Mets in danger of losing Carlos Correa as camp connects with another team

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Some more details on where things stand between the New York Mets and Carlos Correa were reported last night.

It started with one report that said the Mets and Correa had “ran into at least a hiccup or two.” Andy Martino of SNY shared that there has been ongoing dialogue as it pertains to contract language, with lawyers mostly working through it. Martino also said he is hearing things could finalize “sooner than later.” Also, per Jon Heyman and Greg Joyce of the New York Post, Correa’s camp has “renewed contact” with at least a team or two after two weeks, the Minnesota Twins being one team noted. Luckily, in Heyman and Joyce’s article, a Mets source stated, “Ultimately, I don’t think Mr. Cohen is going to let him go.”

The most up-to-date inside scoop just came from Jim Bowden of The Athletic. He shared that the Twins are “still a major factor” in the market for Correa.

Mets and Carlos Correa continuing to work through physical concerns:

Most, if not all, of the recent buzz above comes as a surprise. It has been a long two weeks since the Mets and Correa first verbally agreed on things. There is clearly and understandably so confusion with how to work through his physical concerns. Unfortunately, at this time, the two simply have to look out for themselves from a business standpoint.

The Mets need to have certain language in the deal, especially over such a long contract, if Correa’s right leg ever happens to become an issue. They will likely either look to not give a fully-guaranteed deal, should the contract duration be over the long haul, providing themselves some sort of an out. Or, just simply shrink the duration from the original deal of 12 years.

On the other hand, of course, Correa and his well-known agent Scott Boras will look for every last dollar they can get. What plays to the Mets’ hand from a leverage standpoint is that they are not the first team to have concerns with his physical. Wherever else Correa could have contact, the right leg issues will likely come up with a team. In the end, it brings down his price tag, which then positions the Mets well to get it done.

A good point was brought up by GENY Mets Report (below). Correa’s agent, Boras, also happens to represent Brandon Nimmo. Throughout Nimmo’s free agency process, reports made it seem like he was almost definitely signing elsewhere, only for the Mets to eventually pony up the biggest contract to him. Heyman could just be helping Boras gain some leverage here, putting some pressure on the Mets to get this done faster.

Lastly, all along, we have been told by insiders that Correa wants to play for the Mets. Certainly, an important point to note as we hopefully approach the end of this long process to get him signed. Because, in the end, the Mets need Correa for 2023, and everyone knows it.

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