Knicks News: Damian Lillard raves about Immanuel Quickley, what’s in store for the young guard?

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It was only a few months ago that the New York Knicks were heavily connected to star guard Damian Lillard in a potential trade scenario. Of course, Lillard elected to stick with the Portland Trailblazers after signing a big extension, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t intrigued by the concept of moving to New York and joining a team that is up-and-coming with fresh young talent.

In fact, Lillard expressed his fandom for Knicks young guard Immanuel Quickley, who is entering his second season in the NBA. Last year, Quickley averaged 11.4 points, 2.0 assists, and shot nearly 40% from the field. He also connected on 39% of his shots from three-point range, tacking on 89% free-throw shooting. Having a player of his quality off the bench is a major benefit for a Knicks team that will be rotating combinations of players to keep their stars fresh for an entire 82 game season.

“Immanuel’s game has that craft and flow. Creativity is hard to guard. He can be that Lou Will or Brandon Jennings for the Knicks. Coming off the bench to cause havoc for the defense. He’s like the new age pure hooper.”

Quickley has the flow and instinct is to be an impact player for New York moving forward. Developing his floater game and learning from veteran point guard Derrick Rose, the former Kentucky stand-out, has the attributes to not only feature as a shooting guard but potentially be a long-term solution at point guard as well.

During Summer League play, the Knicks featured Quickley primarily at point guard, as he averaged 33.5 minutes over five games. He posted 20.2 points, 3.8 rebounds, and an impressive 7.8 assists. He ranked second in the entire Summer League competition in assists only behind Payton Pritchard, who posted 8.5.

However, Quickley had a tough time shooting, connecting on just 33.7% of his attempts and shot 24% from three-point range, launching 10 shots per game. Clearly, the Knicks wanted to get him as much action as possible in preparation for the 2021-22 season.

Earning high praise from players like Lillard is a great sign for Quickley regarding his development and potential influence. If he can continue to grow and expand his skill-set, he could end up being a 6th-man candidate for the Knicks and potential starter down the road. At just 22-years-old, he has plenty of untapped potential left to be exposed.

Knicks News: Damian Lillard’s No. 1 trade destination is NY, Nerlens Noel earning tons of FA attention

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The New York Knicks are gearing up to have an active August free agency period, but they may remain patient with their approach as star players like Damian Lillard prepare to decide on their future. Lillard hasn’t requested a trade from Portland, but if he does elect to force his way out, he has a new destination already in mind.

Stephen A. Smith confirmed that Damian Lillard’s “No. 1 destination” if he were to leave Portland is the Knicks, but the chances of him departing are slim.

If the Knicks have any chance at acquiring Lillard, they will have to give future first-round selections and young talent in a prospective deal. They would have to include RJ Barrett, who is set up to have a great year three after seeing significant increases in several categories last season.

At 20 years old, he averaged 17.6 points, 5.8 rebounds and shot 44% from the field. Playing in all 72 games, he averaged 34.9 minutes and shot 40% from three, a .08% increase from his rookie campaign.

Lillard is simply waiting to see how Portland addresses some of its bigger weaknesses, and having just signed a four-year, $176.2 million extension, a lot rides on their ability to improve the roster.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, Lillard is buying his time “while waiting to see how the Blazers’ roster looks later in the offseason before reassessing his situation.”

If the Knicks were able to pair Lillard with Julius Randle and utilize some of their new depth pieces, they could have a quality team moving forward. They would need some unproven talents to rise to the occasion, but Lillard is capable of carrying a team all on his own. Last season, the six-time All-Star averaged 28.8 points, 7.5 assists, and shot 45% from the field. His incredible 39% from three over 10.5 attempts per game represents a great clip and success rate.

Knicks’ president Leon Rose would likely do whatever it takes to acquire Lillard, but there are a few other free agents he has to make a decision on in the near future.

Big man Nerlens Noel will have potential suitors this off-season, as he’s been connected to the Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, and Toronto Raptors. The Knicks are also interested in bringing him back on a new deal, having signed a one-year, $5 million contract last season. Noel proved to be a fantastic shot-blocker, averaging 2.2 per game, a career-high. While he doesn’t offer much on offense, he’s a solid reserve piece who can contribute defensively and mitigate fatigue for Mitchell Robinson.

The former first-round pick played valiantly in the absence of Robinson last year, starting 41 games and averaging 24.2 minutes. He is a quality player, but his price tag may increase this off-season to a point where the Knicks don’t feel comfortable spending upwards of $7 million on a backup center.

Report: Knicks among ‘most aggressive suitors’ for perennial All-Star Damian Lillard

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The New York Knicks have been involved in numerous trade rumors the last few days, emerging as aggressive players for Collin Sexton and now perennial All-Star Damian Lillard.

The Knicks and Lillard have been connected for quite a few weeks after reports of his frustration growing with the Portland Trailblazers’ front office and management emerged.

Seemingly, he anticipates sticking with Portland for next season, but if they don’t make the sufficient moves to upgrade the team and build around him, he could force his way out, landing him with a new club.

“I haven’t made any firm decision on what my future will be,” Lillard said, opening up the door for a team like the Knicks to make a splash.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Knicks are one of several teams to be in heavy pursuit of Lillard via trade:

Few team executives expect a Dame deal to happen this offseason. But multiple front-office sources say the Heat, Kings, Knicks, Rockets, and Sixers have recently been the most aggressive suitors.

Trading for Lillard would require the Knicks to part ways with significant capital in both the draft space and player pool. A prospective deal would undoubtedly include young players like RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, and even Obi Toppin. In addition, multiple first-round picks would have to be included, specifically the three first-rounders the Knicks contain this year, plus additional ones in the future.

The question is, is it worth ransacking the team for an elite point guard, then having to piece together a roster around him with little money? Lillard would simply be moving from one average team to another since he recently signed a four-year, $176.2 million extension. He likely understands that moving would require the other half of the deal to be massive, so the team he would be joining would be nothing compared to the season prior. Can Lillard and Julius Randle dominate alone with a minimal supporting cast?

With the Knicks containing $50+ million in funds if they elect to let their free agents walk this summer, being patient and building around their youth would be a more efficient strategy. Personally, with all the rumors involving the Knicks and point guards, I believe the front office is simply throwing their name in the hat to create buzz and interest regarding the team. This should help down the road during negotiations with potential PG free agent signings.

Alternatively, trading away the majority of their team would likely offer them $60-70 million in available funds, and with Lillard projected to earn $39 million next season, the team would have a bit of leftover money to sign fresh players. The problem is, their youth pool would be ravaged.

‘Dame Over’ in Portland? Lillard says ‘It’s not true’ but the time is ticking

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Damian Lillard woke up on Friday morning with his phone buzzing.

Henry Abbott of True Hoop rocked the NBA world with a report that Lillard will be requesting the Portland Trail Blazers to trade him in the coming days.

“I woke up to those reports. A lot of people reaching out to me,” Lillard said at the beginning of his Team USA post-practice press conference before pausing for a while as the press held their collective breath anxiously waiting for what he would say next.

Then he dropped a mini bomb that put a dent on the other teams’ hopes, including the New York Knicks, of landing one of the premier point guards in the league this summer.

“It’s not true,” Lillard continued. “I said the last time I spoke to you guys that a lot of things are being said and it hasn’t come from me.”

But he left a slight opening that could widen if the Blazers can’t give him the thing that he covets — winning a ring.

“No. 1, it’s not true. And secondly, I haven’t made any firm decision on what my future will be. So there’s really no need for anybody else to speak for me, report this, and report that. As I said the last time, I’ll speak directly with my team, with Neil (Olshey),” Lillard said.

Olshey, the embattled Portland GM, remains on the hot seat ever since the Blazers bombed out in the playoffs at the hands of the injury-ravaged Denver Nuggets and the seemingly haphazard process of hiring Chauncey Billups as their next head coach.

If Olshey was able to dance around the question surrounding the controversial background check on new head coach Chauncey Billups that arose from the rape allegations in Boston in 1997, this time, he needs to move to the beats of Lillard’s rap.

“The best way to put it is just to be more urgent. Be more urgent with what our next step is and move forward,” said Lillard, who turned 31 on Thursday.

He is set to meet with Olshey and Billups later on Friday over dinner, which he said was previously scheduled. Though the timing of the report makes this meeting a crucial one.

The Blazers have the longest active playoff streak in the NBA with eight straight appearances. They peaked in 2019 when they went to the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors. They got swept, and they never made out of the first round since then.

This season’s first-round loss to a Nuggets team missing two of their best players — Jamal Murray and Will Barton — due to injuries left a bitter taste in Lillard’s mouth. That made him question if he’s in the right place to win a championship.

Bringing back the same roster will put the Blazers in the luxury tax and, worst, will not appease their disgruntled superstar. They don’t have any pick in the coming NBA Draft. Lillard said he expects to be on a Blazers uniform next season but Olshey has to be creative in finding ways to surround him with a championship-caliber supporting cast.

“I think we have a lot of pride about we made the playoffs all these years in a row. We’re not a bad team. We’re a winning team. We went to the playoffs every year. We got a great environment. We’re in a great city. We have great fans. It’s a lot of positives. But I just think we have reached that point that ‘Okay, it’s not enough. Do we actually want to win it all? Is that what we’re shooting for?’ And we got to do things to do that. We need to put actions behind the desire to win at that level. That’s my only thing this entire time,” Lillard said.

Now the ball is in Olshey’s court.

It’s not yet ‘Dame Over’ in Portland, but the clock is ticking.

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Report: Damian Lillard has ‘eyes set’ on Knicks as landing spot if traded, displeasure with Blazers growing

damian lillard, new york knicks

The situation between the Portland Trailblazers and star point guard Damian Lillard seems to be a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. With rumors indicating the New York Knicks could be involved in a trade scenario, that reality is becoming even more probable with the latest news, indicating Lillard’s displeasure with a franchise and the desire for change.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo reported on Friday that Lillard feels as though changes need to be made behind the scenes with the Blazers, essentially putting the ball in their court. With the coaching staff set to overturn and ownership potentially on the move, things are getting murky for Portland and their disgruntled star.

There are few reasons: One being I’m not getting any younger. Our environment has always been great. We’re not losing a lot, but we were eliminated by a shorthanded Denver team that I felt we should have beat. I just walked away from that really disappointed. I was like, ‘Man, this just isn’t going to work.’ We’re not winning the championship, but we’ve got a successful organization. We’re not a franchise that’s just out here losing every year and getting divided. We have positive seasons; we just don’t end up with a championship. So I feel like at this point, I basically made the decision that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been. Just like I hold myself accountable for a bad performance or hold myself accountable to make sure that I work my ass off when I’m training, I must be accountable for saying what needs to be said even if it’s not popular. And that just comes with age. When I was younger, I felt like maybe I’ll be out of place, but I feel like I’ve earned the right to say we must do better. We must do better if we want to win on that level.

Lillard is reportedly eyeing the Knicks as a potential trade suitor if he decides to force his way out, which could commence in the coming days, according to Grant Afseth of Sports Illustrated.

The process between Damian and the front office has been wayward, as they completely left him out of the coaching search after he provided a list of names he was content with. In fact, the fan base attacked him for his part in the strategy, and he shot back, indicating he was barely involved, having only provided a list of names and not actually being involved in the search.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo stated a few weeks ago that Lillard was essentially cut out of the hiring process, which could have contributed toward his contempt:

Lillard has remained loyal to Portland in large part due to the tremendous fan base. But over the last few days, he’s seen some of those same fans attacking him on social media for a pending coaching hire he played no part in consummating, sources said.

Portland is currently in negotiations to make Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Chauncey Billups its next head coach.

The coaching search was conducted by Neil Olshey, the team’s president of basketball operations. None of the candidates who were interviewed were from suggestions from Lillard, sources said.

With the situation unfolding rapidly, there is a chance the Knicks could enter the fold and seek a trade, but it would take a massive amount of resources to do so. It would likely require a multi-team deal, if not New York parting ways with RJ Barrett, multiple draft picks, and additional young talents.

Knicks: 3 trades for established point guards, which would you choose?

damian lillard, new york knicks

The New York Knicks are headed into a busy off-season that will likely include them finding a solution at the point guard position. Whether that solution involves Derrick Rose and a youth prospect is yet to be seen, but they have the draft capital and assets to trade for an established option. There are a few teams that could be willing to part ways with their current point guard.

Three names specifically come to mind as suitable choices for New York, but the asset allocation differs vastly, so they must consider that when bringing in alternative players. The more efficient method would be to spend in free agency instead of trading away assets, especially with a deep FA class.

Evaluating three trades, the Knicks could execute:

1.) The mammoth Damian Lillard trade

Of course, the blockbuster deal would inevitably include Damian Lillard, who is a bonafide superstar at 31 years old. Last season, he averaged 28.8 points, 7.5 assists, 4.2 rebounds, and shot 45% from the field. For a high-volume shooter, attempting 10.5 shots from three per game, he averaged 39%, which is a mind-blowing success rate.

Acquiring Lillard to pair with Julius Randle would be a dream come true, but the Knicks would have to give up the farm in the process, which is something they should think long and hard about before pulling the trigger.

Portland would want a massive haul in return, which would likely include draft picks and young talent to work around. In this scenario, the Knicks would 100% percent have to part ways with RJ Barrett, who, in my opinion, should be off-limits.

-3 first-round picks

-RJ Barrett

-Mitchell Robinson

-Kevin Knox

2.) The efficient Collin Sexton trade

The second trade that could be intriguing for New York is the acquisition of Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Collin Sexton. Reports have bubbled to the surface recently that Sexton could be on his way out of Cleveland, especially with the emergence of Darius Garland.

Sexton is only 22 years old and averaged 24 points this past season, shooting 47% from the field and 37% from downtown. Ultimately, if the Knicks are looking for a scoring point guard who can be a consistent threat driving to the rim and as a shooter, Sexton makes a ton of sense, but he offers little in terms of defense. There will be plenty of teams requesting a price tag for Sexton, and the Knicks luckily have plenty of assets to throw Cleveland’s way in this scenario. He also wouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount, compared to Lillard.

-2021 first-round picks

-Kevin Knox

3.) Cardiac Kemba trade

The Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Kemba Walker from the Boston Celtics this off-season, and they could execute a flip and trade. Walker has traditionally been one of the best point guards in the NBA but has suffered from injuries the past few seasons.

Walker hasn’t played over 56 games in three years but is only one year removed from being an All-Star in four consecutive campaigns. He regularly averages over 20 points per game and is a solid facilitator but struggled from range this past season, shooting 36% over 8.2 attempts per contest. If he’s healthy, he’s capable of leading an offense admirably, but his contract is quite lofty for a team that might not value him as a consistent option due to his health history. He is set to make $36 million next season with a player option during the 2022-23 season.

Guaranteeing him for just one year might be a questionable move, especially if Oklahoma is demanding solid value in return. Walker is one player I would steer clear of based on the nature of his contract and bill of health.

-2021 first-round picks

-Kevin Knox

Out of these three options, which trade would you execute if you were the Knicks (if any)? Comment below!

Report: Knicks are willing to trade RJ Barrett in Damian Lillard blockbuster deal

new york knicks, rj barrett

If the New York Knicks want to pry Damian Lillard away from the Portland Trailblazers, it is going to cost them an extravagant number of assets. Ranging from draft selections to quality talent, president Leon Rose would have to accept the fact that parting ways with potential elite talent could be a requirement to land a bonafide star point guard.

One player who should be off-limits is RJ Barrett, as he took a tremendous step forward in his development last season. Elevating his average points to 17.6, Barrett also recorded 3.0 assists, 5.8 rebounds, and shot 44% from the field. He also advanced in the three-point category, elevating his numbers from 32% in his rookie season to 40% last year.

However, there have been whispers that RJ could be a trade piece in a blockbuster deal for Lillard, who has enjoyed four consecutive All-Star appearances and is nearly 31 years old.

Per Marc Berman of the New York Post:

In a Lillard trade, the Knicks don’t want to have their roster ransacked but likely are willing to give up three of their future first-round picks. RJ Barrett is not considered an untouchable in a deal for a superstar, according to a source.

The Knicks need to be efficient and not overzealous:

Adding Lillard to a team that already has Julius Randle would be extravagant, but the Knicks would lose some of their most valuable pieces in the process. Unfortunately, that is what it takes to trade for a big name, but these deals oftentimes bite back with a simple injury or expiration of a contract.

In this case, Lillard recently signed a four-year, $176 million extension with Portland, which includes a player option in the fourth season during the 2024-25 campaign. The Knicks would have three guaranteed years with Damian on the roster, but they would also lose the opportunity to develop Barrett further and realize his potential as a quality shooting guard.

Considering the jump the Canadian-born Player took last year, there is a reason to believe he could be a star in the coming seasons, but the Knicks will never know if they offer him up in a trade.

The more efficient move would be to sit patiently and wait for free agency to unfold, acquiring quality players with available funds instead of trading your biggest assets for singular players. While adding Lillard would be tremendous, tearing apart the roster could backfire in a big way.

Having just reached the postseason, the Knicks know what they are capable of, and adding talent to weak positions should be a priority, especially with an extremely deep point guard market.

Report: Damian Lillard could ‘request out’ opening door for Knicks

damian lillard, new york knicks

The free-agent market will be flush with point guards to target for the New York Knicks, but the idea of trading for Damian Lillard is quickly becoming more of a possibility. Lillard recently signed a four-year, $176 million extension with a player option for the 2024-25 season. However, he is guaranteed for at least three more years with his future team, whether it be the Portland Trailblazers or moving on to an alternative club.

While Lillard has always been loyal to Portland, reports have indicated his frustration is boiling over with the prolonged head-coaching search the team is currently carrying out. Portland is actively in negotiations with Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Chauncey Billups to become their next head coach, a move the fans believe Lillard had something to do with.

The enormous backlash from the Portland Trail Blazers’ process to hire a new coach and his concerns on whether a championship contender can be built have become factors that may push the franchise player — Damian Lillard — out the door, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Lillard even commented on social media stating that he listed a few coaches he preferred, but news that Billups had a sexual assault allegation back in 1997 passed him by.

If the coaching search ends up becoming too frustrating, it is possible Lillard forces his way out of Portland, which would open up the door for a team like the Knicks, who desperately want to pair a star PG with Julius Randle.

Lillard finished this past season averaging 28.8 points, 7.5 assists, and shot .451 from the field. He also connected on nearly 40% of his three-point attempts, averaging 10.5 tries per game. Having played 67 games last year, Lillard has been traditionally healthy throughout his career, which is exactly what the Knicks are looking for in a PG, and four consecutive All-Star appearances doesn’t hurt either.

Damian is currently 30 years old and will be 34 by the end of his extension. He is preparing to earn about $40 million next season, which would leave the Knicks with $10+ million to spend in free agency to acquire complementary pieces.

However, the Knicks would have to part with significant draft capital and young talent to acquire Lillard. New York must be willing to part ways with three first-round picks and multiple youngsters, including Immanuel Quickley or RJ Barrett. Otherwise, they should stick with our guns and simply utilize their available funds to bolster the team this off-season.

‘IF’ Lillard became available, do you think the Knicks should trade for him? Comment below!

Knicks: Luca Vildoza to be tested vs Team USA in Las Vegas camp

luca vildoza, knicks

The New York Knicks will have their first look at Luca Vildoza against NBA competition since his signing when Argentina plays Team USA in Las Vegas in an exhibition match next month.

Vildoza will join Denver Nuggets’ rookie guard Facundo Campazzo in Argentina’s backcourt. The Knicks will have the chance to see him go up against a star-laden Team USA’s backcourt led by Portland’s superstar Damian Lillard. Joining Lillard in Team USA’s backcourt are Devin Booker (Phoenix), Bradley Beal (Washington), Zach LaVine (Chicago), and Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee).

Fourth-ranked Argentina is scheduled to play the world’s no.1 Team USA on July 13 (3 pm PDT) at MGM’s Michelob Ultra Arena. Tickets to the game are selling for as low as $62 to as high as $120. You can buy your ticket here.

The exhibition match is part of Argentina’s three-week training camp before flying to Tokyo. The national teams of Nigeria, Australia, and Spain will also see action in the five-day event in Las Vegas.

Vildoza will leave New York on Sunday to join Argentina’s national team, according to his camp. The 25-yeard old Argentinian guard had been working out with the Knicks since his arrival last month. His camp also revealed that three more Knicks players joined him in his final week before leaving for Las Vegas.

Vildoza signed a four-year $13.6 million deal to join the Knicks this season with the next three years non-guaranteed. The Knicks will have the chance to evaluate him further in the Olympics, the Summer League, and the training camp before committing to a full guarantee next season.

Games against Australia (July 10, 8:30 pm PDT) and Nigeria (July 12, 1:30 pm PDT) will serve as Vildoza’s warmup before the much-awaited showdown against Team USA.

Australia also features a backcourt of NBA veteran Patty Mills (San Antonio) and Matthew Dellavedova (Cleveland). Nigeria, coached by Mike Brown, is no slouch either, with several NBA players in their lineup that includes Campazzo’s teammate Monte Morris, OG Anonuby (Toronto), Josh Okogie (Minnesota), Precious Achiuwa (Miami), Al-Farouq Aminu (Chicago), Jahlil Okafor (Detroit), and Jordan Nwora (Milwaukee).

Argentina is bracketed with Spain, Japan, and the winner of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Kaunas, Lithuania, where Dallas’ young star Luka Doncic will attempt to lead Slovenia to their first-ever Olympics appearance.

In the event Argentina will play for the gold medal, Vildoza will have a tight turnaround time between the Olympics and the NBA Summer League.

The Olympics gold medal match will be played on Aug. 6, while the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas is penciled to start on Aug. 8.

Two more other Knicks players — RJ Barrett (Canada) and restricted free agent Frank Ntilikina (France) — will also see action in the Olympics.

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Magic Johnson on Knicks: ‘Superstars are gonna want to play here now’

The days are gone that superstars would avoid the New York Knicks like a plague.

That’s how Magic Johnson views the current Knicks situation following a surprising turnaround this season.

Appearing as a guest on Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin radio show, Johnson said the Knicks have become a viable destination.

“Superstars are gonna want to play here now (in New York),” Johnson said.

The former Lakers executive explained how players think and play out a possible scenario.

“I think because they made the run and got to the playoffs. And the city is alive about the Knicks, right? I think guys are now looking at and say, ‘Hey man, if I put myself in that lineup with Julius (Randle), (Immanuel) Quickley, (RJ) Barrett and on, and on. Hey, man, we could do something special.’ Because that’s what guys wanna see,” Johnson said.

“If I put my talent with those guys, can we make a run for the championship? And that guy will talk to another guy and that’s how it’s gonna get started. And Julius Randle, I think guys would want to play with him because he plays hard, he’s a team player. He’s tough and rough,” he added.

Johnson said he’s glad that he had a hand in Randle’s development with the Lakers.

Randle, who left Los Angeles for New Orleans when LeBron James took his talent to Hollywood, finally found a home in New York. His hard work paid off with his first All-Star appearance, a spot in the All-NBA Second Team, and the Most Improved Player award on top of leading the Knicks to the first round of the playoffs.

While the Knicks, under former super-agent turned league executive Leon Rose, have finally found stability, the rest of the league is in a state of flux.

Some of the league’s stars enter the summer with their future in question.

Damian Lillard openly aired his frustrations in Portland following another first-round exit. Washington’s Bradley Beal has one year left in his extension with a new coach coming in. Luka Doncic just lost the executive who handed him the keys to the Mavericks’ franchise. Zion Williamson will be having his third coach in three seasons in New Orleans’ small market. Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers are reeling from a second-round upset, in large part, due to Ben Simmon’s broken jumper.

Seven teams are searching for a new coach. Established superstars fell one by one in the first two rounds, failing to survive the pandemic-condensed season. There’s a new order in the league. There will be a new champion this season.

Then there’s the Summer Olympics in Tokyo which could become another breeding ground for a future super team.

For the first time in decades, the Knicks have more to offer than just money and the bright lights of Broadway. They finally have a culture and a young playoff core to pair with their large cap space of more than $50 million.

Magic Johnson always tweets the obvious as a reaction to what’s happening around the league. This time, he’s manifesting the obvious direction of the Knicks’ franchise.

There’s a perfect storm waiting to happen in New York.

Can the Knicks capitalize?

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