New York Yankees: Fans know the SS they want and by a wide margin

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The New York Yankees made an unusual one-and-done move, moving Gleyber Torres from the team’s experimental shortstop back to second base. Unfortunately, that move caused a juggernaut of other infield questions that will have to be answered by the start of spring training. However, that discussion is for another article; Brian Cashman’s self-admission of obtaining a high-quality shortstop is his priority this offseason.

Recent developments may make this offseason far more interesting than in recent years; other than acquiring some patched-up pitchers last year, the Yankee hasn’t done much to improve the team other than signing Gerrit Cole to a big-money contract back in December of 2019. But, of course, the main reason is that owner Hal Steinbrenner has wanted stat below the luxury tax threshold. Well, fans hold to your Yankee caps; if several industry sources are correct, he may be willing to open that Yankee purse, even going over the tax threshold.

Many believe the Yankees would like to make a change at the backstop. Still, with money to be spent elsewhere and few catcher upgrades available, many believe the Yankees will stay with the catching duo of Sanchez and Higashioka. Yet, at the same time, they pour out the bucks for three players they will need to improve the team: shortstop, centerfielder, and another starting pitcher. Luckily the Yankee will have a bevy of shortstops available to them. Big names like Trevor Story and Trea Turner are often mentioned but doubtfully receive much consideration.

Three of the best shortstops available on the market are the Houston Astros Carlos Correa, Marcus Semien of the Blue Jays, and Corey Seager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to sources at The Athletic Magazine, The New York Yankees are already speaking to the agents of both Correa and Seager. With this spiking the interest of Yankee fans, I decided to ask them who they wanted as the new Yankee Shortstop. I set up a poll on several Yankee fan groups on Facebook. Being these are the frontrunners, I only gave poll responders those options. I was quite surprised that the margin was so spread. Below are those shortstops and their approval rating by Yankee fans.

Corey Seager 51.5%

Corey Seager seems to be the Yankee fan favorite, and by a vast majority. According to many fan comments, it’s not necessarily because he is the best shortstop; it’s more about he isn’t Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. New York Yankee fans have a very long memory and consider Correa’s possible involvement in the 2017 cheating season a factor. This is not to say that Seager is a great shortstop; he is. Last season although not hitting a ton of home runs(16), he is an excellent defender and is a great contact lefty hitter hitting .306

Carlos Correra 26.5%

I have to admit I chose Correra, mostly because I believe he is a more demanding player that puts it all out onto the field, much like Brett Gardner. Although he had 26 home runs last season, he is a righty. How the Yankee lineup rounds out will be a factor. Many fans put personality and nonbaseball characteristics of high importance. I tend to look only at what that player can do for the Yankees.

Marcus Semien 22%

Although Semiem picked up many of the over 1,000 votes in the poll, he did come in last among the three choices with 22% of the vote. Semien has many things going for his amount them is that; he can play short, 2nd, and 3rd base. Working against him is that he is a righty which could be a problem for the Yankees.

The New York Yankees also have to consider two wonderful shortstops coming up the ranks in the farm system but are likely two years out from the majors. The final decision will not be made on what the Yankee fans want; it will be based on the money and length of the contract needed to seal the deal.

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