What if the New York Knicks are presented with Ja Morant at No. 3?

Could the New York Knicks draft Ja Morant if they miss out on Zion Williamson?

Fending off the Atlanta Hawks and their attempt to steal the 3rd overall pick in exchange for numbers 8 and 10 was easy for the New York Knicks. They have the rare opportunity to draft a building block — a player that can come in and immediately make a difference on both sides of the ball.

At this point in time, Barrett seems like the sure-fire pick ahead of the draft, however, what if the Memphis Grizzlies pass on Ja Morant? Or rather, the New Orleans Pelicans maneuver around and find a way to draft both Zion Williamson and Barrett – they are best friends.

Either Barrett or Morant offers immense value to a Knicks organization looking to start anew, in fact, it might actually present an even better value.

It would allow the Knicks to pass over the point guard position in regards to a max-contract and go all-in on players like Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Morant has the skill-set to not only dominate at the NBA level but continuously improve as he adapts to the strength and speed of the league.

Morant averaged 24.5 points in his second season with Murray State, also racking up an average of 10 assists per game. His statistics are more impressive than Barrett’s but simply due to Zion taking up a lot of the offensive attention. With Williamson, RJ might prove to be the better player statistically but adding a star point guard might be the difference maker the Knicks need.

Either player will ultimately help the team improve significantly, however, Morant would aid in the development of Knox and Robinson even further. His influence might also draw attention from some more recognizable players.

According to the New York Post, an NBA executive who has spoken to Steve Mills stated that the Knicks would be more than delighted to have either player.

“The Knicks have a good problem to have — Pick 3 in a three-man draft,” the NBA executive said. “They just have to wait and see.”