Yankees’ top outfield prospect is destroying Triple-A after promotion

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When the New York Yankees made the strategic move to feature Everson Pereira in left field for the foreseeable future, they simultaneously elevated top outfield prospect Jasson Dominguez to Triple-A. While Pereira has had his moments in the MLB, albeit across a modest sample size, Dominguez has been nothing short of spectacular in his first six games with Triple-A.

The 20-Year-Old Phenom: Dominguez’s Stats Speak Volumes

Fresh off a dominant run with Double-A Somerset, 20-year-old Dominguez boasted a batting average of .254 and an OBP of .367. His stellar stats also include 15 home runs, 66 RBIs, 37 stolen bases, a 25.6% strikeout rate, a 15.2% walk rate, and a 117 wRC+—all achieved over a span of 109 games.

Skill Development: Dominguez’s Evolving Strengths

Though Dominguez has yet to flex the powerhouse hitting he’s renowned for, his contact-hitting and plate discipline are rapidly emerging as some of the best within the Yankees’ farm system.

A Closer Look: Dominguez’s Triple-A Performance Metrics

In his initial 23 plate appearances with Scranton, Dominguez is hitting at a jaw-dropping .450 with a .522 OBP. Additionally, his numbers include eight RBIs, a minuscule 4.3% strikeout rate, a 13% walk rate, and a 174 wRC+. Yes, you read that right—he’s walking almost three times more than he’s striking out, which bodes incredibly well for a potential MLB debut in 2024.

Recent Highlights: Dominguez Shines Against Philadelphia’s Triple-A Team

In a recent face-off against Philadelphia’s Triple-A affiliate, Dominguez shined, logging three hits, two singles, a double, two runs, and three RBIs over just four at-bats. He’s clearly putting his best foot forward, creating a compelling case that he could become a starting outfielder, especially after his strong performance in spring training.

Positional Prospects: Dominguez’s Fit With the Yankees

Dominguez’s power is undeniably MLB-ready, and his skills in making contact are advancing at a breakneck speed. The real question is: will the Yankees consider him for the role of a starting centerfielder, or will they position him in left field to potentially mask any defensive weaknesses?

Pereira’s Performance: Too Soon to Judge?

If Pereira can demonstrate his capability at the MLB level, a head-to-head competition for the centerfield position with Dominguez could be a tantalizing prospect, given the athleticism both players bring to the table.

While Pereira has had some struggles adjusting to MLB play, his 19 plate appearances are too scant to draw any sweeping conclusions. However, his defensive work in left field has been commendable, marking a positive note for his future impact.

The Excitement Builds: Dominguez’s Skyrocketing Potential

Witnessing Dominguez seamlessly continue his performance in Triple-A should spark enthusiasm both among fans and within the front office. As he unveils more layers of his untapped potential, incorporating more home runs could elevate him to the status of a dominant MLB player at an incredibly young age.

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