Yankees land young pitcher with upside in Luke Voit trade

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On Friday, the New York Yankees parted ways with one of their top sluggers in Luke Voit after extending Anthony Rizzo on a two-year, $32 million contract. Voit, who was simply the odd man out as a result of the Yankees wanting to take a more lefty-hitting approach, expected to be traded prior to the announcement.

General manager Brian Cashman sent Voit to the San Diego Padres in exchange for Low-A pitching prospect Justin Lange.

Lange is an intriguing player that was drafted 34th overall in the 2020 MLB draft. Baseball America ranks Lange as the No. 16 prospect in the Padre’s system, but with the right coaching, he could become a talented MLB player down the road.

“He’s a talent, he’s got a good arm, he’s a good athlete; all those reasons are why we liked him in the Draft,” Padres general manager A.J. Preller said. “Ultimately, it’s a prospect that’s a little bit away. It’s going to take him some time. But we expect him to go out and do well for the Yankees. You always have to give up something that’s good to get somebody that’s good.”

At just 20 years old, Lange enjoyed his first action in the Padres farm system, posting a 6.95 ERA over 22 innings pitched.

Based on his tiny sample size of action, making any assumptions on Lange’s capabilities is premature.

The starting pitcher has a wide range of landing spots, but he’s good enough to become a solid player down the road. However, it is disappointing that the Bombers were unable to acquire a player who could at least make an impact at the major league level this upcoming season in exchange for Voit.

Just two years ago, during the abbreviated Covid campaign, Voit led the MLB in home runs with 22. Injuries have dampened his impact recently, but he is still a solid player who can contribute to the winning team.

BREAKING: Yankees trade Luke Voit to Padres, here’s the return

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees have made the trade that we’ve expected for some time. Jon Heyman was the one to break the news today that the Yanks had agreed to trade first baseman Luke Voit to the San Diego Padres.

It started to leak out yesterday that the Padres were one of the teams interested in Voit. It was also reported this morning that the Yankees were starting to get more aggressive in their attempts to trade Voit.

Turns out to be the perfect storm as the former AL Home Run champion is now heading to San Diego. Earlier this morning, it was said that the Yankees were drastically lowering their price tag on Luke Voit.

It became very apparent that they were desperate in their attempt to move Voit. Turns out that their return was not very strong. Dan Federico was the first to report that the return for Voit was a Low-A pitcher.

Yankees’ Return

In return for the former AL Home Run champ, Joel Sherman first reported that the Yankees acquired right-handed pitcher Justin Lange. Lange was the 34th overall selection in the 2020 MLB draft and the Yankees are getting another guy with an electric arm.

Lange’s fastball grades out at a 65 and he pairs that with a nice slider while mixing in a changeup. In 2021, Lange was very underwhelming going 0-3 with a 6.95 in rookie ball. While that might make you scratch your head, it was his first experience with professional baseball.

There are a lot of scouts high on Lange’s potential and the Yankees really love his arm. However, let’s be honest, this deal really didn’t have anything to do with Lange. This deal was more about trading away Luke Voit.

Once the Yankees resigned Anthony Rizzo, it was just a matter of time that Voit would get traded. Personally, I thought Voit would be a part of a package for MLB-ready pitching, but the Yanks went in a different direction.

It’ll be interesting to watch Voit play in SD and Lange will be someone to watch. It’ll take a few years before we know who really won this trade.

Report: Yankees are aggressively trying to trade two reserve players

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The New York Yankees are far from done this off-season trying to maneuver and add talent to the roster. However, injecting more value and acquiring impact players will be difficult without parting ways with prospects.

Nonetheless, general manager Brian Cashman has looked to a pair of reserve options that could be on their way out in the coming days after lowering his demands.

First baseman Luke Voit and failed utilityman Miguel Andujar are on the trade docket, and to be quite honest, it’s about time Cashman lowered his demands and moved them, given his blatant disregard for their abilities.

Recently, Voit made it clear he understood why the Yankees re-signed Anthony Rizzo, focusing on left-handed hitting, but that he wants an opportunity to start and that simply wasn’t going to be with the Bombers.

“I know they want to be left-handed, so I get it. This has been a thing since last year with our team being righty dominant. It’s a business.”

Voit only played in 68 games last year, hitting 11 homers and 35 RBIs. Looking back at his 2020 season, he led the MLB with 22 homers over 56 games, recording a .277 average. During the Covid abbreviated season, Voit was one of the best players in the MLB, but injuries have dampened his value, and the Yankees have been trying to move him for quite some time.

Given they have lowered the price tag on his services, a deal could be imminent.

In addition, failed infielder and experimental outfielder Miguel Andujar could also be on his way. Playing in 45 games last year, Andujar hit .253 with six homers and 12 RBIs. After his dominant 2018 season, where he recorded a .297 average with 27 homers and 92 RBIs, he has failed to replicate those statistics. His defense remains a serious liability.

A team may view Andujar as a good developmental piece at 27 years old, and with three years left of service time before he hits free agency, working on his defense and giving him the appropriate reps is essential.

The Yankees simply just don’t have the space or time to allow Andujar to develop at the big-league level, which is where he needs to be. An up-and-coming team willing to suffer through his growing pains could end up prospering, but the Yankees may not be able to get anything back more than a middle-of-the-road prospect.

Yankees’ Luke Voit reacts to Anthony Rizzo signing: ‘I get it’

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

Late on Tuesday night, the New York Yankees agreed to terms with first baseman Anthony Rizzo on a two-year, $32 million contract. He will be the starter at the cold corner, leaving Luke Voit’s future up in the air.

Voit suffered a myriad of injuries in 2021, most notably a meniscus problem that ended up taking away most of his season. He is also a defensive liability. When healthy, however, he is a potent power bat capable of leading the league in home runs, as he did in 2020: it was a small sample, but still.

Now, with first base and the designated hitter position mostly occupied, he will likely be traded. While speaking with reporters on Wednesday morning, he was politically correct and said he understood why the Yankees were coveting another first baseman.

“I get it,” he said, per NJ Advance Media.

“These next 19 games are important for me to show other teams … prove that I’m healthy again,” Voit said. Regarding that last sentence, he confirmed he is back to 100 percent.

“I feel great, he stated. “I feel healthy, and that’s all I wanted to control this year. I was preparing myself for a long season. I’m still staying positive.”

He understands it was a business decision by the Yankees

He did admit to being upset and feeling a little dissed. “Absolutely, he said.

He understands it’s a business decision by the Yankees.

“I was hurt (most of the year), so someone’s got to come in and fill that spot, and Anthony did do a good job last year,” Voit explained.

“I know they want to be left-handed, so I get it. This has been a thing since last year with our team being righty dominant. It’s a business.”

The Yankees will likely trade Voit to a team that misses out on Freddie Freeman, the biggest fish available when it comes to hitters.

“Obviously Freddie is still a big part (of this) and I know there’s still going to be a lot more trades,” Voit said. “There are still 100 free agents out there, so I have no idea.”

“I’ve enjoyed myself since I’ve been here in ‘18 and I really enjoyed New York,” Voit said. “It’s the best place to play baseball and who knows? Maybe I’ll still be here. We’ll see what happens.”

Yankees News: Luke Voit, Aaron Hicks battling injury returns, starting pitching support on the way

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees face an interesting next few weeks as players gear up for the start of the 2022 season without the assurances required from ownership. The CBA is still in the works with core economic issues left to solve — the luxury tax remains their biggest hurdle. The hope is both the Players Union and owners will begin to meet more frequently without risking the regular season being compromised.

Prior to the lockout, the Yankees were quiet, passing on big money acquisitions and waiting for the new luxury tax to drop to see how much flexibility they have. That could end up backfiring since there will be a frenzy when the market opens back up, presenting a ton of competition for the leftover players.

General manager Brian Cashman still has plenty of moves left to make, specifically regarding positions that have been impacted by injury. First base and centerfield could use a bit more support after both Aaron Hicks and Luke Voit went down last season, missing 90 games apiece, at least.

Without the team facilities and trainers, working their way back has been even more tumultuous.

“We’re just getting work in where we can,’’ Luke Voit said last week. “It’s a little bit harder not being able to use the [team] facility, but we don’t want to get too far behind for whenever we do start.”

Voit played 68 games last season, hitting .239 with 11 homers after a lucrative 2020 season where he led the MLB with 22 home runs. There is no guarantee that Voit won’t be replaced at first base, especially if the Yankees are willing to splash big money on Freddie Freeman. Nonetheless, Voit has stated that he will find a different place to play first if the Yankees won’t give him an opportunity.

Hicks, on the other hand, has spent two of his last three seasons injured, playing 32 games last year. He featured a .194 batting average with four homers and 14 RBIs, putting the Yankees in a tough spot after extending him on a seven-year, $70 million deal. The Yankees desperately need more value from Hicks, who has been nothing short of disappointing ever since signing a fresh contract.

Hicks has been getting some action during Winter League play, but he could’ve used this time with the team trainers and regimen to help rehabilitate.

Another important player who has dealt with injuries the past two seasons is starting pitcher Luis Severino.

Severino pitched just 6.0 innings last year at 27 years old, enjoying just a combined 18 innings over the past three years. Severino has battled two Tommy John surgery‘s but still maintained an adequate fastball pace despite lengthy rehabilitation timelines.

Over such a small sample size last year, his fastball touched 95.3 mph on average. Compared to his 2018 season, where he averaged 97. 6 mph, he’s down quite significantly, but giving him more time to build up his strength should get that number a bit closer is ideal. With Corey Kluber hitting free agency and signing with the Tampa Bay Rays, Severino’s return is imperative.

New York Yankees: Yankees weekend news round up, check it out

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Is a Didi Gregorius reunion be in the offing?

With the New York Yankees’ front off not even giving a sniff as to what they will do to replace Gleyber Torres at short, only rumors have been swirling. At first, a statement came out that the Yankees would be going big in filling the position. Not much later, they seemed to indicate they might go the stopgap way and fill the position with a lesser player while waiting for Oswald Peraza and Anthony Volpe to develop to the major league level.

Two of the four best shortstop free agents went off the market to the Texas Rangers during that time. With Marcus Semien and Corey Seager gone, it leaves just Carlos Correa and Trevor Story as major contenders. Neither of those is likely to end up a Yankee, one due to cost and the other with questionable health issues. This has most recently caused the rumor that Didi Gregorius might be headed back to the Yankees.

Gregorius has certainly not been quiet on social media about his future. This is the last year of his contract with the Phillies, and if he was to go to the Yankees, the Phillies would likely have to eat a large amount of his salary. This is not the Didi of his first stint with the Yankees. Last season in 103 games, he hit only 13 home runs with a batting average of only .209. His defense is still there, but his performance at the plate may be a no-no for the Yankees. This writer does not see a reunion as an option.

Would slugger Aaron Judge consider a move away from the Yankees?

The no longer young Aaron Judge has suggested recently that leaving the Yankees is an option for him after this season. This is probably the only time, due to his age (30), that he will be able to make that big score in the money department.

“If we get an extension done before the season starts, that’d be great. I’d be completely honored to wear pinstripes for a couple more years. But if it doesn’t happen and this is my last year [as a Yankee], I had a lot of great memories.”

That statement was not Derek Jeter-like, with an indication that if the Yankees don’t sign him up, he may look elsewhere.

At least one Yankee player is likely to be gone in 2022

Many Yankees fans feel that first baseman Luke Voit may have been held over, only to be used as a trade piece. Others feel that in the end, the Yankees will not be spending big for a new first baseman, and Voit will be their man. That won’t be cleared up until the lockout is over. One thing that is relatively clear is that Miguel Andujar may have seen his last days in pinstripes.

After Gio Urshela became the everyday third baseman for the Yankees, the team has tried everything to salvage the young man, but to no avail. He is not the best choice at third, he has also been tried at first base and in the outfield without impressive results. This writer believes he will be traded off for one of the Yankees’ needs.

As the lockout persists, when will spring training start?

Major League Baseball, unable to come to a new agreement with the players union after the start and stop negotiations, has announced that spring training will be moved back at least until March 5th.

“We regret that, without a collective bargaining agreement in place, we must postpone the start of Spring Training games until no earlier than Saturday, March 5,” the league said in a statement.

Now the question remains, is March 5 a realistic date? The two sides in the negotiations, although making some progress, is still deadlocked on the main issue, and that is money and who gets what in revenue sharing. With all the back and forth so far, an agreement seems no closer today than it did two months ago. That March 5th date may be too optimistic unless there is compromise.

Meanwhile, non-roster players who are not members of the players union are working out at local high school fields in both Florida and Arizona.

Only one infield position seems to be a lock

With sitting out the offseason before the lockout, the Yankee team seems not closer to who will be the Yankee shortstop. For that matter, who will be the first baseman as well. The only infield position that seems a lock is that Gleyber Torres will be the second baseman after being moved from short at the end of the 2021 season.

The Yankees do have options for who will play at first and at short; some of those options put Gio Urshela’s career at the hot corner in question, as well. If Gio is not traded to fill one of the other positions, he will remain at third or will be shifted to short. The Yankees at the end of the lockout will have to look closely at Carlos Correa or Trevor Story at short as well as the Rangers Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Kiner-Falefa also is versatile, showing off at third base last season.

As far as the dilemma at first base, the Yankees could, but hopefully not, keep Luke Voit as their first baseman. They could also resign Anthony Rizzo, go after Matt Olson, or even the big prize, Freddie Freeman, who has failed to make a deal with the Atlanta Braves.

Luke Voit has tough words for the Yankees if they won’t give him shot at first base

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

The New York Yankees have several different directions they can go at first base next season, given the lockout finally ends and players return to work.

The Bombers have been connected to a myriad of players, including Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, and Matt Olson of the Oakland Athletics. One name that has continuously been passed by is Luke Voit, who has showcased quality talent in the past but dealt with injuries that have interrupted his progress.

Last season, Voit played in 68 games, hitting .239 with 11 homers and 35 RBIs. As a starting first baseman in 2020, Voit smashed 22 homers during the Covid abbreviated season, providing a 56 game sample size.

The Yankees went into last season with Voit as their primary starter, but they were forced to acquire Rizzo for the remainder of the campaign due to his injury restraints. The former Chicago Cub hit free agency this off-season, and he could end up going back to Chicago on an extension, making his time with a Yankees short-lived.

However, Voit has made it abundantly clear that he will take his talents elsewhere if the Yankees don’t give him an opportunity to start.

Dan Martin of the New York Post spoke to Luke Voit, who made it clear he would go elsewhere if he can’t play first base:

“I want to play first base for the Yankees,’’ Voit said. “If that happens, great. If not, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Trading for Rizzo undoubtedly left a sour taste in Luke’s mouth, but he understands the complexity of his injury and why they had to make a deal.

“I get why they did it,’’ Voit said of the trade. “I was hurt and on the [IL] a bunch last year and I get that. They want the lefty bats, too. But I also have done my fair share there and had some really good at-bats over the last four years.”

Reports of general manager Brian Cashman and ownership’s interest in Freddie Freeman likely doesn’t spur optimism for his future.

Freeman is capable of hitting 40+ homers at Yankee stadium, given his big lefty bat. However, if the Yankees want to take a more cost-efficient route, Luke Voit makes the most sense for the time being. They can reallocate those funds towards starting pitching or a stopgap shortstop. Ultimately, it all depends on how the Yankees prioritize their needs and if first base is worth spending big money on.

New MLB rules will make it difficult for the Yankees to sign star 1B Freddie Freeman

freddie freeman, yankees, braves

The New York Yankees may now regret not being more active before the MLB lockout. Two new MLB rules will make a complex situation even more complicated. Those two rules are the Universal DH for the season 2022 and beyond. The other is the loss of removal of draft pick compensation.

This, of course, will make it more difficult for any team to sign free-agent first baseman Freddie Freeman, which goes for the World Series-winning Atlanta Braves as well. The Braves would dearly like to hold onto the backbone of both their defense and plate production. But, with Freeman already refusing the Braves’ $180 million offer, these new rules will likely raise his financial desires, making it more difficult for any team to sign him. Make no mistake, a team will sign him, but it might not be the Braves or the Yankees.

With the ongoing MLB lockout, teams across the country are more desperate than ever to fill the holes remaining in their lineups. With spring training scheduled to start this week in Florida and Arizona, it only makes the signings more critical, as they will have to fill those holes in record time. With the Yankees sitting on their hands during postseason one, the Yankees will have to act quickly and aggressively.

The Yankees have several holes to fill. The biggest is their shortstop position. It is most likely they will go with a stop-gap addition while they wait for Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza to become major league-ready. They need some help in center field, as they cannot count on Aaron Hicks to remain healthy. They also would like a true number two starter to follow ace, Gerrit Cole. Freeman comes into focus due to their need for an everyday first baseman.

The Yankees have Luke Voit, who they held over from last season. But with his inability to keep the lower half of his body healthy, he should be their last choice. A trade with the Oakland Athletics’ Matt Olson isn’t all that desirable. The Yankees have already, before the lockout, talked to the A’s, who want at least Anthony Volpe and or Oswald Peraza. The Yankees have indicated that that is a non-starter. This is where Freeman comes into the mix.

He is either the best first baseman in the business or the best player overall in free agency. The problem for the Yankees with Freeman is the money he will ask to join the Yankees. Depending on how much owner Hal Steinbrenner wants to spend and how much they can save on other needs, will write the story on the Yankees acquiring Freeman.

These new rules certainly won’t help the Yankees in signing him. When and if a new CBA is reached, the Yankees will have to make that decision. However, even though other names for the everyday first baseman have not been mentioned, The one thing you should know is that you can never tell what general manager Brian Cashman will do to fill the spot. He may pull off a surprise, like the acquisition of a DJ LeMahieu-like surprise, that has turned out successful for the Yankees.

New York Yankees: Will the Chicago Cubs’ interest in Anthony Rizzo benefit the Yankees?

anthony rizzo, yankees

More than other teams, the New York Yankees have been highly affected by Rob Manfred’s baseball lockout, as they didn’t make any moves to improve the team before that lockout was imposed. The Yankees still have their major priorities unmet. They still need a quality shortstop to replace Gleyber Torres, they need to bolster the starting rotation and to make a decision on who will be the starting first baseman.

Opinions on social media have swung wildly during the lockout regarding the retention of Luke Voit at first base or to re-sign Anthony Rizzo, who was acquired last season at the trade deadline. There has been interest in Freddie Freeman, especially after his struggle getting a new contract with the World Series-winning Braves.

The Braves offered him $180 million over six years to stay with the team, an offer he rejected. At the same time, the Yankees may have been internally discussing a trade with the Athletics for first baseman Matt Olson. Those seemed unlikely, Freeman for the cost and Olson as the A’s would like to strip the Yankees of prime prospects.

Now things have taken another turn as the Cubs have apparently been discussing bringing Rizzo back for another year. Rizzo was a star for the Cubs for many years, actually all of his career, before being traded to the Yankees last season. This might be more competition for the Yankees, with no decision one way or the other, it might be a bidding war that the Yankees probably won’t be interested in, with their other needs.

Make no mistake about it, Rizzo, although approaching the later part of his career, is still a quality defensive first baseman and a pesky lefty at the plate. Any team would happy to have him in their starting lineup. But with interest increasing for Rizzo, it may leave the Yankees to reconsider Freeman or Olson.

Earlier in the month, according to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, Freeman is on their radar:

“The Yankees are expected to take a run at Freddie Freeman, who they love. Though 1B isn’t their real need, they’d love to fit one of the game’s best lefty hitters into their lineup. With the Braves not quickly wrapping up their star, all are options are on the table for Freeman.”

With Rizzo’s likely salary being in the $14-18 million range for next season, Freeman does not seem out of the question. The decision regarding Matt Olson is far more complicated. The Yankees have made it clear that they will not be dealing Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza in any trade this season. That would mean the Yankees might have to nearly strip the farm system of prospects to reign in Olson from the A’s. 

However, all of this might be moot if the sides in the CBA negotiations can’t come to a compromise and new agreement. Presently, it looks as if the start of spring training will be delayed. One thing is for sure, and that is that the Yankees are going to have to pounce when the lockout is over, as half of the prospects they need to fill the teams’ holes have already gone to other teams. At the present, Voit, after the lockout, may be traded, taking him out of the equation and making the search for a new first baseman even more intriguing.

Considering all of this, there is at least one other option. General Manager Brian Cashman, who is always secretive in his workings, may surprise us all with a pick that no one has thought off, just like he did with DJ LeMahieu.


Latest Yankees News Roundup: Carlos Beltran, Wells, Voit, and more

austin wells, yankees

With the MLB lockout still in effect, while a new CBA agreement still has not been reached, the New York Yankees, along with all the other MLB teams don’t have much going on, but there still is news to report. Here is today’s roundup for the weekend.

Carlos Beltran hired by the YES Network

He will take part in broadcasting 36 games, according to reports. Beltran, the one-time Yankee player during the 2013-2016 seasons and ex-Mets manager, will likely fill in for David Cone in some games as he balances his work with the YES Network and his new job with ESPN.

Ex-Yankee slams MLB for David Ortiz enshrinement

Jose Canseco, who played for the Yankees in 2000, is mad as hell. Canseco complained that the Hall of Fame elected David Ortiz to the Hall on his first ballot. He sighted that other players that tested positive for PED’s have been rejected mostly for their use of drugs. He likely means Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and others. He called it a double standard and hypocrisy.

“If ortiz is in the hall of fame so should the other guys who use PED,s again MLB screws it up again talk about hypocrisy.”

Canseco is not the only one complaining, social media is full of comments at least questioning the move of the Hall and the baseball writers. It should be mentioned that Canseco was also a proven drug user. Just like Pettitte, there is some question regarding Ortiz’s use of PEDs. Pettitte used the drugs just to help cure an injury. One of the reasons of logic may indicate that Ortiz’s single positive test was before the rule came into effect. Following that positive test, Ortiz never had another positive during the last ten years of his career.

Catcher Austin Wells could be impactful this season

The Yankees, this postseason, had to again decide whether to keep Gary Sanchez as their starting backstop for the 2022 season. Ultimately they did, teaming up the combo of Sanchez and Kyle Higashioka to handle the catching job. Meanwhile, prospect Austin Wells has been advancing in his catching skills. Should either of the starters become injured, you will surely see Wells at the Stadium until either return. Wells last season playing for the Tampa Tarpons and the Hudson Valley Renegades had an impressive season hitting .258 with Tampa and .274 for Hudson Valley with a combined total of ten home runs. It’s important to acknowledge that his batting average is far better than Gary Sanchez.

Is Voit sending a message in latest video posting?

No one on the New York Yankees team is more uncertain of his future than Luke Voit. Luke is a dynamic player but can’t stay healthy enough to be impactful. The Yankees kept him for another season, but it is unclear if he will again play at first base or end up being traded for another Yankee need. The Yankees have to decide if they will go with Voit saving money for a new shortstop or a starting pitcher. Anthony Rizzo, who played first after the trade deadline still, is waiting to see if he will be resigned. Matt Olson and Freddie Freeman have been mentioned as replacements. Meanwhile, Voit has been pictured and vocal on his social media account, keeping his name in the mix. In his last video, it showed him working out with the Red Sox Rafael Devers.

Is Stephen Ridings set for a break-out season?

The 26-year-old minor league pitcher has played for six teams in his career, gradually advancing. Last season he played in 30 games with the Somerset Patriots and the Scranton Wilkes/Barre Rail Riders and even pitched during five innings in five games with the Yankees. His ERA with the Yankees was an impressive 1.80, although the sampling was small. He dominated in his MLB debut.

Riding has a fastball that settles in at about 100mph, a wicked slider that drops off at the last second, and an above-average change. Manager Aaron Boone had his to say about Ridings.

“The stuff was impressive from the side. He had a little strut out there. We were impressed with his demeanor.”

Now the question is, is he good enough to become impactful from the bullpen in the 2022 season. If he continues to impress, you will likely see him on the mound sooner than later.

What’s going with Freddie Freeman and the Braves?

The situation with first baseman Freddie Freeman is becoming less clear by the day. Prior to the MLB lockout, the Atlanta Braves still had not resigned their star first baseman. Depending on where the Yankees spend their money this offseason, they certainly have interest in the dominant first baseman. It has been assumed that the Braves are the odds on favorites to resign him. But questions linger. Recently the Braves are examining other options.

The Braves may have made a costly decision by not extending Freeman instead of letting him enter free agency. The Braves could not lock him up with an agreement before the lockout. The sticking point may be the length of the contract. It is rumored that the star wanted a six-year contract that the Braves were not going to accept. Reports indicate he is looking for at least $180 million over six years. Although Freeman may be attractive to the Yankees, at age 32, they too may be reluctant to take on a contract that would bring him to age 38.