Yankees gearing up for more starting rotation changes

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The New York Yankees are navigating choppy waters, especially with their starting rotation that has grappled with injuries and unforeseen challenges lately. The abrupt end to Domingo German’s season, combined with Luis Severino’s subpar performances and Carlos Rodon’s recurrent injuries, paints a gloomy picture. The mounting pressure on the pitching department further exacerbates a faltering offense.

Rodon’s Anticipated Return

There’s a silver lining, though. Carlos Rodon is poised to make a comeback from the injured list, with the Washington Nationals game on Tuesday being his prospective return.

After penning a six-year contract worth $162 million in the recent off-season, Rodon’s initial year donning the iconic pinstripes has been anything but smooth. The 30-year-old’s stats, including a 7.33 ERA, 6.01 xFIP, and an increased rate of walks and home runs, spotlight his inconsistencies on the mound.

A Trend of Yankees’ Misfortune?

It seems Lady Luck hasn’t favored the Yankees this season. Their strategy of betting on players with prior injury concerns, orchestrated by General Manager Brian Cashman, appears to be backfiring. Carlos Rodon, with his history of health setbacks, serves as a glaring example.

With the experienced players grappling with challenges, the onus has shifted to rookies like Jhony Brito and Randy Vasquez. Brito’s recent outing against the Boston Red Sox, where he conceded nine hits and six runs in just over two innings, indicates the learning curve ahead. His performance suggests a potential need for more Triple-A exposure or perhaps more major-league innings to cultivate confidence. These hurdles further deepen the Yankees’ rift in the standings.

Reality Bites

As it stands, the Yankees lag 15 games behind in the AL East and are seven games adrift in the Wild Card race. This stark reality contrasts the buoyant assurances from Aaron Boone and Aaron Judge.

Looking ahead, the Yankees’ game plan should pivot toward the future. Promising prospects like outfielder Everson Pereira warrant immediate inclusion in the major league. By exposing him to the challenges of MLB now, it’ll offer Pereira a sneak peek into what might await him in 2024, especially if he makes a mark during spring training.

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