Could Knicks be ‘mystery team’ to land Trail Blazers superstar?

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The New York Knicks are still on the hunt for that extra superstar that can turn them into championship contenders. Damian Lillard has been the song of the summer for the NBA as his trade request sent a shockwave through the league. A new sudden twist of fate puts the Knicks in the running for the superstar guard.

There have been constant trade rumors and speculation regarding where Dame will suit up this upcoming season. Following the assurance that it would be the Miami Heat, Senior NBA Writer Marc Spears stated, “I’m kind of hearing rumors about another Eastern Conference team that I’m not gonna throw out there just yet.”

Could the Knicks be the mystery team in the running for Damian Lillard?

According to Spears, a “mystery team” could be in the running for Lillard. The Knicks could be that team lurking in the shadows, seeking a blockbuster trade to acquire Lillard.

A trade involving Lillard would see New York part ways with a valuable star like RJ Barrett or Jalen Brunson. Parting ways with a talent like Brunson, in particular, would be a tough pill for Knicks fans to swallow. Lillard, a seven-time all-star, would need to make an immediate impact.

Thankfully, Lillard has never had trouble making an impact. Last season, Lillard averaged 32 points per game in 58 games played.

“Logo Lillard” shining under the bright lights of New York City would be an absolute spectacle. The move would Immediately make the Knicks a premier franchise in the NBA with a legitimate championship window. The window exists currently as the Knicks are an explosive young unit, but trading for a player of Lillard’s caliber would put the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in closer reach than it has ever been.

Stealing Lillard from the Miami Heat

Lillard’s preferred trade destination is the Miami Heat. Reports have stated that the only two training camps Lillard would show up to are Portland’s and Miami’s. “In a perfect world,” Lillard said, he would land in Miami and start the next chapter of his career with the Heat.

However, the world is not perfect, and the Knicks represent a realistic trade partner for the Trail Blazers. New York has the assets, the coaching, and the system to build around Lillard. It may now just be a matter of time before Lillard is knocking down threes in Madison Square Garden. 

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