3 teams interested in New York Knicks guard Daymean Dotson

New York Knicks, Damyean Dotson

Another decision the New York Knicks and Leon Rose will have to make is what to do with Daymean Dotson.  His future with the team is question mark at the moment.  He’ll be a restricted free agent and is gaining interest from other teams.  Here’s the 3 teams that may want to acquire Dotson.

Golden State Warriors

The Knicks could trade Dotson to the Warriors when his contract’s up.  However, the acquisition of Andrew Wiggins could be the only thing stopping them from pulling the trigger.  When Steph Curry and Klay Thompson return Wiggins minutes will decrease.  Golden State is a team that can properly use Dotson.  He can excel on a team with better shooters because more attention will be given elsewhere.

Milwaukee Bucks and Utah Jazz

Similar to the Warriors, these two playoff teams will know how to get the best out of Dotsons ability.  He’s the perfect player for a contending team in either conference.  He can provide valuable production on offense and defense.  The Knicks have done that from time-to-time but are never consistent.  He hasn’t gotten a real fair chance with the Knicks, injures don’t help either.  Maybe if either of these two teams are interested, Dotson can blossom into the player that all Knicks fans hoped for.

Dotson could be one of those players like excel when they’re not the Knicks. That’s just the luck of this franchise.  It’s happened several times before.  Players leave New York and they produce.  It’s not to say that Dotson hasn’t but he’s got less minutes.  Other teams will find value in Dotson services.  He’s shown he’s capable of being a good two-way player for the Knicks.  He just needs more time to develop.  But at 26-years old the New York Knicks may have missed their opportunity.