New York Yankees: Noah Syndergaard is a very realistic trade option

New York Mets, Noah Syndergaard
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The New York Yankees aren’t necessarily in a position of need when it comes to the starting pitching rotation. They have the run-support and talent to compensate for struggling pitchers or injuries, but it’s not out of the question that they could look to find a trade partner in a potential deal.

Who could the New York Yankees target for a trade?

The Mets could be a solid partner, as hard-throwing righty Noah Syndergaard is being reported as available. The Yanks wouldn’t have to give up too much due to Noah’s lack of control in his contract. He would theoretically be a rental for 2019 with the potential of an extension moving forward.

He currently has the worst ERA of his career at 4.68, failing to be effective on the mound. This is a primary reason why he’s being shopped, and the Bombers could steal him and turn his season around for minimal cost.

Andy Martino of SNY reported that Noah Syndergaard “isn’t a lock to stay” with the Mets.

However, while Syndergaard’s ERA has been atrocious, his 3.98 FIP indicates that he might not be performing as bad as one might think. In addition, the Mets have registered the most blown saves this year with 21. A lack of confidence in his team could be a primary cause for Noah’s down year, but moving to a great organization with a World Series-caliber roster could be the ultimate fix.

It’s becoming more likely that the Yanks will certainly add a pitcher before the trade deadline on July 31st, and they would be ill-advised not to take a long, hard look at the 26-year-old. Having the best record in baseball is impressive for the Bombers when considering the adversity they’ve faced — injuries and such.

Not having ace Luis Severino or quality relief option Dellin Betances has hurt them significantly at times, but they’ve managed to compensate well. Adding Syndergaard to the rotation would help preserve the team’s success when fatigue sets in, and it’s bound to.