the Knicks.  He just needs more time to develop.  But at 26-years old the New York Knicks may have missed their opportunity.

The New York Knicks aren’t developing their youth

The New York Knicks have had many organizational issues over the last decade. These include front office mismanagement, a revolving door at head coach, and an inability to develop young players. The Knicks are currently 12th in the Eastern Conference at 20 games below .500. They are in line to finish as the 6th worst team in the NBA. Not good enough to make the playoffs, not bad enough to have great lottery odds. We’ve seen this story before.

The Knicks are neglecting their draft picks.

Take Kevin Knox, the 8th overall pick of the 2018 draft as an example. In 2018, Playing alongside a barren roster, Knox managed to earn NBA Rookie of the month for December and a spot in the Rising Stars Game.

What is Knox up to in his 2nd season? He is currently averaging  18.4 minutes per game, 28th among sophomores. You read that correctly. The 8th overall pick from a year ago is 28th in minutes played amongst his draft class peers.

When the Knicks traded Marcus Morris at the deadline, it was an opportunity for younger players to take his minutes. In the three games since Morris has been traded, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, and Dennis Smith rank 9th, 10th, and 11th on the team in minutes per game, respectively. Allonzo Trier and Damyean Dotson have been DNPs. Iggy Brazdeikis and Kenny Wooten are stuck in the G League. Taj Gibson and Wayne Ellington have seen more minutes in those games.

With this roster, development is far more critical than a few wins. Knicks fans don’t want to see Reggie Bullock and Elfrid Payton lead the team to victory a few times a month. They want to see the “Baby Knicks” get playing time. They want to see a youth movement.

The New York Knicks are the most frustrating team to watch

The New York Knicks played a typical ‘New York Knicks’ basketball game last evening.  The Knicks fell to the Charlotte Hornets, 97-92, after a great start to the game.

Both teams started the game with honoring the late, great Kobe Bryant.  The Hornets won the tip and took a 24-second shot clock violation followed by the Knicks taking a 8-second back-court violation.

Like mostly every other game, the Kncks came out hot.  Going up 13 at one point in the first half.  Everything was dropping for Julius Randle and couldn’t be guarded down-low.  He looked like he was playing for Bryant with 18 first half points but only ended with 24 points, fading away.

As all fans now, the defensive let up is always lurking around the corner.  It happens every game and it’s so unbelievably frustrating.  We sound like a broken record.

The Knicks begin and go on stretches were it appears that they could be onto something.  Then, they always let their guard down, having their opponent easily get back into the game.  If you want to be a good basketball team, you need to know how to put your opponent way.  The Knicks don’t know how to do that.

They aren’t a good team, not matter what anyone says.  The team thinks they’re good and while it’s good to have that confidence, there’s a difference between optimistic and reality.

The reality is the New York Knicks are a bad basketball team.  One of the worst teams in the league.  Playing veteran players and having lackadaisical defensive pressure deserves them to be at the very bottom.

When is Mike Miller going to realize that he isn’t ‘showcasing’ these veterans.  The Knicks aren’t winning games so it seems counterproductive to play the veterans over the young players.  Miller is taking away developmental time from the young players.  Frank Ntilikina barely played, Kevin Knox only played 11 minutes and Daymean Dotson 19 minutes, not ideal.  Fans would rather lose games with young players over veteran players.

All the Knicks articles these day seem to be constantly repeating themselves.  So no need to repeat ourselves because it’ll most likely happening again tonight in Memphis Grizzlies.  It’s getting old, play the young players and lose with them at least.

New York Knicks RJ Barrett will miss another week; Dot earning more time

Basketball must still go on for the New York Knicks and the rest of the NBA.  It’s tough to think about anything else when mourning the unexpected death of an NBA legend but it’s what Kobe Bryant would have wanted.

A lot of fans and reporters were wondering why the NBA would even play the games Sunday.  Players and fans had their emotions on full display and no one could blame them.  Bryant was a larger than life figure in the basketball community.  He would’ve been feeling some type of way if they did cancel all the games.  That’s not Mamba Mentality.

While we all will sit here and reflect upon the great memories Bryant brought to the sport, basketball still rolls on.

The Knicks will be without the 3rd overall pick, RJ Barrett, for another week.  Barrett is still recovering from a right ankle sprain.  He was seen on the sidelines in a walking boot.  Can’t rush back the young face of the franchise, be smart.

Watching the Knicks aren’t as fun without Barrett, but Daymean Dotson is doing a fine job picking up the slack.  Over his last 4 contests, Dotson has been averaging 13.5 points per.  He’s earning more minutes in Barrett’s absence and shows when given time, he can contribute mightily.

Dotson has been playing with a lot of confidence.  He hasn’t been afraid attack the rim and his shot is looking solid.  Dotson is also able to contribute on the defensive side of the ball, as he is one of the teams premier wing defenders.  If the Knicks can get Kevin Knox going like Dotson, the future will be bright.  Knox needs time similar to Dotson to gain that confidence back.

The New York Knicks need give more of the minutes to players like Dotson and Knox.  However, Knox hasn’t been living up to potential this season but there’s still time.  If he’s given the proper minutes, Dotson could be a regular rotational player, once the veteran players are traded or benched.

The future of the New York Knicks still has no clear direction

The New York Knicks started somewhat on the right path when it came to drafting talent.  In free agency, they were able to add a solid combination of youth and veteran players.  It was clear that they were on the right path to build something.

However, of recent, it appears to be very unclear the direction Mike Miller and the organization wants to take.  Do they want to begin to develop their youth for the future?  Or, do they want to continue playing veteran players when the playoffs are out of reach.  The Knicks currently sit 7 games out of the 8th seed.

For the moment, it seems like the Knicks are content with playing the veterans over the young players.  They’re 12-32 on the season and that’s with mostly playing the older guys.  That should be a sign that the year is lost when the vets aren’t performing.  It’s time to play the kids.

The only thing the organization is going is making their fans more angry.  They’ve been angry since 2013, the Knicks last playoff appearance.  Continuing to play the older players is this meaningless game is only adding fuel to the fire.

We’ve seen this story before with the Knicks and it’s extremely frustrating.  One example, Jarrett Jack.  He played over Frank Ntilikina and Daymean Dotson in 2017 which stalled their development.  A lot of that can be said about this year too.

Taj Gibson is starting over Mitchell Robinson.  Reggie Bullock is starting over Daymean Dotson.  Elfrid Payton, while young, is starting over Frank Ntilikina.  But Ntilikina brings more defense to the table which is a struggle for this team.  And Kevin Knox’s minutes are never enough.

Also, Marcus Morris, 30-years-old, is the Knicks leading scorer but due to his age it’s unlikely he’s in their future plans.  Those ‘future plans’ are very blurry.

The New York Knicks need to figure out what’a best for their future.  As of right now, playing veteran players over the younger ones doesn’t seem to serve a purpose.  They’re taking way minutes and any future strides they might make.  It’s not their fault, it’s the coaching and the front office to blame.