New York Knicks need to remember where they are in rebuild

New York Knicks, Kevin Knox, RJ Barrett
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The New York Knicks seem to be shifting away from a youth mindset and towards a veteran experience one. So far during the preseason, the starting team has featured predominantly veterans, which isn’t a negative thing considering the increased potential of success.

Free agents Julius Randle and Marcus Morris have been influential so far, showing their efficiency on offense but the ability to play defense as well.

However, head coach David Fizdale must remain consistent and prioritize the younger players on the roster that are in dire need of experience and will be the future of the franchise. He has done an excellent job so far, getting RJ Barrett playing time and ensuring he adapts to the NBA level quickly. Only live game experience can help him in that facet, and he shouldn’t take his foot off the gas in regards to playing him alongside the veterans.

Through two games, Barrett has looked good at times and bad at others. That’s only natural for a rookie looking to leave his mark.

The first-round pick added 15 points on 6–for-15 shooting in his home debut during the preseason. Despite the loss, the team is developing chemistry and learning how to play with one another, which is the entire purpose of the preseason and will be beneficial moving forward.

The New York Knicks need coach Fizdale to create a positive culture:

The mentality and ideology Fizdale has appropriated to the team has been a good one. He has been preaching a team-first approach with this season’s roster and losing Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving to the Brooklyn Nets certainly hurt the team’s appeal. Randle, the former New Orleans Pelicans, has been a fantastic addition so far, and his positivity was a welcomed trait.

Randle’s experience should help the Knicks weather more storms during the 2019-20 season. The issue in 2018 was the Knicks’ lack of ability to respond when opposing teams got hot. That is what happened against the Wizards on Friday night.

“After eight minutes, we just kind of relaxed, let our guard down,” Randle said. “That’s the NBA. They started hitting a bunch of threes and feeling good about themselves. They went on a run and we didn’t respond.”

Overall, the veterans will have an impact, especially in regards to helping the younger players, but the Knicks must give opportunities to their youth, as they represent the future.



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