Yankees eyeing big changes with player preparation

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There’s been a whirlwind of discussions surrounding the New York Yankees‘ roadmap to improvement this off-season. The chatter encompasses both front-office strategies and player preparations for forthcoming games. Though it currently seems like a lot of talk with little to no substantial action, Hal Steinbrenner’s determination to rectify the foundational issues causing the 2023 debacle shines through.

Missteps and Hindsight

The Yankees’ General Manager Brian Cashman might be red-faced, considering the recent season’s underwhelming performance. While the front office might seek solace behind the veils of analytics and injury narratives, the reality paints a stark picture. The strategy of investing in injury-susceptible players and aging veterans hasn’t borne fruit. The decision to splurge $50 million on Josh Donaldson for two years felt like a self-inflicted wound. Moreover, adding an already-injured Frankie Montas to the roster seemed like adding insult to injury.

Steinbrenner’s intervention at the trade deadline underscores the recognition of these miscalculations. He noticeably put a halt to Cashman’s acquisition attempts. His rationale was the subpar quality of recent trades, emphasizing the need to retain assets rather than parting ways with them recklessly.

Boone’s Insightful Observations

Post Monday’s final home game of the regular season, Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone dropped some contemplative remarks. He suggested that while a return to the Yankees’ glory isn’t unattainable, there’s an intrinsic need for players to recalibrate their training and preparation modalities.

“I think that’s something to be discussed,” Boone said. “Part of that is look what has happened to our roster and some of our key guys in spots for extended periods. Those are real factors, but yeah, I think how we train and how we get guys ready and all of that will be one of those things that we dive into heavily.”

Giancarlo Stanton’s disappointing show this season serves as a testament. Registering a lackluster .189 batting average, a .273 OBP, and an 88 WRC+ indicates the existing preparatory frameworks might be inadequate. With multiple players not meeting their expected performance benchmarks this season, it becomes imperative for the Yankees to introspect and identify the underlying causes.

The Yankees are Looking Ahead

The success stories emerging from the Driveline labs hint towards a potential direction for the Yankees. Delving into refined hitting fundamentals might be a worthy investment for the team. The shadows of the current season are daunting, but with committed change and actionable strategies, the future promises to be brighter for the Yankees.

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