Should the Yankees favor DJ LeMahieu at first base over Luke Voit?

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees have so many versatile players on the roster it’s crazy. DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, Tyler Wade, are all guys that can play two or more positions on the diamond.

Last season, when Didi Gregorius missed the first few months of the season coming back from Tommy John surgery, Torres filled the shortstop role leaving second base open. Tyler Wade, DJ LeMahieu, and sometimes Thairo Estrada filled the position at second during that time.

With Gregorius looking like he’s on his way out this offseason, Torres is going to become the full-time shortstop for the New York Yankees. DJ LeMahieu, who’s played a significant amount of time at first base last season, will most likely move back to his natural position at second base.

Luke Voit should the starting first basemen next season. LeMahieu’s natural position is second base and he just seems much more comfortable there. Voit also doesn’t get the credit he deserves at first base. He’s struggled at times, but he’s not on the field for his defense.

The Yankee infield should look something like this:

First base: Luke Voit

Second base: DJ LeMahieu

Shortstop: Gleyber Torres

Third base: Gio Urshela/Miguel Andujar

This is a very solid infield defensively and offensively. These are all-around players that can hit every aspect of the game. It’s also important to remember that these guys can move around too, with the addition of some other bench players.

If there’s a big moment where the team needs a few innings of accountable defense, the Yankees could always do what they did last year with the outfield. In the last three innings, they could pull Voit and move LeMahieu over to first while adding Wade to the second base. The Yankee infield is so versatile that they have many options.