Yankees’ rookie shortstop setting the stage for a bright future

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In the midst of a challenging 2023 season for the New York Yankees, one player, in particular, shines as a beacon of hope: rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe. After a rocky start, Volpe has made significant strides, showing promising signs for his future in the MLB. Here’s an in-depth look at Volpe’s performance, including his offense, defense, and potential for growth.

Turning Things Around: Post-Chicken Parm Fiasco

Anthony Volpe has completely turned his performance around following an incident affectionately known as the chicken parm fiasco.

Tweaking His Batting Stance: A Game Changer

Since adjusting his stance, Volpe’s 180 plate appearances have yielded:

  • Batting average: .250
  • OBP: .338
  • Slugging percentage: .436
  • Strikeout rate: 22.8%
  • Walk rate: 10%
  • wRC+: 115

This puts him firmly in the above-average category, and his defense has only improved in the second half of the season.

Seasonal Growth: Stepping Up His Game

On the year, Volpe’s stats include:

  • Batting average: .212
  • OBP: .294
  • wRC+: 87
  • Homers: 15
  • RBIs: 44
  • Stolen bases: 20 (team-high)

At just 22, Volpe shows enormous potential, and his numbers have been on the rise.

A Potential 30 for 30 Player

Volpe’s metrics, such as a 44.4% hard-hit rate, 8.6% barrel rate, 89.1 average exit velocity, and 108.7 max exit velocity, suggest a possibility of hitting 30 homers with 30 stolen bases in future seasons.

Proving His Worth: Volpe’s Defense

Despite doubts about his defensive capabilities, Volpe has proved to be an asset. His numbers speak volumes:

  • Fielding percentage: .975
  • Defensive runs saved: 11
  • Outs above average: 4

As the Yankees’ all-time leader in defensive runs saved at SS, Volpe deserves recognition as an above-average defensive player.

Looking Ahead: Primed for a Big Sophomore Season

With significant changes on the horizon, Volpe stands as a cornerstone for the Yankees, well-prepared for an impressive sophomore season. With substantial experience both defensively and at the plate, he has a strong foundation for refining his skills.

August Performance: A Glimpse of Greatness

In August alone, Volpe’s stats include:

  • Batting average: .241
  • OBP: .378
  • Slugging percentage: .448
  • OPS: .827

His recent performance against the Miami Marlins, including a three-run homer and two walks, continues to boost his impressive stats.

Anthony Volpe – A Future Yankees Star?

The 2023 season may have been a tough one for the Yankees, but Anthony Volpe’s emergence has provided a glimmer of hope. His consistent growth, promising stats, and unwavering determination paint a clear picture of an everyday shortstop destined for greatness. Whether you’re a die-hard Yankees fan or just a baseball enthusiast, keep your eyes on Volpe. His journey is just beginning, and the best may be yet to come.

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