New York Giants: Offensive Tackle Still the Right Move in Round 1

New York Giants, Nate Solder, Jon Halapio, Mike Remmers

For the third year in a row, the New York Giants are in an incredibly polarizing position for April’s Draft.  In 2018, it was the great debate of taking a possible franchise quarterback or a generational talent at running back.  Last year they passed on defensive talent for a quarterback we labeled a bust before he even took a snap.

For years, Giants fans have been clamoring for an adequate offensive line and for a linebacker that can finally replace the void left by Antonio Pierce.  These two areas of the roster seem to have been neglected for years.  In 2020, the New York Giants are in a great position to finally address one, if not both, areas of need.  The question that remains is which way should they go in the first round?

Isaiah Simmons

We knew to head into the NFL Combine that Clemson “unicorn” Isaiah Simmons was an athletic freak.  In Indianapolis, he garnered otherworldly comparisons.  After his performance was complete, his measurements compared him to wide receiver Julio Jones.  A linebacker or safety being compared to one of the best wide receivers the league has ever seen is explanation enough.  The man is truly out of this world at his position.

It is without question that the Giants would primarily play him at linebacker.  He can do just about everything.  We have seen him run toe to toe with his Clemson teammate, running back Travis Etienne. So, covering running backs, tight ends and even receivers shouldn’t be an issue.  We know he can tackle and has elite range to cover the field.

If there is one aspect of the “do it all” label I feel any semblance of concern about, it is as a consistent pass rusher.  The majority of his sacks and pressures came on pure speed, his arm length and being schemed to pressure.  That is extreme nitpicking, folks.  If he is drafted by the Giants, he won’t be asked to be a true edge rusher.

Offensive Tackle

Take your pick.  This is labeled a deep offensive tackle class, and for good reason.  There are roughly four names that consistently get ranked in the top 20 to 30 prospects.  Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, Louisville’s Mekhi Becton and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas all have garnered attention for the Giants in the first round.  There is then another tier of tackles that could be had later in the 1st round, or the top of the 2nd round.  Houston’s Josh Jones, TCU’s Lucas Niang, and USC’s Austin Jackson.

All of these players have their unique skillset.  Jedrick Wills is primarily a right tackle and some believe he’d be better suited to move to guard. Mekhi Becton has incredible mobility for a big man.  Andrew Thomas is a power run game’s dream.  So for the Giants, it is a matter of picking the best scheme fit for the offense.

Most pundits will tell you that the Giants can find a franchise offensive tackle in the 2nd round.  They very well could. However, with how valuable the offensive tackle position is and how difficult it is to find in the NFL, is the risk worth it?


I will be the first to tell you that this is a very difficult decision.  Trading back is ideal.  Isaiah Simmons is ideal.  The offensive line is ideal.  There is a way the Giants can do all three, however very unlikely.  Isaiah Simmons combine may have secured him as a top 5 selection.  He could even go top 3 and make the decision easy for Big Blue.  Yet, as badly as I covet a game-changing linebacker, offensive tackle is still the biggest need.

Daniel Jones is the future of this franchise.  Protecting your franchise quarterback is important enough.  Protecting your franchise quarterback that has an issue fumbling the football is amplified.  Two years ago, they drafted Saquon Barkley, “a running back”, with the 2nd overall pick.  This was in a draft class that was labeled as one of the best quarterback classes to date.  For Saquon, finding a running room has been the biggest challenge of his young career.

Again reflecting on that 2018 NFL Draft, many wanted the Giants to do the “smart” thing and draft a quarterback over an athletic freak.  This year, the majority have the complete opposite outlook.  Take the athletic freak at linebacker, over the more important offensive tackle position.  Of course, running back is not on the same level as linebacker or quarterback.  I get that.  However, the debate isn’t all that different.  Albeit a bit more complex.  A linebacker can help this defense win football games.

Yes, the Giants could get an offensive tackle at the top of the 2nd round or by trading up.  Is that the smart play?  With so many holes, do we want to give up more assets to trade up?  Likewise, do we want to sit at the 36th overall and pick from what is left at offensive tackle?  The position is so incredibly important, that there will be a run on offensive line talent in the first round.  Do the Giants pick whoever they want?  Or do they settle with whoever is left?

Looking at September 2020 and beyond, where do the Giants go?  Can they make a deep playoff run? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not.  Am I throwing in the towel in 2020? Not.  Let’s be realistic, though.  An offensive tackle can help the long term goals of this team while protecting your franchise quarterback from injury.  A linebacker will help as well, but you still play with fire with your quarterback.  Is this a reach argument? Yep.

In Conclusion

When all is said and done, what happens between now and the draft in free agency will determine a lot.  If the New York Giants do draft Isaiah Simmons, I will be one of the first in line for a new Giants jersey.  However, if the Giants’ offensive line woes continue and the fan base screams for Gettleman’s head for not addressing the offensive line the same way they did to Jerry Reese… well, I hope I don’t have to say “I told you so”.

New York Giants Met With Andrew Thomas On Thursday

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas, Georgia Bulldogs

Offensive tackle is the main position being mocked to the Giants with their number four overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft and one of the top players at the position is Andrew Thomas, out of Georgia. Thomas is right up there with other players who have been mocked to the Giants as well as Mekhi Becton and Jedrick Wills, from Louisville and Alabama respectively. It seems the Giants’ interest is more than speculation, however.

According to SNY, Thomas made the revelation recently that he was set to meet with the Giants on Thursday – and Thomas had already met with the Jets, who may also be interested. It looks like Thomas has a legitimate chance of getting drafted by a New York team one way or the other, which is a possibility he spoke about.

“That would be crazy. You guys know I signed with Roc Nation so I’ve been up there a couple times and New York’s a nice city,” Thomas said about the prospect of being picked by the Jets or Giants.

Thomas, 21, could see immediate action if he is indeed picked by the Giants, likely in a competition against the slacking Nate Solder. Solder is widely regarded as having the worst contract on the team and could change positions altogether this season, leaving an open spot on the offensive line at the left tackle position – which the Giants will need to fill well if they want to keep Daniel Jones safe during what’s almost certainly his first season as the full time starter.

Here’s some of what the Draft Network has to say about Thomas’ pass blocking game:

Love how he brings the fight in pass protection. Has exciting moments of framing blocks, leveraging his hips and keeping rushers at the end of his reach. There are times with twitchier rushers where he can give up a step and he gets top heavy when recovering, leaving his feet behind. Has some erratic moments reaching his set points, particularly on vertical sets and he fails to get enough depth. Has some room for growth but his peaks are outstanding and he has the physical gifts to improve.

We don’t know yet what the Giants have learned about the prospect from his visit with them but if the team is impressed, we might just see them taking Thomas at number four overall rather than dealing the pick down to a team looking to move up for a quarterback – perhaps the most likely scenario if they don’t take a tackle.

New York Giants: The top 3 tackles available in the 2020 NFL Draft

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

The 2020 NFL Draft offers far more than just Isaiah Simmons, Chase Young, and Joe Burrow. It presents one of the best offensive tackles classes in recent memory, and the New York Giants are in dire need of support at the position.

With the 4th overall pick, Big Blue has the opportunity to grab a top talent at the position on a rookie deal, helping to protect young quarterback Daniel Jones for the foreseeable future.

Here are three of the best options the New York Giants should consider:

1.) Andrew Thomas – Georgia

At 6-5, 320-pounds, Andrew Thomas is one of the best tackle options in the draft. He’s a top-three tackle and has some of the best fundamentals out of the crop. A three-year starter for Georgia, Thomas is a front-runner to win the Joe Moore Award. Playing both left and right tackle during his tenure, Thomas has the potential to slide in at right tackle where Mike Remmers formerly sat for the Giants.

Thomas is a gritty player with the ability to recover nicely in pass-protection and get the job done in the run game. He’s a day one starter who will slot in with whichever team is lucky enough to draft him. While his build isn’t ideal for the NFL, he has a tough mentality and athleticism to compensate.

2.) Jedrick Wills

Wills is also 6-5, 320-pounds, but his abilities are a bit different than Thomas’s. He has some of the best punches in the game and a varied approach towards preventing pass-rushers from finding a rhythm. His mobility and hip-control allow him to follow pass-rushers in pass-protection, but having the agility and nimbleness to move freely enables him to jump to the second-level in the run-game.

While Wills is speedy and mobile, he tends to jump the gun at times, giving too much leverage to opposing defenders, allowing them to catch him off-balance and overly committed. As one of the most impressive prospects in the draft, the Giants could slot him in at right tackle with ease.

3.) Mekhi Becton

As one of the biggest tackles in the draft, Becton would be a behemoth addition to the Giants’ offensive line. At 6-7, 369-pounds, Becton would be a great right tackle with great mobility for his size.

While Mekhi played primarily at left tackle last season (11 games), he has the ability to move to the right side where the Giants would need him. His seven-foot wingspan gives him the length to stop opposing pass-rushers but also reset if need be. His upper body is strong, and his kick-out gives him the agility to react upon the snap of the ball. One of the more underrated aspects of Becton is his ability to jump to the second-level and block against the run. Being his size doesn’t make that easy, which only adds to his value in the first round.

However, size can be a bad thing at the NFL level, and without ample discipline, he could be exposed against faster pass-rushers. He can throw himself off balance at times when winding up to punch, which is a notable negative to consider. Overall, he’s a fantastic prospect with arguably the highest ceiling of any tackle in the draft.

2020 Draft Wire Mock Has New York Giants Trade Down For Tackle

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas, Georgia Bulldogs

Who will the New York Giants spend the fourth overall pick on in the NFL Draft? It’s one of the major questions now that the team has a staff and the offseason is continuing – there’s a number of positions in contention for the Giants’ pick right now, including tackles, wide receivers, and the linebacker position which hasn’t seen serious upgrade in a while. However, according to one prediction, the Giants may end up not spending that pick at all.

Trading down is a possibility which has been discussed ever since the Giants found out that thanks to their results towards the end of the season, they wouldn’t have the second pick and therefore a chance to take Ohio State’s Chase Young, the top defensive prospect in the draft. It’s also the scenario that Draft Wire sees playing out in their latest 2020 mock draft.

In this case, it’s the Carolina Panthers that would be the potential trading partner. The Panthers have a new head coach in former Giants candidate Matt Rhule and this mock sees them potentially starting out a new era in quarterbacking also, with the selection of Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert. Herbert, of course, was heavily linked to the Giants at one point… Before his play became more underwhelming and experts moved him out of the conversation for being a top three pick.

Of course, this still assumes that Herbet goes pretty high up, at number four overall, but being selected at that spot would make him the third selected quarterback overall behind Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa if the mock is accurate.

The Giants would trade down to number seven in exchange for their pick and this is what Draft Wire has to say about their selection, which is said to be Georgia offensive tackle Andrew Thomas:

Another dream scenario for a team trading down, as the Giants get additional picks to move down three spots and still have their pick of this year’s top offensive tackle prospects. Other names have been challenging Thomas in recent weeks, but at the end of the process, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still the first tackle off the board.

Tackle isn’t the flashiest position to take but it is one of need after the performances of Nate Solder could see him traded or switching positions over the offseason – regardless of what happens, it doesn’t seem likely for him to return to his current position as the starting left tackle, meaning the Giants may bite the bullet and give drafting a tackle high up another chance. The last time they did that, of course, they ended up with Ereck Flowers.

Should the Giants make such a deal? Or is there someone worth taking higher up, a few spots higher at number four? We’ll see in the coming months just which option the franchise considers better.

The Real Question for the New York Giants at 4

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The New York Giants have a very real dilemma if they do not trade back in the 2020 NFL Draft this April.  Of course, any Giant fan will hold on to the dream of Chase Young falling to New York, but the roads to get there are nearly impassable.  

It would take a team willing to outbid the Miami Dolphins, who hold five picks in the first two rounds this year, for Washington’s pick.  Which would also mean the Redskins would be willing to move outside the Top 5.

Possible? Sure. So is me winning a lottery jackpot upwards of one billion dollars?

What options do the Giants realistically have at 4?

Fans of the New York Giants should stick to three options assuming they stay at number 4.  Those options are offensive tackle, a versatile defensive unicorn, and another young cornerback.

Offensive Tackle

Fortunately for the Giants, the offensive tackle class has some very good talent.  There are four options right now that the Giants could consider at the 4th overall. Alabama’s Jedrick Wills, Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, and Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.  

Jedrick Wills seems to be separating himself a bit from the rest, but Mekhi Becton has been gaining quite a bit of steam heading into the pre-draft process.  I wrote in my most recent mock draft that I believe Andrew Thomas would be the best fit for the Giants run game, but Becton Wills and Wirfs all have their arguments as well.  Admittedly, I’m beginning to lean more towards Wills, while not being able to deny the lateral movement of Becton. Regardless, if Dave Gettleman wants to add a hog molly with the 4th pick, there are plenty of options.

The Unicorn

All I really need to say here is the name “Isaiah Simmons” and end this paragraph.  Everyone knows his name and what he can do. He’s versatile, he’s talented and he has very few, if any, weaknesses to his game.  Simmons can play a variety of positions, which is what makes him attractive for the Giants here. He wouldn’t fix all of the defenses issues, but wherever he plays best would be an upgrade for New York.

His best fit for the Giants would likely be linebacker.  Either as an interior LB or as the WILL in a 4-3 front. Regardless, he can cover running backs, tight ends and even wide receivers, as well as be an impact blitzer.  If you’ve been a fan of the Giants for awhile, you likely desire a talented sideline-to-sideline linebacker that can defend the pass against running backs and tightends as much as I have.  Simmons is that answer.


Albeit the least likely of the three options, one can not rule out the Giants potential attraction to Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah.  Okudah’s man coverage skills and athletic ability may result in him evolving into one of, if not the best cornerback in the NFL during his time.  He is physical and can stay on a receivers hip through any route. Okudah’s ball skills are tremendous. He may need to work on his zone presence a little, but the value he adds in the pass game outweighs that.

The Dilemma

To me, the real debate for the Giants if they choose to stay at four is simple.  Linebacker or offensive tackle. Of course, Simmons can play more than just linebacker, but he is best suited for the middle of the defense.  He’s not a true EDGE rusher and putting him at safety takes him away from being a consistent impact on every rep. If the Giants draft Simmons, it is to play him at linebacker.  

As much as I covet a game-changing linebacker for this team, is a linebacker more valuable and more of a dire need for the New York Giants?  It certainly is something they need to address, but let’s not ignore the issues at offensive line.

The problems along the offensive line have been rampant for the Giants for years.  Nate Solder was given a big contract but has not lived up to it. The right tackle has been a carousel of players with no clear answer.  Misfortune and durability have crippled the starting center role. Trying to patch the line up can no longer be an answer.  

OL Nick Gates showed promise last season.  He stepped in when Mike Remmers was injured and looked good.  Whether or not he can be a consistent starter quality talent for New York is still a question.  Free-agent Jack Conklin has been a name linked to the Giants for some time now, but his signing with Big Blue is no certainty either.  Even with the addition of Conklin, do either him or Gates have what it takes to play left tackle? Can Nate Solder drastically improve?  

Finding a talented offensive line is not just a problem that plagues the Giants.  Every team in the NFL values talent on their line every off-season. There are plenty of teams with good lines, but having depth is another thing.  Jack Conklin could command big money in free agency, which the Giants have, but are they willing and able to outbid other suitors? Time will tell. 

The 2020 offensive tackle class this year is pretty talented.  As noted earlier, there are four options for the Giants with the 4th pick.  Usually, if a position of need is deep, I am all for waiting to select a player.  However, is this really something worth risking to wait until taking with the 2nd pick?  Would players like Josh Jones, Lucas Niang and Austin Jackson have the same impact and longevity? They might, but why let another team dictate who you can pick if you have the fortune of being able to choose whoever you want?

Isaiah Simmons is a fantastic athlete and I will not be disappointed to hear his name called to the Giants in April.  I will be the first in line to buy his jersey.  However, when it comes down to it, offensive tackle is a much more important need than a linebacker. The Giants have taken risks in the last two drafts.  A running back with the 2nd overall pick, and then a controversial QB selection in 2019. It is imperative for the success of the team to give both of those players help.  Even if that means sacrificing a unicorn in the process.

Debate: Should the New York Giants take a WR at 4?

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

As the NFL season comes to a close, fans of the New York Giants have already begun speculating moves that their beloved team should do this offseason.  Something that has become all too familiar over the last few seasons.

One position of intrigue and debate is wide receiver.  After trading away Odell Beckham Jr. and being thin at the position, many wonders if the Giants will take an elite receiver at the top of this April’s NFL Draft.  Others, on the other hand, believe this would be a mistake. Which side are you on?

Making the case for a WR in Round 1

With the 4th overall pick in hand and considering the needs of Washington and Detroit in front of them, the New York Giants very likely could miss out on a premier defensive talent yet again.  Chase Young seems bound for Washington. Isaiah Simmons’ performance has made him a strong candidate to go 3rd overall. So, what does that mean for the Giants?

Popular options include trading back to a quarterback hungry team, taking a young offensive tackle or grabbing another cornerback.  However, many others think the New York Giants should be taking a wide receiver. 

Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb have been considered by some to be ideal selections for the Giants.  Jeudy has been compared to the Cowboys’ Amari Cooper and can be the outside receiver New York covets. His speed and agility make him a threat at all levels.  

Then there is CeeDee Lamb.  Lamb has incredible ball skills and control of his 6’2” frame.  Many compare Lamb to Houston’s Deandre Hopkins or even 6-time Pro Bowler, Reggie Wayne.  How could the New York Giants pass on that?

Even if the Giants were to trade down, the talent in this draft class at the receiver is very deep.  Clemon’s Tee Higgins, Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III, LSU’s Justin Jefferson, and Colorado’s Laviska Shenault Jr. are just some of the names that could be called in the 1st round.

Making the case against a WR in Round 1

The depth of this receiving class may be the strongest case against taking a receiver in the first round.  It is no secret that the New York Giants have needed all over, especially on the defense and offensive line.  Is taking a receiver in the Top 5 really the best use of draft capital?

Without trading out, the Giants are sitting in a great position to address many needs with premier talent.  Isaiah Simmons is an ideal fit, but may not be available. Ohio State CB Jeffrey Okudah is another top prospect that will be available with the 4th pick.  The tackle position is very top-heavy, with Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, Alabama’s Jedrick Wills and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas all being considered as the best tackle prospect in the class. 

The Giants have a talented group of receivers already, but they are thin at the position.  With the injuries they suffered last season, having depth is critical. Taking a wide receiver later in the draft may be their best option.  Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk, Southern Cal’s Michael Pittman Jr. and Ohio State’s K.J.Hill are just some of the names the Giants could call at any point in the later rounds.  Temple wide receiver Isaiah Wright has been impressing scouts this week at the Shrine Bowl and could very well be a breakout player in the NFL.

What about the free-agent market?

The New York Giants are going to have a ton of money available for free agency.  If they prioritize the offensive line and defense in the NFL Draft, they have some options in free agency in order to build out the depth at wide receiver.

New York can definitely bring back guys that WR Coach Tyke Tolbert is familiar with.  Cody Latimer, Cody Core, and even Da’Mari Scott would all be unsurprising returns to the Giants.  If the G-Men dip elsewhere in free agency, they do have options. They could look to add a veteran with a one year deal, much like Randall Cobb, Demaryius Thomas or Danny Amendola.  The veteran option giving them depth, talent, and experience as a stop-gap for the season.

What about a younger option that could be signed for a longer deal?  WR Amari Cooper hasn’t be resigned by Dallas… yet. The Jets Robby Anderson looks to be headed to the open market and will be sought after.  There are also options like Rashard Higgins, who showed flashes with his time in Cleveland before the Browns brought in Landry and Odell.

Whatever the case may be, the New York Giants will have to address the lack of depth at wide receiver.  The talent is there, especially with the emergence of Darius Slayton, but there is a longevity concern that will need to be taken into consideration.  

Are the New York Giants preparing to let Nate Solder go in 2020?

New York Giants, Nate Solder

As the New York Giants journey toward the 2020 offseason, numerous decisions need to be made regarding personnel and troublesome performances in 2019. Left tackle is one of those tumultuous positions that need to be addressed, whether it be through the NFL Draft or free agency.

When GM Dave Gettleman initially used his problem-solving abilities to sign Nate Solder on a record-deal to lock up the left tackle position, he imagined $16 million per season would be enough to reinforce it. However, the result has been underwhelming, especially this season, as Solder ranks 1st in the league, allowing 11 total sacks.

According to the most Mock Draft from CBS Sports, the Giants select Georgia tackle, Andrew Thomas, who is the consensus best tackle in the upcoming draft.

No. 4 – New York Giants select OT Andrew Thomas

The Nate Solder experiment has been a gigantic flop for the Giants, so they go Thomas here, the consensus top left tackle in the class.

While this isn’t the sexiest pick, and losing out on Chase Young seems like the Giants’ reality after beating the Washington Redskins in week 16, it’s a selection that would address a position of pressing need.

Does it make sense for the New York Giants to cut Nate Solder?

Aside from the value, Thomas would bring to the team, cutting Solder would have cap implications. He would count $13 million in dead cap if cut this offseason, but if the Giants retain him, he will count $19.5 million. The savings would only be a mere $6.5 million, but it would allow them to attribute more money towards other weaknesses. It’s also possible they move him over to right tackle and draft Thomas to feature on the left side.

There are various things Gettleman can do to solidify the line, but keeping it relatively the same isn’t an option. The unit as a whole has given up 39 sacks this year, a bit better than the 47 they racked up in 2018. So, are the Giants preparing to let Solder walk? I would say, yes, since they physically cannot keep allowing him to protect (lack of), Daniel Jones’ blindside.

New York Giants: Two fantastic alternative draft picks that aren’t named Chase Young

New York Giants, Andrew Thomas, Georgia Bulldogs

With the New York Giants winning two consecutive games, they have effectively put themselves out of Chase Young territory in the 2020 NFL Draft. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering the value of a winning culture for the young locker room core of Big Blue, it did ultimately cost them a shot at a generational pass rusher.

However, no player is ever a guaranteed success, which leads us to two other options that could provide a boost for different units. Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons and Georgia’s Andrew Thomas now lead the pack to become New York Giants players in 2020, and selecting either one would be a good move.

The New York Giants should expect Gettleman to harp on the trenches:

It’s likely that GM Dave Gettleman will likely be heading the charge once more for the Giants, and with his preference typically landing on the offensive line, the selection of Thomas could very well be justified.

The first-team All-American is considered to be the most dominant run blocker in the upcoming draft, due to his strength and speed moving linebackers at the second level. If Gettleman is keen on making Saquon Barkley even more useful, Thomas is the right choice here. At 6-foot-5 and 320-pounds, Thomas isn’t easily moved in the trenches, and considering his 13 starts at left tackle this season, the Giants could quickly move on from Nate Solder and plug the Bulldog right into the position.

Alternatively, Thomas could slot in at right tackle, replacing Mike Remmers, who Hal Hunter claims is the leader of the offensive line room.

However, Simmons also offers immense potential and value for the defense. If the Giants feature the 3-4 scheme next season, Simmons would pair well with Ryan Connelly. The Clemson product is often referred to as the best player on the field, and his statistical totals certainly advocate for that statement. His 93 total tackles, 14.5 tackles for a loss, 7.0 sacks, and two interceptions provide enough evidence to make him the Giants’ pick.

Simmons isn’t only an elite tackler, but he’s fantastic in coverage as well. He compares well with Colts’ Darius Leonard, as they both contain top-end speed and versatility unparalleled at the linebacker position.

Could the New York Giants Replace Nate Solder with Star Georgia Tackle In 2020?

Will the New york Giants consider right tackle, Andrew Thomas, in the 2020 NFL Draft?

The New York Giants won their Week 16 matchup against the Washington Redskins. It was a thrilling, overtime victory. The game was touted as the “Chase Young Bowl.” According to The Draft Network and many Giants fans, the Giants made the most costly win of 2019 on Sunday.

NFL teams do not play to lose games. They are always playing to win because that is their job. But there had to be a part of most Giants fans that was secretly hoping their team would lose. Losing would have secured the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft for the Gmen.

Instead, the second overall pick now belongs to the division-rival Washington Redskins. The Giants now own the fourth pick in the draft. With one week left in the 2019 NFL season, it does not seem likely that New York will reposition itself in the top three picks. This win effectively takes them out of the Chase Young sweepstakes.

Giants fans are beginning to shift their focus to other draft prospects. Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons is an intriguing prospect to keep an eye on. But on the offensive side of the ball, it is a rich draft class at a position that the Giants need: offensive tackle. And the best offensive tackle in this year’s draft is Andrew Thomas.

Andrew Thomas Stats and Highlights

The New York Giants paid Nate Solder a record-breaking contract in the 2018 offseason. So far, they have not gotten what they paid for. Additionally, Solder is now 32 years old. There is no better time to find the left tackle of the future to solidify the offensive line and protect Daniel Jones’s blindside for a decade than this year’s draft.

There are plenty of second and third-round options that could be starting offensive tackles in this year’s draft. But there is one first-round prospect that stands out from the rest. Andrew Thomas, Georgia’s left tackle, has been incredibly consistent and efficient throughout his entire collegiate career.

Coming in at 6 feet 5 inches, 320 pounds, this hog molly is the perfect guy to anchor an offensive line. Andrew Thomas is a big boy, but he is surprisingly nimble for his size. Trevor Sikkema of The Draft Network had this to say about the draft’s top offensive tackle: “He has light feet but can anchor in an instant. He has the athleticism to block to the outside and redirection defensive to seal gaps. And he has the power to handle all kinds of bullrushes.”

Andrew Thomas was a three-year starter for Georgia. He played in a pro scheme in college and has plenty of experience against fierce competition in a pro scheme to benefit from. An offensive tackle like Thomas is precisely what the Giants need to give Daniel Jones to help him develop. Andrew Thomas allowed only 9 pressures in 2019. If the Giants decide to go offensive tackle with their top-five pick in 2020, Andrew Thomas would be a home-run selection.

New York Giants: Top Three Dream Prospects For The 2020 Draft

The New York Giants are currently sitting at a putrid 2-8 during their Week 11 bye. New York has six games left to play and, at this point, none of them a “gimmes.” It is not too soon for the Giants to start looking ahead to the upcoming NFL Draft.

Whether the Giants are picking first, third, or fifteenth overall, these are the three prospects they should dream of drafting and do everything they can to secure at least one of these guys, whether that be via a draft-day trade or a 3-13 record.

Andrew Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

The Giants have a huge need at offensive tackle. Nate Solder has not lived up to his contract so far and has played especially poor this season. Solder has allowed 8 sacks this season causing rookie quarterback Daniel Jones to get blindsided time after time.

Andrew Thomas would be a huge addition to the Giants’ offensive line. He is the top offensive tackle prospect in the draft and the Giants should be in a position to draft him if they want to. Thomas is Pro Football Focus’s highest-graded draft-eligible Power 5 offensive lineman in the country. According to PFF, “Thomas hasn’t allowed a single sack or QB hit this year on his 200 pass-blocking snaps while he’s powered his way to the fourth-highest run-blocking grade at the position.”

Drafting Andrew Thomas would secure Daniel Jones’s blindside for years to come.

Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

The Giants traded away Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason, leaving them without a true number one on the outside. They have been getting sound production out of Golden Tate and Darius Slayton this season, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a dominant receiver via the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jerry Jeudy is as dominant as they come. The Alabama receiver has rare speed and athleticism combined with extraordinary route running and catching ability that you just do not see very often.

As a sophomore in 2018, Jeudy was unguardable with 68 receptions for 1,315 yards and 14 touchdowns. Jerry’s junior season has been no different. Through 9 games in 2019, Jeudy has already caught 57 passes for 753 yards and 9 touchdowns. Jerry Jeudy is a true playmaker and is bound to be towards the top of the Giants’ draft board.

Chase Young, Edge Rusher, Ohio State

Chase Young would be a slam-dunk pick for the New York Giants. Their lackluster pass-rush could use the best prospect in the draft class. Young has been consistently dominant in his collegiate career.

This year, Chase Young has been a force to be reckoned with. Chase Young has improved his sack total in 2019 to 13.5 sacks in only 8 games. He has also forced an insane 5 fumbles, as well as racking up 15.5 tackles for loss. This is historic production through 8 games. According to Pro Football Focus, Young’s 13.5 sacks are “are the most by any defender through the first nine weeks of a college football season since Carl Nassib had the same amount in 2015.”