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New York Yankees: The key to a deep playoff run for the Yanks

by Alexander Wilson
New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

As the New York Yankees journey forward towards the postseason, they will have to make several tough decisions on who to carry over on their roster. The apparent choices being Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorius and more will all feature on the active squad.

However, several injured players will need to return and make an impact during the playoffs, if the Yankees are keen on making a deep run. One of their stars, Giancarlo Stanton, will be needed. As one of the league’s top sluggers, he offers immense value In the lineup and the outfield. He can fill an outfield spot over Mike Tauchman or Camaron Maybin, which would be the ideal scenario for the Yankees.

Injuries continue to plague the team, as Tauchman left the game on Sunday night against the Boston Red Sox with what the team called a tight left calf. He will undergo further testing in New York.

Losing another outfielder is disheartening, which makes the return of stand that much more influential.

What’s the key to a New York Yankees postseason run?

Ultimately, success in the playoffs relies on two things: consistent pitching and run support. The Yankees have one of the two down, and returning Stanton will only help them in that category. So far this season, the Yankees have hit 131 home runs at home and 134 on the road. Not only should that give you an idea of their power, but attests to their ability to hit away from Yankee Stadium, which will be essential during the playoffs.

The Yankees top sluggers account for a significant portion of their home runs. Edwin Encarnación has 11 homers, Aaron judge has 21 homers, Gleyber Torres has 35 homers, and Gary Sanchez has 34 homers. In total, they’ve hit a total of 103 long balls.

Adding Stanton to that grouping will only help the team succeed. Despite his high strikeout rate, that is the sacrifice the Yankees are willing to make for timely runs and compensating for inconsistent pitching. Their biggest weakness is in the starting pitching rotation, as they don’t have a true Ace and are just returning Luis Severino. He will likely not be able to pitch a full game, which will make him an opening option.

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