Yankees’ Harrison Bader continues playing despite being placed on waivers

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The New York Yankees took some bold steps this week to usher in a new era of younger talent. Recognizing the pitfalls of relying on older, high-salaried veterans, they made the consequential decision to call up prospects Jasson Dominguez and Austin Wells. This duo is set to debut in Friday’s crucial series against the Houston Astros.

Roster Reshuffle: Donaldson Out, Bader on Waivers

To accommodate these promising newcomers, the Yankees opted to part ways with Josh Donaldson and placed Harrison Bader on waivers. Interestingly, Bader, a stellar defensive outfielder, remains in pinstripes for now.

The Silver Lining for Harrison Bader

While fans may express concerns about Bader’s uncertain status or question his continued presence on the field, the reality is that the Yankees’ front office did him a solid. Putting Bader on the market allows another team, perhaps one like the Philadelphia Phillies, to snap him up and utilize his remarkable defensive skills in centerfield.

Contract Year Prospects for Bader

This roster move benefits Bader, especially since he’s in a contract year. It offers him the chance to join a playoff contender, thus bolstering his market value ahead of free agency, where he’s eyeing a long-term contract. To be sure, a fresh start could help Bader elevate his offensive game.

Bader’s Season Stats

For context, Bader, a 29-year-old fan darling, is currently batting .240, with a .278 OBP. His performance this season also includes seven home runs, 37 RBIs, and 17 stolen bases over the course of 84 games. However, his susceptibility to injuries raises concerns about his reliability throughout an entire season.

Yankees’ Future Decisions: Dominguez’s Showcase and Free Agency Ambitions

All eyes will be on how Dominguez performs at the MLB level in the coming month, a performance that could influence General Manager Brian Cashman’s offseason strategies. Cashman might be enticed to secure a long-term outfielder during free agency, possibly targeting a player of the caliber of Cody Bellinger.

Cody Bellinger’s Financial Undertone and Future Plans

Bellinger’s stock is particularly high right now; he’s having an impressive bounce-back season. His stats are eye-popping: a batting average of .316, a .362 OBP, and contributions including 20 home runs, 77 RBIs, and a 139 wRC+.

The star outfielder has kept up this dominant form even in August, boasting a .324 batting average, a .354 OBP, and a .887 OPS. Investing in Bellinger could make a huge impact for the Yankees, especially considering that he could eventually transition to first base once Anthony Rizzo’s contract expires after the 2024 season.

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