New York Yankees: Fans are angry as Yankees sit idly by, ignoring the free agent market

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New York Yankee fans are confused, frustrated, and even angry as one after another target or player of interest drops off the market, being scooped up by other teams, even teams within the Yankees’ division.

Most of the confusion arises from the Yankees’ near pledge to improve the team for 2022 by spending big and acquiring players to return the team to championship contention. But instead, what fans have gotten is a front office that has been surprisingly quiet, if not completely dormant, as other teams are picking up quality players with amazing speed.

Just yesterday, two huge free agency monikers dropped off the market, with the big prize, Max Scherzer, going to the crosstown New York Mets and Corey Seager going to the Texas Rangers. Although Scherzer was more of a wish for the Yankees, they were never really in on him due to the projected cost. However, no one would have ever dreamed that he would be signed for $43 million a year, making him the highest-priced starting pitcher in MLB history. The big slap in the face is that he went to the Mets.

At this point, there is no question that the Mets are making moves to bring them to at least an NL East division win, and maybe going to their first World Series since 2015, in which they lost to the Kansas City Royals one game to four. The New York Yankees have not appeared in a World Series game since they won in 2009.

The Yankees were seriously looking at Starling Marte to bolster their center field presence, but that fell through when the Mets scooped him up last week with a four-year contract for a reported $78 million. With the Mets signing Scherzer, they have already spent double the money the Yankees might consider spending. If that isn’t a statement, I don’t know what is.

The other big name off the market yesterday was shortstop Corey Seager, who went to the Texas Rangers for a reported $325 million for 10 years. Not only is he no longer available to the Yankees, but that contract sets the bar for the only other huge name on the shortstop market, Carlos Correa, who presently remains unsigned. With that likely cost, the Yankees will not be contending for him.

Another big name now off the Yankees’ radar is former Blue Jays’ co-ace Robbie Ray, who went to the  Seattle Mariners for three years at $115 million. In return, the Blue Jays signed another Yankee pitcher of interest, Kevin Gausman, to a 5-year deal worth $110 million. What may be surprising to Yankee fans, as well as the front office, who’re watching other teams spend insane amounts of money.

Whether you believe the Yankees are being cheap, or Hal Steinbrenner won’t let loose of the purse, you can’t blame the Yankees for not signing any long-term, big-money contracts like the ones that seem to dominate the free agency market. After all, the Yankees are mulling a contract extension for star Aaron Judge that will be costly, and already have two monster contracts to pay to ace Gerrit Cole and the remaining huge contract for Giancarlo Stanton. Most of these contracts are being signed by teams that couldn’t contend last season, and don’t already have huge contracts on their rosters.

Although there may be some action today, and before the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires tomorrow night, it looks like general manager Brian Cashman will have to work his magic, like he did with DJ LeMahieu, as only some crumbs are going to be left over.

Yankees lose out on another top shortstop, market continues to dwindle

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The New York Yankees may end up missing out on every top shortstop free agent this off-season, in a year where there was an unprecedented number of talents waiting to be scooped up off the market.

General manager Brian Cashman is undoubtedly taking a more patient approach, but his strategy may end up biting him in the butt if he misses out on Carlos Correa, the last of the top-tier shortstops available.

On Monday evening, Jeff Passan of ESPN reported that Corey Seager, one of the Yankees’ top targets to replace Gleyber Torres at shortstop, signed a 10 year, $325 million deal with the Texas Rangers. The Rangers landed both Seager and Marcus Semien.

Seager is coming off a stellar campaign with the Los Angeles Dodgers, hitting .306 with 16 homers and 57 RBIs. With a lefty bat, the idea was that Seager would bring a bit of diversity to the batting order and quality defending at shortstop. However, his flexibility in the infield and potential to move over to third base was also attractive, as the team waits for Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza to reach the majors.

Now, the market has boiled down to Correa, who is taking his time finding a new team this off-season. Correa is coming off arguably an even better campaign than Seager, hitting .279 with 26 homers and 92 RBIs. Correa isn’t only a fantastic hitter with a healthy balance of power and contact, but he’s also a tremendous defender.

After seeing Corey’s contract, averaging $32.5 million per season, Correa will likely end up earning $35 million per year. This past season, Carlos recorded a .981 fielding percentage with 11 errors over 1,300 innings.

Correa is a long-term solution at SS, so moving him to the hot corner may not be advisable for the Yankees. However, he’s currently the best option on the market, and once he’s gone, the Yankees’ targets will start to dwindle quickly. Reports indicated that Cashman met with Andrelton Simmons’s representatives recently, so he could also be a potential option for the Bombers.

Yankees preparing to lose out on another top shortstop, starting pitching is an issue

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The Yankees are taking a risky approach with their free-agency strategy this off-season, waiting for some of the bigger names to be plucked off the market before diving in and acquiring a big name. General manager Brian Cashman has been patient in the past, notably with infielder DJ LeMahieu, striking a deal that was far less than initially predicted.

However, with Marcus Semien signing a seven-year, $175 million deal with a Texas Rangers over the weekend, the shortstop market is thinning, and more players are expected to go quickly.

According to Andy Martino of SNY, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers are in hot pursuit of star lefty shortstop Corey Seager. In fact, the word is that the Yankees are laying low, waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

Player agents know that the Bombers are in the market and willing to spend big money, so once Cashman sees the ceiling for any given star, he can either match or take it to another benchmark.

Seager would be a fantastic addition to a team that needs more diversity in the hitting order and consistent defending at a position of vulnerability. Seager hit .306 this past season with 16 homers and 57 RBIs. He recorded a career-high 11.7% walk rate and 16.1% strikeout rate, nearly 10% less than the average in the Yankees’ lineup.

With a short right porch in Yankee Stadium, Seager would likely see his home run numbers increase exponentially. In addition, he has the flexibility to move to third base in the future, which is an attractive prospect for New York. Nonetheless, if they don’t pick up the phones quickly, they could risk losing out on arguably the best fit from the top tier of shortstops.

MLB rumors: Mets poised to steal ex-Cy Young winner from Yankees, NL contenders –

The New York Mets have been far more aggressive than their crosstown rivals in the Bronx this off-season. In fact, they are preparing to land star pitcher Max Scherzer on a massive contract. The Mets have already checked out and approved of Scherzer‘s medicals, so they are just waiting on him to agree to a deal.

The contract is supposedly worth $42 million per year over 3–4 seasons, which takes the Yankees out of the market considering they have other pressing needs to address. There are a few starters available, but they’re flying off the board quickly, and the Yankees are sitting quietly without much fight.

New York Yankees 11/24: Gary Sanchez, Corey Seager, Freddie Freeman, and more

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At the end of the season, the New York Yankees energized fans by saying the purse was open and the Yankees would be spending to improve the team for 2022. As the postseason drags on, and the Yankees have not yet made any splashes, fans are quickly becoming disenfranchised as the Yankees seem to be drawing back on their promise to hire some high profile players.

Gary Sanchez going nowhere

This writer is not sure what all the talk this week about Gary Sanchez is leading. Folks, he is not going anywhere. There are three main reasons. 1. The organization is still standing behind him with their support, even though he doesn’t deserve it. 2. There just aren’t many catchers out there this offseason that would be better than Sanchez. 3. The Yankees have much bigger fish to fry: SS, first base, oh and yeah, a number two type starter for the rotation.

Carlos Correa or Corey Seager won’t be in pinstripes

At the beginning of the postseason, the Yankees seemed primed to go after the best shortstop in the business, Carlos Correa, if not him then Corey Seager of nearly the same quality. But now both seem to be in the Yankees rearview mirror, and it’s not entirely clear why.

Are the Yankees sincere in not wanting to block Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza from making the bigs when they are ready or are the Yankees pulling back because the don’t want to spend the money after all?

Will postseason acquisitions come to a halt?

All the acquisitions, by purchase or trade, may be coming to a screaming halt. We are now one week away from the agreement that allows the owners and players to put on a baseball season. Yes, the expiration of the CBA comes on December 1.

Commissioner Rob Manfred has said the negotiations for a new contract are going very slow, and the sides are far apart. He also said it seems a lock-out is likely. If that happens, all transactions will also come to a halt. The last time there was an MLB work stoppage was in 1994, starting in August with no World Series and halting the start of the 1995 season.

Max Scherzer to the Dodgers?

It may not be of much interest to Yankee fans that industry sources say that free-agent pitcher Max Scherzer will likely end up with the Dodgers. What is concerning is that general manager Brian Cashman said getting a number two type starting pitcher was one of his priorities.

With Scherzer landing on the west coast, it’s just another Yankee pitching target that will be going off the market and not available to the Yankees. Noah Syndergaard of the Mets has already signed with the Angels, Justin Verlander with the Astros, and Eduardo Rodriguez with the Detroit Tigers.

Is Freddie Freeman the Yankees’ dream first baseman?

I think we can all agree that Yankee first baseman Luke Voit’s days with the Yankees are over. He was never a great defender and has had a great deal of difficulty staying healthy. Although several Yankees have replaced him, the Yankee via trade settled on Anthony Rizzo, who is now a free agent. The question is, Rizzo is not the hitter he once was, even though his defense at first is stellar. Also, will the Yankees want to pay the big bucks he will likely ask for?

The Yankees could stick with DJ LeMahieu, who is a Gold Glove second baseman. He is adequate, but his offense isn’t exactly exciting either. If the Yankees want a power-hitting lefty with the defense of Mark Teixiera, there is a free agent out there. His name is Freddie Freeman of the Braves that is now a free agent. Freeman and the short porch at the Stadium are the perfect match, and unlike Rizzo, his hitting is not in decline, anyone that watched the World Series knows that. In 2021 Freeman hit .300 with 31 home runs.

If the Yankees spend big for a shortstop, Freeman is probably not an option, but if they go with a stop-gap option at short, Freeman would make a perfect Yankee. Another wise addition could have been Belt of the Giants, but he just signed an $18 million one-year deal to stay with the Giants.

Report: Yankees’ pursuit for elite free-agent shortstop has a caveat

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There is no question the New York Yankees will be active in the shortstop free-agent market, but there is a caveat for any potential deals that general manager Brian Cashman makes. While adding a star talent like Carlos Correa looks excellent on paper, despite the cheating scandals and negative comments about Derek Jeter, his main vulnerability is that he presents a long-term solution at shortstop and not a stop-gap.

According to The Daily News, the Yankees prefer to settle on a stop-gap instead of a long-term solution, which changes everything.

It appears the Yankees will not be the team to hand out that deal, multiple industry sources have told the Daily News. … Sources have told The News that the Yankees don’t want to commit that much money to a shortstop. … The Yankees are expected to turn their attention elsewhere. … The Yankees are apparently comfortable going with a stopgap defensive shortstop while they wait for (Anthony) Volpe and (Oswald) Peraza to reach the majors.

The Yankees have several shortstop prospects rising through their minor-league system, including Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza. If either are able to become elite players at the position, the Yankees will need to rethink their strategy with any free agent acquisitions this off-season.
The hope is that one of their young studs will be playing SS at a starting level by 2023, so they will need two years of supplementary play until they need to make adjustments.
With that being the case, a few alternative options make more sense if Cashman is still looking to spend big money. First and foremost, Corey Seager presents a great option, as he projects to move to third base in the future. He’s coming off a season where he posted a .306 average with 16 homers and 57 RBIs. He has endured health complications in the past but offers diversity with his lefty bat and quality defense.
Another option that could fit the bill is Marcus Semien, who is coming off an incredible season with the Toronto Blue Jays. Over 162 games, Semien recorded a .265 average with 45 homers and 102 RBIs, both career-highs. He earned an All-Star appearance, Golden Glove, and Silver Slugger awards at 30-years-old in 2021. One of the best aspects of Semien is that he hasn’t missed a game in three seasons, showcasing impeccable health.
Marcus has dabbled at third base in the past, also playing 147 games at second base this past season. The Yankees can move him around due to his flexibility in the future, making him a solid option if they want to go that route. He would likely be a bit cheaper than Seager or Correa.
Ultimately, Correa doesn’t fit the bill if the Yankees are looking for a stop-gap at shortstop since he is a bonafide star at the SS spot and likely wouldn’t take well to transitioning after just two seasons with the team.

New York Yankees: Fans know the SS they want and by a wide margin

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The New York Yankees made an unusual one-and-done move, moving Gleyber Torres from the team’s experimental shortstop back to second base. Unfortunately, that move caused a juggernaut of other infield questions that will have to be answered by the start of spring training. However, that discussion is for another article; Brian Cashman’s self-admission of obtaining a high-quality shortstop is his priority this offseason.

Recent developments may make this offseason far more interesting than in recent years; other than acquiring some patched-up pitchers last year, the Yankee hasn’t done much to improve the team other than signing Gerrit Cole to a big-money contract back in December of 2019. But, of course, the main reason is that owner Hal Steinbrenner has wanted stat below the luxury tax threshold. Well, fans hold to your Yankee caps; if several industry sources are correct, he may be willing to open that Yankee purse, even going over the tax threshold.

Many believe the Yankees would like to make a change at the backstop. Still, with money to be spent elsewhere and few catcher upgrades available, many believe the Yankees will stay with the catching duo of Sanchez and Higashioka. Yet, at the same time, they pour out the bucks for three players they will need to improve the team: shortstop, centerfielder, and another starting pitcher. Luckily the Yankee will have a bevy of shortstops available to them. Big names like Trevor Story and Trea Turner are often mentioned but doubtfully receive much consideration.

Three of the best shortstops available on the market are the Houston Astros Carlos Correa, Marcus Semien of the Blue Jays, and Corey Seager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to sources at The Athletic Magazine, The New York Yankees are already speaking to the agents of both Correa and Seager. With this spiking the interest of Yankee fans, I decided to ask them who they wanted as the new Yankee Shortstop. I set up a poll on several Yankee fan groups on Facebook. Being these are the frontrunners, I only gave poll responders those options. I was quite surprised that the margin was so spread. Below are those shortstops and their approval rating by Yankee fans.

Corey Seager 51.5%

Corey Seager seems to be the Yankee fan favorite, and by a vast majority. According to many fan comments, it’s not necessarily because he is the best shortstop; it’s more about he isn’t Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. New York Yankee fans have a very long memory and consider Correa’s possible involvement in the 2017 cheating season a factor. This is not to say that Seager is a great shortstop; he is. Last season although not hitting a ton of home runs(16), he is an excellent defender and is a great contact lefty hitter hitting .306

Carlos Correra 26.5%

I have to admit I chose Correra, mostly because I believe he is a more demanding player that puts it all out onto the field, much like Brett Gardner. Although he had 26 home runs last season, he is a righty. How the Yankee lineup rounds out will be a factor. Many fans put personality and nonbaseball characteristics of high importance. I tend to look only at what that player can do for the Yankees.

Marcus Semien 22%

Although Semiem picked up many of the over 1,000 votes in the poll, he did come in last among the three choices with 22% of the vote. Semien has many things going for his amount them is that; he can play short, 2nd, and 3rd base. Working against him is that he is a righty which could be a problem for the Yankees.

The New York Yankees also have to consider two wonderful shortstops coming up the ranks in the farm system but are likely two years out from the majors. The final decision will not be made on what the Yankee fans want; it will be based on the money and length of the contract needed to seal the deal.

New York Yankees: An offseason of discontentent led by wild predictions

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In the eyes of the “boss,” the deceased George Steinbrenner, the New York Yankee 2021 season was another failed season. He always felt a successful season was one that the Yankees went to the World Series and won the Fall Classic. During his ownership, the Yankees won the World Championship seven times. Unfortunately, under Hal Steinbrenner’s ten-year tutelage, the New York Yankees have not won any.

Hal Steinbrenner made it clear last season that he wanted to stay under the luxury tax threshold, and he did that. What fans should know is that although the Yankees spend a lot on player payroll, their payroll to revenues ratio is the lowest in baseball for the last several several years.

George Steinbrenner died on the same day as the 81st annual All-Star game; many fans think the storied Yankees franchise died on the same day. Of course, George didn’t win every season, but he made the changes necessary to make that again a possibility when he didn’t. The Yankees have made only two significant moves in the last ten years: getting Giancarlo Stanton in 2018 and starting pitcher Gerrit Cole in December of 2019.

While the Yankees and their fans are still licking their wounds, the wild predictions of who the Yankees will get to fill this spot and that spot are running amuck. Projections like the Yankees will target Robbie Ray, Max Scherzer, or even Justin Verlander. Last season the wild predictions led the Yankees to pick up two bruised starters in Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon, neither of whom had pitched in the previous two seasons. General Manager Brian Cashman has a history of doing what no one expects.

Another good example is before the 2019 season; the rumors were swirling around that the Yankees would go after Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. But in the end, the Yankees made a pedestrian move hiring DJ LeMahieu instead. That turned out rather well, but at the time, the Yankees fans were disappointed. Unfortunately, the Yankees often make very pedestrian moves when fans expect big things.

The hottest predictions or rumors are that the New York Yankees will pick up a star shortstop this offseason. Brian Cashman has already said it is his top priority. Big names include Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, and others. But, don’t be surprised if the Yankees pick up Javier Baez or some mostly unknown shortstop on the cheap. However, that being said, this offseason seems to carry more importance for the Yankees to get better so they can go deep into the postseason and hopefully win another World Championship after not being in one in eleven years.

The whole point of this article is to advise you to listen but take little stock in the named targets or predictions as they seldom turn out as expected. However, as we draw closer to the new baseball season, those predictions hold more validity. History has told us that you never know what to expect when it comes to the Yankees. We can hope they will make the necessary changes to make this team better, much better. Go Yankees!

New York Yankees: The Rizzo, DJ, Voit question unsolved

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The New York Yankees have some pretty tough questions to answer during this offseason. General Manager Brian Cashman has made it clear acquiring a shortstop is his priority. That may be the case, but he has several other problems to resolve, including a reliable centerfielder, an ace-like starting pitcher, and, oh yes, what to do with the logjam at first base. But, of course, the biggest question to answer at first is, do the Yankees resign Anthony Rizzo?

One of the earlier situations the Yankees must solve is what to do with free agent Anthony Rizzo. Once they solve that, they can move on to other infield moves. As it is right now, the Yankees have three possible first basemen. Rizzo, DJ LeMahieu and Luke Voit. Luke Voit, the once-heralded player, hasn’t been able to stay healthy for the last few years and is probably on the trading block. Gold Glover DJ LeMahieu played all the infield positions other than shortstop due to Gleyber Torres being moved back to second base after a two-year failed experiment as a shortstop.

First, let’s look at the shortstop position. Many MLB insiders like Jon Heyman think the Yankees’ general manager may make a big splash in the market, securing either lefty Corey Seager or the less likely Carlo Correa. There are two strikes against Correa, the cost, and his involvement in the Astros 2017 cheating scandal that may have cost the Yankees a World Series appearance. Heyman thinks that Seager is the near-perfect fit for the Yankees. Another route Cashman could take is taking the cheaper avenue by hiring Javier Baez and spending his money on another starting pitcher.

General Operating Partner Hal Steinbrenner has not weighed in on if he is willing to go over the luxury tax threshold now that the Yankees have again failed in the postseason. So much of what Cashman can do will be guided by how much money he is allowed to spend and what revenue he can free via the trade market. The most apparent trading piece is Luke Voit, as he is expendable, having no everyday place to play. But in a shocking move, don’t be overly surprised if the Yankees deal Gleyber Torres.

Many Yankee fans may balk at getting rid of Torres, but actually, it would solve many problems for the Yankees. Consider that Torres has not grown as a Yankee, and he is no longer the 22 year old with a bright future. The pluses for the Yankees is he could be a good find for another team and would be a good part of a trade package. But maybe the biggest plus for the Yankees is that it would put other star players back in their regular positions. Rizzo at first, LeMahieu at second, and Gio Urshela at third. Solving this would no longer require manager Aaron Boone the everyday decision of who to play where.

None of this can be accomplished until the Yankees decide to lure Rizzo back to the Yankees. Rizzo will turn 33 next season, so the Yankees probably won’t offer a long-term contract. On the other hand, Rizzo has clearly stated that he loves New York and wants to retire as a Yankee. So, that is not a problem. They just have to decide on a price and how long Rizzo wants to play. If the Yankees can resign Rizzo and snatch up Seager, half of their offseason problems will be solved; they can then concentrate on finding a dependable centerfielder if they choose not to bring Brett Gardner back for the fifteenth season. Then look to how to shore up the starting rotation.

Gerrit Cole will be serving out the third year of his monster contract. Jameson Taillon will be back for another year, as will Jordan Montgomery. Beyond that, there are questions, will the Yankees sign Corey Kluber. It was initially thought that Kluber would use the Yankees as a stepping stone to a more significant contract if he could return to his Cy Young form. However, the bottom line is that although he had the Yankees’ first no-hitter since 1999, he was also out half the year with his lingering shoulder problems. Other starter questions may not be answered until spring training. Can Luis Severino and Domingo German be effective pitchers next season? There is also news that the Yankees might consider another risky move by going after Justin Verlander, a free agent coming off Tommy John surgery.

One thing is for sure; the Yankees are projected to have a very active offseason to fix the team to be championship-caliber again. A team that will be able to get over that hump of getting to a long-awaited 28th Championship.

Yankees shortstop sweepstakes could boil down to two awesome players

yankees, corey seager

The New York Yankees have various avenues they can travel down this upcoming off-season at the shortstop position. With a desperate need to fill the spot with a quality player, general manager Brian Cashman has another busy off-season spending money correcting his team.

It is pretty disappointing that Cashman has been unable to piece together a unit capable of remaining healthy and playing consistent baseball, but his home run centric mentality has bitten him in the butt at times. Nonetheless, there are a few contact specialists that could help provide some much-needed discipline and diversity in the batting order.

However, there is one player who represents the most lucrative option of the bunch, but the Yankees’ hatred might run too deep for them to even consider his services.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post believes that the Yankees’ hate for the Astros and their sign-stealing will deter them from pursuing Carlos Correa in free agency:

The hatred for the 2017 Astros sign-stealing scandal still pulses in the Yankees’ organization — within which many harbor the belief that if Houston had not cheated, the Yanks would have won it all. So, I just can’t believe they would swallow that to sign Correa. 

Even if the Yankees pay no attention to Correa, they still have plenty of options to replace the failed experiment at shortstop in Gleyber Torres. He will likely move back to his more comfortable spot at second-base and force DJ LeMahieu to either find a home on the hot corner or first base, which could spell the end of Anthony Rizzo. Luke Voit could still serve in a DH and reserve first-base role.

Two shortstops could make the most sense for the Yankees:

Corey Seager:

Seager is having himself a solid season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are currently in the NLCS. As a lefty batter, he would contribute a bit of diversity to the Yankees’ batting order.

As a former first-round pick back in 2012, Seager has two All-Star appearances to his name and is currently 27-years-old. He hit an impressive .306 this season with 16 homers and 57 RBIs.

Clearly, he contributes far more as a contact hitter, earning 67 singles, 22 doubles, and three triples this year. He struck out just 66 times over 353 at-bats. His 16.1% strikeout rate might be the lowest on the Yankees’ starting team, and he also contributed an impressive 11.7% walk rate this year, indicating more patience at the plate.

Defensively, Seager hosts a .975 fielding percentage, giving up just eight errors over 803 innings this year. Comparably, Torres picked up 18 errors over 915.2 innings, representing a far higher clip.

There is no question that Seager offers more than Torres as a contact hitter and defensive weapon, and given his acumen, the Yankees will likely pursue him this off-season.

Marcus Semien:

Another strong alternative is Marcus Semien of the Toronto Blue Jays. Semien is capable of playing shortstop, second base, and third base, and as a right-handed batter — he would likely fit into the Yankees mold a bit better.

Semien hit 45 homers this year in his first All-Star caliber season. He posted a .265 batting average and .873 OPS. He also contributed 102 RBIs. Semien has played in all 162 games twice in the past three years, minus the shortened Covid season.

Given Semien‘s impeccable health and evident power, the Yankees will likely be highly attracted to the 30-year-old slugger. He signed a one-year, $18 million deal this past off-season, but that price tag could jump even further given his unbelievable numbers.

Defensively, Marcus posted a .984 fielding percentage with eight errors, playing the majority of his games at second base. Traditionally, he is a shortstop, spending six seasons at the position with the Oakland Athletics before making the transition. Semien has never dipped below a .970 fielding percentage, showcasing he’s a quality defender at the most important infield position.