Yankees have ‘moved on from Snell’ with asking price skyrocketing

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Heading into the 2024 season, the New York Yankees face their primary challenge in solidifying their starting rotation. While the roster boasts considerable talent, the team’s success hinges on the recovery and performance of key pitchers, notably Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes.

Risks and Uncertainties in the Rotation

The Yankees’ strategy involves a certain level of risk, particularly with pitchers who have struggled with injuries. Carlos Rodon, who signed a substantial six-year, $162 million contract last off-season, is a critical component of the rotation. His performance and health will be crucial for the Yankees’ aspirations.

Similarly, Nestor Cortes, an All-Star two years ago, had his 2023 season hampered by a left rotator cuff strain. His ability to bounce back will be vital for the team’s pitching strength.

Adding more talent to the rotation seems like a logical move, and Blake Snell has been a significant name associated with the Yankees. The team reportedly offered Snell a six-year, $150 million deal, but his demand for a nine-year, $270 million contract has made him an unrealistic option due to the financial disparity.

Yankees’ Free Agency and Trade Market Prospects

According to reports from NJ.com, the Yankees have shifted their focus from Snell and are likely to stick with their current rotation unless a more reasonable deal presents itself. The trade market currently offers limited options, and the high asking prices further complicate potential acquisitions.

General Manager Brian Cashman may opt for a patient approach, waiting for the summer trade deadline to enhance the rotation. This strategy would rely on the team’s existing talent to navigate the early part of the season.

Emerging Talent and Future Prospects

The Yankees also have promising young pitcher Will Warren in Triple-A. Warren is anticipated to have opportunities, either in the starting rotation in case of injuries or as a bullpen asset. He has been actively working to improve his game, particularly against left-handed batters, as he expressed in a recent interview with Empire Sports Media.

For now, Blake Snell remains a distant prospect for the Yankees, with the likelihood of a deal contingent on a significant reduction in his asking price. While the Yankees may have withdrawn their offer, the market for Snell’s services seems limited, especially at his current price point. The Yankees’ focus will be on leveraging their existing roster and keeping an eye on potential opportunities as they arise.

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