Rams’ Sean McVay has glowing review of Giants’ Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

New York Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones has been everything but consistent this season. After a tough outing against the San Francisco 49ers in week three, he is looking to bounce back against the Los Angeles Rams in week four.

Jones was lackluster, at best, against the 49ers, completing just 53% of his passes for 179 yards and one interception. He didn’t take a single snap in the red zone, which is quite embarrassing, considering injuries gashed the 49ers. As a second-year quarterback, most expected him to take a significant leap forward in his progression. Still, injuries and a lack of protection from the offensive line have been his downfall, as it was for Eli Manning several years ago.

Despite Jones‘s inability to put together lively offensive performances, the blame can be spread around equally for the team’s failures. Nonetheless, Rams’ head coach Sean McVay had a glowing review for Jones, who still has plenty of time to leave his mark in the NFL and become an adequate quarterback.

“I remember the first real exposure I had to Daniel was when we crossed over when [the Giants] beat the Bucs last year when we were getting ready for them in Week 4,” McVay said during a Wednesday conference call, per Dan Benton of the Giants Wire. “Man, did he play really well. I was so impressed with his poise, his ability to make plays down the stretch. His ability to extend plays, the athleticism.

While McVay will never say anything bad about his opponent, it is nice to see him recall specifics about the Giants’ young passer. McVay has a photographic memory to a degree, recalling anything related to football and the relevant specifics.

“You see it with a couple of zone reads that he had [in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers]. I’ve also been impressed with his ability to just show the athleticism by keeping plays alive in the pocket, out of the pocket. Coach [Jason] Garrett always does a nice job of being able to accentuate guys skill sets – I think this a part of the league as a quarterback. But Daniel has a really bright future and I’ve seen enough film of him to feel pretty strongly about that.”

One thing that Sean touches on that has been inspiring is Jones’ ability to make something out of nothing. He can escape the pocket with his legs and make plays on the move, but the Giants simply haven’t done him any favors in the passing game, and their lack of separation has been appalling. In fact, the Giants are successfully ruining Jones early on in his career, with a lack of weapons and protection. In addition, the running game has been virtually nonexistent, as Jones led the team in week three with 49 rushing yards. Devonta Freeman, Wayne Gallmann, and Dion Lewis combined for just 17 yards on 10 carries last week.

If the Giants really wish to see Jones blossom and hit his peak, they must do something to elevate his probability of success. So far, they are trending down a questionable path, and there is no end in sight.