What can the Yankees get in exchange for Joey Gallo at the trade deadline?

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With the trade deadline quickly approaching, the New York Yankees could look to move some of their struggling players. One of the more notable options is Joey Gallo, who was included in a prospective deal with the San Diego Padres this past off-season.

The Yankees had engaged in trade talks with the Padres regarding Gallo, per the NY Post.

Gallo is yet another big talent who may not fit New York. The Yankees talked to the Padres about a trade for Gallo this spring, but are believed to have been seeking a return befitting his ability, not his recent achievements.

Over 45 games, Gallo is hitting .176 with a 38.7% strikeout rate and 12.3% walk rate. He has a -0.2 WAR up to this point, indicating below-average play in multiple categories.

The Yankees should and likely will try to move on from Joey Gallo:

A few months ago, the Yankees were trying to trade Gallo based on his talent and not production from last season. That strategy may be out the window given he’s only smacked six homers and nine RBIs this season over 155 plate appearances. Gallo has always been good for double-digit homers if not reaching 30, but he’s on pace for around 20 this year, a significantly low number compared to the 38 he recorded in 2021.

Looking at his advanced metrics, Gallo has a 46.1% hard-hit rate and 17.1% barrel rate, indicating he’s making good contact. His launch angle is down from 22.7° last year to 18.4° this year, meaning he’s not getting as much elevation on the ball.

The veteran outfielder has spread the ball around the field, having just missed a few homers in the right corner. Looking at his splits, he’s hitting just .196 against righties and .136 against lefties. He’s virtually useless when a lefty on the mound posting a 20.8% on base rate.

Unfortunately, his numbers have continuously decreased since the season began in April, meaning his value isn’t quite high at this point in time. Another club would have to bring him on as a half-season rental, with Gallo preparing to hit free agency in 2023.

Gallo is a trade kicker, and that’s all:

There’s an argument to be made that Gallo is worth next to nothing, and the Yankees might need to package him in a bigger deal to get rid of his contract. If the Bombers were keen on adding Andrew Benintendi from the Royals, they could throw Gallo into a package of prospects. In exchange, Kansas City might be willing to offer up relief pitcher Scott Barlow as a part of the deal.

At 29 years old, Barlow hosts a 1.57 ERA over 23 innings. His 96% left on base rate and 48.3% ground ball rate would be a welcomed addition to the Yankees bullpen. However, he has substantial value, so the prospect package would have to be significant.

Overall, expecting to get a haul in exchange for Gallo is unrealistic. He’s likely just a kicker in a bigger trade to push it over the edge. A team like the Royals has no use for Joey since they are struggling and likely to miss the playoffs.

The Yankees might want to consider finding a trade partner that has playoff aspirations and could use a slugger in the middle of their batting order. It is also fair to throw in that Gallo won a Gold Glove last year in the outfield for his defensive qualities.

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