Yankees: Should Aaron Judge be shut down for the season?

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With the New York Yankees’ season going nowhere, there is a real possibility that they could shut Aaron Judge down for the rest of the year. This has sparked a debate among many regarding what the Yankees should do with Judge. There are benefits to keeping him on the diamond, however, it may be wiser for New York to shut down the 2022 AL MVP.

Benefits of keeping Aaron Judge in the lineup:

Making one last playoff push

Judge stands out as the Yankees’ most prominent player by a significant margin. The offense has struggled immensely during his absence, and his return could potentially rejuvenate the team’s overall performance.

Despite the current standings placing the team at the bottom of the AL East, there remains a slim chance of making the postseason. Judge’s return represents a final attempt for the team, and it’s within the realm of possibility that he could have a positive enough impact to power the Pinstripes into the playoffs.

Keeping the Yankees fans in the stands

Many baseball teams generate a significant portion of their revenue from fans purchasing tickets to their games. With the season going nowhere, fans might not have a high interest in attending games. However, star attractions can change that dynamic, and Judge is a superstar attraction.

His return could provide an economic benefit for the team, drawing fans to watch him play and potentially boosting ticket sales at a time when the team’s performance might not be driving attendance.

Why the Yankees should shut down Aaron Judge:

Keeping Judge Healthy

While fans may be eager to see him back on the field, it’s essential to consider the long-term implications of Judge’s health and performance. Pushing through an injury could worsen the condition and potentially have lasting effects that impact not only the rest of this season but also future seasons.

Opting for a cautious approach and allowing Judge the time he needs to fully recover and ensure his overall well-being can be a wise decision in the larger context of his career. Prioritizing his long-term health and performance is crucial for both Judge’s and the team’s success moving forward.

Giving young players a chance to play

The idea of shutting down Judge could be seen as a strategic opportunity rather than a negative development. This decision could serve as a chance to create a testing environment for emerging and younger players to take on outfield responsibilities.

By calling up prospects and providing them with exposure to major league competition, the team can assess their readiness and potential for contributing at the highest level. This approach could introduce some fresh dynamics to the team, helping to gauge the current status of prospects’ development and determine if they are prepared to make a significant impact or require further refinement.

It will be intriguing to see what the Yankees do with Judge as this decision could make or break their season. It will also share insight into the team’s focus on the future.

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