The Knicks could perfectly time out a blockbuster trade

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The New York Knicks’ calm approach to this offseason has fans wondering when they plan on pulling off a blockbuster deal, and, after a quiet offseason, it is worth considering whether or not they will pull off a trade mid-season.

Could the Knicks pull off a mid-season blockbuster trade?

New York has constantly been thrown in rumors around MVP-caliber players like Joel Embiid and more recently Giannis Antetokounmpo. Despite their plentiful amount of resources to pull off a league-shifting deal now, they appear to be in no rush, and could even wait until closer to the trade deadline to see if their new star acquisition would be healthy.

There is always an injury risk that will be proposed whenever a trade materializes. However, when acquiring a player like Embiid, who has dealt with injuries for the majority of his career, unloading a bunch of assets for a player who struggles with injuries makes for an even bigger risk, no matter the talent level of that player.

Therefore, if the Knicks are in the running for a top seed by the trade deadline, the possibility that they go all-in to win immediately by acquiring a healthy and available superstar is very real.

The Knicks are ready to win now

At this point, it is a matter of when, not if the Knicks will add a star player in the coming months or years. They are in their best position to win a title since the late 90s and have a rising star point guard in Jalen Brunson who is just now starting to hit his prime, so it would only make sense to further improve an already ascending team.

The team also has a surplus of draft capital and young talent on the roster that can be used to get a deal in place. Players such as Quentin Grimes and RJ Barrett could serve as valuable trade pieces.

It will be interesting to see how the Knicks handle the market during the season. They could swoop into the picture and make a mid-season splash if the trade market materializes at the deadline.

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