Why The New York Giants Drafted Daniel Jones at No. 6 Overall

The New York Giants have drafted Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

When Commissioner Roger Goodell took the stage to announce the New York Giants 6th overall pick, the Big Blue faithful waited nervously. With players such as Josh Allen and Ed Oliver still available, it seemed as though the team would go in the defensive direction. That is when Gettleman surprised many and selected the 6’5’’, 220-pound Quarterback, Daniel Jones from Duke University. Fans across the country immediately started to say that Jones was nowhere near worth taking him so early in the NFL Draft. However, there are a few reasons as to why the Giants took him, and why they did it so early.

Why The New York Giants Drafted Daniel Jones at No. 6:

Can’t Risk Waiting Until pick No. 17

When you have your eyes on a specific player, you take him. This is especially true with the Quarterback position. We now know that Jones was the number one QB on the Giants’ big board. He was the Quarterback they wanted and they did not plan on settling for someone else later in the draft. By taking him at 6, you guarantee you will get him. Waiting until 17 would’ve been extremely risky.

With teams such as the Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins, and Redskins all reportedly interested in taking a QB with their first-round pick, the Giants had to take their guy before anyone else got the opportunity to. There are rumors around the league that the Broncos wanted Jones and when he was taken by the Giants, they decided to trade back. Washington was also reportedly split between Haskins and Jones, the coaching staff leaning more towards Jones. If the Giants got to pick No. 17 and their guy Jones wasn’t there, they would’ve just delayed the process of finding their future QB for another year.

The Cutcliffe Connection

David Cutcliffe, the Head Coach of Duke Football, has been tied to Eli Manning for all of his career. Cutcliffe was Manning’s coach at Ole Miss, and by looking at Manning’s résumé, you can see just how good a job he did. Jones played under Coach Cutcliffe for every year he was at Duke. If Cutcliffe made Eli a future Hall of Famer, it is understandable to see why the Giants believe he can do the same for Jones.

His Skill Set Fits the Giants Offense

Jones is a player who thrives in an offense with quick, well timed, short to intermediate passes. All of those boxes are checked off with the Giants. With players such as Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard, the short to the intermediate passing game will be the main way the ball will be pushed down the field. The way the offense runs will help him greatly.

The Help of Saquon Barkley

Just because the Giants drafted a Quarterback doesn’t mean that he is the new face of the franchise. That title still belongs to Pro-Bowl Running Back Saquon Barkley. He will most likely carry the load of the offense for years to come. The Giants will be a run-first team moving forward. They don’t need a flashy QB like Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson. They just need one that will do what they are asked.

Simply put, Jones is a player who makes good decisions when he has the ball in his hands. Rarely during his college career did he try to force throws. He will be a consistent, reliable starter in the NFL. Look at Mitch Trubisky for example. Trubisky did not have any awe-inspiring stats or jaw-dropping games. He was a consistent player who got the job done when he needed to.

Little Help at Duke

Daniel Jones started at Duke for three years. During those three years, he played alongside no NFL talent. And not just “no talent” as very few, I mean literally, none of his teammates made it to the NFL. He did not benefit from having great players around him, unlike other QB’s in this draft.

No. 15 overall pick Dwayne Haskins played alongside six other future NFL players this past season. No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray also had six future NFL players on his side of the ball. Haskins had solid receivers to throw to such as Parris Campbell, while Murray had No. 25 overall selection Marquis Brown to throw to. They had some help when on offense.

Daniel Jones was also sacked 2.31 times per game during his final collegiate season. Murray, Haskins, and even Drew Lock were sacked significantly fewer times. He got no help from his receivers, either. Every stat that you see he has are truly his. He didn’t have the benefit of a playmaker who could turn a simple pass into a touchdown.

He is Built for New York

Part of being a Quarterback is taking on all the pressure that comes with it. You need to be reserved and respectful around the media, especially if you are playing in New York. Jones is extremely mature for his age and has great character. He is a silent leader who does what he is asked, and he does it well. He fits perfectly into the locker room that GM Dave Gettleman is trying to build. One with a great culture.

New York Giants Took Daniel Jones At No. 6 To Avoid Losing Out To Redskins

The New York Giants drafted

For many, the fact that the New York Giants took Daniel Jones with the number six overall pick is baffling. The team didn’t just pass on the chance to take higher rated quarterbacks such as Dwayne Haskins Jr., but they also passed on other players that could have a larger and more immediate impact such as Kentucky pass rusher Josh Allen, who might be the best pass rusher in the entire draft and was in a lot of conversations about the number one overall pick.

The Giants had the chance to draft this player, or even Haskins, and they passed on both of them in order to take a player that was only mocked to the team by most as the possible number 17 overall pick. What made the Giants take Jones so high, leading most fans to accuse the team of both making a bad decision and bad pick management for overdrafting the player?

According to SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano, the Giants made the pick because they felt like Jones was going to get drafted by the Redskins if they didn’t. Of course, the Redskins ended up going for the higher rated player instead, landing Dwayne Haskins with their first round pick. But the Giants believed that Haskins wasn’t actually the player on the top of Washington’s board.

But the Giants were absolutely convinced that if they wanted Jones, they couldn’t wait that long. If they did, they might be facing him twice a year instead. That was at least part of why the Giants jumped early on the 21-year-old Duke quarterback – a fear that several teams, including the Washington Redskins, were interested in him as well, according to a team source.

The real question, however, is why the Giants believed that Jones should be valued high enough to select him at number six to prevent the Redskins from getting him instead.

The decision to draft Jones is likely what Dave Gettleman’s job is going to hang on. Jones will be expected to enter contention for the starting quarterback job around the time of the 2020 season, and if Jones does anything but come in and make an impact during that time, the decision to spend the number six overall pick on him is going to be looked back upon as a major hindrance to the team’s development going forward.

One can hope that Jones proves everyone wrong and that the decision to use a top ten pick on him is justified, but just going by odds, it doesn’t quite look like that will be the case.

New York Giants: Dave Gettleman’s Plan Is Taking A Strange Turn

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The entire offseason, New York Giants fans have been told to be patient because General Manager Dave Gettleman has a plan. Some fans have listened to that advice more than others, with some calling for Gettleman to be fired after moves such as the Odell Beckham Jr. trade and others claiming that it would be unfair to judge a General Manager this early, especially after Gettleman performed fairly well last year in the role.

And for that plan, which Gettleman himself has spoken about at length, the NFL Draft would be one of the most important moments. This year’s draft, for better or worse, is going to have an effect on the team for years to come. If the draft class tanks, it could set the Giants back for even longer. If the Giants aced the draft, it could help with performing a quick turnaround.

So now that two picks are in the books and the Giants have selected Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence, is it still too late to judge Gettleman’s plan?

One cannot build a good plan on a fatally flawed foundation and it looks like passing on Dwayne Haskins Jr. or even waiting until their second pick and selecting Drew Lock at number 17 overall, could be that fatal flaw in the plan’s foundation. The team management clearly believes that Daniel Jones is the future of the quarterback position for the Giants, and yet, there’s very few others who would agree with that assessment.

It was somewhat reasonable to ask the fans to have faith in Gettleman’s plan before. After all, Gettleman entered this offseason following the draft which brought in Saquon Barkley, a move which obviously turned out well. Other moves such as taking Will Hernandez in the second round and bringing in defensive back Grant Haley as an undrafted free agent even turned out well, too, as well as this offseason’s move to send off underperforming outside linebacker Olivier Vernon.

But the Beckham trade was questionable and now, it looks like Gettleman has burnt down whatever goodwill was remaining by taking a player that is typically only considered the third or fourth best prospect at the position. Not only that, but quarterback is an important position, perhaps the most important.

If this pick goes the way that many believe it will, it could result in the Giants quarterback problems continuing not just over the next couple of years, but for the next four to five years until the team eventually pulls the plug on Daniel Jones. Assuming Jones takes over for Manning eventually as the full-time starter and lasts at least a couple of years in that role.

After taking a turn like this and showing where the much spoken about plan is heading, Giants fans shouldn’t feel bad about looking at their general manager with a critical eye. Gettleman’s plan, after all, might leave the Giants stuck in the league’s quarterback basement well into the 2020s.

The New York Giants Get A Premier Pass-Rusher And A Quarterback In 32-Team Mock Draft With Trades

The New York Giants could be targeting Josh Allen at No. 6.

Finally, it is April 25, the 2019 NFL Draft begins tonight. It has been a long wait but we are finally here. This highly anticipated NFL Draft will be crucial for the New York Giants‘ and the New York Jets‘ futures.

Here is a final, 32-team 1st-round mock draft with trades, featuring the Jets and Giants both acquiring premium pass rushers and making trades.

Pick 1- Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Kyler Murray is the most talented quarterback in this draft class. After winning the Heisman in 2018 behind 54 total touchdowns and, 4,361 yards through the air, and an incredible 1,001 yards on the ground. He is the ultimate dual-threat quarterback. The Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray connection is no joke. The Cardinals have been trying really hard to smokescreen their interest in Bosa in order to scare the 49ers into trading up one spot, but it will not happen. Murray is Kingsbury’s guy and the 49ers will not fall for it. I also predict that Josh Rosen will be traded during the draft.

Pick 2- San Fransisco 49ers: Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State

Nick Bosa is the best pass rusher in this loaded defensive draft class. He has the potential to be a better player than his brother Joey, and he is a perfect fit with San Fransisco’s culture. The 49ers need a pass rusher and they will get the best one to come out in the past two years.

Pick 3- Washington Redskins (TRADE): Dwayne Haskins, Quarterback, Ohio State

The Jets are reportedly “determined” to trade down and the Redskins have made it clear they are looking to trade up for a quarterback. The Redskins have shown they are not afraid to give up the farm for a quarterback they like (see RG3 in 2012). Haskins is the best pure pocket passer in this draft and the Redskins are ready to find their next guy.

Pick 4- Oakland Raiders: Quinnen Williams, Interior Defensive Lineman, Alabama

The Oakland Raiders have holes all over their defense and are in desperate need of a defensive superstar after trading away Khalil Mack. Rumor has it the Raiders will make a surprise move, however, with the best player in this year’s class on the board (Williams) I do not see the Raiders passing up on him.

Pick 5- Tamba Bay Buccaneers: Devin White, Linebacker, Louisiana State

The Bucs lost Kwon Alexander in free agency and have shown a lot of interest in Devin White. White is an impact player. A speedy linebacker who is effective in the run and pass. He will be a great piece in Tampa’s defense.

Pick 6- New York Giants: Josh Allen, Edge Kentucky

Dave Gettleman is reportedly “obsessed” with getting a pass-rusher with the 6th pick. Josh Allen falls to the 6th pick and he is an instant, run to the podium pick for the Giants. Edge rusher is possibly the Giants’ biggest need and Allen is the best pass-rusher available.

Josh Allen broke Kentucky’s single-season sack record in 2018 with 17 total sacks. Allen is solid against the run too, with a total of 88 tackles, including 21.5 tackles for loss.

Pick 7- Jacksonville Jaguars: Jawaan Taylor, Offensive Tackle, Florida

The Jaguars just signed Nick Foles to a huge contract in free agency and need to protect him. Taylor is the top tackle on the board and the Jaguars have shown a lot of interest.

Pick 8- Atlanta Falcons (TRADE): Ed Oliver, Interior Defensive Lineman, Houston

The Falcons have shown a lot of interest in Ed Oliver and reportedly are interested in trading up for him. If he manages to fall this far, the Falcons will make that move and get a great defensive playmaker on their interior.

Pick 9- Buffalo Bills: D.K. Metcalf, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

The Falcons just traded ahead of the Bills and took the guy Buffalo wanted. I think the Bills will look to trade back here, but they will not find any takers. The Bills go with the best playmaker available in order to give young quarterback Josh Allen a true weapon on the outside. There may be concerns regarding his agility and route running, but his pure speed, strength, and size cannot be disputed.

Pick 10- Denver Broncos: Devin Bush, Linebacker, Michigan

The Broncos cut Brandon Marshall earlier this offseason and are likely to move on from Danny Trevathan soon, too. They have shown a lot of interest in this year’s linebacker class and Bush is the best linebacker available.

Pick 11- New York Giants (TRADE): Daniel Jones, Quarterback, Duke

The Bengals are heavily interested in drafting a linebacker, but with the two best linebackers off the board, I predict they will trade back and accumulate more picks. Daniel Jones is Gettleman’s guy. I don’t see him forcing this pick at 6 but I do see him being aggressive enough to move up for Jones. The Cutcliffe and Manning connection that Jones has is clearly influencing Gettleman’s decision here as he tries to secure the Giants’ future franchise quarterback.

Pick 12- Green Bay Packers: T.J. Hockenson, Tight End, Iowa

Hockenson is the best tight end in the draft and the Packers need to get Aaron Rodgers a tight end. Jimmy Graham is declining and has not shown great chemistry with Rodgers thus far. Getting a young, talented tight end in this offense will allow the Packers to reap the benefits.

Pick 13- Houston Texans (TRADE): Jonah Williams, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Houston Texans have one of the worst offensive lines in the league. They need to protect their young quarterback, Deshaun Watson. The Dolphins are in total rebuild mode and are hoping to stack future picks in order to find their quarterback in 2020. Jonah Williams is arguably the best offensive lineman in the draft class. He was impressive in pass-protection and as a run-blocker at Alabama. Whether he plays tackle or guard in the NFL remains to be seen, but the Texans could use an upgrade at both positions, so Williams is a perfect pick here.

Pick 14- Detroit Lions (TRADE): Greedy Williams, Cornerback, Louisiana State

After trading back with the Falcons, the Lions stack up on draft capital and turn their secondary into one of the league’s best, pairing this draft’s best corner with Darius Slay.

Pick 15- New York Jets (TRADE): Brian Burns, Edge, Florida State

The Jets passed on an elite defender with the 3rd overall pick in favor of trading back to accumulate more picks. Now at 15, the Jets take the best defensive playmaker available at a position of need. Brian Burns out of FSU is a true speed rusher off the edge who will step in and make an instant impact.

Pick 16- Carolina Panthers: Rashan Gary, Edge, Michigan

Rashan Gary’s draft stock has taken a huge hit recently as many have questioned his lack of production in college. Recent reports indicate Gary also has a shoulder tear which is hurting his draft stock.

Pick 17- Cincinnati Bengals: Noah Fant, Tight End, Iowa

Noah Fant is an athletic, talented tight end out of Iowa. The Bengals missed out on the Dwayne Haskins sweepstakes, but that does not mean they can’t get some help for Andy Dalton. The Bengals have dealt with a lot of injuries at the tight end position and it is time to find the right guy to replace the Tylers for the long term.

Pick 18- Minnesota Vikings: Cody Ford, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

The Vikings offensive line has been their weakness for a couple of years now, and Kirk Cousins needs some protection up front. Cody Ford did a phenomenal job at Oklahoma blocking for great quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. He might play guard in the pros, but like the Texans, the Vikings can use help all over the offensive line.

Pick 19- Tennessee Titans: Montez Sweat, Edge, Mississippi State

Another edge defender who has suffered a recent fall in draft stock is Montez Sweat. Sweat lit up the 2019 NFL Combine, but, unfortunately, it was recently discovered that Montez has a heart condition. This discovery has hurt his draft stock, however, the Titans are searching for an edge rusher and Sweat is talented enough to be picked in the top 20.

Pick 20- Pittsburgh Steelers: Byron Murphy, Cornerback, Washington

The Steelers are thin at cornerback, with their best player at that position being a 30-year old Joe Haden. Murphy is arguably the best cornerback in this draft class, and he fills a big need for Pittsburgh.

Pick 21- Seattle Seahawks: Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson

Ferrell is a player that used to get some top-10 buzz, however, his stock has recently evened out in the mid teens to twenties. The Seahawks just traded away Frank Clark to the Chiefs opening up a hole on the edge. Ferrell will be a nice fit in Seattle’s defense.

Pick 22- Baltimore Ravens: N’Keal Harry, Wide Receiver, Arizona State

There might be some questions regarding Harry’s speed, however, a big possession receiver might be exactly what the Ravens need. Lamar Jackson needs a true number one wide receiver, and the Ravens will find one for him in this draft.

Pick 23- Miami Dolphins (TRADE): Christian Wilkins, Interior Defensive Lineman, Clemson

The Dolphins traded back in order to accumulate more draft picks, but they still get an extremely talented player with the 23rd pick in Christian Wilkins. The Dolphins have not been able to find a solid replacement for Ndamukong Suh– until now.

Pick 24- Oakland Raider: Josh Jacobs, Running Back, Alabama

Marshawn Lynch officially retired this week and the Raiders have shown a lot of interest in Josh Jacobs. Jacobs was a productive back for Alabama and will be a great fit in Oakland’s backfield.

Pick 25- Philadelphia Eagles: Nasir Adderley, Safety, Deleware

Adderley is a quick free safety with good range and the ability to cover deep. The Eagles already have a box safety with Malcolm Jenkins, but this could be a great pairing for Philadelphia.

Pick 26- Indianapolis Colts: Jerry Tillery, Interior Defensive Lineman, Notre Dame

The Colts demonstrated their need for an interior defensive lineman in the playoffs, letting Chiefs running back Damien Williams rush for 129 yards and a touchdown against them. Jerry Tillery is an underrated prospect who will help the Colts sure up their interior.

Pick 27- Oakland Raiders: Chase Winovich, Edge, Michigan

The Raiders passed on an edge rusher with the 4th pick, but they will definitely look to get one with one of their three 1st-round picks. Winovich was the more productive of the two Michigan edge rushers and is a sleeper player who could slip into the 1st round.

Pick 28- Los Angeles Chargers: Andre Dillard, Offensive Tackle, Washington State

The Chargers’ offensive line got beat up in the playoffs against the Patriots. They need an upgrade on the offensive line and tackle Andre Dillard should step in and be an immediate improvement.

Pick 29- Denver Broncos (TRADE): Drew Lock, Quarterback, Missouri

Somehow, due to team needs, Drew Lock falls all the way to the 29th pick. The Seahawks have reportedly been interested in trading back and the Broncos have been interested in Lock for a while. I predict the Broncos will get aggressive and trade up for the falling quarterback prospect. Lock’s fall could be reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers’s.

Pick 30- Green Bay Packers: Johnathan Abram, Safety, Mississippi State

Adrian Amos was an excellent pickup for Green Bay in free agency, but he will play more of a coverage role in the Packers’ defense. Opposite of Amos, the Packers could draft Johnathan Abrams to be a box safety and aid in run support.

Pick 31- Los Angeles Rams: DeAndre Baker, Cornerback Georgia

The Rams need a pass-rusher, but they are too wise to reach on one here. Instead, they end up with one of the best cornerbacks in the draft class with DeAndre Baker. Baker would be a great fit with the Rams as they try to add some talented, youthful to their secondary.

Pick 32- New England Patriots: Jeffrey Simmons, Interior Defensive Lineman, Mississippi State

Simmons is a risky prospect. To start, he suffered a torn ACL this offseason and might miss the entire 2019 season. On top of that, he has a red flag with a 2016 assault incident in which Simmons hit a woman. Simmons is one of the most talented players in the draft, but his off the field issues will cause him to fall. There is no better team to fix off the field issues than the New England Patriots. Bill Billechick will solve Simmons’ problems and make sure they never occur again.

Those are my predictions for the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Feel free to debate this mock with me on Twitter: @anthonyrivardo7.

New York Giants: Executives Believe Team Will Go QB At No. 6 Overall

The New York Giants drafted

Perhaps the biggest question of the offseason for the New York Giants is whether or not the team will take their quarterback of the future in the 2019 NFL Draft. Eli Manning can’t play forever and the question is going to be looming in the distance until the Giants either reach a resolution or are forced to make a change at QB before they’re ready.

Many think that this year’s draft class provides a good chance for the Giants to find their future starter before it’s too late for a new player to come in early and train under Eli Manning. But that opinion isn’t just shared by fans. There’s also executives who think the Giants are going to spend the sixth overall draft pick not on a defensive player, but on a quarterback.

“It’s fascinating for me from the amount of people I’ve spoken with who now are convinced — convinced — the Giants take [a quarterback] at six. A week to go, this one is going to be very interesting,” said Ian Rapoport last Thursday.

Draft takes frequently change once there’s only days, rather than months and weeks, to go. At first, a lot of analysts were sure that the Giants were going to use the sixth pick for Dwayne Haskins, possibly the most ‘obvious’ choice to make a good transition from college to the professional level.

But there’s every player one year that seems to benefit massively from hype just before the draft, and it looks like that player this year could be Daniel Jones, the Duke quarterback who doesn’t have a great track record of college success but has still attracted scouts for other reasons.

“I have to say this carefully: When you watch him and you go back [20] years and watch Peyton Manning, you are watching the same guy. He’s athletic. He doesn’t have a rocket for an arm, but neither did Peyton. Very smart,” said Hall of Fame talent evaluator Gil Brandt on Sirius XM when speaking about Daniel Jones.

Jones was considered a fringe prospect but now it looks like if the Giants take a quarterback, Jones is one of the two possible options along with Dwayne Haskins.

Regardless of which quarterback the team does prefer, though, the writing on the wall seems to be shifting once again during draft week towards the idea that the team is going to take someone at the position. It’s possible that it’s a smokescreen, which wouldn’t be the most surprising thing in the world based on the unpredictability of the Giants offseason so far, but drafting a quarterback would address a major need.

Still, we won’t know that the team is doing for sure until draft day. If there’s one thing they’ve proven so far, it’s that the Giants under Gettleman are one of the harder to read teams in the league.

New York Giants: Why Dave Gettleman Is Going To Crush The 2019 NFL Draft

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The 2019 NFL Draft is less than one week away. On Thursday, April 25, the New York Giants will be on the clock with the 6th pick in the draft. But their Thursday night will not end there. The Giants also hold the 17th overall pick in the draft.

Many fans are skeptical of Dave Gettleman and his ability to evaluate talent. Gettleman’s main critique is that he does not understand or emphasize positional value. Despite this, there are reasons to believe Dave Gettleman will crush the 2019 NFL Draft.

Gettleman Crushed The 2018 NFL Draft

In 2018, the Giants fired their former general manager Jerry Reese. This was a long-time coming. Many fans were anticipating this moment. Reese’s biggest problem was his inability to draft starting players. So when the Giants fired Jerry Reese, fans were happy.

That was until Dave Gettleman came along. He was not exactly the fan’s choice, but he was the owner’s choice, so here we are one year later praying that they made the right choice.

Dave Gettleman and the Giants had a rocky 2018. They finished a disappointing 5-11 and traded away multiple key players. But with the downside came some strong upside, too.

The Giants had an incredible 2018 NFL Draft. Their 2018 draft class produced three instant starters with the potential for at least one more starter down the road. Gettleman managed this with only 6 total draft picks. Their first selection, Saquon Barkley, won AP Offensive Rookie Of The Year and looks to already be one of the best players in the NFL.

Fans were skeptical of Dave Gettleman prior to the 2018 NFL Draft, but he delivered. Giants fans should be confident that Dave Gettleman will deliver again in the 2019 NFL Draft.

No One Knows The Giants’ Plans

A lot of talk in the media surrounding the Giants has been about Dave Gettleman’s “plans.” No one has any clue what his plan is. Sometimes this can be greatly frustrating and detrimental to the team and fanbase. However, with the NFL Draft, this is a strong positive to pull away from Gettleman.

Over the past week, every single day, a new rumor pops up regarding the Giants’ draft plans. Each new report contradicts the last report. The Giants have done more homework on quarterbacks than any other NFL team, but no one actually knows who their favorite quarterback prospect is.

According to Matt Miller, their favorite quarterback is Dwayne Haskins. According to Charles Robinson, it is Daniel Jones. According to Adam Schefter, it is Josh Rosen. According to Jordan Raanan, it is Drew Lock. And finally, according to Ian Rappoport, it is between Haskins and Jones. No one knows the Giants’ plans and this is exactly the way it should be.

Last year at this time, everyone knew what the Giants were going to do in the draft. We all knew they would draft Saquon Barkley with the 2nd overall pick and we all knew they would go offensive lineman in round 2. This year, we have no clue what they are going to do.

This means that no other team in the NFL knows what the Giants will do either. The Giants are a complete wildcard in this year’s draft. They could go so many different ways with their picks because they have so many of them. The Giants have all of the leverage in the world with teams looking to trade picks or players.

Last year, the Giants had no leverage because everyone knew who they wanted. This year, the Giants could take advantage of other teams. And, most importantly, no one knows who the Giants want, so they will not be desperately trying to trade up ahead of the Giants and take their guy.

New York Giants: What Happens If The Giants Pass On A Quarterback This Year?

New York Giants, Eli Manning

The New York Giants hold the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Much speculation has been made over whether or not the Giants will draft a quarterback. Recent rumors regarding Eli Manning’s future seem to indicate that the Giants are not going to draft a quarterback.

If the Giants do not draft a quarterback, they have one other option. The Giants could try to trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. However, Rosen has a fairly competitive market, and it is unclear how interested in Rosen the Giants truly are.

We know the Giants do have interest in Josh Rosen, but that does not mean they are interested enough to win a bidding war for Josh. If the Giants do not draft a quarterback and they do not trade for Josh Rosen, then what will be left for them to do at quarterback?

Stick With Eli Manning

Some fans may think this is crazy, but sticking with Eli Manning for another year has its benefits. Eli is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his career. Regardless of how fans and analysts dissect and interpret Eli’s play, there is no denying he is a beloved teammate and leader for the Giants.

In 2018, Eli Manning had the lowest interception total of his career with only 11. He also threw 21 touchdown passes with 4,299 yards. His 66% completion percentage was also a career high.

The Giants’ owners have not committed to Eli past 2019. However, there have not committed to letting him walk, either. The team is 100% committed to him this year and will once again try to put the right pieces around him to give him the chance to make a playoff run. If he plays well, expect to see him back in 2020.

Eli Manning has always brought one key thing to the table: availability. Manning has never missed a game and is always ready to suit up for Big Blue. With Eli, the Giants know what they’re getting and that provides them with a level of confidence.

Many fans and analysts seem to think that 2019 needs to be Eli’s last year, but it does not. If the Giants show improvement in 2019 and Eli plays well, they will keep him and worry about finding the next quarterback later on down the road.

However, if 2019 does not go as planned for Eli Manning, the Giants have other options at quarterback if they do not acquire one this year.

The 2020 Draft Class

Much has been made about the Giants and the 2019 NFL Draft class. There has been plenty of speculation about the Giants drafting quarterbacks in 2019 such as Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, or Drew Lock.

But if the Giants do not love any of these prospects, they will not force themselves to take one. They can always wait until next year. It just so happens that 2020 has some intriguing quarterback prospects.

One name that Giants fans might be familiar with is Justin Herbert. Herbert looked primed to be the 2019 NFL Draft’s top quarterback early in the NFL season. The Giants were also known to have a lot of interest in Herbert. Unfortunately for Big Blue, Justin decided to stay at Oregon for one more season of college football. He will be in the 2020 NFL Draft and he will be a highly-coveted prospect.

Justin Herbert is not the only quarterback prospect set to be taken in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama and Jake Fromm from Georgia are also receiving a lot of buzz as they head into their junior seasons. One problem with each of these players is actually the fact that they will be juniors in 2019, meaning they could choose to not declare for the draft in 2020.

It would be incredibly unfortunate for the Giants if they passed on a quarterback this year and were left with few options next year. This is why many will say they should just find their guy this year. For now, fans will wait and anticipate the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants are at a crossroads with many different options to choose from. The question is, where will they go from here?

New York Giants: Why Daniel Jones Could Be a Far Better Option Than You Think

The New York Giants drafted

The New York Giants fan base might erupt if Duke quarterback Daniel Jones is selected on the first day of the 2019 NFL draft. When I say “erupt,” it’s certainly not a good thing, especially with Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray present in the top six picks of the draft. But, we shouldn’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover, there’s a lot of untapped potentials to be extracted from the Duke product.

Jones has a prototypical body for an NFL quarterback, standing at 6’5″, 220-pounds. His abilities on the other hands have been put into question as of late. In 2018, he racked up 2,674 yards with 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions. His stats don’t even compare to Haskins’ 50 scores and eight interceptions. Despite the difference, Jones has an attractive array of skills that offers plenty of value for the Giants.

Why the New York Giants are taking a deeper look into Daniel Jones:

With three full years of playing experience at Duke, Jones is certainly ready to take the next step to the NFL in stride. His consistency and intelligence on the field have made him an attractive prospect, even though his stock has fallen as of late. The Duke product has solid footwork and is extremely practiced in moving through his progressions and spotting opportunities quickly.

Another plus for Jones is that he has the athleticism to pick up yards using his legs. While he’s by no means a running quarterback, it’s nice to have a player that can make plays happen if need be. The move here would be to sit Jones behind veteran Eli Manning for a season to allow him to develop.

Head coach Pat Shurmur made it apparent that he would prefer to use Manning has a tool to help develop the next quarterback. He also stated that it’s not Manning’s job to train his successor, but rather to enable learning and watching how he prepares.

The Giants could theoretically grab Jones with the No. 17 pick in the draft with ease, electing to take a top-tier pass rusher with the No. 6 overall pick. This would address two different positions of need and set the Giants up with a plan for life after Manning.

How did Jones perform at his Pro Day?

Like most prospects, Jones’ Pro Day was scripted to a “T.” Every throw was spot on and he had magnificent touch on his deep ball.

One of the negative portrayals in relation to Jones is that he has a very similar frame to Manning. Let’s just make this clear – he is a VERY different passer all around. While he’s able to stand in the pocket, he has the athleticism to make plays with his feet and pick up additional yards.

One of the issues he will face is taking sacks, as he’s been caught trying to do too much and losing yards. If he can develop a more conservative approach to pressure in the pocket, he will see himself get rid of the ball faster and not throw the ball into impossible windows.

The bottom line, Jones is a very coachable quarterback and has the tangible traits to become a great NFL passer, but he has quite a few flaws to work out of his game before he can reach that potential.

New York Giants: How The Giants Could Construct The Kansas City Model

The New York Giants drafted

The New York Giants are officially in the market for a quarterback. Both general manager Dave Gettleman and co-owner John Mara have admitted that the team will be looking for a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft.

This has been speculated for quite some time now. Eli Manning is 38 years old and heading into his 6th season. Statistically, Manning has been solid in recent years. However, no one can play forever.

As head coach Pat Shurmur said, Eli is closer to 40 than he is to 20. The clock has officially begun ticking; the Giants need to find the next franchise quarterback.

Eli Manning will be around in 2019. The Giants already paid him his roster bonus and assured the press that he is the starting quarterback in 2019. However, Dave Gettleman has also floated around the idea of keeping Eli on the team in order to mentor a rookie quarterback. Dave Gettleman calls this the “Kansas City Model.”

What Is The Kansas City Model?

When Dave Gettleman uses the phrase “Kansas City Model,” he is referring to how the Kansas City Chiefs groomed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to success in his second season. The Chiefs had Alex Smith in 2017, who was a solid starting quarterback. Despite this, the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes with the 10th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Chiefs then went on with Alex Smith as the starting quarterback during the 2017 NFL season. In 2018, the Chiefs decided it was time to let “Showtime” Patrick Mahomes take over. They traded away Alex Smith and committed to Patrick Mahomes as the full-time starting quarterback. Mahomes went on to have a historic 2018 season.

In 2018, Patrick Mahomes was phenomenal. Mahomes brought the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game and won NFL MVP. Patrick’s stats were insane in 2018. He threw for 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions in his first season as a starter. With production like this, it is easy to see why Dave Gettleman is so fond of the “Kansas City Model.”

Which Quarterbacks Fit The Kansas City Model?

The 2019 NFL Draft has 4 quarterback prospects who could potentially be drafted in the 1st round. The Giants will need to decide if they want to go through with the “Kansas City Model,” then figure out which quarterback prospect is the best fit.

A quarterback who is not fit for the “Kansas City Model” is Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray. Murray is going to start from day one in the NFL. He is a special talent whose only true flaw is his small size.

Despite this, Murray is a talented, dual-threat quarterback who will have an offense completely built around him due to his special running and passing abilities. This is why he will need to start. With Murray, there is no time to waste. The offense will be built around him, so it would be a waste of time to have another quarterback play in Murray’s personalized offense.

Dwayne Haskins is the quarterback most analysts think the Giants will end up with after the 2019 NFL Draft. Haskins had an impressive junior season at Ohio State University. He was extremely efficient, throwing for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions in his only season as a starter.

Since Haskins only played one year as a starter in college, he would benefit from a year of learning in the NFL. Dwayne Haskins has also publicly said he would love the opportunity to learn behind Manning. Haskins grew up a Giants fan and has a lot of respect for the franchise legend, Eli Manning.

Another quarterback who could fit the “Kansas City Model” is Daniel Jones. Daniel played 3 seasons as a starter at Duke. However, he still has a lot of room to grow as a quarterback. Jones has been linked to the recently because of his connection to Eli Manning.

Jones and Manning had the same head coach in college, David Cutcliffe. Jones also knows Manning personally from workouts on Duke’s campus. Daniel Jones is also open to sitting and learning for a year behind Eli.

Daniel Jones threw 22 touchdown passes in 2018 with 9 interceptions and only 2,674 yards. He has the ideal body type for an NFL quarterback and is a smart young man. However, his lack of elite production and accuracy at the collegiate level are the reasons Jones is looked at as a project quarterback. If he is groomed properly, Daniel Jones could be the next Eli Manning.

New York Giants Could End Up With An Elite Defender And Quarterback In 2019 Draft

Could the New York Giants find a way to secure Quinnen Williams?

The New York Giants face a dilemma in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants have decided to completely rebuild the team. They allowed their starting safety, Landon Collins, to walk in free agency and traded away superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns.

This leaves the Giants with holes all over their roster that they will need to fill in the 2019 NFL Draft. Some fans want to see the Giants draft the next franchise quarterback. Other fans want to see the team take an elite defensive prospect. There is a way the Giants could end up with both.

How The Giants Could Get An Elite Defender

The 2019 NFL Draft class is filled with defensive talent. The top defensive prospects in this class are elite, potentially future all-pro players. Players like Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and Quinnen Williams are being looked at as elite prospects.

These players should all go in the top 5. However, there is a way the Giants could get one of these players with the 6th pick.

One of these players will have to fall due to a team trading up for a quarterback, or a team in the top 3 reaching on a player at a position of need. The Jets have been consistently brought up in trade rumors. If they trade their pick to a quarterback-needy team, such as the Dolphins, that would mean one of these players will fall.

In addition, if a team like the 49ers decide to skip out on one of these prospects, that would cause a defender to fall. The 49ers traded for Dee Ford recently, so it would not be a surprise if they decide they are fine on defense. The 49ers could take wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. They need a receiver, so it would not be surprising if they reached on one.

Assuming the Cardinals draft Kyler Murray 1st overall, the 49ers draft D.K. Metcalf, and the Jets trade away the 3rd pick, the Giants will be able to draft one of Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The top 3 picks will be crucial for the Giants and there quest to draft a top 3 defensive prospect.

The Raiders, more likely than not, will draft one of the elite defenders with the 4th pick. The Buccanneers will probably draft the best player available, however, it is possible they do not take Bosa, Allen, or Williams. The Buccaneers have been linked to linebacker Devin White.

If these possible outcomes happen, the Giants can end up with either Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa, or Josh Allen. At the very least, they will be able to draft Devin White. These players would be instant-impact starters on the Giants defense and could change the course of the franchise for the next decade.

If the Giants draft a defender with the 6th pick, how will they be able to draft a quarterback, too?

How The Giants Could Get A Franchise Quarterback

By trading Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants were able to acquire the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Additionally, this trade might also allow the Giants to draft their next franchise quarterback. The 17th overall pick will be a key selection for the Giants’ future.

The Giants have plenty of options with the 17th pick. If they want to use it to draft a quarterback, they could stay put and draft the best one available. Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, or Will Grier will be names to watch at 17.

However, if the Giants do not want to stay at 17, they could potentially trade their way back into the top 10 and draft a quarterback. In this scenario, the Giants could end up with Dwayne Haskins and an elite defender- this would be most Giants fans’ dream draft.

If a team does not trade up with the Jets to draft Dwayne Haskins, and the Giants draft an elite defender, Haskins will most likely fall all the way to the 10th pick before a team considers drafting him. The Giants will be at 17 and could potentially trade up to the 9th pick to keep Haskins away from Denver. The Bills hold the 9th pick and drafted their franchise quarterback last year.

According to the Walter Football NFL Draft Value Chart, the 17th overall pick is worth 950 points. If the Giants are looking to trade back into the top 10, it will cost them their 17th pick (950) and their 2nd round pick (530). The 9th pick is worth 1,350 points, so the Giants’ 17th and a 2nd round pick could get the deal done. However, the Bills will have all the leverage, so the Giants might have to throw in a future pick or maybe even a player.

The Giants have a rare opportunity here. They could acquire the face of the franchise’s defense and offense in the same draft. The 17th pick is only 8 spots behind the 9th, so the Bills would not lose out on too much if they traded back with the Giants. If the Bills intend to draft a receiver, the 17th pick will still get them a top 3 receiver in this draft class, and load up on extra draft picks from the Giants. It is a win-win situation.

Imagine a New York Giants roster that features Dwayne Haskins AND Quinnen Williams/Nick Bosa/Josh Allen