Yankees facing a crisis in the starting rotation

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Despite the owner of the New York Yankees, Hal Steinbrenner, maintaining that the team’s condition is not as dire as fans believe, the roster tells a different story. It requires substantial enhancements to navigate the current tumultuous phase.

Yankees’ Current Challenges and Future Goals

The ultimate goal for the Yankees is to compete consistently and make it to the World Series. However, despite having a hefty payroll of over $280 million, the team is in disarray. The Yankees find themselves relying heavily on supplementary players to cover for starters due to injuries and underperforming veterans.

Problems Loom Ahead of Trade Deadline

With the trade deadline approaching, the Yankees must acquire a quality batter to invigorate the offense. However, the starting rotation has been unraveling. For instance, Domingo German’s recent performance of giving up ten runs over 3.1 innings on Thursday night exemplifies the team’s struggle.

A Closer Look at the Pitching Issues

German’s numbers have declined dramatically, and 29-year-old Luis Severino has been a shadow of his former self after a lat injury. The rising HR/FB ratio and an increase in home runs per nine signify the severity of their struggles.

Is There a Solution on the Horizon?

Despite the daunting circumstances, with Nestor Cortés recovering from a shoulder injury and Carlos Rodon’s debut nearing, the Yankees anticipate reinforcements. However, their effectiveness remains to be seen.

Relying on Internal Talent Amidst Market Limitations

The Yankees currently face limitations in resources to acquire top-end pitchers, and the market is expected to thin out in the coming weeks. Therefore, the team might have to rely on their players overcoming their struggles, unless general manager Brian Cashman can uncover hidden gems.

Cashman on Deadline and Possible Improvements

Cashman confirmed that the Yankees would be active at the deadline and seeking improvements. However, he cautioned that acquisitions for the sake of new faces might not be beneficial.

Cashman stated, “We’ve struggled to score runs, and I know in the wintertime we were looking to see if we could find an outfielder to go with what we already had. But saying it and being able to do it are two different things. So additions are never a problem. It’s just trying to pull something off that you know is going to improve yourself. But the trade deadline is approaching and we’ll see where it takes us.”

Assessing Value and Potential Trades

While each deal needs to provide value and potential upside, the Yankees do have assets they could trade, such as Oswald Peraza and several other prospects, who may be blocked by other players in the future.

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