Ex-Yankees legend takes another dig at team for letting ‘great baseball men leave’

New York Yankees, Reggie Jackson

The New York Yankees‘ approach to considering the insights of its accomplished players has been a topic of discussion, especially following remarks by former Yankees legend Reggie Jackson.

Jackson highlighted a perceived undervaluing of opinions within the organization, stating, “Opinions really don’t get valued.” While the Yankees appear to be taking superstar Aaron Judge’s suggestions into account this off-season, Jackson’s comments shed light on a broader issue. His experience and success in baseball, including his consultancy role with the Houston Astros, lend weight to his observations.

Recent Departures and Jackson’s Perspective

The Yankees recently experienced a notable loss when bench coach Carlos Mendoza departed to join the New York Mets as their new manager. Jackson expressed his disappointment in the Yankees allowing knowledgeable baseball figures to leave the organization.

“To the Mets and S. Cohen you have hired a great person, baseball man & man(a)ger to be, I’ve know(n) for 25 + years while with the Yankees,” Reggie Jackson wrote Sunday on X. “Carlos Mendoza. Good to you my friend. I still have the Yanks in me, but they have let 2 great baseball men leave Rob Thompson and Carlos Mendoza.”

The Challenge of Replacing Key Personnel

The Difficulty in Finding Replacements

While the fact that other teams are poaching Yankees coaches indicates the strength of their front office, replacing these key figures has proven challenging. Jackson’s perspective, given his extensive experience and accomplishments in baseball, both as a player and off the field, is particularly poignant.

Jackson’s Missed Opportunity with the Yankees

The Yankees had the opportunity to bring Jackson on board as a consultant but chose not to, leading him to assist the Astros. His influence and insights could have been beneficial to the Yankees, especially considering the Astros’ success in recent years, notwithstanding the cheating scandal.

Looking Ahead for the Yankees

As the Yankees navigate their current challenges, there is a clear need for improved communication and leadership within the organization. Without addressing these issues, the team risks facing similar obstacles in the future, regardless of how much they spend to enhance their roster.

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