Yankees place veteran starter on injured list, call up rookie pitcher as replacement

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The New York Yankees‘ starting rotation is grappling with injury woes and unexpected challenges. The recent losses of Domingo German and Carlos Rodon were followed by an announcement that Nestor Cortés would head to the IL. Let’s examine the situation, including Cortés’s injury, the new starters, and what this all means for the Yankees moving forward.

Injury Hits: Domingo German and Carlos Rodon

  • Domingo German: Recently placed on the restricted list after an alcohol-related issue.
  • Carlos Rodon: Headed back to the IL with a left hamstring injury.

The absence of these key pitchers had already struck a blow to the Yankees’ rotation.

Nestor Cortés’s Injury: A Closer Look

  • Age: 28
  • Innings Pitched: 63.1 this season
  • ERA: 4.97
  • Strikeouts Per Nine: 9.52
  • Left-on-Base Rate: 69.1%
  • Ground Ball Rate: 26.3%

In his one game back from the injured list, Cortés allowed just one run across four innings, looking like his 2022 self. However, his inconsistency this year and the left rotator cuff strain may keep him sidelined for weeks, possibly ending his season.

New Faces in the Rotation: Jhony Brito and Randy Vasquez

Jhony Brito

  • Age: 25
  • ERA: 5.02
  • Strikeouts Per Nine: 6.44
  • Left-on-Base Rate: 70.7%
  • Innings Pitched: 57.1 this season

Brito’s most recent appearance showed promise but struggles with walks, and a high HR/FB ratio marks his season. However, he brings plenty of potential to the Yankees’ rotation.

Randy Vasquez

  • Age: 24
  • ERA: 1.17
  • Strikeouts Per Nine: 5.87
  • Left-on-Base Rate: 96.6%
  • Innings Pitched: 15.1 this year

Vasquez has impressed, especially with his ability to escape trouble, despite a 4.11 walk rate per nine. He is set to start on Friday night against the Miami Marlins, aiming to secure his place in the rotation.

Conclusion: The Yankees’ Balancing Act

The Yankees are now facing a challenging scenario, balancing injuries and inconsistencies with the introduction of promising new talents. The management’s decisions around these young starters, Brito and Vasquez, will be vital in navigating the current predicament.

As the team heads into the latter part of the season, Yankee fans will be keenly watching how these new pitchers perform and whether they can help stabilize a rotation that’s been rocked by injuries and off-field issues.

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