Yankees’ Joey Gallo making trade deadline decision even more difficult

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The New York Yankees have a few big decisions to make with the trade deadline quickly approaching. The team had two major liabilities in the outfield: Aaron Hicks and Joey Gallo.

They’ve begun to pick up the pace in the month of June, making the decision to replace them even more difficult.

Specifically focusing on Gallo, he’s hitting .273 with a 33.3% on base rate this month. He’s launched three homers and collected six RBIs, including five hits over his last three games combined.

The Yankees are between a rock and a hard place with Gallo if he keeps up the good hitting:

The 28-year-old outfielder is in the final year of his contract before becoming a free agent in 2023. There is an argument to be made at the Yankees should target Kansas City Royals OF Andrew Benintendi to replace him, given his ability to get on base. However, with Gallo finally hitting his stride, general manager Brian Cashman may decide to stick with his guns.

Gallo hit two homers against the Minnesota Twins on Thursday, helping to fuel a phenomenal comeback after Gerrit Cole give up five homers in just 2.1 innings.

“It was nice to see a ball over the fence,” Gallo said. “I’d like a lot more of those.”

Gallo has changed his swing a bit the past few games, moving his hands a bit higher, allowing him to generate more power with added control. On the season, he’s hitting .193 with eight homers and 13 RBIs. His 38.8% strikeout rate is still well above average and the highest of any starting player on the roster.

“I moved my hands a little bit higher to start,” Gallo said. “I’m getting back to where I was early last year, kind of where I’ve been the whole life. So I’m just feeling good with that and rolling with it.”

Consistency is key:

Hopefully, his new stance can alleviate some of his most prevalent concerns. He needs to get on base more to start, earning a 29% on-base rate. Last season, he was getting on base at a 35% clip, hosting an 18% walk rate. That number has dropped to 12.1% this year, hurting him significantly. If Gallo can make better contact and maintain his patience, he can provide a ton of value for the Yankees down the stretch. In addition, he did win a Gold Glove in the outfield last year, so he is a serviceable defensive player at the very least.

The question is, is it worth forgetting about the first two months of the season after just a few games of better play from Gallo? Cashman might still want an upgrade in the outfield, and with Benintendi hitting .312 and a 38% on-base rate, it’s hard to ignore the opportunity.

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