Former New York Giants QB Colt McCoy could become Kyler Murray’s backup

New York Giants, Colt McCoy

The New York Giants are parting ways with Colt McCoy after moving for Mike Glennon at the backup QB spot, but it might not take long for last season’s backup to find a new team.

From the looks of it, Arizona could be that landing spot and McCoy could end up in a similar situation to the one he was in with the Giants – backing up one of the league’s new generations of quarterbacks. Instead of Daniel Jones, it would be Kyler Murray this time.

According to a report from Adam Schefter, McCoy is visiting with the Cardinals next week. And it seems likely that this meeting could result in a contract to bring McCoy onto his next team at 34 years old.

This comes off a season where McCoy served as the backup to Daniel Jones and was thrust into the spotlight unexpectedly. Jones had trouble with injury in the second half of last year owing to poor pass protection contributing to an injury, and McCoy would have to make multiple appearances filling in for him.

During those 4 games played, McCoy threw for 375 yards with one touchdown and one interception. His most notable moment was when he and the Giants defense came up big to defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the first game missed by Daniel Jones.

The Giants, however, would choose to move on at the backup spot and go for the slightly younger Mike Glennon. Glennon had a promising rookie season where he was the starter in Tampa, but quickly fell off after that and will now have to be content as the definite backup in New York behind Jones.

For McCoy, it doesn’t seem like things are so bad, though. His performance as backup last season may just land him at least one more one-year deal in his career, this time with the Cardinals.

New York Giants may choose between Colt McCoy and Alex Smith for 2021’s backup

Backup quarterbacks don’t stay in the limelight for long most of the time, but the New York Giants found out last season why they can be so important. Daniel Jones struggled with injury in the later season and the Giants had their playoff hopes dashed in part because they were forced to rely on Colt McCoy when Jones was unavailable. While Jones is expected to be healthy this season, it’s unclear if the Giants plan to strengthen the backup spot just in case.

This offseason, of course, the Giants are trying to cut costs – and in all likelihood, that’s part of why they’re content with McCoy over bringing in an outsider for more money.

Based on reports from Jordan Raanan, it seems like the Giants are leaning towards keeping McCoy around.

“Good mentor,” one source said to describe part of what McCoy brings to the table…

By all accounts, the Giants were happy with McCoy’s performance in the backup role and he enjoyed his time in their program. And there seems to be no doubt McCoy wants to continue playing.

McCoy isn’t the only option

On the other hand, the Giants have an intriguing option to consider in Washington quarterback Alex Smith. Smith is set to be 37 years old but his performance last season proved that he’s still in the backup quarterback conversation around the league.

Washington released him following his success in bringing them the division title after the starting job once again ended up in his lap. In the event that something happens to Daniel Jones again, a lot of fans would feel safer with Smith as the starter instead of McCoy.

However, the Giants may not be able to pick up Smith for as cheaply as they would want because there appears to be interest from other teams thanks to Smith’s accomplishments last season. The Chicago Bears, notably, are coached by Matt Nagy – who worked with Smith in Kansas City and may provide a more attractive destination for the free agent.

With the Giants needing to get their salaries down this offseason, it seems like the addition of a better backup like Smith may be hard. However, there is at least one big option on the market and last season proved why the Giants could use a better backup in the first place.

Will the New York Giants receive any compensatory picks this year?

New York Giants, Cleveland Browns

The New York Giants are not expected to be awarded any compensatory draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Giants hold the 11th overall pick in the 2021 Draft. They will only have six picks overall to fill the many needs on the roster.

In addition to their first-round pick, the G-Men will have the 42nd overall pick in round two, No. 76 overall in round three, No. 107 overall in round four, and two sixth-round selections — No. 172 and No. 177, the latter received in exchange from the Arizona Cardinals in the Markus Golden trade.

The Giants do not have a fifth-round selection due to the trade with the New York Jets for Leonard Williams. Big Blue also does not have a seventh-round selection either due to the trade with the Denver Broncos for Isaac Yaidom.

According to the compensatory draft pick cancellation chart compiled by “Over The Cap,” the Giants are not due any additional selections due to their aggressive shopping spree in free agency last March. They signed cornerback James Bradberry, linebacker Blake Martinez, kicker Graham Gano, outside linebacker Kyler Fackrell, quarterback Colt McCoy, tight end Levine Toilolo, and safety/special teamer Nate Ebner.

Safety/Special Teamer Michael Thomas was signed by Houston, but according to the chart, he is listed as non-eligible for compensation.

New York Giants: 7 players the Giants need to part ways with in 2021

New York Giants, Nate Solder

The New York Giants might have missed the playoffs, but that does not mean they lacked roster talent at several key positions.

The Giants needed a little help from the Eagles to sneak in, but of course, they did us dirty in their tank-job. Either way, the Giants should have controlled their own destiny and made the postseason on their own. This team is still ways away from competing for a Championship. The G-Men have some very difficult decisions this offseason about this roster. There are a few easy decisions that the Giants have to do to create more cap space to sign and re-sign some key players to this team.

Here are the seven players that the New York Giants need to part ways within 2021:

LB Kyler Fackrell

The New York Giants signed Kyler Fackrell to a one-year prove-it deal, worth around $4.6 million. Most of Fackrell’s contract included guarantees, which were around $3.5 million.

The other thing Fackrell proved was he can not be a productive pass rusher this late in his career. He was a good rotational pass rusher for the Giants. Fackrell had 4.0 sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception which he returned for a touchdown against Dallas in 11 games.

The Giants are lacking a pass rush due to Lorenzo Carter and Oshane Ximines having season-ending injuries. They are also looking for a pass rusher either in free agency or in the draft.

RB Dion Lewis

The Giants signed Dion Lewis to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million. Obviously, they did not spend a lot of money on Lewis, but his performance tells the story of way.

Lewis has played 15 games for the G-Men, and the stats show for themselves why he should not be on this roster next season. Lewis only produced 108 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Lewis caught only 19 passes for 127 yards and a score.

Not only did Lewis struggle at running back for the Giants, but he also struggled to be the Giants’ return specialist. Lewis fumbled three times on kickoff.

Based on the lack of production, the Giants have no reason to re-sign him back in 2021.

LT Nate Solder

Before we start to talk about why the Giants need to cut him in 2021, I just want to say this is nothing personal. I have a lot of respect for Solder for putting his family first over football and money. It takes a lot of pride!

The New York Giants signed Nate Solder to a four-year deal worth $62 million. Solder has a cap hit of $16.4 million, but if the Giants wait to cut him post-June 1, the Giants would free up $9.9 in cap. It would leave them with $6.5 million in dead money.

It’s entirely possible that the 32-year tackle may just want to retire. If he does not, the Giants may have no other choice to cut him due to lack of production. Solder’s performance has been disappointing since his signing in 2018, allowing 18 sacks and 89 pressures in just two seasons.

I hope the best for Solder in what he chooses, if it’s to stay in the NFL or retire, but I do not see him in a Giants uniform in the 2021 season.

QB Colt McCoy

The Giants signed Colt McCoy to a one-year deal worth $2.25 million. McCoy deal is really friendly with the Giants, but with the injury history of Daniel Jones, the Giants need a more viable option at backup quarterback.

In the four games that McCoy appeared in, he has completed 60.6% of his passes for 375 yards and only one touchdown but one interception. The issue with having McCoy at backup is the Giants only scored a combined 13 points in his two starts.

With backup quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton, and Jameis Winston all becoming free agents this offseason, the Giants need to sign one of these guys that can come in and still compete.

RB Devonta Freeman

Big Blue signed Devonta Freeman in the middle of the season to fill in for Saquon Barkley when he went down with his ACL tear. Freeman signed a one-year, prove-it deal with the Giants only worth $1.35 million.

Freeman took some time to get up to speed but ultimately was very unproductive for the G-Men. Freeman logged 54 carries for 172 yards and only one touchdown. Freeman played in five games before going down with an injury and going on the injured reserve for the Giants.

Barkley should be ready for the 2021 season. With the lack of production during this season, there is no reason for the Giants to keep Freeman.

RT Cameron Fleming

The Giants signed Cameron Fleming to a one-year deal worth $3.5 million. Fleming, when signed, was not expected to be a starter, but when Solder opted out of this season, he was thrown right into the starting lineup at right tackle.

Fleming has struggled since Week 1 and has been rotating in and out with rookie tackle Matt Peart. Fleming has surrendered six sacks, four quarterback hits, and 35 pressures given up.

One of the biggest reasons why Fleming came to New York was because of Marc Colombo and Jason Garrett. When Colombo was fired about a month ago and Garrett now on the hot seat, it is really hard to see Fleming back in a Big Blue uniform in 2021.

WR Golden Tate

The New York Giants signed Golden Tate to a four-year deal worth $37.5 million in 2019. When this signing first happened, it seemed like the Giants did this to please the fans when they traded Odell Beckham Jr. shortly before.

The Giants could release Tate after the 2020 season and gain $6.1 million back on the cap. The Giants would have $4.7 million in dead money, but that will really open the receiver spot for the Giants to either sign or draft a weapon for Daniel Jones.

Tate is not the player he once was. He was been very injury prone over the last two seasons, had a disciplinary issue that made him get benched for a game in 2020, and suspended for PEDs in 2019. Even on the field, his production has been lacking. Tate, in the past, was a receiver that would get tons of separation and was deadly after the catch.

With Tate’s lack of production for the last two seasons, I do not see Tate playing another in a G-Men uniform in 2021.



New York Giants: Joe Judge’s aggressive calls describes the state of the team

New York Giants, Colt McCoy

The New York Giants fell 20-6 to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday evening after being flexed to the prime time slot.

However, while the Giants had played better football after the BYE week, injuries have taken their toll and limited their success. Without starting quarterback Daniel Jones and star corner James Bradberry, the Giants were always at a disadvantage against a high octane Brown’s offense. They simply worked the clock and kept the ball in their possession, understanding that racking up the points wasn’t necessary to beat a shredded Giants defense.

Head coach Joe Judge admitted one thing with his game plan, he knew his team wasn’t up to the task against Cleveland. The Giants were outmatched regarding personnel, and Judge understood that taking aggressive risks was the only way his team was going to keep the contest close.

The New York Giants knew they needed to take risks:

On the opening drive of the game, the Giants marched 40 yards downfield to the Cleveland 8 yard line. They lined up in field-goal formation, getting the ball into the hands of punter Riley Dixon, who threw an inaccurate pass to Center Nick Gates in the end zone.

Not only was the throw off its mark, but most would argue that the Giants should’ve taken the three points and walked away with the lead. The aggressive playcalling by Judge is justified based on how unlikely it was the Giants would stay in this contest. Making risky decisions like this are necessary, but running an actual play with the offense on the field might’ve been the better move instead of utilizing your punter to throw a bad pass to a center in the end zone. That is the part I disagree with.

This wasn’t the only time the Giants tried to go for it in the red zone, as later in the first quarter, the Giants turned the ball over on downs for the second time.

After marching 68 yards on 12 plays, the Giants found themselves with a 4th-and-2 situation at the Cleveland 6. At this point, utilizing another special teams fake was out of the question, so the Giants elected to run Wayne Gallman straight up the middle for a 1 yard gain. I don’t necessarily hate this playcalling with Gallman’s style of running, as he just barely missed the first down by an inch or two.

However, it simply didn’t go to the Giants’ way, and they were beaten on two consecutive fourth-down tries in the red zone. That was the deciding factor of the game, and if the Giants converted on both of those, we might be telling a different story today.

Overall, these risky decisions made by Judge told us one thing, he didn’t trust his team to win this game on their own; they needed to be overly aggressive. There is no sugarcoating in the NFL, and with a backup quarterback and thin defense, getting whatever points necessary was essential. Judge did the right thing; his team just couldn’t get the job done.

Can the New York Giants trust Colt McCoy to get the job done against Cleveland?

New York Giants, Colt McCoy

The New York Giants are headed into a contest against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night, and they will be without starting cornerback James Bradberry. The expectation is that Daniel Jones will also be limited if not inactive, which would indicate a Colt McCoy start for the second time this season.

Last week, Jones struggled to progress through his reads, and poor playcalling by Jason Garrett and the lack of separation by the wide receivers undoubtedly played a significant part in his struggles.

However, Jones relies on his legs to make up for his deficiencies in the passing game and lack of awareness in the pocket. Without his mobility, DJ struggled to get things going on offense against the Arizona Cardinals, who surprisingly stacked the box with linebackers and played man coverage for a majority of the game.

This loss came on the back of an improbable victory over the Seattle Seahawks in week 13. The Giants started backup quarterback Colt McCoy, and while he only threw for 105 yards, he didn’t lose the game for the Giants, which was a major storyline.

They managed to win 17-13, thanks to a fantastic defensive performance by Patrick Graham’s unit. Nonetheless, McCoy presented an adequate passer that got the job done and made some plays down the stretch, which is all the Giants needed him to do.

Head coach Joe Judge had positive words for New York Giants’ QB Colt McCoy:

I think he did a lot of things well [against Seattle]. First off, I love the way he just controlled the flow of the game, the tempo of the game. Colt was on the line of scrimmage, identifying what the defense was in, putting us in the right place, made some big plays for us down the stretch with some key completions to continue drives. He did a good job when he had to go ahead and check from a run to a pass or vice versa. I thought just his experience really showed up in that game. The biggest thing he’s very good at is Colt’s a very positive guy. He’s a competitor and he’s a very positive guy. He understands the flow of we’re always getting ready for a 60-minute game. If things aren’t going well initially, you’re never going to hear him complain or tap out. He’s very committed to the process. Any adjustments you have to make, Colt’s a smart dude. He’s always in tune to talking on the sideline about, ‘hey, what do you guys think about maybe changing this up?’ or ‘do you want to stick with this?’ He may come back and say, ‘hey, I like this play, call it again.’ Colt’s very, very mentally into the game. That carries over and really gets the rest of the guys involved as well.

We can expect a few things from McCoy, notably average play and nothing extraordinary. He’s not going to throw for 300 yards and piece together an incredible offensive masterpiece. He will do just enough not to lose the game for the New York Giants but rather make subtle adjustments, and complete high percentage passes.

Ultimately, it comes down to his wide receivers and if they can create separation. Cleveland has decent corners but have had trouble against slot receivers in the past. If I were Freddie kitchens, I would be looking for Golden Tate early and often in this matchup.

Also, based on Kitchens’ past, expect quick first reads and plenty of running backs coming out of the backfield as pass catchers. They will try to dumb down the offense for Colt and increase his completion percentage, but one this is for sure, they will need to hit on a few chunk plays to keep up with Cleveland’s offense.

New York Giants Debate: Should Daniel Jones or Colt McCoy start in week 15 against Cleveland?

New York Giants, Colt McCoy, Wayne Gallman

The New York Giants made a “calculated” decision last week to start quarterback Daniel Jones, according to head coach Joe Judge. While some believed that starting Jones would be problematic, considering he suffered a right hamstring injury that kept him out in the Week 14 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, others concluded he was healthy enough to start.

Jones relies heavily on his legs to extend plays and move outside the pocket, which was simply unavailable to him against the Arizona Cardinals this past weekend. He finished the game with 127 yards through the air and didn’t pick up a single yard on the ground — an uncharacteristic stat-line for the second-year quarterback.

In fact, this is the only game Jones didn’t rush a single time, and the second game of the season, he didn’t pick up positive yardage. On the year, Jones has 403 rushing yards and a score, averaging 7.3 yards per attempt, indicating just how influential that factor is in his game. However, he was forced to stay in the pocket against a tantalizing Arizona defensive front, which racked up eight sacks on the day and forced three Jones fumbles.

Of course, a solid portion of the blame regarding the offenses inept should land on coordinator Jason Garrett, who drew up a game plan that resembled nothing short of incompetent. This game was lost on the drawing board, as the coaches didn’t formulate an offensive plan to keep Arizona honest on defense.

They even admitted that they didn’t expect the four linebacker front that the Cardinals displayed throughout the contest. Their man-coverage easily matched up against the Giants’ wide receivers, who failed to even reach league average in yards of separation.

Nonetheless, Jones walked away from the loss with an additional injury, a low ankle sprain on his left leg. He is now carrying an ankle sprain and a right hamstring injury that has already hampered him over the past two weeks.

So that poses the question, should the New York Giants sit him against the Cleveland Browns and start Colt McCoy?

In McCoy’s only start of the season, the Giants managed to overcome a strong Seahawks team, but McCoy didn’t win the game for the offense. He threw for 105 yards, one touchdown, and an interception. He was only sacked twice in the improbable win, attesting to how dominant the OL performed. However, they backed it up with an eight-sack performance against Arizona, a polarizing display.

Personally, I feel as though the Giants should take the safe route here, starting McCoy and saving Jones for a later day. His inability to run is a clear advantage for opposing defenses, who know how to attack him in the passing game. McCoy might not be a better option in any facet, but he can move a bit more efficiently and is an unknown for opposing defenses.

What do you think the Giants should do? Should I start Daniel Jones despite the injuries or McCoy against Cleveland? Comment below!

New York Giants rookie offensive tackle Andrew Thomas makes PFF Team of the Week

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

The New York Giants just earned a clutch win over the Seahawks in Seattle to improve their winning streak to four games. The Giants had a phenomenal outing defensively, holding Seattle to only 12 total points in the contest. But on the other side of the ball, the Giants’ offense got going on the ground while struggling to gain yardage through the air with backup quarterback Colt McCoy.

Despite the Giants’ struggles to pass the ball, gaining only 105 passing yards, the offensive line did an excellent job keeping their backup quarterback upright. McCoy was sacked only twice, losing a total of only five yards. McCoy was rarely under pressure, especially from his blindside as rookie left tackle Andrew Thomas had a stellar performance on sunday.

The key to the Giants’ offensive success son Sunday was the offensive line. New York’s lead blockers helped the Giants gain a total of 190 rushing yards. The Giants found great success running behind Andrew Thomas and the left side of the offensive line. Wayne Gallman had 10 rushing attempts to the left side, gaining 102 rushing yards on runs to the left.

Andrew Thomas had such an excellent performance this week that he was honored with a spot on Pro Football Focus’s Week 13 Team of the Week.

Andrew Thomas in Week 13

According to Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus, “Thomas has looked like a completely different player the past few weeks,” which has been “huge for the Giants.” Thomas was selected as the Week 13 PFF Team of the Week left tackle after an incredible performance against Washington.

Andrew Thomas put together 86.7 pass-block and 84.3 run-block grades against Seattle, earning him a spot on Pro Football Focus’s Week 13 Team of the Week. Thomas’s 87.1 overall grade is the highest single-game grade among the first-round offensive tackle picks this season.

Thomas has not allowed any quarterback pressures in the last two weeks. He has been excellent for the Giants in both pass protection and run-blocking in recent weeks. The Giants are finally seeing their fourth-overall pick from the 2020 NFL Draft perform like a top offensive tackle talent and their offense is thriving because of him.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones at Thursday practice, but does not participate

New York Giants, Austin Mack

The New York Giants still aren’t sure whether Daniel Jones will be ready to play against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. He went down in the third quarter of their win against the Cincinnati Bengals last week, and while his hamstring is expected to recover quickly, it may not be quickly enough for Jones to take the field in a very important game. This game, of course, could decide the first place team in the NFC East as a win would allow the Giants to hold onto the spot.

Jones didn’t participate in practice on Wednesday and that trend continued on Thursday. However, there’s some reason to be optimistic as despite being listed as not participating, Jones was indeed present on the practice field on Thursday and worked with trainers.

The forecast isn’t looking great for getting Jones back in time for the Seahawks game. We’re already getting further into the week and even if Jones is almost fully recovered by Sunday, it’s starting to look like there will be limited days for him to actually get practice time in.

With just Friday and Saturday left for Jones to possibly practice, and with him likely being limited for one or both of those days, it looks like Colt McCoy is the most likely starter for the Giants. And that puts them in a precarious position going into a game with the 8-3 Seahawks, who are coming off a win against fellow NFC East contender Philadelphia.

But with the injury situation with Jones, the Giants may not have another option but to put their faith in McCoy – even if he didn’t look the sharpest coming into the game against the Bengals last Sunday.

New York Giants cautious on planning Daniel Jones return

New York Giants, Daniel Jones, Golden Tate

Whether or not Daniel Jones can play might be one of the biggest factors in whether or not the New York Giants can beat the Seahawks.

Seattle recently took down divisional rival Philadelphia, and it’s easy to imagine the 8-3 Seahawks rolling over another NFC East team if the Giants offense isn’t able to perform to the same standard without Daniel Jones. But obviously, the future is more important than just this season and the team doesn’t want to risk further injury to Jones.

Right now, there’s no definitive answer on whether Jones will play or not.

“Today is going to be kind of a practice work hybrid structure,” said head coach Joe Judge on Wednesday, noting that Daniel Jones came into practice ready to work.

“Some early practice, individual and group periods. Then we’re going to have kind of a team walkthrough on the backend today after some conditioning. We’ll kind of see what he’s able to do, and that will really help us plan out more tomorrow and Friday going forward.”

Both 11 year veteran Colt McCoy and practice squad quarterback Clayton Thorson took snaps in practice, with McCoy having the majority of them. With Jones potentially missing Sunday’s game, McCoy is the only real option the team has to take over for him.

McCoy has only played in the Bengals game this season, and threw for only 31 yards on 6 completions – not the most encouraging numbers going into the Seahawks game.

“I think my approach has always been to try to get back as soon as possible,” Jones himself said about his injury. “You understand where your body is, what you can do and I think every injury is different. You’ve got to listen to your body, but at the end of the day, as soon as I can get back on the field and recover, I want to be out there. So, that’s my goal.”

But for now, there’s no saying exactly when Jones will make his return. That may be for the Seattle game and it may be after it, but at the current moment, we’ll have to wait and see until closer to the game itself to find out.