Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone provides updated timetable on Luke Voit’s return

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees have been forced to play the first few weeks of the 2021 season without one of the anchors of their lineup. Luke Voit, who led not only the Bombers but also the whole league in home runs last year with 22, recently suffered a partially torn meniscus that required surgery.

The timetable for his recovery was somewhat up in the air. The Yankees knew that he would need to rest (no baseball activities whatsoever) for three weeks after the surgery, performed on Monday in New York, but he would need to get in baseball shape after that. He needs to regain some conditioning, take batting practice, and then face some live pitching before even thinking about playing for the Yankees.

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone confirmed on Saturday that the hulking first baseman will return at some point in May, which is a sign that he is progressing well in the days after the surgical procedure.

The Yankees miss Voit

Jay Bruce is playing first base for the Yankees while Voit is out. The latter’s absence will be felt not only on the diamond, but also outside of it. Voit is a respected figure in the Yankees’ clubhouse, and the team is clearly better when he is around.

“Luke is a big part of this team, a big part of this offense,” Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge recently told MLB.com, the league’s official site. “He brings a lot to the table, a guy that’s going to hit in the middle of this lineup, hits for power and uses the whole field. He’s a vocal guy in the clubhouse and gets us motivated, so we’re going to be missing out on that for at least a month.”

But fans should be patient for just a few more weeks, and then they will get to see Voit back raking.

New York Yankees: The latest injury updates on 8 Yankees

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York Yankees have had injuries in the spring and before, but have been relatively free of serious injuries that will keep players off the field for prolonged periods. The only serious injury is Luis Severino that was caused by his Tommy John Surgery at the beginning of last season. Here is a breakdown of the injuries and the latest updates for New York Yankee players and when fans could expect them back with the team.

Luis Severino:

On February 27, 2020, Luis Severino underwent Tommy John surgery to repair his elbow. At the time, it was projected he would be away from the team until late summer 2021. That would include a few minor league rehab starts. But recently, manager Aaron Boone has updated his progress, say that he is doing better than expected in his rehab. Boone has actually caught a session from Severino. He is now expected to be back with the team sometime in mid-July.

Miguel Andujar:

Third baseman and outfielder Miguel Andujar has minor hand and wrist soreness that will keep him away from the team at the beginning of the season and with a difficult-to-diagnose injury, possibly beyond. After his poor showing in spring training, when he does come back, he will most likely be sent down to Scranton and won’t be used unless injuries require him.

Luke Voit:

The loss of last year’s baseball home run leader is one of the most significant injuries so far in the spring. Voit had knee surgery yesterday in New York. It was first noticed when he had trouble running the bases. An MRI revealed a partial meniscus tear. He is expected to be away from the team at least until the middle of May.

Justin Wilson:

Left-hand pitcher Justin Wilson was supposed to partially make of for the loss of Zack Britton; he left a March 22 outing with shoulder soreness and tightness. An MRI did not find any serious injury. He is on Anti-inflammatories but will miss the beginning of the season, which is on Thursday of this week. Wilson is progressing nicely and doesn’t want to be in the IL; however, general manager Brian Cashman announced yesterday that he would start the season on the 10 day IL. He will probably return when that expires.

Zack Britton:

It was discovered that left-hand reliever Zack Britton has a bone chip in his elbow. He underwent surgery to have it removed on March 15. There is conflicting information on when fans may expect him to return. Some say six weeks; others say two to three months. Based on the worst-case scenarios, he will be back with the team sometime before the end of June. CBS Sports reports that he won’t be back before May 28th.

Mike Tauchman:

Backup outfielder Mike Tauchman is suffering from a mild self-inflicted injury. Tauchman fouled a pitch off his lower right leg, near his calf, during an eight-pitch at-bat against Phillies starting pitcher Zack Wheeler on Sunday. He is presently icing it down and taking anti-inflammatories. The injury is minor, but his readiness for opening day is questionable.

Clarke Schmidt:

The news on Clarke Schmidt’s elbow injury is not good. He experienced an extensor strain in his right elbow; it’s a common ailment and not long-term serious. Manager Aaron Boone said Thursday that Schmidt’s return to throwing could be “imminent.” However, no matter how minor, he will have to build back up for season play, and he is expected to be out until May 31 after being put on the 60-day IL on Saturday.

Aaron Judge:

Fans were wondering why Aaron Judge was not in yesterday’s New York Yankee’s game after also missing the game before. The good news is that there is nothing seriously wrong with the slugger. He is under the weather. He has gone through the COVID health protocols and has passed those. Both general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone said he would be ready to start the season on Thursday. Other sources say that is questionable.



The Yankees will miss Luke Voit’s impact during the first month of the season, both on and off the field

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

Over the weekend, it was reported that New York Yankees’ first baseman Luke Voit is dealing with a partially torn meniscus in his left knee, an injury that has been bothering in spring training, and he elected to have surgery to repair it and join his teammates in May.

Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone explained that Voit will spend three weeks rehabbing while doing no baseball activities, so he expects to have one of his most valuable sluggers back well before June.

Several Yankees’ teammates talked about how Voit will be missed dearly when he is away, both on and off the field. The performance is obvious to the naked eye: the first baseman paced Major League Baseball in home runs last season with 22, and hit .277 with 52 RBI.

But fellow Yankees’ slugger Aaron Judge, in a chat with MLB.com, talked about how Voit is always lifting and motivating his teammates.

A “big part” of the Yankees

“Luke is a big part of this team, a big part of this offense,” said outfielder Aaron Judge. “He brings a lot to the table, a guy that’s going to hit in the middle of this lineup, hits for power and uses the whole field. He’s a vocal guy in the clubhouse and gets us motivated, so we’re going to be missing out on that for at least a month.”

As a result of Voit’s injury, first baseman/outfielder Jay Bruce made the Yankees’ roster.

“I’m extremely excited about making the team,” Bruce said. “Obviously, Luke’s injury is disheartening for everyone. I wish him a speedy and full recovery. I had meniscus surgery in 2014, so I know what he’s going through right now. He’s a big part of this team. My goal is not to come here to replace Luke Voit, it’s to be Jay Bruce and help the team.”

Yankees News: Luke Voit recovery timeline from injury set

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees are dealing with a bevy of injuries heading into the regular season on April 1, but luckily none are super serious. The expectation is that the Yankees will have all their injured players back within the next month, but it could take them some time to get into shape for the top team.

Specifically, relief pitcher Zack Britton required arthroscopic surgery to remove a bone chip from his elbow, being hit with a six-week recovery timetable. Luckily, he’s a few weeks into rehab and should be ready sometime in May. As for first baseman Luke Voit, who will undergo surgery to repair a partially torn meniscus, it could take him a few weeks to recover.

“That means the term partial meniscus tear means that he’s going to have a cleaning,” Dr. Laith Jazrawi, an orthopedic sports surgeon in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone Health told NJ.com. “They’re going to take a little piece of his meniscus out. That’s typically a three- to four-week recovery on a professional level. It’s a pretty straightforward surgery.”

A 3-4 week recovery isn’t too bad for Voit, as the Yankees will supplement him with Jay Bruce, who seemingly barely made the roster after tumbling back down to earth the last few weeks in the hitting department. He will finish the spring with a .194 average and three homers.
Skipper Aaron Boone stated that Voit would miss 3-4 weeks:

“He’ll have that done in the next few days which will be three weeks of no baseball activity and then ramp up from there,” Boone said. “It was a decision between getting it treated and playing through it because functionally, he was playing but was still dealing with some swelling in there after games.”

Voit has been struggling this spring with a .219 average over 32 at-bats, but we might be able to cough up his performance as a result of his knee injury. He was fighting through, but the Yankees felt as though getting it out-of-the-way now is a better course, potentially injuring it further.

I expect to see Jay Bruce and possibly Mike Ford at first base in his absence, as Ford is having himself a solid spring, hitting .259 with one homer and three RBIs over 27 at-bats. He recently went 4-for-4 against Toronto and hit a line-drive homer.

Yankees: Terrible Luke Voit injury news leads to Jay Bruce making 40-man roster

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees mostly escaped spring training without any significant injuries, but the team held out Luke Voit from Saturday’s contest due to a partially torn meniscus that will require surgery.

At 30 years old, repairing his meniscus in his left knee will likely keep them out for a minimum of three weeks, as manager Aaron Boone stated that Voit has been playing through the injury he suffered during camp, but swelling forced him to undergo an MRI which exposed the tear. Getting it cleaned up now and ensured his health for the rest of the regular season is justified, especially with a few days left of training.

It was clear that Voit was being bothered by something, as he was hitting .219 with zero homers and five RBIs this spring. Compared to his 2020 statistics, where he hit .277 with 22 homers, which led the MLB, and 52 RBIs, it was strange that he was struggling so much.

Clearly, the Yankees felt as though this was a necessary course of action, so he will miss the first few weeks of the regular season but will be good to go in the long term. While this is terrible news short term, we should be glad they caught this early and decided to get it over with instead of potentially hurting himself further.

With Voit being left off the 40 man roster due to the injury, the Yankees officially signed Jay Bruce to a major league contract, who will carry a $1.5 million hit to their salary. Despite him missing the last two days of camp, he just squeaked in due to the injury, despite falling off in recent days. He’s historically a double-digit home run hitter and fits their outfield mold well.

Per the Yankees:

  • Released C Robinson Chirinos and INF Derek Dietrich from their minor league contracts.
  • Signed 1B/OF Jay Bruce to a Major League contract and selected him to the 40-man roster.
  • Placed RHP Clarke Schmidt on the 60-day injured list with a right elbow strain.

New York Yankees: How are these 12 Yankees performing?

The New York Yankees are off to a good start in spring training with just two weeks before opening day at Yankee Stadium. They are 10-4-1. Today we examine 12 players and how they are doing. The report is broken down to the 4 best performances for a hitter, 4 best Yankees’ pitchers, and finally, the 4 Yankee players that have gotten off to a disappointing start. While reading this,, keep in mind that this is spring training and may not represent how the player will play in the regular season, but it does give you a glimpse of the players that may start out hot.

4 of the best player performances:

There may be players with better stats, but to qualify for this section, a player must have at least 10 plate appearances.

Gleyber Torres:

If Domingo German is the Yankee pitching star this spring training, then Glyeber Torres is their hitting star. Torres after a very slow start last season is rising to new heights, maybe beyond his 2019 performance and 38 homers. He is batting .381 with a 1.149 OPS. He also is playing pretty good defense at shortstop. Torres came into the 2020 season not in shape after the two spring trainings. But this year he is healthy and ready to go. Manager Aaron Boone is happy from what he has seen of Torres so far in spring training. He is also showing off his power with two homers so far.

Gary Sanchez:

Last season Gary Sanchez had about as worse a season that any baseball player could have a nightmare about. His catching was off, and his offense was nowhere to be found. He hit just .147 and seemed completely lost at the plate, both in front of it and behind it. The talk was that the Yankees might not even tender him an offer. But in the end, they did, and all have waited with bated breath to see how he might bounce back in this spring training.

At this point, the New York Yankees couldn’t be happier. He is batting .286 and his power is back. He is hitting a home run in ever 2.1 games, at that pace he could hit 70 home runs and beat Roger Maris’s record. That is of course most likely a pipe dream, but what they Yankees have seen so far from Gary, it is most encouraging.

Brett Gardner:

In spring training, Brett Gardner is being Brett Gardner, the 14 year Yankee veteran is a leader in the clubhouse and on the field. This season he is becoming the super outfield utility man. Although, with Clint Frazier taking over his job in left field, he will still be getting plenty of playing time as he is now adjusting to playing right-field. Aaron Hicks, who knows Gardner well, says he will have no trouble playing there with his experience.

Gardner gets on base, runs, and fields as good as any player. He is the only Yankee to hit a Grand Slam this spring. His batting average is .385 with one home run and the most RBI’s of any Yankee player.

Jay Bruce:

Jay Bruce was one of the players that the Yankees picked up during the offseason. The veteran right fielder is hitting .300 with an OPS of 1.014. He also has two home runs showing off his power. He is a defensive vet that gets on base and hits for power. He won’t knock Brett Gardner off the bench, but he could take the place of Mike Ford, Mike Tauchman or Tyler Wade that is playing very poorly. Bruce, like the others, is also a left-hand hitter.

Honorable mentions:  Althugh not meeting the criteria I have to mention two Yankees that are playing exceptional ball. Rob Brantly is hitting .750 in four games with an incredible 3.050 OPS. He is second only to Brett Gardiner in runs batting in. Chris Gittens is an other standout. Gitten has a homer and an OPS of 1.413. He has 3 hits and 2 walks in 7 plate appearances. The are both trying to get a bench spot in the regular season, but with the Yankee depth that likely won’t happen.

The four best pitchers

Domingo German:

There is no question that Domingo German is the Yankee pitching star in this spring training. German was suspended at the end of the 2019 season and all of 2020. The Yankees had no idea what to expect after not pitching for so long. But the Yankees have been more than happy with what they have seen so far in their starting pitcher that was 18-4 in 2019 before his suspension. He has pitched more innings than any Yankee pitcher, and with 9 innings under his belt, he has yet to allow a run in 3 games. He is also striking out 14 batters per nine innings pitched. He is one of the pitchers in contention for the fifth spot in the rotation. At the moment, he looks to have a lock on the number four or five spot.

Jonathan Loaisiga:

Jonathan Loaisiga is an exciting pitcher. We don’t know if he is a starter or a reliever. He has performed in both roles. So far, his control is excellent. In six innings pitched, he has allowed no runs and has a tiny WHIP of .033. It is doubtful that the Yankees will add him to the starting rotation, but they will seriously look at him if there are any injuries.

Nick Nelson:

Nick Nelson may be the surprise of spring training. Nelson is a reliever that is looking to make the team in the bullpen. Right now, he is one of the best relievers in spring training. He has relieved in 6.1 innings and has not allowed a run. He has also struck out one player per inning. Whatever he is doing, he needs to continue to do it. The Yankees noticed his potential late in the last season.

Jameson Taillon:

Jameson Taillon came to the New York Yankees via a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is coming back from his second Tommy John surgery. The Yankees took quite a risk acquiring a pitcher that hasn’t pitched in nearly two years. They hoped for the best while hoping he could at least replace Masahiro Tanaka, who is now pitching in the Japanese leagues.  So far this spring training, he has not disappointed. He has an ERA of .000 with no runs allowed in 5.2 innings. What is really encouraging to the Yankees is that he looks even better than his stats and is totally healthy.

4 disappointing starts

In listing these players, it’s not so much that they are off to horrible starts, but the reason they are highlighted here is that so much is expected of them, and so far, they have not risen to those heights.

Gerrit Cole:

We all know that Gerrit Cole is our New York Yankees ace, and we all expect a 20 game winning season. Short of that, we will be somewhat disappointed. Cole, at the moment, pitching over the qualifying 5 innings, has the highest ERA of any starter (4.50). One conversation with Cole, at least at the beginning of the season, is who he will be throwing to. In his first game, he struggled with Gary Sanchez catching him. In his second outing, he pitched much better when caught by Kyle Higashioka. It’s a small sample but worth noting.

Aaron Judge:

Aaron Judge is healthy, and we all expect from his hot start last season that he would have two or three home runs in the first weeks of spring training. However, that is not the case this spring training, he has none, and his batting average is only .227. If he remains healthy and finds his timing, he will surely be a hitter to be contended with. The Yankees would like to see a return to his 2017 season, but will be happy if he just stays healthy.

Michael King:

Michael King is not off to a horrible start but pitching the second-most innings, he has the second-highest ERA. Michael King is also a pitcher fighting for the New York Yankee’s fifth spot in the pitching rotation, which makes his performance even more important.

Luke Voit:

Probably the most disappointing start to the season belongs to Luke Voit. Last year while being dogged with a foot problem, he worked through it and hit 22 home runs in the short season, which gave him the award for the most home runs of any baseball player. This season he says the foot issue is behind him, and he is totally healthy. But in this spring training, he has hit no home runs and has the lowest (.111) batting average of all regular lineup players.

All the others:

New York Yankees hitters and pitchers not included in this article either didn’t meet the criteria (haven’t played enough) or are hitting and pitching as expected. One must remember that this is only spring training and pretty much has to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a long 162 game season, and pitchers and hitters have plenty of time to show their worth.



New York Yankees: The latest update on Luke Voit’s knee

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees want their players to get to the season in top shape, and that means slowly ramping up baseball activities, fielding drills, baserunning situations, at-bats, and more. However, they expect ballplayers to understand that these warmup games should be taken with caution and, if possible, avoid hard slides and unnecessary tags, like Luke Voit in Thursday’s win against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Yankees’ hulking first baseman has been dealing with some knee issues this week. They started on Tuesday and kept him out of Wednesday’s lineup. He returned yesterday, but was involved in a scary play that could have had a much worse outcome.

The Yankees’ first baseman gave everyone a scare

Voit, who acted as the New York Yankees’ designated hitter after his knee issues in the last couple of days, was thrown out at third base trying to advance on a Clint Frazier’s fly out to left field, which was completely unnecessary in an exhibition game. He appeared somewhat shaken and was seen talking to the trainer in the dugout.

Thankfully, he appears to have dodged a bullet, just like the Yankees.

“Obviously not a very smart tag up from second,” Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone said after a 6-1 win in Clearwater, Fla, per NJ Advance Media. “I think he really just wanted to test it and felt like he was feeling good. He actually came off the field saying, ‘I felt really good.’ Hopefully we’ll have a better decision come regular season on that one. But he came out of it fine.”

Voit was the Yankees (and MLB’s) leader in home runs last season and will try to repeat that kind of power display, but he will need to be healthy if he wants to be on the field, and unnecessary slides won’t help him.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Aaron Judge’s new smile, Yankees react to German’s apology, and more

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

The New York Yankees‘ Aaron Judge showed up for an interview yesterday sporting a new smile. It looks like he’s had some dental work done. His smile now is broad and without the gap between his two front teeth.  Aaron Judge has always had an infectious smile, but not it’s perfect. This is not the first time Judge has had dental work done. In celebrating a game-winning home run by Brett Gardner in 2017, he was hit in the teeth by a flying helmet that chipped his tooth.

“It got me pretty good,” Judge said at the time. “It kind of shocked me at first. I thought both my teeth got knocked in. I just tried to cover it up as fast as I can and get out of there.”

Judge has certainly had his share of injuries in the past two years. Last season he only played in half the games and only garnered up a .257 batting average. Judge started the season on fire, hitting 9 home runs in just the first eighteen games. Upon returning to the team, he didn’t hit another home run for the rest of the regular season. This is an important year for the 28-year-old, who will try to stay healthy with a looming contract extension a possibility. He was asked about an extension but said there had been no meaningful discussions between him and the Yankees. At least now he can talk about it with a newly aligned smile.

Yankee players and Boone react to German’s apology

By now, we all know about Domingo German’s altercation with the mother of his child and the resulting 81 game suspension. After talks with management, he has been allowed back with the team, and previous to the recent revelations of the severity of his actions was to be the fifth in line in the New York Yankees starting rotation.

German took to Zoom to apologize to the New York Yankee organization, fans, and fellow players in a sincere play to repair his reputation. Players like Zack Britton were not impressed. But Luke Voit, Giancarlo Stanton, and manager Boone himself came out in support of the pitcher.

“We have his back, but he’s skating on thin ice and he needs to get his life together.” For good measure, Voit added: “He messed up. A lot of guys look at him differently now, but I believe in second chances, and the guy deserves a second chance.”

“In the clubhouse, we all have difficult things go on, some a lot worse than others. But it’s our job to support in the right way when given the opportunity.” said Stanton.

“He has done enough to earn the opportunity to be here and compete and to be a part of this team,” manager Aaron Boone said of German. “Now the proof is in the daily life that he leads.

Gerrit Cole wants to try out the new baseball

Cole said he’s been unable to see if the balls being used this season will be any different than in years past. MLB earlier announced that a new ball would be used this season. MLB tried to make the baseball less bouncy. When the baseball is changed even minutely, it acts differently. Cole has been trying to get a straight answer if the balls he has used since training camp started were old balls or new ones. Because of changes in the ball, reportedly, there will be fewer home runs this season.

“I’ve been trying to get my hands on balls here [in camp] and no one can tell me if we’re using the balls from this year or last year,’’ Cole said. “I’m happy there was an [admission] there’s been some tinkering. All players have known it the last three or four years, at least. It’s another look behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz and smoke and mirrors. Let’s be a little more honest about that kind of stuff.”

Yankees’ Luke Voit issue warning to Domingo German after given 2nd chance

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

With new details emerging regarding New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German and the domestic abuse situation revolving around him, most demanding an explanation, at the very least. Realistically, German likely should have been dealt more consequences, but the Yankees gave him a second chance at life, salvaging his career and image.

If there’s one thing the Yankees don’t lack, it is loyalty to their players. Supporting German was likely difficult, but he issued an apology to his teammates and for his actions in the past. His teammates deserved an apology and to hear how he’s becoming a better person, first and foremost. Luckily, some of his teammates came to his aid, verbally, specifically starting first baseman Luke Voit.

“He messed up in life, he’s getting a second chance at this and we have his back, but he’s skating on thin ice and he needs to get his life together,” first baseman Luke Voit said.

Voit contributed a well-said sentiment regarding the situation, as German truly does skate on thin ice and will not get a third chance if he makes another mistake. Domingo must be humble and continue to develop his career at 28 years old.

In 2019, German was an influential factor for the Yankees, pitching 143 innings and earning a 4.03 ERA. Most believed he could be a focal point in the rotation moving forward, but an 80 game suspension kept him out for the entire 2020 season.

The expectation is that he will compete for the fifth spot in the rotation with some of the Yankees’ younger starters, but if he can return to his 2019 version and even take a step forward, they will be in good shape moving forward. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson and is a better man because of it.

“(Domestic violence) is a problem that’s going on in our world and our country, and we’ve got to figure out ways to get better. Obviously, I want German to get better. He’s my teammate and obviously he’s a friend, so we’ll be there for him. But we don’t condone it. He messed up and a lot of guys look at him differently now. But I believe in second chances and the guy deserves a second chance. I hope he’s taking the right steps to do what he needs to do better with his family. I’m grateful that he came and apologized to us and the organization. So he’s making strides, but there’s a lot more left in his career and in his life and hopefully he makes the right decisions.”

New York Yankees: Domingo German has apologized but is it enough?

New York Yankees, Domingo German

The New York Yankees have a sticky situation in letting Domingo German return to the team. He served an 81 game suspension in 2019 for breaking the domestic violence protocol. He slapped his wife/mother of his child in public and later, in a drunken fit, became violent and had to be calmed down.

“According to multiple league sources, including a person with knowledge of the MLB investigation, Germán was intoxicated and became physically violent toward his girlfriend until she hid in a locked room. The victim is said to have contacted another Yankees player’s wife, and the couple drove to Germán’s home late at night. The victim remained with the teammate’s wife while the player attempted to calm down Germán, who is said to have been angry and belligerent.

“The incident was reported to MLB by a different member of the Yankees staff, whom Germán’s girlfriend had told about it. The victim did not call law enforcement, so there is no police report from the night of the assault.”

In this writer’s eyes, there is no place or excuse for domestic violence in any form, and due to any incidence, it is unacceptable, period. But that being said, anyone who shows contrition should be allowed a second chance; if they screw up, then that’s the end of them. I fully understand Zack Britton’s statement that there is no place for this on or off the field.

I also understand that this is a very sensitive subject. I am aware that some think domestic violence is not that big a deal and forgivable. Well, folks, it is a big deal, but if someone shows true contrition and changes his life for the better, that person deserves a second chance to show that they are indeed changed and that the occurrence will never happen again. They have a lot to prove to their teammates and the public alike.

The New York Yankees have appeared to take the pitcher back into the fold and show that he can be the pitcher he was, and at the same time, he is a changed man. That being the case, the teammates should stand behind him as it is the best for the team. If they treat him as an outcast and does not deserve that second chance, it will work for no one. German will not be the pitcher that he can be, and the team will lose out in the long run.

Luke Voit is on the right track in showing support for Geman.

“According to multiple league sources, including a person with knowledge of the MLB investigation, Germán was intoxicated and became physically violent toward his girlfriend until she hid in a locked room. The victim is said to have contacted the wife of another Yankees player, and the couple drove to Germán’s home late at night. The victim remained with the teammate’s wife, while the player attempted to calm down Germán, who is said to have been angry and belligerent.

“The incident was reported to MLB by a different member of the Yankees staff, whom Germán’s girlfriend had told about it. The victim did not call law enforcement, so there is

Yankees right-hander Domingo Germán issued a public apology on Wednesday for his actions on the evening of Sept. 16, 2019, which precipitated an 81-game suspension for violation of Major League Baseball’s policy against domestic violence.

Germán said that he is thankful for an opportunity to resume his Major League career. The hurler previously addressed his teammates in two separate sessions this week. He also has spoken privately with general manager Brian Cashman and manager Aaron Boone, whom he thanked for their patience.

“I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to the Steinbrenner family, my teammates, the front office and those around me who love me,” Germán said through an interpreter. “I have made mistakes of which I’m not proud, and for that I want to apologize.“When the team needed me most in 2019 before we started the playoffs, I wasn’t there for them, and for that I ask your forgiveness. It was very difficult for me not to be pitching and helping my team. Having to watch from afar hurt me a lot, but I also understand that I am responsible for putting myself in that position.”

At least one New York Yankee player, Luke Voit, has shown his support for German.

“We have his back, but he’s skating on thin ice and he needs to get his life together.” For good measure, Voit added: “He messed up. A lot of guys look at him differently now, but I believe in second chances, and the guy deserves a second chance.”

Giancarlo Stanton, more diplomatic while still making his point, added: “In the clubhouse, we all have difficult things going on, some a lot worse than others. But it’s our job to support in the right way when given the opportunity.”

Geman also praised Britton for offering “really good advice on how I can improve” and voiced understanding for Britton’s sharp rhetoric.

“He has done enough to earn the opportunity to be here and compete and to be a part of this team,” manager Aaron Boone said of German. “Now the proof is in the daily life that he leads.”